Craps: 8 essential points to know to win your bet at the casino


Craps is a relatively simple dice game to understand and play. In this game, players bet on the outcome of a dice roll. Bets can be placed on different combinations of dice, and players can also bet against each other. Craps is a highly dynamic and exciting game, with numerous betting possibilities and strategies to explore. It is often considered one of the most social games in a casino, as players can interact with each other and cheer for the dice rolls. To win at craps, players must accurately predict the dice's outcome. They can choose to bet on the "pass line," where they bet that the shooter will win, or on the "don't pass line," where they bet that the shooter will lose. Players can also bet on other dice combinations, such as "propositions" or "come bets." Although craps may seem intimidating at first, it is actually a fun and potentially lucrative dice game. Many French players have managed to win big while playing craps, which explains why it has become so popular in France. Whether in a land-based casino or online, craps offers players a unique and entertaining gaming experience. If you are ready to take on the challenge and try your luck, then craps is definitely a game to try. Casino game next in fashion trends: men's shoes. Detailed articles, inspiring videos, and helpful tips will assist you in finding the perfect shoe for every occasion. We will guide you through different brands, the trendiest styles, and the latest technological innovations. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast, a fan of formal style, or simply looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for your daily activities, our site will be your indispensable guide in the vast world of men's shoes. Dice games - Thanks to our special file, no information will escape you, and in just a few dozen minutes, you will be an expert on this sparkling casino game!

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1. Origins – From its appearance to the spread of craps online, relive the history of this incredible game

Whether you are familiar with craps or discovering this game for the first time, this understanding is essential to fully enjoy the gaming experience. Craps is an ancient dice game that is said to have its origins in the gambling games played by Roman soldiers thousands of years ago. Over the years, the game has evolved and spread across the world, developing into many different variations. The basic concept of craps remains the same, regardless of the variant you are playing. The game is played with two dice, and players bet on the outcomes when the dice are rolled. Bets can be placed on a variety of possible combinations of numbers from the dice. One of the unique features of craps is how it is played. Players gather around a special table, and the game is overseen by a dealer who facilitates the bets and supervises the game's progress. There are also several specific terms associated with craps that you should know. For example, the "shooter" is the player who rolls the dice. The "come-out roll" is the first roll of the dice in a new round of the game. There are also terms for the different types of bets you can place, such as "pass line bet" and "place bet." Now that you have a basic understanding of the game of craps, we will now explore in more detail the different available bets and the associated stakes. Game of craps - Whether you start this incredible adventure or not, we offer you to retrace the evolution of this dice game from its origins to the present day. An exciting adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

1.1. The British at the origin of the diffusion of this game of chance throughout the whole world?

It was in the 11th century that the first traces of the game of craps appeared. The action takes place in the heart of the English crusades that took place throughout Europe. Once this setting is established, historians are divided on two theories. For some, the game was created by British knights during the siege of the fortress Asart. It was then named "hazard", in reference to this domain.

For others, the game actually comes from the Middle East. It was then the English who would have brought it back with them. It is true that "al azar" means dice in Arabic. This theory is quite plausible. In any case, we are certain that this game was quickly appreciated by the British bourgeoisie as it can be found in the Canterbury Tales.

1.2. America, the birthplace of gambling, which will shape the craps we know today

The game has been appreciated by the population over the centuries. It even decides to take off in the 18th century to come to us, much to the delight of our ancestors. But, in order to distinguish itself from our British neighbors, it is then called "Crabes". It will take until the 19th century to know its definitive appellation "Craps".

In the variant of the game, the possibility to bet on "don't pass" as well as "pass line" was introduced. This innovation allows players to choose between two options and adds a more strategic dimension to craps. In the following years, craps continues its expansion and becomes increasingly popular in American casinos. The game rules are refined, and new variations appear, such as "Craps Las Vegas" and "Simplified Craps." Today, craps is one of the most beloved casino games worldwide. It can be found in almost every land-based and online casino, attracting players with its exciting gameplay and numerous betting possibilities. Whether in Las Vegas casinos, Atlantic City, or other gambling destinations, craps remains a must-try experience for gaming enthusiasts. Craps table with new options available.

1.3. An explosion of popularity between the 20th and 21st century: Internet, a new way to play

The full expansion of the game is in the 20th century. Soldiers play it during World War II to keep busy between battles. From now on, the game of craps is becoming more democratic .

The internet era ends the work and makes this game accessible at any time of the day in every corner of the world. At present, it is a very popular game among fans of online casino sites. If you are not yet convinced, we are certain that you will adopt it without further ado.

2. The rules - Let's get to the heart of the matter: it's time to discover together the rules of the game of craps

If craps has gained a certain notoriety thanks to literature and cinema, it is not enough to have seen "La Gagne" or the films of the James Bond saga to believe that you will be the best around the table. You will have to start by learning step by step the basics of the game of craps, and then refine your training by indulging in serious readings. To make your games profitable, it will be important to practice regularly and develop your own strategies. Don't forget to also learn about the various types of bets and their odds of winning. With time and experience, you may become skilled enough to have a chance at success in craps. Good luck! craps games you will need to show curiosity and delve into the functioning of the dice game. This section gives you all the little secrets of a successful game of craps!

2.1. Let's start by exploring together the fundamental principle of the game and the composition of the table

A part of craps is played with two dice, chips, and a game mat. The two dice are used for the rolls while the chips represent the money bet by the players.

The carpet remains the most important and imposing element of the craps game: the table is delimited by 40 centimeters high walls to prevent the dice from leaving the play area. On the felt, the different available bets are represented. The player then places his chips in the different sections, to register the event on which he wishes to bet.

Once the bets have been placed by the various players around the table, the game begins and the thrower rolls the dice.

2.2. The first phase of the game: the initial roll of the dice and the bets relating to this event

There craps rules provides for a single initial bet that precedes the first throw (or “come out roll”).

  • The “Pass” or “Pass Line” bet: the player wins the bet if the score is 7 or 11;
  • The bet “Do not pass” or “Don’t Pass”: you think the score will be 2, 3 or 12.

At the end of this initial bet, your game can turn out to be a winner, loser, or suspended. This last case will mean that none of the results 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12 have been achieved. The player will have made 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 and will have established this point, which the dealer will mark on the table by placing a chip in the designated space. The second phase of the game will then begin.

2.3. More complex bets are available to you during this second part of your gaming session

Once a point has been established, the player rolls the dice until a relevant result ends the game. The player betting on "Pass" must obtain the point scored during the first phase before a 7 is rolled. On the other hand, the individual betting on "Don't pass" wins the game if a 7 is rolled before the point is scored. As long as neither of these two results occur, the shooter continues to roll and remove the dice.

During this phase, other types of bets are open, and make things worse:

  • "Come" / "Don't Come": the terms are the same as those for the "Pass" and "Don't Pass" bets in the first phase of the game;
  • “Bets Proposals”: you bet on a specific combination of the two dice (for example 1 and 1 for the “Snake Eyes”, or even 5 and 6 for the “Yo”…);
  • Field Bets: you think a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 will be rolled before the 7;
  • “Big 6” / “Big 8”: you estimate that a 6 or an 8 will be rolled before the 7.

Of course, the returns of these bets will evolve according to the probabilities of the occurrence of the event. In some cases, they are written directly on the carpet.

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3. Variants - Never get tired of exploring some of the most lucrative craps variants

The classic craps, as it is offered in land-based and online casinos, has certainly quickly imposed its model over the years, but it is increasingly being caught up by other variations. variants until now secondary. High Point Craps, Simplified Craps, Bastard Craps, New-York Craps: there are many variations of craps that deserve a little hour of glory. is here to help you make your choice. You will find detailed explanations of each variation: an ideal way to broaden your horizons and your entertainment experience!

3.1. High Point Craps: the game that gives you the greatest chance of winning

With a house advantage rather limited (only 2.35%) and payout ratios of 1:1, High Point Craps will have you winning as soon as you roll an 11 or 12. Aside from the 2 or 3, which are naturally ignored, any other number rolled will allow the player to establish the Point.

As with the traditional game, the participant will have to draw the same number again before or do better to validate their winnings. Pulling a 7 will result in an immediate return to the starting point.

3.2. Simplified Craps: an interesting alternative to start on the tables without hassle

Simplified Craps, or Simplified Craps, is a variation of casino craps that will reward the player with glory when they roll a 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12. Rolling a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 will be seen as a bad omen.

It should be noted that Simplified Craps has a rather limited number of winning combinations. However, this deficiency is offset by attractive payout ratios (for example, a 12 pays 5:1 and a 2 pays 3:1). The house edge here is 2.8%.

3.3. Bastard Craps: a watered-down variant that adds a lot of spice to your games

Also known as Crapless Craps, Bastard Craps offers a quite unique gameplay: immediately rolling a "Craps" (2, 3, or 12) or a "Natural" (11) will allow you to establish the Point. Similarly to the majority of other craps variations, rolling a 7 will cancel the initial throw here as well.

At Bastard Craps, the player only loses if they roll a 7 before making the Point. So you know what you have to do! At Bastard Craps, the probabilities of winning can go up to 5:1. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the house advantage is four times higher than traditional craps in this quite exceptional variant (minimum 5.38%).

3.4. New York Craps: a more challenging gambling version that will make your sessions hectic

Widespread on the eastern border of the United States, especially on the side of Atlantic City, but also in Great Britain, New York Craps does not offer the eternal Come and Don't Come bets.

In this game, users are required to start by betting on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. In New-York Craps, bets are paid based on actual probabilities. However, in online casinos, remember that a 5% commission is taken from the user's winnings.

4. Strategies - We reveal our little secrets: the strategies to win at craps every time

There are several methods that you can use to gain a competitive advantage. These methods are numerous and varied, and can be more or less complex to remember and implement. We have gathered here some of the most effective techniques: it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best. You're in luck, we guide you on this point in this section!

4.1. At first, opt for bets with limited risks, in order to maintain control

The first one craps strategy seems logical, but it is often overlooked by players, who tend to get carried away during their games. It simply involves betting on bets or combinations that limit risks to a maximum, in order to avoid seeing one's bankroll melt like snow in the sun.

We therefore advise beginners to initially limit yourself to “pass” and “don’t pass” bets having a payout ratio certainly more limited, but less risky. A winning Pass Line bet or its opposite displays a odds of 1:1. During the second phase of the game, "Field" bets can also prove interesting, with odds ranging from 1:1 to 2:1 depending on the outcome.

Players who are more familiar with how online craps works can then try to spice up their games by moving to more delicate ratios, up to 30:1.

4.2. Preferably choose variants whose house advantage remains limited & boost your chances

You must have noticed it by reading our dedicated space above about the different variants: each version corresponds to a different house advantage. We therefore advise you to explore the different solutions while taking this essential element into account. Seeking to play craps on modes that minimize the bank's interest will indeed drastically increase your chances of generating winnings.

Also consider that certain types of bets on certain variants involve a house edge of around 5%. So choose the game you want to indulge in very carefully!

4.3. Avoid certain types of bets offering an excessive house advantage: made “Proposition Bets”

The "Proposition Bet" is a type of bet on individual wagers. You predict that a specific score, or a specific combination of dice, will be obtained. As a result, the odds increase and the house gains a colossal advantage over the player.

If a ratio of 15:1 or 30:1 may indeed seem attractive, keep in mind that the occurrence of such events is very unlikely. Therefore, use these betting options if you want to add excitement to your games, but remember that "moderation" should remain the key word here...

stratégies craps

5. Golden Tricks - Is your goal to win as many chips as possible in the craps game? Our best advice

In order to allow you to boost your winnings even more on this exciting game, we suggest you consult our tips for winning At craps. A kind of assessment of our teaching, you will be likely to find a whole bunch of little tricks that will always be useful for you to use as you see fit. If you are looking for a sheet that compiles all the essential things to learn, this is the section to go to!

5.1. Tip #1: Explore the many variations to never get bored on the tables

Playing the same game perpetually is like heading straight into a wall... Many players, in fact, stick to only one type of entertainment and end up getting bored after a few weeks. To avoid this phenomenon, there is nothing like exploring different variations.

As we have seen previously, online craps offers the advantage of offering many different versions, which will allow you to vary the pleasures by sweetening your games. So let yourself be carried from alternative to alternative, in order to never get bored at the tables.

5.2. Tip #2: Define a budget before starting, so as not to risk spending too much

In order to avoid running into failure by burning through your bankroll quickly, always set a maximum budget to not exceed before starting a session. It would indeed be very damaging to let yourself be influenced by a bad streak and spend unreasonably.

In order to fit your budget, also consider selecting tables with betting limits that are suitable for your finances. For example, a table with a minimum bet of 5 $ will not correspond to your wallet if you do not wish to spend more than 20 $... In fact, you would risk losing everything in a few turns, without really having the opportunity to try to generate significant gains.

5.3. Tip #3: Watch documentaries online to complete your training & knowledge

The game of craps is becoming increasingly popular since its arrival on websites, and many documentaries have been made about it. This is a perfect opportunity for you to enhance your general knowledge and understanding of the game, while finding some additional methods to improve your technique.

Two reports stand out and tell you a lot:

  • Master of Dice produced by the BBC: you will find useful advice, tested by the greatest players in the casinos of Las Vegas;
  • The Dice Dominator produced by History Channel: from the probability of rolls to the methods of influencing the outcome, this is an interesting work that will make you reflect on the inner workings of online casino craps.

Do not hesitate to complete this with some big names in cinema, such as for example Diamonds are Forever , where the famous Sean Connery interprets James Bond and allows him to win no less than 65,000 dollars as well as one more female conquest!

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6. The lucrative little extras - Play craps in the best conditions thanks to these techniques

It is always possible to go deeper into your knowledge of craps and its 1000 little secrets. In order to allow you to play in ideal conditions, we still have a few things to clarify with you. Here, you will find ultra-profitable tips to make your gaming sessions even more exciting!

6.1. Get started on an online gaming platform to benefit from incredible bonuses and promotions

You may not know it, but playing craps on an online casino allows you to benefit from unique offers. Indeed, unlike land-based establishments, virtual operators welcome you by rewarding your registration with a sometimes generous bonus.

In most cases, it is a deposit offer that will boost your bankroll. Depending on the chosen casino, you can receive a few hundred or even thousands of euros in addition to your player account. Therefore, you will need to carefully select an interface taking this element into account.

Another aspect not to be overlooked in this regard: ensuring that the promotion can be used on craps. To help you see more clearly, we have analyzed the best online gaming establishments in the country, and we provide our results in our reviews.

6.2. To practice, do not hesitate to play craps games without deposit: you will be amazed at the result

Finally, in order to put into practice everything we have taught you, we recommend that you check your knowledge by indulging in a few games of craps without deposit. Clearly, there is Free Craps on the Internet. For example, on our site, you can discover a selection of free access casino craps games.

They will allow you to train and refine your techniques for wild online games... where money will be at stake this time!

7. The essentials – To find a quality casino craps, follow the guide: the steps not to miss

Today's players demand trusted sites on which they can securely wager their money. Other criteria such as privacy, reliability, and payout are constantly on their minds. Our guide to English-speaking online casino games makes your job easier, pointing out the elements you should observe at these casinos before signing up. This will prove to be very helpful...

7.1. Before you start on a lambda casino, make sure that the site offers different variants

As we said earlier, the risk of getting bored while constantly playing the same game is not negligible. To counterbalance this, we have established that it is important to vary your sessions by indulging in different versions of craps.

This will only be possible if the casino you sign up for offers different variations. Before creating your account, therefore, read our reviews or explore the casino's game library - especially its craps section - to ensure that there are different alternatives to classic craps.

7.2. Discover an even more exciting gaming experience: live tables await you

As is the case with all new technologies, the world of online casinos is constantly evolving. One of the latest innovations that has been a hit on the web is live casino.

The concept is simple: dealers, filmed in real time in studios and broadcasted on your screens, animate tables like in a real casino. Here, they will roll the dice for you and distribute the winnings, announcing the results live. You can even sometimes chat with these gaming professionals!

Even better, this amazing feature is now coupled with virtual reality. You put on your glasses and watch a 360° view of a casino room, with the table animated right in front of your eyes by a filmed and streamed 3D dealer.

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8. The Advantages – Why English Craps Fans Prefer Online Casino Over Land-Based Casino

This is no longer a secret, now casino enthusiasts are more inclined to turn to online gambling, increasingly abandoning physical establishments. The reasons for such success are numerous and observed worldwide. In order to help you understand the various benefits you will find online, we have summarized here the main factors driving craps fans towards gambling sites.

8.1. Your winnings are boosted by welcome bonuses and regular promotions reserved for online gaming

You can now start your gaming sessions with a boosted bankroll, thanks to the various offers available on web gaming interfaces. Upon signing up, you usually receive a bonus, but that's not all.

A good casino will also allow you to benefit from a well-stocked promotional program. Thus, regularly (often several times a week), a bonus will be added to your customer balance, allowing you to win even more at the craps tables. This advantage is available in online casinos, and very rarely in land-based gambling establishments...

8.2. No need to move: on an online casino, you play where and when you want

The main advantage of the new technology that is online casino is that it allows you to have fun at any time. No need to dress up and take a long road trip to the nearest establishment: your gaming room is open 24 hours a day in your living room, your office, or your bedroom.

Even better, the smartphone revolution has also reached gaming websites, which now offer versions adapted for your small screens. Whether you're on a bus, in the subway, at the office, or in a waiting room, you won't have time to get bored anymore!

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