Neko cat game

Neko Cat Game™ is a creation proposed by Casinoozer on which we find a cat in the center of a wheel. The main theme of this casino game is based on Japan and its goal is very simple: to find the sushi on which the wheel will stop. Cat and food lovers are served here, with this cute design. But we don't forget the goal of the game: to win pretty sums!

🤠 Editor Casinoozer
🤑 Max Gain 10 000 $
✨ Minimum bet 0,1 $
🎰 Max bet 100 $
🔎RTP 95 %
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300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins

What is the Neko Cat Mini Game?

The Neko™ Cat Mini Game is a variant of classic roulette which we find in many online casinos. The only change concerns the game's visuals, which showcase a cute little cat who has in front of him a wide variety of sushi on a tray.

The aim of the game here is very simple, guess on which sushi the wheel will end its course. It is therefore mainly a game of chance, but strategies can be established to try to win as many games as possible.

There are a number of multipliers which inflate the gains between x2, x3, x5, or x50. Bets must be between $0.10 and $100, and the maximum winnings are $10,000.

The player therefore wins the game if he manages to bet on the right sushi. It is possible to see the bets of other players, and the best of them, thanks to a feature quite special. All figures are presented in tabular form, to allow all players to analyze the trend.

How to play ?

cliquer sur le bouton "Démarrer". Ensuite, le plateaude jeuapparaîtra avec une roue qui tourne. Votre tâche est de prédire sur quel sushi la roue va s'arrêter. Si vous devinez correctement, vous gagnerez des points et pourrez continuer à jouer. Si vous vous trompez, vous perdrez des points et devrez recommencer. Le jeu se termine lorsque vous décidez de quitter ou lorsque vous ne disposez plus de points. go to a casino that offers the game.

Then it is important to bet between $0.10 and $100. Once the bet is defined, it is possible to choose whether you want to multiply the bet by 2,3,5 or 50.

The player has 14 seconds in front of him to establish his starting bet. At the end of the starting time, the wheel spins and the game begins. If you join the game in progress, you must wait until the end of the round to be able to place your bet.

The multipliers present in the game are declined around the theme of sushi:

  • 🍣 The x2 multiplier is an Avocado Roll,
  • 🍣 the x3 multiplier is a Salmon Roll,
  • 🍣 the x5 multiplier is a Tako Sushi,
  • 🍣 the x50 multiplier is a Tamago sushi.

To be better distinguished, these multipliers are represented through different colors : green for the multiplier x 2, pink for the multiplier x 3, purple for the multiplier x 5 and yellow for the multiplier x 50.


The game provider, which is none other than Turbo Games, is a regular at slot machines. This title is presented as wheel of Fortune, with in its center, a very cute cat named Neko.

The main theme of the game is focused on the Japanese universe, with this cat so representative as well as the famous sushi which is one of the most famous and appreciated dishes in this region of the globe.


The RTP of a game, or redistribution rate, corresponds to the share of winnings distributed to players. The closer the number is to 100%, the more likely the player is to win the game.

The Neko Cat Game™ has a return rate of up to 95 %.This figure is well within the average for mini-money games in the online casino world.

Understanding the Mini Cat Game Panel

Pay This is the amount available to play
Bet amount It must be included in 0.10 $ and 100 $
2X bet – Avocado roll The bet is doubled here thanks to this multiplier
3X bet – Salmon roll The bet is tripled
5X bet – Octopus Sushi The bet is multiplied by 5
50X bet – Sushi Tamago The bet is multiplied by 50
All bets You have the possibility to see the bets of other participants
Best bets The best bets are presented, to establish a ranking
My bets You can take a look at your bets made

Take advantage of a bonus for playing the cat game

Capture d'écran de Neko

The Neko cat game is a very recently released game, this way it does not have no bonus per se yet. However, it is still possible to benefit from the advantages offered by the casinos which have this game in their toy libraries.

You can actually take advantage of welcome bonus, or regularly assigned promotional offers. It can be an amount offered, free spins or cashbacks granted.

If you decide to go to the Casinozer casino , you can benefit from a welcome bonus of $300 Bonus + 50 Free Spins , and on the bitcasino casino , the welcome bonus is very attractive since it can reach up to 2 BTC (2000000 mBTC)!

We invite you to go to the section relating to promotions on the chosen online casino.

Play Neko Cat Game for Free

Capture d'écran de Neko

The game supplier offers Internet users the opportunity to test the Neko™ mini game free of charge. Therefore, the stakes and winnings are then fictitious . The player has no stress related to spending money.

This game mode is useful for players who want to discover this new game, but also for regulars who are looking to improve their strategy in order to win as many games as possible. As we indicated, this game is relatively close to roulette, which includes many strategies.

The Internet user can thus test the game and take all the risks, before being willing to commit real money, for more sensations.

How to win at the game of chat roulette casino? Our tips

The Neko casino chat game is essentially based on chance, so there is no no magic solution to win every time. However, some strategies can be put in place to try to win as many games as possible.

As in classic roulette, it is possible to set up the strategy of martingale His principle consists of doubling the bet after each lost game. This allows to obtain a nice sum once the game is won. But be careful, it is required to have a relatively high balance to play in this way.

A second strategy is to bet on several squares, so several sushi. This increases the chances of winning this mini game of the cat.

To help you anticipate the outcome of the games, there are favorite software identical to those of casino roulette. These IT tools make it possible, as their name suggests, to predict the course of a game in advance.

Play tag game on mobile

Capture d'écran de Neko

The Neko cat game is available on the mobile game versions of the casinos on which it is possible to play this title. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to play at any time of the day, even on the go.

This version is accessible for mobile and tablet operating systems iOS, Windows and Android, with just an internet connection. It is therefore very simple to be able to take advantage of it, and no application download is necessary.

expérience de jeu optimale sur tous les appareils. pleasant and ergonomic navigation.

Conclusion: our opinion on Neko cat game

This casino chat game title is entertainment very successful and fun to play. The suspense is at its height. The player dives into the immersive world of Asia, in the company of this cute little cat.

The winnings are generous, thanks to the many multipliers, which can still increase the sum up to $10,000. We therefore recommend this game to all lovers of slot machines or roulette.

Other games similar to the cat game

Do you like Neko Cat Casino? We have put together a list of relatively similar titles, to allow you to make new discoveries:

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  • 😻 Copy cats This slot machine also honors our favorite little furry balls of fur. The universe is child-friendly, inspired by children's cartoons. Three main characters are presented: a chubby red cat, a pretty pink feline with a charming gaze, and a mischievous and grumpy blue cat.
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Your questions about the casino chat game

💰 What is the minimum bet for the Neko cat game?

To play the Neko's silver cat game, it is necessary to place a minimum bet of $0.10. To find out more about how the game works, visit our dedicated article.

🥇 What is the best casino to play Neko?

The Casinozer casino is one of the best solution to play Neko.

😀 Is it possible to play Neko cat game for free?

It is entirely possible to play the Neko cat game for free. The bets and winnings are fictitious, so you can take all the time necessary to get the game down and develop a strategy. Once you're ready, you can wager real money for more excitement.

Our opinion on the cat game: 8/10.
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