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Scratch cards are Casino Games who have been making waves for many years thanks to their unique concept, allowing players to instantly find out if they have won or not. We offer here a complete dossier on the most famous game of chance in the world!

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1. The origins - From the first tickets to online scratch cards: the crazy history of this entertainment

Scratch-offs are certainly the most popular gambling games and Europe. We have all already purchased these small pieces of cardboard at our favorite tobacconist to scratch on the spot, at home, or even in the car if we are in a hurry. Before going any further and getting to the heart of the matter, let's start by exploring the crazy history of these beloved games of chance!

1.1. A concept born in the United States that evolved over the years: from the first tickets to their recent form

cartes à gratter aux usa

The first scratch card is said to have been born in the 1960s in the USA, thanks to John Koza, a young student who, inspired by the Americans' enthusiasm for various gambling games, came up with the idea of creating this original product. A first experiment allowed for a fairly wide distribution of the first model on a national scale. From a version where the winnings took several months to be distributed, engineers managed to create an instant game! Then, starting in 1990, a company named AstroMed Inc., based in Rhode Island, launched its own brand and marketed it throughout the country. The success of this operation was resounding. European countries quickly followed suit, including France.

1.2. How scratch tickets appeared and invaded the country's tobacconists

Since 1984, the ancestor of FDJ collaborated with tobacco shops to distribute these scratch cards. La Francaise des Jeux thus made temporary and permanent scratch cards its main source of income. This is still the case today, despite globalization, the spread of internet-connected terminals, and the new expectations of bettors, who now prefer to play online in front of their computers.

1.3. From tickets in paper version to their appearance on the web: a major technical revolution

Although a large number of tickets are now consumed in stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and vending machines, many scratchers now indulge in this entertainment online.

Online casinos were the first to add this product to their game lineup in the 2000s, before a revolution took place in the market: fully specialized scratch card websites then appeared on the web.

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2. The rules - Find out here how to use a scratch game and understand if you have won

Scratch cards are a true game of chance and it takes a certain amount of luck to hope to get hold of a winning ticket. All bettors have to do is buy one or more tickets, grab a coin, and scratch off the silver squares to find out if Lady Luck is on their side. Online, this process is even simpler, as all it takes is shaking the mouse of one's computer to see the results. Let's explore in more depth how these incredible games work!

2.1. The basic rules are exposed here: discover them one by one then start your game sessions

The object of the game is simply to scratch the golden and silver squares! No need to have done Math Sup to understand how this extremely simple and affordable game works.

On the tickets, you have the scratch area, often colored black or gray to identify it well. It is this space that will have to be scratched to discover what is hidden below:

  • ♣ Either a sum of money directly;
  • ♣ Either symbols, in which case it will certainly be necessary to discover two or three identical ones;
  • ♣ Either numbers that must be found in a grid to win the corresponding amount;
  • ♣ Either respect a rule of the game and win. We can cite here bingo or blackjack which exists in a scratch version.

2.2. Focus on the two options for playing on scratch tickets and Europe

We have already told you, there are two ways for you to play scratch card games, the physical way and the virtual way:

physical tickets Virtual tickets
In world, the sale of scratch tickets is completely monopolistic, owned 100% by the FDJ (English Games). You must go to your newsstand or tobacco shop to purchase them. Nowadays, a ticket can cost from 1$ to 10$, but on average, they have a value of 2$. Now an essential game in online casinos, they integrated them five or six years ago. The variety of games is much greater online, and moreover, the tickets are also cheaper since you can get them for 20 or 50 cents. In terms of the sensation, it is identical.

2.3. Let's explore the particular case of online scratch games available on the internet today

Online scratch card games offer a slightly more advanced system. Players have the ability to bet varying amounts in specialized scratch card rooms. As a result, the winnings they are likely to win are proportional to the amount of their initial bet. If you win, you can cash out your winnings immediately, and if you lose, you can buy another one immediately.

3. Variants - Many types of tickets exist: what are the best scratch games?

It can be very difficult to resist the temptation to try your luck when you discover the range of tickets on display at the tobacco shops. So you probably know the traditional game. However, other versions are starting to make a lot of noise. In order to introduce them to you in detail, we have chosen to present the different families of scratch games in this new section.

3.1. Paper scratch tickets: a traditional version that you probably already know

As we have seen previously, it is the Française des Jeux (FDJ) that is the only organization allowed to legally sell paper scratch cards. As you may recall, this game of chance has evolved greatly over the years. In fact, hundreds of different tickets are now offered to gambling enthusiasts.

On the other hand, their price has not changed and remains rather high. Indeed, these typically range between 2 and 10 euros, which is not very economical in case of losses. Furthermore, the chances of winning with traditional scratch-off tickets are tiny. That is why many players have started to gradually abandon the traditional format and turn towards much more attractive online versions.

3.2. Virtual scratch tickets: this innovative game mode is a huge success with Internet users

As mentioned above, we implied that the FDJ now has to face tough competition. Indeed, despite being a very famous company that has a monopoly on paper tickets, many online scratch games are starting to emerge and gain popularity on the internet, and they are not regulated by this entity...

These are an integral part of the game library of many virtual casinos or are directly available on specialized websites. But what has attracted many players is undoubtedly the very low prices of these online tickets. In fact, you can start betting from just one cent, and on many games! We are therefore far from the exorbitant prices of paper scratch games. In addition, the amount of winnings is relatively higher on these 2.0 tickets. And finally, to top it all off, these games have very attractive and impeccably developed graphics, as well as visual and sound animations.

3.3. Hybrid tickets: casino games of all kinds in scratch version that are all the rage

A whole new range of scratch games is starting to invade virtual casino game libraries. In fact, these casinos have come up with a genius idea: mixing the principle of scratch tickets with certain rules and characteristics of famous casino games such as blackjack, poker, and slot machines. These scratch games are called hybrid tickets because they combine two different gambling games in one. A concept of new scratch games that is a huge hit online!

jeux de grattage gratuits

4. Strategies - Boost your winnings on online scratch games with these exclusive techniques

To give you the best chances of winning winnings in online scratch games, we present you with some clever techniques and very good tips to minimize your losses. Follow them to the letter: you won't regret it...

4.1. Learn how to choose your game to increase your chances of landing a winning ticket

The different online scratch games do not all have the same winning percentages. Indeed, some offer 1,200,000 winning tickets out of a total of 1,500,000 and others 1,000,000 out of a total of 1,700,000. To find out these different numbers, you just have to go to the games' winnings table. So, make sure to select the most profitable game in order to increase your chances of winning money.

4.2. Find the best software to make sure you win big and experience crazy graphics

Not all game publishers offering scratch cards are equal on the online gaming market... While some offer impressive graphics and animations, others settle for a retro design.

The best actors will therefore be those who combine visual quality and profitability. In addition to offering a different percentage of winning tickets, the amounts to be won are also variable. Some software only provide for the distribution of hundreds of euros, while millions are at stake with others like Microgaming, NetEnt, or Rival.

4.3. Get started on a real money game only after understanding the rules via a version for fun

Even if the rules of scratch tickets are more or less as simple as those of the Lottery, it is still advisable to start by practicing on a non-paying version of the games. Indeed, most of them offer small variations, and it is often frustrating and therefore detrimental to lose money on a game without knowing why.

On our website, you will find a range of games available for free, which will allow you to proceed with this training. Finally, some casinos also offer this option, but unfortunately, it is very rare.

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5. Golden tips - Tips to apply to new scratch games & more classic ones

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop some techniques to maximize the chances of winning money on online scratch cards. We have chosen to share them with you in this exclusive section. Of course, these few tips will not guarantee you a win on every ticket, but by applying them in your upcoming games, you can still increase your chances of winning big.

5.1. Be loyal and hold on so you don't give up after collecting a few unlucky tickets

There is a cycle of winnings in scratch games. Indeed, as explained above, each game has a defined number of winning tickets. So, to maximize your chances of winning, it is wiser to always play the same game so as not to miss your turn to get the right tickets. The right scratch game will eventually fall in no time, and your bankroll will be replenished.

5.2. Control your bankroll and not get carried away by knowing when to stop at the right time

This advice applies to all gambling games. Indeed, you must have total control over your bankroll if you want to minimize your losses and therefore increase your winnings. To do this, it is important to set limits for yourself. For example, decide in advance the exact amount you want to play with. If you exceed it, you should stop playing and try your luck again later. This technique requires great self-control, but it is only in this way that you will be able to profit from gambling games.

5.3. Do not put all of your winnings into play, in order to always win a session

One of the most common mistakes made by scratch ticket enthusiasts is to constantly gamble their winnings in an attempt to win bigger sums.

We strongly advise against playing like this as by consulting the game's payout table, you will realize that winning tickets with very large amounts are rare. Therefore, do not wait unnecessarily for the jackpot to fall and preserve the accumulated amounts. In the long run, this strategy will be more than winning...

astuces jeux à gratter

6. The lucrative little extras - Promotions usable on scratch games await you on the web

Still hesitating to trade your paper scratch ticket for its virtual version? We have plenty of arguments that will convince you to definitely adopt online scratch games. For instance, imagine for a moment that during your visit to a tobacco shop, the owner decides to give you tickets to enhance your chances of winning. Unbelievable, isn't it? And yet, when you scratch online, these offers will be very much real. We have chosen to tell you everything about scratch game bonuses, so that you can take advantage of these profitable extras without further delay!

6.1. Look for the casino offering bonuses with or without deposit, to boost your bankroll from the start

We challenge you to find a virtual establishment that does not offer any bonuses with or without a deposit. Indeed, these are extremely popular among players and have quickly become integrated into the "Promotions" sections of all online casinos. Among these offers, you will find:

  • ♣ Bonuses with deposit: As their name suggests, these will allow you to significantly multiply the amount of your deposit. They are presented as a percentage and a maximum deposit amount not to be exceeded.
  • ♣ No deposit bonuses: These are even more popular than the ones developed above. In fact, online casinos directly offer a sum of money to players without them needing to make a prior deposit.

6.2. Some sites offer additional tickets, without you having to pay for them

cartes à gratter en ligne

This is the most sought-after bonus by scratch ticket enthusiasts. Indeed, some virtual casinos offer players extra cards. This way, they won't need to wager any money to try and win some prizes. However, be aware that the conditions for obtaining these bonuses may vary depending on the establishments. For instance, a casino operator may choose to offer a certain number of cards upon the player's first deposit. Others, on the other hand, may prefer to reward players' luck by giving them tickets after a significant win.

These offers are very advantageous and have convinced many scratch card enthusiasts to definitively abandon paper tickets in favor of their version 2.0. Will you be next?

7. Tournaments - Thanks to promotions, online scratch games could earn you even more

In order to always spice up your gaming sessions, casinos and specialized online scratch game sites now offer a host of promotions. Among the most popular are tournaments.

The concept here is very simple: you sign up for the offer from your account, then play as usual. Typically, every euro won entitles you to one point. These points allow you to climb in a ranking and try to outperform other players participating in the competition.

At the end of the period specified in the rules, the winners at the top of the podium share prizes of all kinds: bonuses, gifts, trips...

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8. The essentials - Choosing your scratch card game interface can be tricky: here are some tips

You will have understood, the world of online scratch cards allows you to win much more than with paper tickets. But you still have to find the casino that offers you the best products. In order to make it easier for you to see, we will go over the essential points to consider before signing up.

8.1. Choose your casino well to find a welcome offer to match and win more

Virtual casinos offer many promotional offers. It would be a shame to miss out on them. Indeed, these offers will allow you to increase the amount of your bankroll, or offer you scratch cards that do not require a deposit. This way, you will have more money to bet, and therefore more chances to win. Take the time to carefully choose your online gaming establishment to ensure many winnings.

To guide you in this choice, we have reviewed the best establishments in the country. Go read our reviews to find the operator made for you!

8.2. Select the establishments offering you various types of games, so you will never get bored

The best scratch game sites are undoubtedly those offering a wide range of games. Unfortunately, not all interfaces meet this requirement... Many sites only offer their customers a handful of games with basic designs. Our advice: if you are a scratch card enthusiast, opt for platforms specialized in this type of entertainment.

However, it is often enjoyable to vary the pleasures by indulging in other games from time to time. To do this, we recommend going through a casino that offers scratch cards (in quantity) among other games. Once again, our reviews will be essential in helping you!

9. The Benefits - 3 Reasons Scratch Card Lovers Go Virtual

Gambling games are becoming popular on the internet, and scratch tickets are not immune to this phenomenon. Some elements that we have already mentioned partially explain this enthusiasm, but we also wanted to include other points in our special report. If you were not yet convinced 100% to play online, this section should finally persuade you to take the plunge...

9.1. A wider choice of tickets is offered to you online, and allows you to find the shoe that suits you.

One of the main advantages of playing online is the possibility to discover a multitude of scratch cards, those offered in kiosks being truly limited in terms of variety and number.

On the internet, scratch cards are listed thematically some are more intended for boys (police adventure, aviation, automobile, science fiction), others are clearly aimed at the female audience (fashion, makeup, travel, etc), and some specifically cater to casino games enthusiasts. Therefore, the best variety of scratch games can be found online.

9.2. You receive your winnings immediately and do not have to travel to collect your due

When you purchase a paper version of your ticket, you must first go to a tobacco shop. You then return home and realize that you have won money. You must then travel again to claim your winnings at the aforementioned store.

With online tickets: everything is instant, and therefore much simpler! You buy, scratch and receive the winnings straight away. If you also want to use them to acquire new scratch games, you can do so without having to wait. A valuable time and energy saver...

9.3. You receive higher payouts more frequently than when playing with paper tickets

You may not know it yet, but the most winning scratch games are found on the internet. Indeed, in order to be more competitive, casinos are jostling to offer a return rate to the player that is always more advantageous than the competitor.

La Française des Jeux, on the other hand, has a monopoly and therefore applies the distribution percentages that it wishes, without forgetting the significant cost of printing and distribution in commerce, which drastically reduces players' winnings.

10. Profiles - All kinds of players turn to scratch tickets: here are the typical profiles

To conclude this very serious topic, we wanted to end on a lighter note. So, we have observed scratch card users for some time and have identified different types of players. We present their profiles here, and challenge you to recognize yourself in one of these portraits!

  • ♣ The superstitious player

Grigris, Friday the 13th, four-leaf clovers... This superstitious person arms himself with all possible tools to gain an advantage and increase his chances of winning on scratch-off games. A fan of games themed around the zodiac or symbolizing a horseshoe, he will play on a Friday the 13th if he believes this day is favorable, or he will detest it and not spend a penny if he thinks it is the worst day of the year...

  • ♣ The compulsive gambler

Playing to win is the motto of this casino client. He seeks to achieve a win at any cost, and if possible, a big one, even if it means risking his entire bankroll. If he generates winnings, they will never be high enough for his taste, and he will not hesitate to constantly put them back into play. If you feel targeted, consider setting limits on your gambling sessions!

  • ♣ The strategic player

If you think this user relies on chance, think again... He has searched for hours for the most profitable casinos, spent days analyzing the different software options, and tirelessly compared the available games to identify the most lucrative ones. He scratches knowing perfectly the probabilities of generating a win on the ticket in question...

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