Blackjack Live: the best tables at live dealer casino sites (2023)

Play at online blackjack Playing on an online casino can become quite boring. So, how about playing live blackjack? In this review dedicated to live blackjack casino, we provide you with all the explanations to master this game of cards in real time and beat the dealer every time. Are you ready to become the best player?

The 5 Best Casinos to Play Live Blackjack
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650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
200 $+ 100 Free Spins in Book of Dead
100 $
🥇 Best English live casino Dublin​Bet
🎉 Best Live Bonus $1000 + 120 free spins on Kings Luck
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🤓 Best games Infinite Blackjack™

What is Live Blackjack?

For a long time, online casinos have aimed to meet all the demands of players in order to attract a large customer base. Currently, you are no longer required to try your luck against computer software. Indeed, Live casino platforms allow you to play in front of a real dealer who will draw the cards in front of you, animate the game, and offer you instant winnings.

How does live online blackjack work?

comment fonctionne le blackjack

If you've ever played blackjack at a land-based gambling den, you won't be lost at a Live Casino blackjack. In effect, the live parts use the same codes as in real life. You will only have a time limit to place your bets and make a decision related to your blackjack game.

Playing live blackjack is a good way to get used to the gestures of the dealer. Thanks to this remarkable video system, you go very quickly familiarize yourself with the game and rules related to blackjack In addition, you will never be able to cast doubt on the truthfulness of the casino. Indeed, all blackjack actions will take place right before your eyes. Even better, your parties will be lively while you enjoy your usual comfort.

How to play live blackjack?

The operation of the live game does not necessarily change from classic blackjack. Thus, the course of the game will remain the same as in a standard game of blackjack. However, playing live can unsettle some players. We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules before participating in a live game.

➡️ Before you start playing, you will need:

  • ♦️ Know the rules and practice ;
  • ♦️ Find an online casino offering live games ;
  • ♦️ Make your deposit to be able to play ;
  • ♦️ Find a table that suits your needs .

For all these steps, know that the™ team will guide you and show you step-by-step how to succeed in your first games, as well as all those that will follow.

What are the best live blackjack tables?

So, as we mentioned earlier, you will need to find a table that matches your desires. To do this, we explain the difference between blackjack in a physical casino and blackjack in a studio. This will allow you to see more clearly and make your choice much more easily.

Live Blackjack from Physical Casinos

First of all, it is possible to play Live from a physical casino with croupiers . Thus, you can join a live casino but also a casino based in Malta, London or Bucharest . The table located in the land-based casino is filmed live and allows online players to participate, in the same way as players who have visited the site.

The retransmission of the part of the physical casino gives players the impression of being transported to another country. You will see all the actions and movements of the dealer as well as the other players on site. This brings a certain authenticity to your games.

Blackjack live from a studio

Game publishers have understood the enthusiasm of bettors for Live mode. So, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt or Eguzi decided to create their “own casino”. For this, they simply invested in recording studios to create the atmosphere of the casino.

Thus, the dealer is also present but the difference is that all the players come from online casinos. In terms of atmosphere, the player will feel as if they are in a real land-based casino. Studios are therefore a very good alternative if you cannot find a spot at a table in a real casino.

How to choose your Live France blackjack table?

To choose your future gaming table, there is of course some criteria to consider . The™ team has listed them for you: ⬇️

  • ♦️ Choose between a live game from a land-based casino or a recording studio;
  • ♦️ Choose a table with limits adapted to your balance;
  • ♦️ Select a table with a variant you like;
  • ♦️ Check that the table is available at the chosen time (as these are live, some games may not be available);
  • ♦️ Make sure seats are free to start playing on the chosen table.

You are now ready to choose the blackjack table that suits you.

What are the best casinos to play blackjack live?

300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins

To choose from the best tables, there's nothing better than being able to do it on one of the best online casinos. Therefore, we have selected for you the top 3 online establishments. These are the ones that will offer you the most interesting gaming experience thanks to predefined criteria of excellence.

What are the advantages of these Live blackjack sites?

To select the best casinos, we first take the care to test them for several weeks. During these tests, we evaluate different criteria such as the frequency of bonuses, the efficiency of customer service, the quality of the gaming library, as well as the security of the platform and payment methods.

In addition, the live blackjack online casino has several advantages, namely:

  • ♦️ ⏰ Unlimited play at any time : gaming sites offer you the possibility of playing 24/7 unlike physical casinos;
  • ♦️ 🃏 A variety of tables : Online you will often find dozens of variants available. The choice is thus much more diversified;
  • ♦️ 🎉 Freedom to play as you are : No need to get ready and put on your 31 to start your game of blackjack.
  • ♦️ 🥇 Play on mobile : you can also play blackjack directly from your smartphone or tablet;
  • ♦️ 🎁 Discover free games : online, you can also take advantage of a totally free toy library to train and have fun without spending your money.

Are you sold on live games? Start playing right away!

What are the best bonuses granted to start?

As we mentioned, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy bonuses for playing online against dealers and winning your blackjack games. Note that there are different types of bonuses in casinos. Therefore, we need to differentiate the following promotional offers:

  • ♦️ The no deposit bonus : often offered before your registration, this one allows you to form your own opinion on the live casino with croupier. This bonus does not require any deposit from you;
  • ♦️ The welcome bonus As its name suggests, it is offered after registration to welcome you. It allows you to double, triple or more your first deposit. There is also a welcome offer that allows you to get a bonus on your first deposits and free spins.
  • ♦️ The deposit bonus : Like the sign-up bonus, it works by doubling your deposit. You should consult the promotions section of the casino to find out when they are available;
  • ♦️ The VIP club : joining a VIP program will often allow you to obtain bonuses and exclusive advantages!

Don't wait any longer to start playing and pocket your bonuses and free spins!

What are the 3 best live blackjack games?

The™ team has also listed for you the top 3 games available online. These 3 Live tables will allow you to play on high-quality tables and the most efficient software on the market. Are you ready to discover our official ranking?

Introducing Infinite Blackjack™ by Evolution Gaming

This blackjack game is perfect for beginners but not only! Indeed, the version Infinite Blackjack™ This publisher allows you to join a table with unlimited placements. In this game, you will never have a problem with space as more than 7 players can join the game.

Moreover, the bets that can be placed are quite low, allowing small players to practice with peace of mind. Finally, the game also offers secondary bets. The most daring among you can thus bet on pairs, 21 + 3, "Hot 3", as well as "Bust It".

Introducing Perfect Blackjack™ by NetEnt Live

The game Perfect Blackjack™ by NetEnt is a standard blackjack game in which players must reach a score of 21, without ever exceeding it. Note that, like on traditional tables, only 7 players can take a seat at the table. So, there may be a short delay before you can sit down.

However, this game is really worth it since the payout rate is set at 99.66%! Also, you will be able to place secondary bets such as the 21+3 bet or the perfect pairs bet. This is a black jack game located in a recording studio.

Introducing Blackjack Live™ by Ezugi

Ezugi is also a software recognized worldwide for its Live games (roulette, poker, baccarat, etc.). It is therefore logical that his Blackjack Live™ integrates our TOP 3. Know that the live table will be available 24/7 and it is also available for all devices.

The particularity of this table: you can play with the "Bet Behind" function. This means that you place your bets based on another player's game. This option is offered to limit your wait and keep you entertained. You play with them, but be careful: it's the player who decides whether to double, hit, or stay...

Conclusion: why should you play live blackjack online?

It is time for us to conclude this article: what do we think of live blackjack? Is it really worth playing? We answer all of these points in the following section. We also provide you with tips to become an expert in this famous card game, it's now or never to win!

Enjoy the world of casino at home

As mentioned before, playing on an online live casino allows you to play from home. Comfortably seated on your couch, you will be able to beat the bank and implement the most effective strategies. No need to travel, you have access to the latest games and can interact with professional dealers in real-time. best games straight from your home .

Moreover, by playing at a casino, you will also be able to discover numerous games such as roulette or slot machines. This can allow you to entertain yourself and take your mind off things.

Play live blackjack on your mobile

jouer sur le mobile

One of the other advantages, players will be able to have fun and try their luck at cards from their mobile versions. This is a real advantage since you can play from your home but also from any other place.

All you will need is an internet connection. Depending on the chosen casino, you can either download the mobile application from the App Store or Google Play or go directly to your web browser in order to join the site and start your game and place your first bet.

Follow our advice to try to win at Live Blackjack

Of course, it is not possible to play live blackjack for free because you have to pay the dealer. Like with all online blackjack games, there are tips and tricks that can increase your chances of winning in the long run. Whether it is adopting certain strategies or analyzing bets, our advice will likely help you win the jackpot. In live blackjack, we suggest:

  • ♦️ Always check your internet connection and your computer drivers so as not to lose a game due to a bug.
  • ♦️ To be careful in your decisions and not necessarily draw a card if the situation does not require it. You only need to outscore the live dealer blackjack to win.
  • ♦️ Adopt a strategy that you can follow closely. You can also play with the betting table in front of you. This little checklist can help you place the best bet.
  • ♦️ Consult the opinion of the live blackjack dealer in case of doubt. The best Live Casino stimulates interactions between the player and the dealer.

You finally know all the advantages of online blackjack with a live dealer, all you have to do is choose among the best casinos to start the real money game!

The positive opinions of our readers: 4.9/5.
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