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Technological progress is constant in the gaming world. Thus, in order to find the atmosphere and the glamorous image of the terrestrial casino, the online gambling sites offer what is called Live casino . Here is the complete guide that will help you understand everything about online live casino :

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Best Live Casinos in English in 2023

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What are the best live games 2023

Gambling establishments have several live games . Our experts have concocted a table summarizing the best live casino games :

Mega Moolah and Blaze Roulette VIP Fortune Blackjack
Monopoly Live Lightning Roulette and Double Ball Roulette
Immersive Roulette and Speed ​​Roulette Deal or No Deal
soccer studio Blackjack Diamond VIP
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Crazy Time

Top 5 Best Live Casinos in 2023

There are several live casinos like the famous Royal Casino, Tortuga Casino and others. But here is a more complete list.

♦️ JackpotCity Casino Live

The JackpotCity casino has recently redone its entire interface to the delight of players. It is known to English speaking players for its complete toy library which is made up of Live games . This giant live casino works with the best supplier which is Evolution. Find their games of blackjack, roulette and game shows .

♦️ DublinBet Live

The specialty of this casino are the Live games You will find games from providers such as Evolution, Authentic Gaming, Pragmatic Live and LuckyStreak. Players will undoubtedly find their favorite game. The platform is also known for its numerous tournaments that allow registered users to win beautiful prizes.

♦️ Lucky31 Live

Lucky31 is an interface with nearly 10 years of experience in the sector. Its registered users are loyal to it, and this can be explained by the quality of its services. In addition to their wide range of games, Lucky31 offers over 100 live games. There is something for everyone. We can say that it is a reputable platform. live casino giant .

♦️ Magical Spin Live

This casino attracts its new players with its very attractive welcome bonus. The platform has a category reserved for its hundred live games. You will find the biggest titles from the best live game providers.

♦️ Extra Live Casino

Casino Extra is a serious site that has fairly fast withdrawal times. His selection of live casino games is more limited than others but this is explained by the fact that Casino Extra only wants to offer the best to its members. You will be able to play roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and game shows.

New live casino games (TV games)

In addition to traditional live casino tables, there has been a new type of entertainment that has emerged in recent years, known as game shows. The games are all unique and are hosted by a presenter. The titles we are going to discuss are all produced by Evolution.

  • 📺 Gonzo's Treasure Hunt For the first time, they have created a live slot machine. Gonzo's Quest™ is one of NetEnt's most popular slot machines. So you will find the presenter and Gonzo on a quest to find the treasure of an ancient civilization.
  • 📺 Crazy Time The game consists of betting on the number on which you think the arrow will stop. The presenter spins the wheel and everyone waits to see the result. There are also bonus games on the wheel, which makes the game more entertaining.
  • 📺 Monopoly Live : find your favorite board game in 3D. Mr Monopoly is waiting for you on his game board. Before you get there, you must bet on the correct number that will appear on the wheel.
  • 📺 Lightning Roulette The rules are the same as on a traditional roulette. The big difference here is that you have lucky numbers that can multiply your winnings. The presenter is there to display the lucky numbers and announce the winning number.
  • 📺 Megaball This game is very similar to the lottery game, where winning balls come out of a sphere. The big advantage is that there is a multiplier wheel that can allow you to win big winnings.
  • 📺 dream catcher : the goal of this game is the same as "Crazy time".
  • 📺 Lightning Dice : the game presenter drops 3 dice into a machine in which they will slide to the bottom. The goal of the player is to guess the amount of the addition of the 3 dice.
  • 📺 soccer studio This game was designed for football fans. Indeed, the commentators only talk about football and the set is in line with the theme. It is a simple battle game and the player must bet on the hand they think will win.
  • 📺 Deal or No Deal The rules are exactly the same as in the television game show "Deal or No Deal" hosted by Arthur a few years ago on TF1. This is a live version on your online casinos.

How to choose the best English live casino?

With the number of live casinos France that there is your disposal, it is very difficult to know which one offers good live casino before registering. Our goal is therefore to explain to you what criteria you should find out about before registering.

Reliability of software for live betting

There are a large number of software platforms that offer live games. Among them, some are excellent, others are not as good, and then there are those that are not worth the detour. But how do you know if it's a good game provider? First, there is the game's response time. Does the game react immediately when I take action? Or does it take time for my winnings to be displayed on my bankroll?

Then you have to know if the games in the software regularly have bugs and if the results are influenced because of this. Here is a list of the most popular casino software:

  • EvolutionGaming
  • NetEnt
  • Betsoft
  • Play'n Go

Reputation of live casinos

The reputation of a company is surely the key point for customers. A bad reputation can destroy a company and vice versa, and that is why suppliers must be very careful.

Our experts regularly make journals on software that can give you a general idea of their reputation. These articles are objective and aim to provide you with as much information as possible. If you are still not convinced after reading them, you can easily find the opinions of other players online. However, remember that people tend to only share negative experiences on the web. Therefore, never rely solely on one person's opinion.

Is the security different when playing live?

Play live - Do not put your safety at a higher risk than any other type of game. If you play on one of the best trusted and secure live online casinos, you should not worry. In order for live casino games to work correctly, certain software needs to be installed. Live casino games online require appropriate licenses. Licenses are issued by gambling regulatory bodies in each country. These organizations ensure that the games offered are fair and transparent for the players. Game developers must comply with certain security and data protection standards to obtain their licenses. Once they have obtained their licenses, they can offer their games to online casinos, which make them available to the players. Online casinos allow players to play these games from the comfort of their homes or from any location with an internet connection. Licenses. It is up to you to check if the obtained license suits you.

Does the quality of customer support change live?

When a problem arises on a live game traduction. verification The checks can take a few hours and if you are indeed eligible for a win, it will be credited to you automatically.

Comparison between the live casino and the standard casino?

You won't take a long time to adopt a live casino This game mode having become very popular, it must possess significant advantages but also some disadvantages just like standard games. Our table below summarizes their advantages and disadvantages well.

/ Benefits Disadvantages
Live casino the mind more human . The impression of being in front of someone and therefore feels less alone in front of his screen bets need to be made quickly and some players need more reflection time
very good way to you familiar with table games in real mode. there may be a connection problem that impacts the video stream and it can spoil the player experience
the possibility of can check with their own eyes the actions of the croupier and to reassurance of honesty of the establishment THE places are limited on live gaming tables. You may have to wait to access your favorite game
Standard games there are a lot of casino games. It's impossible not to find a game you like there is no human side and most of the game is played in solo
THE free mode exists on standard games. No need to have funds in your account to be able to have fun the game can quickly become redundant and boring
THE Bonuses are created for standard games /

The history of the live game mode – Live casino with dealer is the surprising game mode of casino 2.0

As professionals in online gaming, we often hear that gaming on the internet "lacks life". Virtual gaming operators wanted to fix this flaw in the gaming industry; the solution is summed up in one phrase: the live casino experience. live casino In other words, the live casino Here is something to familiarize yourself with the concept:

Instantly play online casino with real dealer in the same atmosphere as a gambling circle

Nowadays, online casinos offer you to play against live dealers , accessible via a video-streaming software . You will be able to interact with the dealer and win your bets as if you were in a real gambling establishment. Vegas . Here are our tips for taking advantage of the live casino !

Thus, on a live casino There is a "human" aspect that you will not find on traditional games of the game library. Additionally, you will be instantly reassured about the authenticity of the gaming establishments as you will see the gestures of the dealers in real time.

Very fashionable with players, the Online English Live Casino is also a good way to have fun in exemplary playing conditions. By playing this game mode, you will definitely be immersed in the universe of a terrestrial establishment without moving from your computer or smartphone.

The live casino is a technology trend that comes straight from Asia

It should be noted that historically, the live dealer trend was born on the asian continent Indeed, this technological revolution saw the light of day years ago, before exporting to the United States and then to Europe. With new technologies and their more than rapid progress, gaming houses can offer their users truly futuristic innovations.

Among them, " live dealer ". To play games where a dealer is normally required, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and others, the house offers a system of audio and video transmission which will allow you to play with a real dealer who somewhere (or elsewhere) will be animating the games, etc., in real time.

You will therefore have an interaction with a real person located or in a foreign country, in the filming studios. If our English-speaking friends call this trend the Live casino , as English speakers, we rather speak of “live croupiers”.

Live online casino variants

THE Live casino offers you significant benefits as an online casino and indicates which games are the most profitable. An online casino operates through advanced technology that allows players to connect and play casino games from their computer or mobile device. There are different types of games available in an online casino, such as slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and many others. Each game has its own rules and strategies to follow to increase your chances of winning. Slot machine games are very popular in online casinos. You simply spin the reels and hope to get a winning combination. Slot machines also often offer special features such as free spins, multipliers, and progressive jackpots, which can allow you to win big. Blackjack is another popular game in online casinos. The objective is to get a hand whose total value is closer to 21 than the dealer's hand, without exceeding it. Knowing the basic rules of blackjack and using appropriate strategy can greatly improve your chances of winning. Roulette is also a highly appreciated game in online casinos. You place your bets on a virtual roulette table, and then the wheel is spun. The goal is to predict which compartment the ball will land in. There are different variants of roulette, such as European roulette and American roulette, which have subtle differences in rules and odds of winning. Online poker is very popular and offers the opportunity to play against other players from around the world. There are different variants of poker, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Stud Poker, which have their own rules and strategies. Online poker allows you to test your skills against other players and compete against opponents of different skill levels. It is important to note that all online casino games are subject to a certain degree of chance, and there is no guarantee of winning every time you play. However, by understanding the rules of the game, using appropriate strategies, and playing responsibly, you can increase your chances of winning and fully enjoy your online gaming experience. Live casino and what are the different categories included in this game mode.

THE live online casino is the general name for the live game mode, however, you will be able to benefit two types of live casinos quite different:

  • ♦️ Those with a live dealer from one terrestrial establishment The streaming video will broadcast the actions of a dealer who will be, at the same time, in one of the best establishments worldwide. Whether in Malta, Ireland, the United States, or Monaco, you can travel around the globe.
  • ♦️ Those with a live dealer from a private game room the video software will allow you to play against a dealer who is located in the premises of a private provider. Generally, they are located within the buildings of the suppliers like EvolutionGaming or VivoGaming.

The success of the concept – A technological revolution at the base of the success of the direct casino

A few years ago with the explosion of “reality TV” type experiences and the broadcasting of real life by webcam, the idea came to the market to film a casino dealer in action and broadcast it on the screen of the players. It seems that this game mode is much more than a trend. THE live casino now seems to be an integral part of the world of gambling .

According to this game mode, you are several players to follow the dealer on your screen. The principle of live casino thus follows this trend of news about the prominent role that reality TV plays in our time. But rest assured, playing live casino does not at all resemble the idea we may have of this concept of television program!

The different live games available at a live casino:

Inevitably, the toy library of a best live online casino will be much less provided than that of a classic online casino. For example, you will not be able to spin the reels of a slot machine. However, the live casino offer you a varied list of entertainment , always more interesting and winning if you have the right strategy.

No free play, but bonuses are available at the best English online live casino

bonus casino live

If you want to play on a English live casino , know that there is no no free version yet As is the case for all other games. All roulette, blackjack, and poker games are only available for real money. However, the positive point is that some establishments offer bonuses on games available in live direct casinos.

However, please note that even though you can use this bonus money on live games, there is little chance that it will contribute to the wager of your bonus. If it is an exclusive bonus for live games, it will most likely be less significant than other bonuses, unfortunately.

What are the live casino games offered by live casinos?

But which games are affected by the France live casino online ? Quite simply all games that call for a dealer in a land-based gambling den, i.e. the Table games :

According to the establishment, many games and all their variants are available on a site offering live casino . In the world of gaming, diversity is always welcome to leave the choice to the player.

Of course, the sites of live live casino can also offer you other games such as different variants of poker, dice games, and even lottery games.

To take full advantage of a live casino we advise you to find software that broadcasts dealers from a real establishment. Your gaming experience will be enhanced and your winnings will be multiplied thanks to your winning techniques!

The 5 golden tips – Here are the 5 tips from our team to fully enjoy the live casino with a live dealer

We help you understand the live casino with live dealer easier with these 5 essential tips:

Check your internet connection and computer drivers

This may seem obvious, but this check will save you a lot of trouble. Indeed, you need to have a good connection to your internet network in order to properly stream the video. Additionally, make sure to download the latest version of your Flash software. This can help you avoid certain technical glitches and play under the best conditions. Once your bet is placed, it would be a shame to lose it due to a computer problem.

Check that the game software has a good reputation

When we play, we want to be able to play in peace without any connection flow problems coming from the software. The most popular software has technological systems that allow them to offer a live game without interference or slow actions. For newer software, it is possible that they may not be up to par at this level yet and that players may experience several "technical" issues during their games.

Feel free to ask the live dealer for help

The advantage of Live casino The only difference is that you are no longer playing alone in a game. Just like in a real establishment, it is the dealer who will ensure the smooth running of your game. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask them to clarify certain points of the rules so as not to place unnecessary bets. As you can instantly communicate with the dealer, you will be able to ask them any questions you may have. Their advice can help you better develop your winning strategy.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks

As in most real gambling dens, some players tend to want to impress the " live dealer casino "with very risky bets. However, the best players know very well that you must absolutely avoid unnecessary and risky bets. In the long run, we advise you to play cautiously to ensure that you come out as the winner of the game." Live casino .

Take advantage of exclusive live casino bonuses

On the internet, there are numerous promotions offered to players. If you can enjoy welcome bonuses or free spins, don't forget that some promotions are exclusively reserved for Live casino In addition, most of these bonuses are much more generous than those given for the classic gameplay mode. Remember to use them to increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

Can we play at the live casino on mobile?

Be aware that games with live dealers almost all use HTML5 technology. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it is available on smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android.

Thanks to this mobile version, dealers accompany you all the time and everywhere! Indeed, whether you are at home, in your car, or even at a restaurant, you have the opportunity to play online without any hassle.

Live Games Reviews

In the first place, we always advise players to choose an online casino that suits them. It goes without saying, but make sure to check that the site offers a Live section. Following the same principle, you will have to select the English live casino which suits you.

The first reflex to have in order to choose the best live casinos is to first follow all the tips for choosing an online live casino (license, popularity, player forums, etc.) But it is also important to choose high-quality live games.

The best live casino software is EvolutionGaming . Some of its games like Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live or Crazy Time are even open 24 hours a day, as evidenced by the dedicated page on live casinos like DublinBet.

The performance that Evolution Gaming is capable of is simply incredible. The glitch is very rare, the dealers are filmed in the most beautiful locations like Malta, the solution is guaranteed " responsible gambling "And is available on mobile... In short, you will have understood that the conditions are met for you to have a good time while accumulating a maximum of winnings."

So, do not hesitate to visit the FAQs or the "help" page of all live online casinos to find out which one offers live gaming, or you can also talk about it to online assistance often accessible from the “home” page, the advisers will be able to answer you.

You are well versed in the live casino, it is now up to you to play!

Our opinion on the live casino: 4.8/5.

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