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We invite you to read this page with the utmost attention. Indeed, you will find essential information regarding how your data is processed on our site In the event that this privacy policy could be modified (such as in the case of a change in legislation), we strongly recommend that you regularly review this section to ensure that you are aware of the latest available version. We will consider that, in the event that you choose to continue using the site, this would mean that you have become aware of the elements mentioned on this page and have approved our privacy policy.

Please also note that, throughout this article, the terms "we," "our," "us" will refer to the website, while the mentions of "Member(s)," "User(s)," "Player(s)" will pertain to our readers.

Who regulates the protection of personal data and who is the data manager?

The European Union has implemented a special regulation (No. 2016/679) called GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. Its purpose is to oversee the use and storage methods of data collected on the internet by websites. In the event of conflicts of interest, GDPR will be responsible for monitoring the case. It also designates as the data controller, thereby granting it the authority to choose which data will be used, for what purpose, and in what manner.

How and why do we collect information?


When a user accesses, we allow ourselves to collect and store a certain amount of information contained in cookies and other tags.

  • Some users will choose to knowingly provide us with their personal data, as part of subscribing to a Newsletter or submitting a claim for example (name, contact address...). These data may therefore be used for both administrative and promotional purposes. As we will see below, these data may also be subject to a deletion request from the reader.
  • In many cases, we collect your data in order to improve our interface. For example, we may keep a record of an error message you received in order to fix a functionality that is experiencing a technical issue.
  • The improvement of our site also depends on a better understanding of our readers' preferences. Thus, we trace the path taken by each user and observe which options have been most appreciated by them, in order to optimize them by identifying typical behaviors. This will also be useful in the development of more targeted commercial offerings.
  • We can also allow our readers to access certain features more quickly by storing data entered during a previous visit. They do not have to enter this information again, saving them precious time.
  • We will also be able to access the sites that have been visited before, during or after your browsing on our interface, thanks to the cookies contained on the IP.

Most of the above data will therefore be kept, and may, if necessary, be used in the context of a possible legal requirement.

Disclosure of information generally, as well as with third-party entities

  • Our website allows readers to leave comments on some of our pages. These will be public, meaning they will be accessible not only by our services, but also by other readers.
  • Also note that we use the services of Google Analytics - a company with which we have no affiliation – in order to better understand the origin of the traffic generated on our interface. During this process, we pay great attention to protecting your data, and ensure that our identity is not accessible when we need to provide information – particularly in the case of a technical incident. If you no longer wish for Google Analytics to use and share your data with us, we invite you to go directly to their tool and disable the data sharing setting.
  • On our website, you will find links to and options provided by external companies outside of our services. In order to identify the origin of your arrival on their site, we will use a technology called tracking. We may also occasionally exchange your data with these establishments in order to improve the quality of services. Rest assured, however, that these data are also subject to legal requirements in terms of privacy protection. Please note, however, that we cannot be held responsible for the actions taken by these establishments or the quality and accuracy of the information you provide to them.
  • The law may also sometimes require us to provide certain data to legal entities, in the context of legal procedures.
  • Finally, if our website were to be transferred to a new owner, they could have access to the database registered up to this day, while also being subject to laws aimed at protecting your personal information.

Let us also recall that it is unfortunately not possible to guarantee a perfect degree of security regarding data exchange. Although we have the greatest interest in keeping your data secure, we will not be held responsible for any technical incidents or malicious attempts to illegally obtain your information during a data transfer.

Data security and retention update

sécurité des données

You will have understood it, we will always do our best to ensure that your information remains confidential, for example by using data encryption software and any other physical, administrative or technical means at our disposal to prevent accidental or criminal leaks. However, please note that it is currently impossible for us to guarantee 100% that your data cannot be hacked. Therefore, we invite you to contact us if you notice any leaks, and we commit to doing the same if the situation is reversed (while also reporting the anomaly to the relevant authorities).

In order to avoid any incident as much as possible, we undertake to delete your data once we have finished using them, except of course in cases where legal requirements oblige us to retain them. and the protection of the privacy of minors

Our website offers services related to online gambling. This type of entertainment is strictly reserved for adults over 18 years old, and minors are not allowed to access it. If you happen to be a minor, we formally ask you to immediately abandon any use of our products and services.

In the event that a minor has navigated our site without authorization, it is possible that we may have recorded some of their data against our will. In such a case, simply request us to delete this information through our contact page. Upon receiving such a request, we will implement the necessary procedures to remove all traces of this browsing, to the extent that current technologies allow, but cannot guarantee a 100% deletion of the data.

Find out all about your rights and how to change your settings here

To find out more about your privacy rights, we invite you to contact us through our “Contact” section.

If you wish not to disclose certain information, please note that you will have the option to modify certain settings regarding the manner, duration, and type of data stored by our site. You will also be able to inform us of your desire to no longer receive our promotional emails. This unsubscribe process can also be performed directly from one of the emails received, and will take a maximum of 10 business days to be registered by our services. Please note that this will not prevent you from receiving non-promotional emails related to our interface.

Note also that you may ask us to delete your data. We will always do our best to comply with your request, but please note that this may not always be possible, for example for reasons:

  • technical: some data may no longer be accessible by our services, and we therefore cannot guarantee that it has been erased.
  • legal: for legal reasons, we may sometimes be forced to not be able to erase your data.

If you should wish to report a suspected violation of your rights, we invite you to contact the Data Protection Office.

How to contact us ? The answer here

To understand your rights in detail or to obtain any information on the elements mentioned in this section, you can contact us by clicking here.

The last update was made on May 25, 2018

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