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THE black jack Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the world. In addition to being entertaining, it is very advantageous for players as they can use several winning techniques such as the blackjack chart. Discover, without further ado, the best blackjack strategies, including the basic blackjack chart!

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What is Basic Blackjack Strategy?

méthodes hi low

Unlike the martingale which is not necessarily appreciated by online casinos, the basic strategy is a method that any player can use without any risk . This strategy is, without doubt, the one that is best known. For good reason, the latter has already proven itself a multitude of times.

In addition, all players, whether beginners or experts, have used or will use this winning method , so much it is at the same time profitable and easy to master . Simply put, basic blackjack strategy is to follow a chart to find out what action to take depending on your hand and that of the dealer . Indeed, this method generally takes the form of a table in order to facilitate its reading.

In order to introduce you to the basic strategy, our experts from the famous casino game blackjack has written a full article on the subject. You will find a very comprehensive description of this method, as well as a guide on how to use it at gaming tables. Furthermore, in this article, our blackjack specialists have included a table of the basic strategy, so that you can discover all its features.

How Does Basic Blackjack Strategy Work?

la stratégie

Do not be scared by the size of the basic table, as we mentioned, this strategy is really simple to implement. Once the functioning is understood, the application is then very simple.

You should know that this strategy is based on mathematical facts in order to counter the laws of gambling . The latter will allow you to maximize your chances of winning, without the slightest effort, except that of consulting the blackjack probation board to help you.

To come back to the operation, it is very simple. Just check out the blackjack grid . Depending on your hand and the dealer's hand, the board tells you what action you need to take. So you can choose between: ⬇️

  • Stay : consists of not drawing new cards;
  • hit : you must draw a new card;
  • Double : it means that you double your initial bet because you have a double in hand;
  • Divide : you split your hand in 2 to create two new hands.
  • Give up : you give up your hand because it seems too weak.

Therefore, when decisions are made well, it leads more easily to victory thanks to this blackjack trick .

Why Use Basic Strategy in Online Blackjack?

If you are not convinced by this method, know that it offers you many advantages. Thanks to it, you can:

  • ♦ 📈 The basic strategy relies on the probabilities : you therefore increase your chances of winning;
  • ♦ ✅ This allows you to take the best decisions , according to mathematical statistics;
  • ♦ 🏩 This method allows you to reduce the advantage of the best online casino from 1 % ;
  • ♦ 🃏 This is the easiest technique to start at blackjack .

In addition to all these advantages, remember that this basic technique will allow you to progress very quickly since you will memorize the best online blackjack chart and adapt your way of playing. play your hands depending on the latter.

Memorize this strategy with our best blackjack chart

Of course, you will not be able to memorize the table at first glance because it is quite long. However, you can always read our tips and tricks to help you memorize it. English blackjack table At the beginning, when you discover combinations, it is better to check before betting to make the right decision.

Blackjack Classic Basic Strategy BJ Chart

To better remember how to win at blackjack by applying the technique, we wanted to condense this information into a blackjack strategy chart You will find here, for each combination, the decision to make based on the points of the dealer's card. Read and memorize each blackjack tip presented here to increase your chances of coming out as a winner in a game.

Surrender Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

The difference with the classic version is that here, the "give up" action enters this blackjack chart In fact, on the previous board, you can see that this action is never mentioned. This definitely adds something since by folding your hand, you can recover half of your starting hand.

tableau de stratégie pour gagner au blackjack

How to read our basic strategy charts?

Although the tables may seem complicated, you will quickly realize that it is quite the opposite. It is enough to read it as follows :

  • ♦ If the dealer shows card 2 and I get the point total of 21, I have to stand;
  • ♦ If the dealer shows the 2 card and I get the sum of 12, I have to draw a card.

To facilitate your reading, you can simply read: “Dealer gets #1 and my score is #2 so I owe #3” replacing the numbers with:

  • ♦ #1: The dealer's first card;
  • ♦ #2: The score obtained;
  • ♦ #3: The action to perform.

By referring to this, you put all the chances on your side to win the game regardless of the cards that have been dealt between your hands .

Note that on average dealer's hand is 18.8. So you understand why you should never hit when you have a hand between 17 and 21. English speaking players tend to look for the gizmo blackjack board but it is the same as the one we offer above.

Video tutorial: blackjack probability table

Discover below a video tutorial of the use of the table to master the blackjack probability .

Another possible strategy in blackjack: the True Count

To reduce the house edge and increase your chances of winning games , there are still many other tactics. The methods involving counting the cards already played on the blackjack table as the game progresses are very popular, although subject to much speculation.

Indeed, while some players consider these techniques too complicated to use, others pride themselves on mastering the techniques. blackjack odds On the fingertips. Yet if great gamblers and mathematicians like Edward O. Thorp in his book Beat the Dealer portrayed this blackjack strategy as effective , it must be possible to make gains by using it... In order to help you sort out the true from the false, we have chosen to present you in detail.

We take stock of how this method works, and present to you the invention of this technique, so that you can target all its stakes. However, it is crucial to know that True Count requires absolute concentration. Indeed, even though this method is not complicated to use in itself, you will need to focus all your attention on the game in order not to miss any actions. Nevertheless, do not worry, we will go over the requirements of this blackjack strategy with you.

comptage de cartes

What is the True Count technique in blackjack?

The true count is used in blackjack to determine whether the perception of the remaining cards can offer an advantage to the player or the house. If the running count is positive, it means that there are more high-value cards remaining in the game, which is favorable for the player. If the running count is negative, it means that there are more low-value cards remaining, which is favorable for the house. The true count is used to adjust the running count based on the number of decks remaining in the shoe. This allows players to make more accurate decisions when deciding how much to bet or change their playing strategy to increase their chances of winning big.

However, the running count is not always accurate, as it does not take into account the total number of decks of cards present in the shoe. Indeed, if you are a blackjack enthusiast, you probably know that casinos use several decks of 52 cards, all in one game. For example, dealers most often use 6 decks of cards. It is, therefore, necessary to take this criterion into account when using counting methods.

How to perform the calculation as simply as possible with this method of table blackjack?

calcul de la stratégie de blackjack

Before calculating the True Count, you need to try to find out how many decks of cards are present in the shoe. To do this, you can, for example, count or observe precisely, the number of blackjack cards already used during the game in order to guess the ones contained in the shoe. Once you have obtained this information, you will have to perform... a simple mental calculation Indeed, you will only need to split your running count by the number of decks of cards present in the shoe.

For example, during a game, your running count is +10. Therefore, you may think it is the best time to bet big. However, if the shoe still contains 5 decks of cards, you will need to divide 10 by 5. Your running count will then be +2, which is considerably less advantageous than the previous total.

If you've mastered any of the methods of anticipating the strength of the remaining cards in the deck, we strongly advise you to practice calculating the True Count . Even though it can be quite difficult to calculate the number of decks of cards remaining in the shoe, you will achieve it easily with a good practice.

méthodes hi low

Another trick available in blackjack: the martingale

Among the popular strategies on blackjack interfaces, players can find at the top of the list the martingales. It is simply techniques that help you cover your losses by increasing the amounts wagered as the games progress. Let's take a look at the different things you need to know about this.

How does the martingale system work?

If the player wishes to try to win as much as possible while running no risk, he will be able to choose from many martingales one that will allow him to double your bet and to cover its possible losses in the most adequate way.

Among the different tactics of this style, you will find:

  • ♦ The classic martingale;
  • ♦ The great martingale;
  • ♦ The Piquemouche martingale;
  • ♦ The d'Alembert martingale;
  • ♦ The Paroli martingale…

An example of blackjack martingale to better understand.

The most common method, called classic, is that consisting to double the bet as long as the game is losing . Here is what would happen concretely during a typical game.

The player initially places a bet of $10 and loses the hand. He then invests $20 on the second round, then $40 on the third, and finally $80 on the fourth, in case of a sequence of losing rounds. If he wins this last hand, he generates a profit of $160, which covers the $150 ($10 + $20 + $40 + $80) invested since the beginning of the session.

Add to this situation a nice bonus on an online casino and a little luck, and you have the perfect combination to generate nice winnings…

Our opinion: how to win at blackjack?

Of course, it is possible to win at blackjack, however, it is important to remember that it is still a game of chance. We believe that by implementing the best methods, you will be able to influence fate and win your bets.

Why use our blackjack strategies?

Like in roulette or poker, our experts advise you to implement strategies and not rely on insurance in blackjack. Our strategies may not make you as rich as Crésus, but they have the merit of increasing the probability of winning against the bank.

Indeed, once the rules of the game if these techniques are mastered, the basic strategy as well as the other mentioned techniques will allow you to win money for sure and guarantee a winning hand. Also, be aware that these techniques have been approved by our experts So you can go ahead with your eyes closed.

How to use these strategies well?

To make the most of these methods and avoid losing all your chips in your first bets, it will be necessary to practice and learn by heart. For this, there's nothing better than doing it for free before playing. your money So you can practice either from our library of free games or directly from an online casino site using the demo mode.

By registering at a casino, you will also get a bonus . This can also be used to become an outstanding player.

Can these strategies be used in a terrestrial establishment?

When it comes to the gaming experience, it is important to understand that traditional casinos have strict rules and security measures in place to protect their financial interests. This means that you may not be able to use certain advanced gaming strategies or influence game outcomes in the same way as you would online. On the other hand, online casinos often offer more flexibility and freedom in terms of gaming strategies. You can use advanced betting systems and statistical analysis tools to improve your chances of winning. Additionally, online casino sites often have attractive bonuses and promotions to attract new players and retain existing customers. However, it is important to note that playing in a casino, whether it's land-based or online, always involves a certain level of risk. There is no magic formula guaranteeing a win every time. The best approach is to educate yourself about casino games, understand the rules and basic strategies, and play responsibly with real money.

So, if you still want to use our cheats in land-based casinos, we still advise you to inquire with the institution in question . In the absence of knowing count the cards , in any case, it is certain that it will be much easier for you to use the box table online than in a real casino.

Positive reviews from our readers: Score of 4.9/5.

You are now unbeatable on blackjack strategies and the bj chart.

If you want to become true experts of the 21, we have all the necessary tools. Play, without further ado, our other articles dedicated to the star game of gambling establishments:

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