Come and discover our selection of airplane games with or without money, crash with us

jeux d'argent sur les avions sur un casino

Players have recently discovered that they can now place their bets on a new type of gambling game, which has been a real success. These games involve piloting airplanes, jets, or other types of aircraft and give you the opportunity to win money as you ascend.

Here we will review the different alternatives that exist in this area, and we will give you our opinion on all the options identified to date. One thing is certain, entertainment is guaranteed!

🤑 Max Earnings 100 000 $
✨ Minimum bet 0,10 $
🎰 Max bet 5 000 $
⚖️ Average RTP 98 %

List of gambling games where a plane crashes

liste jeux d'avion casino

This is an option set up by several gaming publishers and which will allow you to cash in an immediate gain. With those plane money games , you are dealing with a real upheaval in gambling.

The idea is very simple: the player pilots a jet or planes that climb in the sky and thus provide access to a increasingly high multiplier .

The limit? He must close his bet and cash in his euros before the device explodes. Otherwise, the bet is lost, no winnings are collected, and a new round must be started.

In this first part of this page, players will be able to discover the different airplane gambling of this kind offered by online casinos.


Our favorite casinos to test Aviator
300 $+ 50 Free Spins
300 $+ 50 rounds | Exclusive!
350 $+ 100 Free Spins

Airman is one of the best-known online entertainment in the matter, the number of the airplane games money . Here the designs are very basic since you have in front of your eyes a painting more than a video game . The concept of Airman is however the same as that of the other options which will follow: the player pilots a jet which can crash at any time.


Our favorite casinos to test Jetx
2000 $+ 100 Free Spins
300 $10 free spins

It is one of plane crash gambling the most popular ones! You are in control of a plane that transforms into a jet as it ascends. The aircraft potentially explodes at any moment and in that case, you lose the bets. However, if you win, you can also receive a randomly distributed jackpot.

Yes on JetX Cbet , the planes go through 3 different levels: Planet, Galaxy and Space . At each stage corresponds a jackpot fed by all the players which is randomly distributed to one of the winners.

Jetx 3

This is' airplane game to earn money of the most famous of the moment! Smartsoft Gaming wanted to complete its product line by developing an even more advanced version of Jet X: Jetx 3 . The concept remains the same in terms of bets, but the designs of the airplane money game are much more developed.

In addition to the really cool visual animations, the game of Sticky Wilds is totally immersive with a soundtrack mixing music and background noise. For ship lovers, this is a real little masterpiece for you fly to the moon .

Cash or Crash Live

Our favorite casinos to test Cash or Crash Live
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
200 $+ 100 Free Spins in Book of Dead

ce nouveau jeu en live, vous pouvez parier sur des combinaisons de numéros et gagner des prix en fonction des résultats du tirage. Le jeu se déroule avec une ambiance dynamique et interactive, où vous pouvez interagir avec l'animateur et les autres joueurs. C'est une expérience unique qui combine l'excitation de la loterie avec la convivialité d'un jeu en direct. Alors rejoignez-nous et tentez votre chance pour gagner de gros lots dans ce jeu palpitant ! Cash or Crash Live The balls are drawn: the green ones increase the multiplier, the red ones make you lose your euros.

You have the choice between 3 options at each stage of the game: you can choose to cash in the full amount, you can ask for only half and leave the other half in play, or you can simply continue and see if your potential gain can still increase.


If you liked the game JetX, one of money plane games the best known, you will then love this version which is certainly not the true copy , but who is greatly inspired by it. Here, the principle is exactly the same as any game money airplane taking off . The machines take off from a ship and the plane explodes in flight a few tenths of a second after the pilot has parachuted.

Crash Stakes

Forget the versions seen so far in which a device climbed into the sky, all in the middle of a friendly setting... Here, it's the turn of purists to find their happiness!

Crash Stakes is indeed simply composed of a chart on which a point goes up, forming a curve. It ends by stopping and all that is left is to hope that you have stopped the game before.

Gamedom Crash

If it's simplicity you're looking for, then you'll like it too Gamedom Crash This is the same principle as the one just mentioned. Here, you can see on the curve the places where the other participants have stopped their bets, just to inspire you. It's a bit like sports betting, you are facing a bookmaker.

You have about fifteen seconds between each round to set up your next bet. A table also allows you to see on the right the data related to the last draws. Handy for keeping some statistics.

Crash Roofet

This alternative is a clever mix very simple options à peine évoquées et des modes un peu plus élaborés du côté des designs vu plus haut dans cette liste. Ici, vous suivez l’ascension sur un graphique, mais cette montée est menée par un petit vaisseau. Des animations sont également prévues en fonction des événements. Lisez en plus sur Barely mentioned and slightly more elaborate modes on the design side seen earlier in this list. Here, you follow the ascent on a graph, but this climb is led by a small spacecraft. Animations are also planned based on events. Read more about it on Crash Roofet here.

Crash Trust Dice

The perk we love with Crash Trust Dice , is that you can bet bitcoins and other crypto currencies such as Ether or Litecoin. It is otherwise neither more nor less than a simple graph on which you see the coefficients and the curves increase live, then stop dead.

Ho Ho Hodl

IF you're a fan of the holiday season, and especially Santa Claus, then you'll love the crash game Ho Ho HODL™ ! Its theme will transport you throughout your games, which could well bring you some nice winnings...

space man

Soar through space with this unique crash game! With an RTP among the highest in the range, Spaceman™ could make you win up to $300,000... what are you waiting for to fly away on this airplane game money ?


Our favorite casinos to test Cappadocia
2000 $+ 100 Free Spins
300 $10 free spins

Now let's talk about a game that will contrast with everything we've reviewed so far! Here, no graphics: you access entertainment with elaborate designs .

No plane either: the theme is that of the famous region of Turkey, known for its hot air balloon flights. Well, the jets are replaced by these famous balloons, and the ascent takes place in front of a backdrop that perfectly represents the Turkish mountains.

At the bottom of the screen is a list of balloons, each corresponding to a different prize. You click on the one of your choice and it goes up in the air. Then you click on "Cash out" to stop the race and move on to the next part before the airship disappears from the screen. If you want to play again, you just need to start the game over. Cappadocia You will need to get closer to casinos that have Smartsoft Gaming.


The game SpaceXY created by BGaming is a very simple crash game. Its simplistic side will allow you to concentrate well and not be disturbed by details.

Exit the curve in time to win your bet(s)! It's up to you whether you want to play in danger mode or not.

To Mars and Beyond

Let's conclude now with a game with striking graphics: To Mars and Beyond ! This mini game offers players the opportunity to take control of a real spaceship. The craft takes off from Mars, to an unknown destination.

The principle of the game remains the same. It is here possible to multiply your starting bet by x 10,000.

The renowned operator Gaming Corps allows its players to communicate via live chat, it also gives the possibility of playing on mobile and in a free version.

Crash X

Created under the space theme, the mini crash game Crash X You plunge into an intergalactic journey filled with thrills. Will you be able to pilot your spacecraft far enough into the sky and cash in your winnings before the imminent explosion of the vehicle, marking the end of the game? You will have to try your luck to find out!

Magnify Man

This crash mini-game innovated slightly by featuring a superhero and not an airplane. When launching the game, you will see Magnify Man to run on the roof of a building and soar into the sky like Superman. The farther he goes into the sky, the higher the multiplier coefficient will increase. But be careful, if you wait too long to withdraw your winnings, Magnify Man could disappear and your bet too!

How does plane crash games work?

If these machines know a real success with the players it is because these plane money games Being part of the best casino games at the moment, it's because they are very easy to understand. You play, in fact, on an extremely basic entertainment, but it should be described in detail.

Here is the basic principle: you set your bet, you press the launch button and you take the place of the driver in the planes . The higher the aircraft climbs in altitude, the more the multiplier coefficient allows you to pocket a nice gain.

On the other hand, the failure is immediate if the machine explodes in flight. In this case, the bets are lost and the euros disappear from your account.

So you understand, you must wait as long as possible before closing your bet, in order to generate the best possible earnings every turn. You are therefore playing a race against the clock which adds a lot of spice to your sessions and by testing the limit. Players love it!

Which casinos have the most plane crash games with money up for grabs?

Entertainment options like Aviator, JetX, or Cappadocia have delighted you and now you would like to experience them on a casino? To save you from having to do lengthy research, we have compiled here some data that will be very valuable to you.

Thanks to the top 3 below, you will find the best online casinos to bet on right now , and which also bring together a maximum of options barely seen together. Better yet, you can discover these entertainments with super attractive bonuses, so don't deprive yourself of it:

Our favorite casinos to test crash games
2000 $+ 100 Free Spins
300 $10 free spins

Do crash games have a free version?

Whether it's to see if the game suits you or to implement a strategy aimed at limiting your losses, such as a martingale for example, know that you will easily find a free version of most of the entertainments mentioned on this page.

Here is a table that will show you whether or not you can play without making a deposit or registration:

game Free version available?
Airman Yes
Jetx Yes
Jetx3 Yes
Cash or Crash Live No
JetLucky Yes
JetLucky 2 Yes
Crash Stakes Yes
Gamedom Crash Yes
Crash X Football Edition Yes
Crash Roofet Yes
Crash Trust Dice Yes
Cappadocia Yes
X-Cricket Yes
F777 Fighter Yes
Meteoroid Yes
Balloon Yes

What is the best trick to make money at airplane games?

astuces jeux d'avion

To try to hit the jackpot at casinos, we have just seen that the free play mode can be the ideal alternative to implement an effective strategy, but we have not yet discussed these strategies.

The time has come to tell the players how they can try to generate maximum earnings on these entertainments, for this you only need to deposit money with payment methods like Mastercard and Paypal.

You've probably heard of the martingale technique applied to roulette. Well, it can also be used here, although its use is not optimal for winning a lot of money at airplane games.

The concept is simple: as long as you continue to lose, you double your bet, hoping to cover the amounts spent when the victory finally arrives. It's risky, but some users love it.

In addition to the Martingale, another strategy exists. You can bet a small amount and quickly withdraw it for an immediate winning result. The opposite technique is also viable, meaning that you can bet a large amount and wait for a longer time for a potential winning result. you invest large amounts and expect the maximum before closing the bet.

What is the average return rate for airplane gambling?

Whether on slots, roulette, blackjack or other online casino entertainment, a payout rate to the player is always set so that participants have a idea of ​​the winnings that are likely to be won.

This coefficient - in the form of a percentage - allows us to see the amount of money distributed on the total bets invested by all users. On the airplane money game, the RTP varies depending on the chosen entertainment.

However, this is located around 96% overall, which is a very decent score. It is up to you, however, to explore the options and find the one that offers you the most chances of victory.

What are the airplane gambling bonuses?

bonus jeux d'avion

The players will not be able to take advantage of bonus features with or without wagering as is the case with certain slots. However, with this type of machine, jackpots can be won. airplane online casino can sometimes come into play, which could potentially allow you to pocket very nice winnings. There are also promo codes available for customers that are temporary on certain games.

Also note that when you join the casinos, they usually offer you bet by first receiving a welcome bonus . Most of the time, it is a deposit bonus. This means that you make your first deposit at the casino and that you receive an additional sum immediately.

By choosing one of the gaming sites listed above, you will not only have access to explosive promotional offers, but you will also be able to unlock them by playing the game airplane money. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Our opinion on real money airplane games

Users of online casino interfaces are increasingly turning to airplane gambling, and after exploring the various models available online, we fully understand why.

With the plane crash money games , you have indeed the possibility of having a real influence on your games , while enjoying a very frantic pace. Thus, you live a very lively experience that keeps you in suspense over the rounds.

As we are, you will be excited, for sure. We also offer you the opportunity to access the demo mode of this type of entertainment right now and form an opinion by testing the free games we provide access to!

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