Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette game will electrify you

We are going in this article to make you discover certainly the best game The Live roulette game of the year 2018 by Evolution Gaming and possibly the best of all time! As you will see in our roulette review, a feature allows you to have a chance to win a colossal jackpot on this table game.

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What is Lightning Roulette? Specificities ?

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When you start playing Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming, which is a game show (or TV show), you will certainly think that it is a game of european roulette classic, but it is not! This is a live game hosted by a dealer, which offers a feature that allows you to multiply your winnings considerably.

After each of your roulette bets, the bank will activate the famous lever which will randomly determine Lucky numbers These will be completely boosted as it will be possible to win up to 500 times the bet by hitting them. This difference is what makes this title so successful, simply because it is possible to hit the jackpot!

Evolution Gaming released this title in 2018 for the greatest happiness of the adapts of live roulette It is a game that attracts thousands of players every day and is playable 24/7 on partner online casinos. It is clearly one of the biggest successes of the global publisher present in Riga studios, which offers unique electronic roulette variants, as you can see on the interface.

Here's what to expect in this game:

The best live casinos in 2023 to play Lightning Roulette

Our experts have done everything to select some of the best Lightning roulette casinos. We have established a list of sites where you can find this exceptional title, but also benefit from the most interesting advantages in the English market!

The best casinos to play Lightning Roulette
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
200 $+ 100 Free Spins in Book of Dead

How to play the lightning roulette game?

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Are you already wondering how a part of the lightning roulette casino game works? Rest assured, it's very simple and accessible to everyone, especially on mobile and your PC. In this section, we will explain all the details for you to start betting on one of the electrified numbers.

How to access the game:

  • 1️⃣ Register at one of the best casinos like 1Win Or JackpotCity Casino ;
  • 2️⃣ Go to the "Casino Live" section;
  • 3️⃣ Select Evolution Gaming's "Lightning Roulette" game.

The first step to accessing this title only takes a few seconds The registration on one of the online casinos is clearly very simple and intuitive, you should have no problem proceeding! Then you need to deposit a payment method! Once in the game, you also need to know how the game goes.

How to play :

  • ☆ Choose a bet amount;
  • ☆ Place your chips on one of the numbers or on an outside bet, before the time runs out;
  • ☆ Wait for the lucky numbers to be drawn;
  • ☆ Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel and the ball to land on a number;
  • ☆ 🤑 Receive your winnings!

Since the games are filmed live with a real dealer, they will inevitably be slower than RNG roulette games. But rest assured, you will still be able to keep playing as there are only a few seconds for each move. place your bets And a few seconds as well for the ball to reach one of the numbers.

Potential winnings based on your bets

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You certainly want to know the winnings that you can expect while playing the game Lightning Roulette. Know that the RTP is one of the best among Live games available. There are indeed 97.30% payout rate on this title!

Here are the winnings on the game:

  • full number : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $250, ratio 29-499:1
  • On horseback : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $300, dividend 17:1
  • transverse : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $750, dividend 11:1
  • Edge : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $1,000, dividend 8:1
  • Sixain : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $1,500, dividend 5:1
  • Column : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $3,000, dividend 2:1
  • Dozen : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $3,000, dividend 2:1
  • Red Black : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $3,000, dividend 2:1
  • Even odd : minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $5,000, dividend 1:1
  • 1-18 / 18-36: minimum bet 0.20 cts, maximum bet $5,000, dividend 1:1

Above all, you must remember that all outside bets have exactly the same odds than classic European roulette. Only the ratios of full numbers change completely.

When you win on a full number where there is no multiplier (between 50 and 500), you receive 30x your stake . This is slightly less than usual, this is simply explained by the fact that it is also possible to hit a Lucky Number and literally rob the dealer!

Lucky Numbers winnings:

  • ✷ By placing a bet of 10 euros on the Lucky Number x50 = $300;
  • ✷ By placing a bet of 10 euros on the Lucky Number x100 = $1,000;
  • ✷ By placing a bet of 10 euros on the Lucky Number x200 = $2,000;
  • ✷ By placing a bet of 10 euros on the Lucky Number x500 = 5,000 $.

Using the maximum bet of $250, you can therefore win up to $125,000 in a single spin of the roulette wheel! It's colossal and that's what attracts players from all over the world. However, we still advise you to be cautious and only gamble within your means, even though these numbers are appealing!

Our tips for successful lightning roulette games

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We wish in this section to reveal our best lightning roulette tricks for successful lightning roulette sessions. Our casino experts have played for hours before learning from their mistakes, here are their tricks for playing lightning roulette "Foudre roulette".

Follow the strategy of our experts

To be able to succeed, you must not play completely at random. You must know how to win at roulette . We want to offer you one of the strategies that our experts use on a daily basis to play roulette and more particularly this variant of Evolution Gaming. Everything happens at the betting level.

There are a total of 37 numbers on the roulette table, including the zero, of course. Therefore, we advise you to bet one unit each time on 18 numbers. Since Lightning Roulette only offers colossal winnings on straight numbers, you have to go for them! This will give you 48.6% chance of hitting a number , why not a Lucky Number?

If the ball lands on the right number, you will have a one in two chance of getting it! It is clearly for us best strategy on this Evolution Gaming title . We were lucky enough to hit a few Lucky Numbers during our tests.

Manage your bets

order for the strategy to work at its best, you absolutely must manage your bets. This means you should not put a random amount or number and increase your bet if you lose, as this would simply be counterproductive! setting a bet amount And by following the Lightning Roulette rules that you set for yourself, you will avoid doing anything wrong.

Our experts are clear, it is absolutely necessary to bet a maximum of 5% of your bankroll By bet. That is, if you have a capital of $1,000, you should have a maximum of $50 on the table. Keep your bets fixed until the next gaming session. If you have doubled your capital, you can double your bet.

Have a winning goal

Many players think about having loss limits, but few players really think about one. gain goal However, it is just as important. In fact, by knowing exactly where you are going and how much you want to win, you will also know when to stop playing! Of course, you must stick to what you say before you start playing.

We advise you to aim for a maximum of 100% winnings On a single gaming session according to our lightning roulette statistics. It's even rather ambitious, our experts generally leave their games with a 50% profit. If you decide to do the same, with a balance of $1,000, that means you absolutely must leave the table when you reach $1,500.

These tips should allow you to optimize your games of Lightning Roulette and put the odds on your side. However, stay accountable and in no way jeopardize your financial and social health. You should always play what you can lose!

Our opinion on Lightning Roulette

We would like to conclude this article on the game evolution gaming lightning roulette casino by giving you our final opinion.

It is clear that our experts have also become fans of this title. By developing a real game strategy, we have been able to get the most out of the Lucky Numbers and have good chances of winning. up to 500 times our stake .

Obviously, this game is not for those who want to play classic roulette and for whom the ratios of full numbers are important. The report is down , but it gives you a chance to hit an exceptional multiplier. It's a completely different game mode, which we really like!

Available 24/7 , with very professional dealers, we still appreciate the expertise of Evolution Gaming. This provider once again shows that it is the best in the field and knows how to offer high-quality innovations as it has done previously with dream catcher And Crazy Time .

OUR Lightning Roulette live review is certainly one of the best that we could have on a game of online roulette . Do not hesitate for a second and start discovering it!

Your Questions About Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette Casino Game

✔️ How to play Lightning Roulette?

To discover the famous online casino game lightning roulette with its magnificent gaming environment and amazing multipliers, you will definitely need to sign up on one of the casinos we have selected. Then, go to... "Casino Live" then "Lightning Roulette". Only real money bets are possible!

✔️ Why is Roulette Lightning different from other games?

This is a classic European roulette in its operation, which nevertheless has a considerable difference compared to others. Lucky Numbers are drawn, which boosts their payouts. 50 to 500 times your stake It is possible to hit the jackpot on this game.

✔️ How to succeed in your games of Lightning Roulette?

We advise you to follow in detail the advice of our experts to Succeed in Lightning Roulette . In short, you absolutely must follow an effective roulette method, but also know how to manage your bankroll as well as possible. See free tips.

✔️ Is Lightning Roulette live available in bitcoin?

Of course, some live online casinos offer to play Lightning Roulette in BTC!

✔️ Does Lightning Roulette demo exist?

Unfortunately live games are not available live!

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