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Casino poker is a game Who is passionate about thousands of players. Do you know the rules, tips and websites where you can play? Our special poker casino guide gives you a warm welcome and explains step by step how to become a winner every time.

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Online poker, we explain where its success comes from

The term poker appeared for the first time in 1830 in a book by Jonathan H. Green titled An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling . If poker is therefore a game that has always been rooted in American culture, its origins are however diverse and varied.

Where was poker really born?


It is almost impossible to know where poker was invented as we find of traces and vestiges of this game in the four corners of the world In China, in the 10th century, a direct ancestor of poker was invented. This game, which used dice rather than cards, also has similarities with the Indian ganjifa, as explained by Albert Houtum-Schindler.

In Persian region , l'as used already twenty-five cards and was based on bluff. Distant cousins of poker would also have existed in England, Germany and France under the names of bragg, pochspiel and poque. Poker is therefore a game that has far exceeded borders.

Poker, a game essentially made-in America

If poker has various and ancient origins, its modern version remains above all American. While banned in early New Orleans casinos in the 1820s , this game attracted many tourists in 1829.

At the end of the Civil War, in 1865, the soldiers created the Five Card Stud, a variant still known today. From 1870, poker therefore took on a new dimension: the latter was to democratize and its rules will become clearer.

Gold diggers, lawyers, workers and cowboys popularized this game in the saloons , a place of entertainment in its own right that has fueled the myths and imagination of men.

The 20th century as the heyday of poker

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first official land-based casinos were established. In Nevada, the excitement of gambling captured people's minds, and poker inevitably became a flagship game. However, European casino establishments, who claim the invention of poker, also developed their own set of rules.

From 1990, when the internet is born in its most minimalist version, the first developers are looking at digital software that will later make it possible to play poker on the internet.

Poker is now mainly played online, and internationally renowned operators exploit it in every possible way to allow users to practice their passion from their computer screen.

The best online casinos to play poker

How about discovering the 3 best online casinos to play poker? Find right here our TOP 3 of the best platforms. ⬇️

♠ Type of poker 🥇 Best casino that offers it ❓ Why? 🔎 Good to know
Game room Tropezia Palace 17 versions of poker are offered Bonus of $100 to start your games off right
best software Casino 888 Dozens of powerful editors A 100% poker version of the site
Best Live Casino Dublin Bet The No. 1 Live Casino You will be able to play Live and in traditional version

By playing on one of these three casinos, you are therefore guaranteed to be fully entertained and in complete safety.

Our tips for learning how to play poker

Unlike slot machines or roulette, you will need knowledge to start playing poker confidently. Thus, in this section, you will learn how to master the rules of poker to become "THE" player! Are you ready to become an online poker ace?

The essential rules to know

In poker, the player bets on the strength of their hand. This bet goes into a pot, which collects all the bets from the players. The player who has the best five-card hand at their disposal - it is made up of two private cards face down and three community cards presented on the board - wins the game and, consequently, the pot.

How to Play Poker: Game Analysis

A poker game is broken down into several levels that it is essential to know for better efficiency:

  • ➡️ The two players to the left of the dealer must pay a mandatory bet dubbed blind One of them pays a small amount (let's say one chip) while the second pays a large amount (let's say two chips). Meanwhile, the dealer - who has the peculiarity of owning a chip with the word "dealer" written on it - deals the first cards. Turn by turn, the dealer distributes two cards. face down to each player These cards are therefore private.
  • ➡️ Then players can start placing their bets on the table. It is the player who placed the big blind starting . Following this, the dealer burns a face down card from the pile and places three cards on the board. They are face open and constitute the flop . These are community cards.
  • ➡️ The leftmost player of the player bets again, as do the rest of the players. Note that since the start of the game, players can to sleep (give up), call the big blinder bet Or restart it , i.e. raise the stakes.
  • ➡️ The dealer burns a new card and places the fourth community card on the board, the turn . After a penultimate round of betting, the dealer will perform this operation a second and last time. He burns another card and lays down the fifth community card, called river .
  • ➡️ After the river, a final round of betting takes place. Then comes slaughter , which means that all players still in contention will match their hands. It is the one who will have the most powerful hand who will win the pot . In the event of a tie, the two winners split the pot equally.

Are you finally ready to play your first game of poker? We still have lots of tricks in stock.

What are the combinations?

Below is a table listing all of the poker hands. These were ranked in order of strength, from strongest to weakest.

Combination 🃏 Membership 🔎
Royal Flush 10 – Jack – Queen – King – Ace of the same suit
Straight Flush Suite of 5 cards of the same suit
Edge 4 cards of the same value
Full Three of a Kind with a Pair
Color 5 cards of the same suit
Fifth 5 cards that follow each other numerically
three of a kind 3 cards of the same value
Pair 2 cards of the same value
High Hand Any any combination

So take a few minutes of your time to get to know all these combinations, it will necessarily be useful to you later.

Our 10 tips that will allow you to become better at poker

Whether you are a Sunday player, a busy Saturday night player, or already showing a solid foundation, good advice can lead to better performances during your card games. 1. Learn the basic rules: Before starting to play, make sure you understand the rules of the game. This will prevent beginner mistakes and allow you to make more informed decisions. 2. Know the strategies: Familiarize yourself with the different strategies used in this card game. Learn to recognize your opponents' playing patterns and adjust your own strategy accordingly. 3. Be patient: This game can involve periods of luck and bad luck. Learn to stay calm and patient, even when things don't go as you wish. Perseverance can often lead to victory. 4. Avoid distractions: When playing this game, focus fully on the game. Avoid distractions such as TV, mobile phones, or other sources of disruption. This will help you make better decisions and stay focused on the game. 5. Practice regularly: Like any skill, regular practice is essential to improve your game. Find time to play regularly, whether online or with friends, to hone your skills and discover new strategies. 6. Analyze your games: After each game, take the time to review your decisions and analyze your mistakes. This will help you identify aspects of your game that need improvement and adjust your strategy accordingly. 7. Study tips from professionals: Professional players often have valuable tips and advice to share. Look for books, videos, or articles that discuss advanced card game strategies and try to apply them to your game. 8. Play responsibly: Keep in mind that gambling can become addictive. Set time and money limits to avoid falling into a compulsive gambling spiral. Play responsibly and don't hesitate to seek help if you need it. 9. Have fun: Remember that card games are primarily a means of entertainment. Keep a positive attitude and have fun while playing, whether you win or lose. The important thing is to enjoy the present moment. 10. Stay open to advice: Finally, be open to advice and feedback from other players. Each game is an opportunity to learn and improve. Don't hesitate to ask for advice from more experienced players and try out new strategies. Wishing you many victories during your games or your online poker tournaments!

  • Focus on your starting hands : The best way to make a successful entry into the game is to wait patiently for the good cards which will allow you to permanently remove some of your opponents from the game.
  • Vary your style of play : we advise you to vary your game to destabilize your opponent , without becoming an aggressive player. Know that the tighter you play, the more likely you are to win the game. ;
  • Analyze the flops : we suggest you spend a few turns during the first card distributions, in order to be able to analyze the style of play of your opponents;
  • Be as fast as the online game : you can imagine that the online dealer is much faster than the dealer in land-based casinos. You will need to make a decision within 10 to 20 seconds , otherwise your turn will pass;
  • Have a notebook nearby : taking notes during your games can be particularly useful ;
  • Spot the tells : take note as soon as a player uses the button “ check », synonymous most of the time with a bad hand, but also when the player raises and the power of his hand;
  • Start with small tournaments : if you wish to participate in tournaments, we suggest that you opt for small tournaments, or even freeroll tournaments , where you will play for free;
  • Manage your time : you must absolutely allocate a well-defined time to your learning, but also to your game time , so as not to fall into dependence;
  • Play primarily for fun : In order for the game to remain a pleasure, you absolutely must treat it as a entertainment first of all ;
  • Manage your budget : The management of your budget is essential, we advise you to control your expenses , and set yourself a budget limit.

By applying all of our advice, you should have no problem becoming a very good player.

Presentation of the different variants of online poker

If you are afraid of getting bored, rest assured with poker, that should not be the case. In fact, you have a range of diverse and varied variants in order to constantly renew your gaming experience and vary the pleasures. So, we offer to share our knowledge and experience with you.

  • Caribbean Poker This variant of poker is strangely similar to blackjack and is not played under the same conditions as Texas Hold'em. In this game, there will only be two of you: the player and the dealer.
  • 3 Card Poker : know that if you master the basic rules of Texas Hold'em poker, you will not encounter any difficulty in your learning, and your eventual mastery of 3-card poker;
  • omaha easy to play, different enough from Texas Hold'em to have fun, but similar enough to not have to learn everything from scratch, it's a perfect compromise! Omaha is played with four private cards and three on the table. Two and only two should be combined with the community cards to make your combinations;
  • The Horse Challenge This variant actually includes several variants in the end. It is important to know that this challenge is only played in "limit" and that one must already have a solid foundation to launch a challenge like this.

And you, which variant do you prefer?

Participate in online poker tournaments to become better

Yes, there is no longer any need to go to a bar or the casino to play a tournament. Another strong point for online casinos!

Moreover, the advantage of online poker tournaments lies in the fact that more and more players can now participate in them, all levels combined , which results in much higher prize pools than in poker tournaments in land-based casinos.

However, remember that to participate in a tournament, you will need a buy-in, also known as a buy-in. It is in fact the number of tokens to buy to have the right to play.

  • ♦ ⏰ Sit-and-go tournaments : it is only once the required threshold of players has been reached that the tournament can begin. Sit-and-go tournaments, abbreviated as SNGs, are characterized by quick actions , and are very competitive. These tournaments are extremely generous, and participants are free to change their minds during the competition, and leave the table, without losing their buy-in and incurring any penalties.
  • ♦ 🎉 Multi-table tournaments : Multi-table tournaments have one more gaming tables and, as a result, a greater number of players. You will appreciate the movement between different gaming tables, which will allow you to diversify your gaming experience in front of opponents with different playing styles and skill levels.
  • ♦ 💸 Tournaments with or without re-buy In the first place, let's take a look at tournaments without re-buy. If you want to participate in this type of tournament, you absolutely need to know that once all your chips are exhausted, you will have to resign yourself to the idea of leave the table On the other hand, poker tournaments with re-buy will allow you to purchase a new buy-in, in order to benefit, in case of elimination, from an additional stack of chips.
  • ♦ 🎟 Freeroll tournaments : these tournaments have the advantage of being free Yes, dear players, the poker rooms of the biggest casino operators offer players the opportunity to participate in real money poker tournaments without any required buy-in. Note that even though there is no registration fee, you will still need to have a player account, unlike the free video poker , which can be played for free and without an account!

In any case, note that tournaments are a great way to progress and have fun at the same time.

Our 3 tips to progress quickly in poker

Whether it's to beat the bank, your loved ones, or an unknown opponent, you will find here 3 tips to improve your game. Get ready to place your bets because in a few days, you may walk away with the loot!

The technique of bluffing

In short, bluffing is making everyone believe that you are the master of the world, when you are not convinced yourself. In poker, bluffing is simply betting big when your hand isn't great , to make your opponents believe that they should be wary of you. The ultimate goal of bluffing is to make the opponent lay down before laying down the cards.

Bluffing is also betting without hesitation, show no signs of nervousness , the bluff is the subject of entire books to invite you to deepen the field.

Types of players

Knowing your opponents in poker adds a certain added value. Indeed, by knowing the type of players you will be facing, the game becomes less stressful. It must be said, it is a real gold nugget to start the game calmly. Here are the 4 most common players you may face, whether in a club or in an online casino:

  • ♦️ The Beginner : the latter is generally a cautious player , but who takes risks without realizing it! ;
  • ♦️ The passive player : there are 2 types of passive players: on the one hand, the passive player small budget , and on the other hand, the big passive player In the first place, the passive player with a small budget is a player who does not have solid strategic foundations and, as a result, will not want to lose any chips under any circumstances. The Big passive player, on the other hand, will be content to call rather than raise, and will have no problem betting his chips.
  • ♦️ The aggressive player : be careful, because the so-called aggressive poker players turn out to be formidable opponents! The aggressive player has a habit of restart systematically , while tightening its game, and will never offer a free card;
  • ♦️ The Professional : the professional poker player is a real shark! You will absolutely have to redouble your efforts and vigilance in the face of this type of player!

Whatever type of player you are, always take a step back to analyze your opponents.

Selecting your hands and bets

The goal of poker strategy is to achieve maximize your chances of winning , without exhausting your bankroll. Don't forget to take into consideration your position at the table, as well as the number of players you will be facing. As a guide, know that the best hand you can get will be a pair of aces , and the worst hand will consist of a 3-2 or even a 7-2.

Regarding your chips, they represent a strategy on their own. Indeed, in poker it is crucial to bet, but it is also essential to relaunch ! You will therefore need to be extra vigilant in managing your chips throughout your games.

Rerolling will allow you to reduce the number of players at the table , and will allow you at the same time to protect your hand. By raising, you will, a fortiori, win more money by opting for a bluff or a semi-bluff , but you will also be able to obtain information about the hands of your opponents.

With all these tips, we are convinced that you will rise in the ranking of the best poker players. Are you ready to get started?

Positive reviews from our readers: 9;7/10.
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