Pai Gow: tame this variant of poker with our advice

Poker Pai Gow

Pai Gow is the ideal alternative for players with knowledge of classic poker who want to discover a new variant. In this comprehensive section, you will find a clear definition of Pai Gow, as well as its rules, strategies, and tips for success. casino game in order to become a true champion!

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1. Origins – Discover how Pai Gow Poker has evolved through the ages and continents

Like all gambling games, Poker Pai Gow has a fascinating story to tell us. A story of a blending of cultures, a story of travel... Discover it in this paragraph with valuable information!

1.1 The appearance of Pai Gow in the form of a domino game: the entertainment that seduced the whole of China

poker pai gow

Pai Gow Poker is an ancient game that is said to have originated in China hundreds of years ago before making its way to online casinos. Etymologically, Pai Gow means "Obtain a nine" in Mandarin. In the past, Pai Gow was similar to dominos. Some even say that the game originally had a military significance: the dominos represented both combat units and civilian units.

Evolving slightly over the centuries, it will be in the 19th century - when it managed to enter the American continent - that it will experience drastic changes.

1.2 A revolution in the game of Pai Gow gave it the form you know it today

Imported by the early migrants who arrived from China to settle in the New World in search of a better life, this game of dominoes is beginning to attract larger and larger crowds. However, a problem arises: transporting entire crates of dominoes requires logistics.

The players then had a revolutionary idea: to turn the wooden rectangles into cards, copying the Pai Gow based on the poker game they were so familiar with. Pai Gow Poker was born, and soon after it spread to gambling establishments across the country - in the 1980s thanks to Sam Torosian - before achieving worldwide success...

By crossing dominoes and poker, Poker Pai Gow has established itself as a flagship casino game within North American society. Nowadays, Poker Pai Gow is primarily practiced online, with many online casinos offering it to users.

2. Rules – We offer a full zoom on the Pai Gow rules: your training starts now

If you want to win many prizes in Poker Pai Gow, you need to master the many Pai Gow rules. That is why we have provided you with a space entirely dedicated to the fundamental rules of this poker variant. We are confident that after reading it, this famous card game will have no more secrets for you!

2.1 A quick overview of the purpose of the game to whet your appetite and introduce you to this entertainment

In Poker Pai Gow, you compete directly against the dealer, not against other players at the table. To win the game in this exciting game, you must have better hands than the bank. The player begins by placing their bet on the table and both parties will receive seven cards each. The goal is to divide these cards into two hands: a strong hand and a weak hand.

A portion of Poker Pai Gow is played with a deck of 53 cards. Among these, you will find (in addition to the numbered cards, ace, king, queen, and jack) a Joker. Joker cards play a special role in Poker Pai Gow: they can be used to complete any kind of powerful combination such as straights, flushes, or royal flushes.

2.2 Let's observe together point by point how a game of Pai Gow unfolds on the tables

Starting a game of Pai Gow Poker involves the player first placing a bet. Once the player's wager is made, the dealer will then distribute 7 cards to each player at the table.

The players will then have to divide the cards they have received into 2 separate hands: one will be their strong hand and the other their weak hand. The strong hand will consist of 5 cards, while the weak hand will only have 2. In terms of numerical value, the strong hand will be significantly superior to the weak hand. The composition of the hands is based on the same principles as standard poker.

Once the players have looked at their cards, the dealer will ask them to place them face up in order to compare the different hand values. There are three possible outcomes in Pai Gow Poker:

  • If the value of the dealer's two hands turns out to be higher than the value of the player's two hands, then the player will lose the game.
  • In the opposite case, if the strong hand and the weak hand of the player at the table are higher than the hands possessed by the croupier, then this one will lose the game.
  • However, if the player and the dealer each win a hand, then they will end up in a tie and all money wagered will go to the player.

2.3 Now let's talk about the winnings and the house edge, in order to circumvent the tricks of the casinos

Normally, the percentage of your winnings that will go to the casino is around 5% in Pai Gow Poker.

However, gambling establishments have a second trick up their sleeve in order to win a better percentage and boost their profits. Indeed, some casinos have implemented a Pai Gow rule which allows the dealer to win in the case of a tie on two pairs. While tie situations on strong hands are extremely rare - considering the value of 5 cards - those on weak hands (composed of only 2 cards) are much more frequent. So be sure to properly inform yourself about the rules applied on the gambling website you have chosen...

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3. Variations – Spice up your games with the different Pai Gow variations on offer

Players enjoy enhancing their casino experience in order to avoid falling into monotony. This is why they often turn to variations of their favorite games. Here, you will find a selection of the most appreciated Pai Gow variations on the market. Discover them yourself to diversify the pleasure...

3.1 The Pai Gow Mania variant seduces players of all kinds: find out why in this paragraph

In the 2000s, different versions of Pai Gow appeared. The first of these to be created was the Pai Gow Mania.

In this variant, the dealer deals three cards. Players who have interesting combinations at this stage can turn their cards back and get a bonus win. The game then continues as usual.

3.2 Is Fortune Pai Gow aptly named? You will find the answer to this question in this paragraph

Here you can win up to 8000 times your original bet. How ? The dealer gives you the opportunity to place an additional bonus bet at the start of the game.

Regardless of how you separated your cards into high and low hand, you win this sum if your 7 cards form a winning combination.

3.3 Progressive Fortune Pai Gow: playing this game & winning the jackpot are no longer incompatible

On this addictive version, the game takes place just like on the normal mode of Pai Gow, with a zest of spice in addition...

When you get a Royal Flush + Pair combination, you win the progressive jackpot. Thousands of euros are therefore at stake if you defy the odds!

4. Strategies – To earn more, learn about each Pai Gow strategy and quickly become an expert

Do you want to become a perfect strategist in Poker Pai Gow? This section is made for you... We will offer you to discover our three foolproof Pai Gow strategies to make you an Ace in Poker Pai Gow and gather maximum winnings during your games. You already know: the most important thing is to win! will make you a true champion of Poker Pai Gow...

4.1 Strategy number 1: Know how to separate your hands wisely to beat the dealer


To start your Pai Gow Poker game off on the right foot, it is essential to navigate the first phase of the game with skill. As you already know, in addition to placing your initial bet to start the game, you will need to be extra careful when separating your two starting hands.

Remember that you will need to get to the essentials right from the start of the game, and for that, you will need to ensure: to analyze each card that will be dealt to you and to be able to separate them optimally. Remember, for example, that it is never good to separate a pair. It is better to place them in your weak hand to secure your back...

4.2 Strategy number 2: Have the possible outcomes in mind and also focus on the 2-card hand

There are 3 possible outcomes in Pai Gow Poker: either the player wins his bet, or there is a tie between the hands of the player and the banker, or the banker wins the bet.

Contrary to other poker variants, in Poker Pai Gow, we advise you to pay special attention to your 2-card hand. Indeed, this hand can be a significant insurance that will undoubtedly make the difference between winning half of your initial bet and losing the total amount of your bet.

4.3 Strategy number 3: For beginners, let software identify your combinations guide you

In order to allow you to have even more fun during your Pai Gow Poker games, we suggest that you opt for a Pai Gow strategy that consists of using a function that will identify for you the various possible combinations. You will then only need to make your choice.

As you gain skill, you can ditch this version for a normal online Pai Gow mode.

Indeed, thanks to this technique, you will quickly observe that it is almost impossible to lose large sums of money in record time during your Pai Gow Poker games.

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5. Golden Tips – Want to win every game played on Pai Gow online? follow the leader

You now know almost all the tricks of online Pai Gow. However, there are still a few small details we need to reveal to you in order to make you a pro in all circumstances. Here, you will find three tips that will help you perfect your style and win even more.

5.1 Master the jargon so as not to be impressed in land-based or online casinos

Traditional poker players may not need this, but a beginner in Pai Gow should definitely, at some point in their training, focus on the vocabulary used at the tables.

This is of course necessary in order to fully understand the different stages of a game, but also quite simply to feel more comfortable, and therefore more efficient.

5.2 Practice for free on demo game interfaces: that's good, we offer one

A beginner player is often resistant to the idea of diving into a game they are unfamiliar with, putting their money at risk. So be aware that there are free versions of Pai Gow available, which will allow you to practice without having to invest any money.

If you want to start practicing right away, check out our free games.

5.3 Do not neglect your weak hand in order to cover your back and avoid losing the bet

Pai Gow enthusiasts tend to focus their attention on the strong hand, but forming a weak hand in a well thought out way could save you from losing your bets.

So remember to keep a balance between these two hands, in order to ensure - if you do not manage to win - to limit your losses as much as possible.

6. The lucrative little extras – Our Pai Gow guide now gives you valuable tips

By consulting the internet, we have identified a number of Pai Gow questions that players ask. In order to answer them partially, we have created a section containing helpful tips that will be very useful to you. Read them here and then put them into practice right away...

6.1 Manage your budget so you don't lose your footing and panic in the event of a bad series

The basic rule for any self-respecting player is to set, before embarking on a gaming session, a limit to the sums to be committed.

This will prevent you from falling into the spiral of increasing your bets to recoup losses, which most of the time leads to dramatic results. Limiting your bets will allow you to stop playing in time and not succumb to panic.

6.2 Take regular breaks to ensure you maintain a high level of concentration

Nothing is worse than fatigue to condemn a gaming session, that had started off well, to a tragic end... In order to avoid making bad decisions, know when to stop playing at the first signs of weakness.

Eye fatigue, yawning... These manifestations are clear: it's time to take a break before returning with charged batteries!

7. Tournaments – Compete against dealers in ever-increasing sessions of Pai Gow Poker

Among the many promotions organized by casinos, tournaments are the most successful.

The operation is simple: you sign up and simply start playing the games included in the promotion. The more you win, the more points you generate. A ranking is then established and allows the top players to distribute the winnings among themselves.

However, be careful to carefully read the terms and conditions to ensure that you do not unnecessarily lose points. Indeed, some tournaments only take place during certain time slots. Others only include certain types of tables or bet levels. In short, it is better to take the time to gather information than to miss out on sometimes massive prizes...

8. Essentials – We answer all your Pai Gow questions & give essential information

When it's time to move from training to hands-on practice at a casino, choosing the right establishment remains a crucial step. We guide you through this process, providing you with quality advice that will help you choose the operator of your dreams.

8.1 Choose the interface offering different variants, to ensure entertaining sessions

We have seen earlier, dozens of different versions of Pai Gow exist, and many of them have been imported to the web. It is therefore essential to turn to a casino offering a wide range of variations.

If you start to saturate, or if you simply want to try to hit the jackpot on a game offering this option, you just have to switch from one table to another.

8.2 Opt for casinos offering the best gaming software: focus on providers

You know, not all casinos are equal. This is also true for game developers... Therefore, we strongly recommend that you turn to operators who offer on their platform software generated by the best providers.

Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming: the options are numerous, and some of them even offer your favorite game on live tables…

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9. Benefits – Between the Pai Gow Poker bonuses & the other benefits, you won't know where to turn

You now know that in many ways, Pai Gow can be much simpler than traditional Poker. However, it still offers many other advantages, especially if you choose to play it on online casinos instead of their land-based counterparts. See why...

9.1 Benefit from welcome bonuses to start your games with a bankroll boosted to the maximum

In a brick-and-mortar (or land-based) casino, offers are rare. On an online gaming site, however, Pai Gow Poker bonuses will be commonplace…

Many establishments indeed offer welcome offers to their users, complemented by regular promotions. Often, these can be used on Pai Gow: it would be a shame not to take advantage of them...

9.2 Pai Gow is often available on different types of platforms: PC, mobile & tablet

Casino fans sometimes hesitate to take the plunge because they think they have to play only from their PC. Non! Casinos have now caught up with the times and offer their customers access to their favorite entertainment from their mobile devices.

You will therefore be able to play directly from an impeccable Pai Gow app, wherever you are.

10. Profiles – We had fun drawing up the Pai Gow definition of the different types of players

Our Pai Gow guide now gives way to a bit of entertainment. In order to end on a humorous note, we have compiled for you a portrait of the different types of players you will encounter at the tables. Perhaps you will recognize yourself as well...

  • The pro player: although often arrogant, he could be of great help to you

    The Pay Gow definition of the professional player is simple: it is an individual often full of himself, certain to know everything about everything, and if necessary also about Poker...

    Don't let yourself be discouraged by his haughty demeanor and his perfect and limitless mastery of vocabulary mastered only by the cream of the crop of poker players: observing him and relying on his strategies could earn you big rewards...

  • The prudent player: he takes his time in all circumstances, to the chagrin of the other participants

    Do you hear the pro player sighing? This certainly comes from the fact that you have at your table a cautious player... For a good 3 minutes, he has been making his companions wait in order to be sure to make the right decision. He understands the concept of time limit very poorly. He takes his time, and this in all circumstances...

    Beginners will feel less threatened, but as you progress and master the game, this player profile will have you hives coming!

  • The lucky player: he does not know what he is doing, he does it anyway and wins the jackpot

    Have you heard of beginner's luck? This legend might be true...

    You have spent weeks learning the rules, testing strategies, practicing on free games: you now think you are ready and start playing for real money. At the table with you, a player has never heard of Pai Gow: he sits there, smiling, because there was a spot... He places his bet, without really seeming to know what he is doing: he hits the jackpot...

    Don't blame him too much, luck - for these individuals - tends to turn quickly!

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