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Introduced in the 1980s, Caribbean Stud Poker is an original version of 5-card Stud Poker that also incorporates aspects of blackjack. Rest assured, we will tell you everything about this game. discipline here, you will see turns out to be exciting and profitable at the same time Ready to become a pro at Caribbean Stud Poker?

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We explain everything about Caribbean Poker

It is high time for you to discover the history of your favorite variant of poker! The experts at™ have managed to trace back the origins of Caribbean Stud Poker to ensure that the history of this game holds no more secrets for you!

Where does Caribbean Stud Poker come from?

caribbean stud poker

As its name suggests, Caribbean Stud Poker is native to the Caribbean, more specifically the island of Aruba . This variant of poker would have emerged on cruise ships in the 16th century.

The variant of poker was introduced to the American continent in the 18th century and underwent enormous changes. But it was only in the 19th century that the game spread to all corners of the United States and its growing popularity propelled it to the headlines of all North American newspapers.

Moreover, in the 80s, many players quickly fell in love with Caribbean Stud for the simple reason that this variant of poker allowed a much more relaxed game , compared to traditional poker. Casino players had to wait until the 90s to see Caribbean Stud appear in Las Vegas casinos.

What are the specifics?

Caribbean Stud Poker is likely the result of a fusion between blackjack and 5-card Stud. Derived from 5-card Stud, Caribbean Stud Poker is played on a table that is very similar to the one used for blackjack. black jack Up to seven participants can gather around a Caribbean Poker table.

Like blackjack, in this discipline, players challenge the dealer head-to-head It should be noted that two positions are available for the bettors. Drawn on the game table, these areas allow for placing various bets, as well as the ante. There are also spots for so-called side bets.

In Caribbean Poker, the ante is determined by the limits of the table. Finally, be aware that many Caribbean Stud Poker games include a Progressive Jackpot .

The TOP 3 of the best casinos to play Caribbean Stud

In order to get your games off to a good start, we have deemed it necessary to guide you by presenting the best casinos on the market. Thus, we reveal to you exclusively the TOP 3 of the best online casinos to play this variant:

  • 🥇 #1 Tropezia Palace : passionate about Caribbean Stud? Rejoice because the casino operator includes four games of this variant in its toy library;
  • 🥈 #2 Banzai Slots : the operator in the colors of Japan also offers 4 games, one of which is live for our greatest pleasure! ;
  • 🥉 #3 DublinBet : the No. 1 Live casino also offers us to play this variant of poker live.

In addition to the fact that these 3 casinos offer this variant of poker, know that these 3 gaming operators are also part of the best web platforms . Between the quality casino games, the attractive bonuses or the optimized mobile version, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for on one of these three platforms.

Learn to Play Caribbean Poker in Minutes

Know it, there is no miracle to play this variant well. In fact, you can spend hours trying to understand or simply read the rules from our guide to become a good player in no time.

The game's rules

If the hand ranking in this game is based solely on the rules of classic poker, the game uses the same codes as blackjack. This is an important distinction to make. During the game, the dealer starts by. deliver 5 cards to all players .

This one also self-distributes five cards - one of them is visible. Before the dealer reveals his four other cards, the players must place their first bets. They can also fold, call or raise .

In Caribbean Poker, the croupier is required to have a qualifying hand (at least an Ace and King) to always be in the running. If this is not the case, all players will be refunded. However, if the player holds a stronger hand than the dealer, the dealer wins the game and receives a payment at least equivalent to their initial bet.

The course of a game

le déroulement d’une partie

The dealer uses a game of 52 cards which he will distribute to all the players as the game progresses. The small peculiarity of a game of Caribbean Stud lies in the fact that the participants don't play against each other but challenge the dealer in turn.

Thus, the game begins when the player places his first bet of the game before the cards are dealt by the dealer. This first bet is called “ ante », and once all the antes have been placed, the dealer will deal 5 cards to each player seated at the table.

You will then have the choice between 2 possibilities. Either you can perform a superior call bet Before your ante is sent to the dealer. This action is to be performed in the event that you are satisfied with your hand and considering the visible card of the dealer, you believe you have a high chance of winning.

Either you will choice of slaughter , which only comes into play once all players have chosen to fold or bet and the dealer has revealed their four cards. In this case, the dealer's hand must absolutely contain an Ace and a King in order to win the antes and call bets, otherwise they will be disqualified and the antes of each player will be refunded.

What are the 3 steps to becoming a Caribbean poker professional?

As in all card games, it is possible to make quick progress with training, but especially once you know the best methods. To do this, follow our article and let yourself be guided step by step in order to become the best and take first place!

Master the vocabulary

To properly manage your game, you will need to understand the specific vocabulary related to this variant. Here is the glossary you will need, whether you are a beginner or not:

🔎 Terms 🤔 Definition
ante This term refers to the initial bet that the player pays at the start of the game before the cards are dealt.
Bankroll English term that refers to your budget during your games. It is suggested not to exhaust it in its entirety by excessive bets.
three of a kind You will get a set when you have 3 cards of the same rank out of the 5.
Edge You will have a square in your hand when you get 4 similar cards out of the 5 that will be dealt to you.
Open card This term refers to the face up card that the dealer will lay down when dealing the cards at the start of the game.
Chips This term corresponds to the tokens that you will have purchased at the cash desk to be able to play your games.
Deal The deal is the first stage of the game and corresponds to the distribution, to the players, of the 5 starting cards by the croupier.
Double pair Game situation in which the player manages to form 2 pairs from the 5 cards dealt.
Progressive Jackpot When the player manages to obtain a royal flush, then he will receive all the progressive bets of the game.
Flush When the player receives 5 cards of the same color, then he gets a flush.
Full house When the player receives among his 5 cards, a set and a pair.
Fold English term which means that the player abandons the game because of a weak hand.
Progressive bet In Caribbean Stud the progressive bet corresponds to an external bet added to the total pot according to the rules fixed by the house.
straight flush When the player receives 5 cards which follow each other and which are each of the same color.

By taking a few minutes to learn all this vocabulary, you are sure not to be lost again during your poker games.

Know the different hands

Caribbean Stud does not deviate from the golden rule of poker variants, which is to build a good hand from the beginning of the game. You must keep in mind that the only cards that will allow you to obtain the strongest hand are: aces, kings, queens, jacks and 10s of the same suit .

Here are the probabilities of obtaining the different hands:

Hands The probabilities
The pair 1 in 2 chance
The double pair 1 in 21 chance
Three of a Kind 1 in 47 chance
The fifth 1 in 256 chance
The colour 1 in 526 chance
The full 1 in 694 chance
The square 1 in 4,167 chance
The straight flush 1 in 72,202 chance
The royal flush 1 in 649,351 chance

Knowing the different hands is necessary in order to become an expert in Caribbean poker. Put all the chances on your side.

Set up strategies

The strategies will most certainly allow you to beat the house with much more ease. But you still need to know which ones really work... Here is our TOP 3:

  • Combination Ace King This very strong hand will allow you to impose yourself against the dealer. Moreover, if the dealer also has an Ace-King, you will simply be tied and therefore not lose your bet. Therefore, do not hesitate to play this combination, especially if the first card turned over by the dealer is neither an Ace nor a King.
  • The importance of pairs Pairs, even weak ones, offer victory to players half of the time. It would be a shame to neglect them. That is why we advise you to play them until the end. In fact, they are even better than the Ace-King combination and will significantly increase your chances of winning.
  • Side bets you must keep in mind that casinos have a 25% advantage on these bets. We strongly advise you not to take the risk of betting on your potential hands, as you may end up losing a lot of money in the long run.

By applying these three strategies, you will maximize your chances of success. It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of it.

What are the different players that we can meet?

To confront and overcome your opponents, there is nothing better than knowing them. That's why we've identified 4 types of players that you're likely to come across in a game of Stud Poker. Here they are: ⬇️

  • The beginner: These players take the time to analyze the few specificities of the Caribbean Stud game in order to maximize their chances of winning valuable prizes. They start by familiarizing themselves with hand rankings and the various possible strategies. Some beginners may also practice online or participate in friendly games before delving into Caribbean Stud tournaments. Regardless of their learning path, beginner Caribbean Stud players are determined to improve their skills and become true experts in this exciting game. Time to analyze the few specificities of the game in order to maximize their chances of winning valuable prizes. If you find yourself in this category, do not hesitate to browse through our complete Caribbean Stud dossier, which will provide you with much useful information about this variant.
  • The tactician: These players excel in tactics and their experience. They can predict their opponents' actions and find the best strategies to win the game. The tactician knows how to exploit their opponents' weaknesses and maximize their own strengths. They can anticipate their rivals' moves and make informed decisions to gain a tactical advantage. In short, the tactician is a skilled and clever player who masters all aspects of the game. Great gaming experience. Formidable opponents for casinos, these players usually win very large winnings in Caribbean Stud, which has the advantage of being able to be played with clever strategies;
  • The poker fan: This kind of players knows the poker rules and strategies like the back of their hand. They are also formidable for casinos, as they generally have solid knowledge about the various stakes of a poker game;
  • The impulsive: We recognize the impulsive gambler by their very aggressive game. In fact, they raise almost every hand in order to destabilize the dealer. This type of player greatly differs from the strategist as they prefer to forgo strategies in order to increase their chances of winning. The impulsive player generally enjoys Caribbean Stud because it is played against the casino, represented by the dealer.

You should also know that a beginner player can very quickly become a tactician player thanks to all our tips!

Our 3 most effective tips to progress quickly

Here we are at the end of our special guide, however, it seemed important to us to give you our three most effective tips. Indeed, as professionals in poker and its variants, we have had time to investigate and determine which tips lead to winnings.

  • ➡️ The odds of winnings : be aware that at the Caribbean Stud, the house edge is 5% We therefore advise you to learn by heart the tables related to the possible hands in Caribbean Stud as well as the payout ratios. You will be more confident during your games and you will have all the cards in hand to make the most judicious choice possible!
  • ➡️ The other variants we recommend that you conduct research or simply browse through our special Caribbean Stud file to have all the information related to this variant and to be able to implement foolproof gaming strategies adapted to Caribbean Stud. Although there are similarities between poker and its variants, know that to win your games you should definitely not rely solely on traditional poker strategies. you mix the brushes ! ;
  • ➡️ Pass and raise Just like in traditional poker, in Caribbean Stud, you will need to know when to fold and when to raise. The only way to make the right decision will be to analyze the cards in your hand and the community cards on the table. analyze the cards well which will be distributed to you during the game.

Finally, don't forget that to successfully implement all these strategies, you can also play free Caribbean Stud in order to practice without the stress or adrenaline of a real money game. Once you feel more comfortable, don't hesitate to also use different bonuses to maximize your profits.

With all of this information in mind, there is no longer any doubt that you are on your way to becoming the future star of this variant!

Positive reviews from our readers: 9.8 / 10.
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