Keno: how to get the right numbers when drawing keno?


Lottery games are increasingly popular on the market, and now you also want try your luck on these entertainments with guaranteed thrills? In order to allow you to play in the best conditions, we offer you a file entirely devoted to keno.

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1. The origins – Keno reveals its extraordinary journey: here is its incredible story

Originally from China, keno is a casino game that is said to have been invented by a king named Leung to finance the armies of his country to protect his crown. Over time, keno has spread throughout the world and is now essential in every way. Our guide presents in more detail the history of this amazing entertainment!

1.1. In the heart of the middle empire: this is how keno came into the world a long time ago…

les origines du keno

As surprising as it may seem, keno originated in China over 3,000 years ago. Cheung Leung, the emperor of the Han dynasty, invented this game to finance his army and maintain his crown. The city he ruled was under siege and the lack of money was becoming a significant issue. Instead of taxing the residents directly, Cheung Leung came up with the idea of inventing this game and using his power of foreclosure. Legend has it that the funds raised through keno were used to finance the construction of the famous and prestigious Great Wall of China.

However, the keno of that time was different from the version we know today. Indeed, at that time, Chinese symbols replaced the numbers on which one had to place their bet. The game grid was then composed of 120 characters, divided into sub-divisions of 8. The player who managed to guess an entire sub-division, that is, a combination, won the game. The chances of winning were therefore much lower than the probabilities of the current version.

1.2. The westernization of keno: its passage from the Orient to the Americas has not gone unnoticed

Many sources report that keno arrived on the American continent as a result of the immigration in the 19th century of the first Chinese immigrant workers, who exported the game to the United States while they were laying the tracks for future railroads. At the time, the residents called this game "Chinese lottery". In order to adapt to this new audience, keno has greatly evolved. The Chinese symbols were replaced by numbers, and the grids were reduced to 80 squares where predictions had to be made on a line to win.

Although very popular, it took time for the game to become established in the country's land-based casinos because the law at the time prohibited lottery games in these establishments. Very audaciously, casino operators did not hesitate to disguise this game as a horse race, presenting it under a completely different name, "Horse Race Keno," and replacing each number with a fictional horse.

1.3. Keno today: one of the most popular lottery games in the world is available everywhere

Keno enjoys great popularity today. Keno draws are organized by the Française des Jeux (FDJ Keno) and bring together several thousand players each week thanks to a foreclosure system. Moreover, since February 24, 2013, it is now possible to obtain a lifetime winning Keno result. Indeed, if you have the luck to check off 10 winning numbers, you can win the modest sum of 100,000 euros each year, or choose to directly cash in 2 million euros.

There are now many variations of the game, some of which are very advantageous for the players. In addition to being fast and entertaining, a game offers generally high winnings on the web. You can notably use a multiplier number, a wild card, and participate in several draws such as midday or evening every week. The wheel will finally turn for you, and you may be one of the winners!

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2. The rules – Find out how to play this game in the rooms available in the world of keno France

You don't know yet how to play keno and would you like to start your learning now to turn the wheel in your favor? In this case, this section will be of immense usefulness to you. We go back here point by point on the equipment used during a game, and also explain step by step how your gaming session will take place in casino entertainment establishments. An essential step to get started and bet on the right spot!

2.1. Technical overview: here is the equipment you will need to play a game

In its online casino version, keno obviously requires very little equipment. Traditional keno, on the other hand, requires a whole set of equipment to be properly eligible. As a lottery game, keno uses a certain number of numbered balls. Typically, no less than 80 balls are mixed in a compartment or rotating cage, and a mechanical system draws the balls at random.

As for the player, he must have a card or grid in his possession. A card consists of eighty numbered squares, representing the number of balls involved in the game. Optionally, the player may also need a pencil or pen to mark the squares that are drawn for him.

2.2. Goal and course of the game: let's go back point by point on the progress of a game of keno

The goal of the game is simply to predict the twenty numbers that will be drawn in order to potentially win the jackpot. Unfortunately, making the correct predictions in keno is difficult because there are eighty different possibilities and each combination is complicated to guess. Therefore, keno is one of the most challenging casino games. To participate in a game of keno, the player simply needs to buy one or more cards and mark the numbers that are drawn using a pen or marker.

The player can also choose from pre-defined bets: they can place normal bets, against bets, multiple bets, etc. The options are numerous for cash recovery...

The game then begins and the balls are drawn using the mechanical system. The bettor then collects their potential keno winnings based on the accuracy of their predictions. It is worth noting from a technical standpoint that online casinos use random number generators as their drawing system to ensure a reliable result. These generators provide random and fair keno results.

3. Variations – Discover the different versions of FDJ keno and those offered elsewhere

If virtual keno is appreciated by players, it is because it offers various ways to play, including a joker number, multiplier, or different draw times like evening or noon. Indeed, you can choose different types of bets, with very different stakes. For example, instead of betting on the numbers you think will be drawn, the game allows you to bet on the ones that will not be drawn. Furthermore, some virtual casinos sometimes offer the opportunity to play up to 1,000 lottery games with the same selection of numbers. Therefore, we advise you to discover the advantages and disadvantages of these betting methods listed above in order to find the one that is most suitable for your desires and your budget.

3.1. Power Keno: when winning more and more money does not cost more…

This ultra lucrative variant is played like a classic game. You receive a grid, tick the numbers of your choice and the draw begins.

You will however find a very attractive feature here: if the 20th and final number drawn has been selected by you, then your winnings are quadrupled in cash. You understand well that this wildcard number will ensure you euro incomes that are more than enticing in the event of a victory...

3.2. Super Keno: another equally rewarding and fun alternative available everywhere

The little cousin of the previous version is called Super Power: your keno winnings are quadrupled this time when you select the number corresponding to the first ball assigned to you.

The opportunity to generate additional gains without increasing the risks: you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it if it is only to touch the lottery jackpot with your fingertips...

3.3. Top Bottom Keno: drastically vary your game mode with this original version

Here, you don't bet on selected numbers, but on the fact that most of the balls drawn will display numbers between 1 and 40 or 41 and 80. Therefore, you first choose on your ticket the half on which you want to bet: "Top" for numbers between 1 and 40, or "Bottom" for those between 41 and 80.

20 balls are then drawn. Starting from 11 numbers corresponding to half that you have chosen, you will start to accumulate winnings. Each additional number will increase the amount won.

4. Strategies – Influence keno results by applying our many winning techniques

While keno is a popular lottery game, some people may not be familiar with its specific rules. To begin, players must choose between 1 and 10 numbers from a grid of 70 numbers. The more numbers players choose, the higher their chances of winning, but the amount of winnings decreases. Once players have selected their numbers, the game begins. 20 numbers are drawn randomly, and players win money based on the number of numbers they have correctly chosen. For example, if a player chose 5 numbers and 3 of those numbers are drawn, the player will win a certain amount of money based on the initial bet amount. Keno is a game of pure chance, and the odds of winning are often very low. However, the potential winnings can be very high, which attracts many players. There are many variations of keno, particularly concerning the betting rules and payout amounts. In summary, keno is a straightforward lottery game that offers potentially high winnings. However, it is important to note that the chances of winning are often very low. How to win at keno - we found it useful to dedicate an entire section to the techniques to apply on this game, in order to make them known to a wider audience. Thanks to our very comprehensive information, you will know exactly how this lottery game works.

4.1. Limit the number of numbers you play on a grid to try to win bigger payouts

You now know that on the grid of 80 numbers, you will have to select between 1 and 20. Obviously, the more numbers you check, the more chances you have to win cash. However, the multiplier applied will not be the same. For example, the payout from the Francaise des Jeux will be much higher if you find 6 numbers out of 6 checked, instead of 6 numbers out of 20 checked.

Statistics prove it: it is generally advised not to fill the grid by selecting all 20 boxes. It is better to limit yourself to choosing 8/10 numbers in order to maximize the ratio between your chances of the right balls being drawn and the applied winnings.

4.2. To not get bored, use the auto-fill and turbo draw options

If you don't play in a land-based venue or casino with a live draw conducted by a host making the game more lively, you may sometimes find the time dragging. Draws of 20 balls can take a minute in some cases, and may not necessarily be exciting depending on the chosen machine.

Thus, after a few minutes of play, you may want to speed up this process a bit. For that, the operators have provided you with automatic options. You can just as well opt for a random selection of numbers, as for an accelerated drawing of the balls. Multiple winnings will thus fall in no time and you will hit the jackpot!

4.3. Play with a bonus to start with a hugely inflated bankroll & pocket money at a lower cost

Before you dive into frantic games, find out about the different bingo halls available on the market. Some of them occasionally offer promotions and allow you to enjoy cheaper draws.

This is therefore an opportunity to generate money by reducing your potential losses: an option to consider at all costs for an ever more lucrative experience!

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5. Golden tips – How to pocket more on your keno winning grid? Secrets are revealed here

Is it really possible to make useful arrangements that will enable the player to increase their chances of winning on a game of keno? This is the question that many users ask themselves, and perhaps you are also part of it... Our answer on this subject is clear: YES, you can implement a number of tricks that will boost your bankroll. We reveal the main ones here!

5.1. Train without spending money to implement winning techniques at your own pace

For beginners, we offer a section where you can play for free without risking real money. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the rules and strategies of the games before moving on to real bets. Additionally, we provide educational tools such as tutorials and expert tips to help you progress quickly. Feel free to explore our site and take advantage of our special offer for beginners to start your gaming experience in a safe and enjoyable way. Free Keno.

Without needing to sign up or make a payment, you will be able to start playing on different variations and thus discover the ins and outs. This is also the ideal option for implementing the tips and tricks shared in this Special Report...

5.2. Vary the pleasures by switching from one variant to another: the guarantee of never getting bored

If the functioning of the classic keno is known to players around the world, many are however unaware that there are different versions of this lottery game. And yes, to spice up your games and guarantee you a rich gaming experience, the country's casinos make sure to allow you to play on many variants. We invite you to discover the most common ones, in order to enrich your game while boosting your winnings!

As soon as you feel the need to change your habits a bit, don't hesitate to switch to Power Keno, Combination Keno, Super Keno or Fire Keno, which on average give you a certain big prize...

6. Tournaments – Boost keno stats to your advantage by participating in rewarding contests

tournois de keno

The establishments offering keno sometimes set up promotions which can prove to be very profitable. Of these, tournaments are the most popular.

The principle is very simple: just sign up and show up on the date of the D-day. From the beginning of this competition, the money won on your grids allows you to earn points. A ranking is then established and allows you to see your position compared to the other participants.

Once the competition is over, a final ranking is revealed, and the winners share a list of prizes: money, trips, various rewards are at stake! What could be better? You pocket your winnings and it's sprinkled with gifts galore...

7. The Benefits – Discover the reasons to opt for this fantastic game and win your first keno win

If you already practice casino games, you may know: not all entertainments are equal. Some are very complicated to understand, others are less profitable, and others are only available in a handful of establishments. It is therefore necessary to wonder if opting for keno is a wise choice. In this section, we explain why you can't go wrong if you decide to indulge in this fantastic lottery game today!

7.1. A simple to understand game that allows you to win without requiring hours of practice

Whether you choose the online keno or for its version in land-based establishments, you will have already noticed at this stage of your reading that it is an extremely easy entertainment to master. Getting a ticket, ticking off a variable number of numbers, and following the draw is really within everyone's reach. In just a few sessions, you will have understood the course of a typical game.

How many winners are there in Keno per day? Thousands, as it is an ultra-profitable game. As you will see on the Keno winnings grid available for each game, your ticket is almost always covered by your winnings... So there is no doubt about it: this lottery game is truly one of the most lucrative casino entertainments at the moment...

7.2. Fast games and draws day and night: keno meets YOUR requirements

Waiting for the noon or evening draw can sometimes seem prohibitive for keno players who want to play games in a more dynamic way. Luckily, participants no longer have to wait for the draw date to start having fun. They have multiplied over time, especially with the emergence of virtual casinos that have a prime location on the web.

You can even now play on machines and don't necessarily have to follow a live draw: you choose your numbers, click on the launch button, and the balls are selected immediately. A real time saver in all respects for promising money!

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8. Profiles – Can you win at keno? These typical players prove to us that generous winnings are key

Lottery games are experiencing real success during these times of crisis. Indeed, the promise of winning very lucrative sums of money attracts many bettors who no longer ask themselves the question "Can you win at keno?". Thanks to our reputation online, we have had the opportunity to exchange with many passionate game players - especially keno players - which has allowed us to create different player profiles. Throughout this article, you will therefore discover the characteristics of these many profiles. If you are also a fan of keno, you will likely find yourself in one of the categories developed below.

  • ♣ The superstitious

We challenge you to ask several people in your surroundings if they have a lucky number or not. We bet that everyone will answer affirmatively. Indeed, whether it's our birth date, a major event in our life, or just a number that brings us luck, we all have our lucky numbers. In keno, we often encounter players who only bet on their lucky numbers. These players are superstitious and believe that chance can be controlled through luck. They play mostly for fun, but also to win many prizes.

  • ♣ The Novice

Even though keno is very popular, some people have never had the audacity to test their luck in this lottery game. They discover it by chance, or after a close friend advised them to play. Beginner players are therefore particularly curious and will not hesitate to bet large sums of money during their first game. Sometimes luck smiles upon them and they win numerous prizes in just one game.

  • ♣ The Strategist

The strategic player clearly distinguishes themselves from the two profiles developed above. Indeed, even though the chances of winning at keno are based on chance, the strategic player will take into account multiple keno statistics and different probabilities to carefully choose the numbers on which to place their bet. This kind of player is generally feared by casinos, as in addition to controlling their bets, they know how to manage their bankroll down to the cent. Thus, they can limit their losses to the maximum, and sometimes win very handsome sums of money.

  • ♣ Pierced Basket

These players have understood that in order to win staggering winnings, they must bet large amounts. They therefore possess an unlimited bankroll, which they spend without counting. We often find these bettors on virtual casinos, since the game is more easily accessible there and allows them to play on multiple draws simultaneously.

  • ♣ The Dreamer

The dreamer is an occasional gambler. On average, he prefers to test his luck from time to time rather than play multiple games at once. Furthermore, this type of gambler is more attracted to the things he can buy with his keno winnings rather than their monetary value. Before starting a game, he enjoys dreaming about a list of paradise trips, sublime villas, or powerful cars that he could buy with his potential winnings.

9. FAQ - What do I need to know about Keno?

✅ How to play Keno?

In the Keno game winner for life, you must tick 2 to 10 numbers on a grid of 70 numbers. You will be able to bet between 1 and 10$. Click here to find the complete rules of Keno.

✅ When is the Keno draw?

The Lifetime Winning Keno draw is at 1:45 p.m. for lunch And 9 p.m. for the evening . We offer you the results of Keno draws by clicking here .

✅ How many numbers do you need to win at Keno?

There is a winning multiplier which allows you to win more money if you get a large number of numbers. Your winnings vary according to the Keno winning grid that you will find here .

✅ How to win at Keno?

There are strategies to win for sure in Keno:

  • 1. Test the alignment technique
  • 2. Vary the combinations
  • 3. Use a reducer system
  • 4. Rather play for the long term
  • 5. Try out progressive keno games
  • 6. Practice on free keno games
  • 7. Observe statistics
  • 8. Stay logical in bets
  • 9. Play Keno Online
  • 10. Click here for other strategies .

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