La Bataille: a simple, fun and above all lucrative casino game…

casino war

The Casino War, better known as Bataille, remains a card game Very popular, both in land-based establishments and in online casinos. Thanks to our special file, you will quickly understand why players are passionate about this game!

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1. Origins: The Casino Battle is steeped in legendary myths: an exciting story

Your thirst for knowledge about the Battle deserves to be quenched... Let's begin this unpublished section by putting the game of the Battle in its historical context. You will better understand how this popular entertainment has evolved over the ages to reach the version we know today. Specialized historians in board games take us back in time with them...

1.1 Legendary origins that make the already magical game of Battle even more fantastic

Legend has it that King Arthur was the true initiator of the card game Battle. His wife Guinevere asked to play cards, but the good king wished for the chosen game to be simple, easy to understand, and based around the theme of war so that his soldiers would also find it interesting.

The famous Merlin would then have a genius idea and would have created the entertainment you know today.

1.2 Its appearance centuries later in casinos ends up broadcasting the Battle around the world

In the 70s, a casino executive in Nevada noticed that a large number of residents were enjoying a little-known game for fun: Bataille. Being a shrewd businessman, he decided to capitalize on this pastime and turn it into a profitable casino game.

Thus, in American gambling establishments, the game of Bataille became Casino War. However, it should be noted that the rules of Bataille have been modified. Unlike in Bataille, there is no real end to Casino War. At the end of each hand, the cards are automatically reshuffled and placed back into the shoe. Therefore, one can play Casino War endlessly!

2. The rules: Discover each rule of the Battle to understand the game and boost your winnings at the casino

les règles

Casino War is largely inspired by the game of War that you already know and have probably played during your childhood. The rules of War are very easy to understand and the game itself requires very little material. We suggest learning more about the simple workings of this card game, which allows players to outsmart the dealer and win lucrative rewards endlessly. Let's not waste another second and dive into the heart of the matter by exploring the different rules to understand how to play War.

2.1 Let's start by talking about the value of the cards: here are the weakest and strongest cards in the deck

This type of entertainment is played with six decks of cards, and determining the value of the cards in War is extremely elementary, hence the simplicity of this game. Each pack contains 52 cards. The Casino War cards are listed exactly as in poker or as in many other card games. The order of power of the cards in descending order is as follows: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, then 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.

An average house edge of 2.75% is practiced at Casino War online and in casinos. However, the latter may vary depending on the number of shoes requisitioned.

2.2 Let's now explore the object of the game and the role the player must play to win the game

A part of the game of Bataille is played as follows: first, the player places a bet on the table. When the bet is placed, the dealer deals one card from the shoe to the player face down and also takes one for himself. The cards are then compared, and the rule of Bataille states that the highest card wins.

The goal for the player in the game of Bataille is indeed to obtain a card that is higher than the dealer's card. If the player's card is higher, they will win twice the amount of the initially wagered money. If the dealer wins the round, however, the player will lose the invested money.

2.3 What to do in case of a tie: let's explore together what the rules of the game provide for in this case

In the case of a tie, that is to say when the first card of the dealer and that of the player are exactly identical, the player will have two options:

  • Give up: he then recovers half of his initial bet and the game stops,
  • Engage in a Battle: the player will have to deposit an amount equal to his initial bet and will therefore take the risk of losing more.

In this second option, the player follows the rules of the game of Battle and therefore makes an additional bet equal to the first one. The dealer burns three cards and then deals a new card to himself and his opponent. If the player has the strongest card, he wins the game. Otherwise, he loses everything, which is twice his bet.

jouer à la bataille casino war

3. Variants: The Battle card game is offered by casinos in different forms: here they are

Depending on the land-based casinos in which the game is offered, but also depending on online establishments or simply game publishers that they use, the rules of Bataille can vary slightly. This is especially the case in terms of the types of additional bets offered.

In some famous cities' casinos like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, for example - but also frequently online - establishments offer to bet on a tie between the dealer and the player. The payout becomes interesting, as it is 1 to 10.

It is sometimes even possible to go further by betting on a tie after a tie. In this case, the odds skyrocket, but - as you may have guessed - your chances of winning the bet are significantly reduced....

4. Strategies: Find out how to play the Battle by winning all its games in this section

A large number of casino players tend to think that War is a simple game that does not require elaborate strategies. However, during our many experiences at War tables, we have gathered some relevant and extremely simple strategies to put into practice. Before starting any casino game, it is important to arm yourself with good Casino War advice in order to successfully complete all your games and win as much money as possible.

4.1 Boost your winnings with optional bets and add spice to already heated games

As we said earlier, some gambling houses offer to add a little tension to your games by offering you the possibility of betting on tie bets.

This includes, of course, an additional risk-taking, but the potential gains at stake are still enticing… Therefore, we advise you to try this option in order to understand if it suits your taste and thus make your games more exciting and lucrative!

4.2 Keep the house edge in mind to ensure you make the right decisions at all times

While many traditional table games offer more exciting stakes and a lower house edge, in the card game War, the house edge changes depending on the gaming situations you find yourself in.

We can assure you that the advantage of the house can prove very useful when making decisions throughout your games. We would like to remind you that the house advantage is 2% on regular bets, and 18% in the case of a tie during your games. Therefore, you absolutely must keep this in mind when making your decision. If the bank's advantage is reasonable enough to inspire a bet on equality, then do not hesitate, but remain cautious when taking the house advantage into account.

4.3 Take care before entering the Battle with the dealer: moderation is key

You already know that Casino War is the translation for the famous game of War. So if, during your childhood, your favorite activity was to shout "War!", know that you will have to take all possible precautions when "going to war" during your Casino War games.

Although many players attribute virtues to a daring game, we advise you to be cautious when facing the dealer, as after the distribution of the 3 cards and the fateful card, you will have a 50/50 chance of either winning the bet or losing both bets. In the latter case, you will have lost your bet twice...

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5. Golden tips: our Casino War tips from pro players to go further and know everything

The objective of the games is, of course, to win money. However, Bataille is one of the few games that provide players with a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, which may lead players to take more risks without necessarily going broke due to betting thresholds, and develop a taste for the game. We offer you here a series of tips that will allow you to enjoy an exceptional gaming experience.

5.1 Forgetting card counting: unfortunately this technique will not help you here

For the past few decades, counting cards at the casino has been attracting more and more players. While these strategies could prove successful in games like blackjack or baccarat, for example, they will have no interest in the game of War.

So, do not waste your time trying to understand the cards that will be drawn by the dealers: this will not increase your chances of generating winnings.

5.2 To never get bored, also think about playing online on live gaming software

After a certain amount of time spent on the Battle machines, some players see their attraction to the game decrease a little. In order to always keep your motivation at its peak, a cutting-edge option is available to you.

Some online game publishers have indeed specialized in live gaming, allowing you to play on software that broadcasts in real time a dealer filmed in studios. An incredible option that will boost your customer experience!

6. The lucrative little extras: a little boost on the card game Battle never hurts

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, the game of War is actually a bit more complex than you might imagine, and many factors can influence the amount of money you will make from your games. So here are some additional information to further your understanding.

6.1 Register at an online casino that allows you to take advantage of bonuses that can be used in the Battle

You certainly know that some casinos offer their players interesting promotional policies. Whether in the form of welcome offers, tournaments, cashback on your losses, or birthday bonuses, operators never miss an opportunity to shower you with gifts.

However, never rush into a casino headfirst. Many of them exclude Baccarat from the list of games that can unlock bonuses. So be sure to find an establishment that suits your gaming activities.

6.2 Get your hands on unlimited free games, to better understand how it works

Before moving on to real money, beginner players usually look for a free version of games. You're in luck, we offer a space where you can start thrilling games without having to register or deposit.

You play without stress, learn to apply the strategies and can then switch to real money when you feel ready!

7. Tournaments: find every rule of the Battle game applied to crazy promotions

les tournois

Online casinos have more than one trick up their sleeve to try to lure you in. Among the many advantages they offer, promotions are a significant factor. In addition to the famous welcome offers, most virtual gambling establishments now have a regular promotions program.

Among these recent options, one is particularly enticing: tournaments. The concept is simple: you sign up for the competition, then start having fun playing a Battle game. The money won in your matches earns you points, which allow you to progress in a ranking system. The players who make it to the podium share bonuses, gifts, trips, and more.

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8. The essentials: before starting on a Battle game, know how to find a good casino

Do you master the Battle at your fingertips and think you can start lucrative gaming sessions? What if we revealed this little secret to you: at this stage, you could still run into disaster... Indeed, not all gaming establishments are equal. Therefore, we have selected the best ones and invite you to pay special attention to the following elements when making your choice.

8.1 Read our reviews to find the operator offering a welcome bonus usable in Battle

Players signing up for the first time at a casino are typically thanked by the establishment, which awards them a welcome offer. This bonus can come in various forms: cash, a deposit promo, or free spins on slot machines.

And so, you will need to find the operator offering the most attractive offer, taking into account another important fact: not all bonuses can be used in the Bataille. Therefore, we provide you with precise data on this in our casino reviews, to help you find the interface made for you!

8.2 Pay particular attention to finding the best casino: the one offering live and varied bets

The bonus is not the only element to observe. As we said above, many players want to spice up their games as their skills progress.

To prevent this phenomenon, make sure to choose a establishment that will allow you to spice up your sessions over time. Always opt for a site offering live gaming space, and make sure that different variants are available, in order to be able to place increasingly complex bets.

9. The advantages: why choosing Casino War over other casino games can be an option of choice?

Some casino games attract more than others. Profitability, difficulty of the rules, rarity in establishments: there are many reasons to prefer one game over another. La Bataille combines, as you will see, all the advantages of a casino entertainment. So you would be wrong to miss out on it...

9.1 Simple rules accessible to all players, which are quick to learn and put into practice

You will have noticed it from the first paragraphs of this file: the rules of the Battle remain among the simplest, compared to those of other casino games.

Even better, most of us learn them from childhood. This game is indeed one of the basic amusements that everyone grew up with.

9.2 Options to spice up your game and increase your risk taking, so you never get bored

According to the progress of your game, you will have to decide on the number of risks you wish to take. Indeed, some players choose the strategy of always going for war in case of a tie, by placing an optional bet.

We salute this audacity, and we advise you to do the same if you wish to add some spice to your experience. After all, you have a 50% chance of recovering your initial bet, rather than giving up without even trying your luck...

You can even, as you have seen, go even further by investing money in the possible outcomes of draws, that is, in the cases of a tie. Perfect for players who like to take risks to win the jackpot!

10. Profiles: each player applies the Battle rules in their own way, here are the most original

You will understand it for yourself when you join land-based or online casino tables, there are many types of players across establishments around the world. To end on a light note, we have depicted the portraits of three players that you will undoubtedly recognize when your first games begin...

  • ♣ The nostalgic of early childhood

This player joins the table with a smile on his face. From a young age, his favorite card game was unequivocally War. Since then, he had forgotten the very existence of this pastime. He arrives at the casino and realizes that his former favorite hobby is now available in a "money game" version... He rushes to the table - sparks in his eyes - and quickly recalls the rules before exclaiming out loud, "War!"

  • ♣ The hedonist seeking only the pleasure of playing

The search for fulfillment is paramount for this gambler. He may not necessarily know how a game works and doesn't care: he's not there to win! What he wants above all is to play and have a good time. In the event of a loss or a victory, he will take it in stride and remain calm in all circumstances.

  • ♣ The well-trained player outsmarts the others

After weeks spent learning the rules and memorizing strategies on free games, this player has finally completed their training. They are not here to joke around... The lure of winnings draws them to the tables, and they will be uncompromising with the dealer. Perfect mastery of techniques, flawless knowledge of probabilities: you will recognize them by their serious demeanor.

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