Bank X Casino: Opinions and tips on this multiplayer mini game

In order to renew themselves, suppliers of Games They begin to create more and more mini-games. These games allow them to be more creative and bring something new to online casinos. Smartsoft Gaming has entered the race of mini-games and has revolutionized the world of iGaming with its game Crash Jet X. This title has gained great popularity among players on Cbet. The provider is now back with another title, Bank X, also known as VA Bank.

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Bank X or VA Bank Game Features

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To make the game interesting, Smartsoft Gaming has implemented some very specific characteristics at Bank X or VA Bank.

A multiplayer game

This feature is unheard of in online casinos! You will be able to challenge your friends in the game. Indeed, BankX offers fun duels for players who want new gaming challenges.

Players can win up to 5000 x their bet. An amount that is not negligible!


Players will have access to their game history. This way they will be able to access their stats and earnings on Bank X. Thanks to this feature, you can see whether you have won more or lost in your games. You can also change your playing strategy if the one you have used is not working well.

Ultra reliable encryption system

With all its years of experience, Smartsoft Gaming knows how important security is for all players. That is why they have implemented a data encryption system. This way, the game results will be hidden from any unauthorized access and players can enjoy their gaming experience without any worries. always random and no part can alter the results either.

There are game labs that test games, to check their reliability and fairness.

A game with high RTP

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With a 97% RTP , you can be sure to win winnings during your games. This redistribution rate means that 97% of the money that has been played on the game must be returned to the winning players. The Casino should only make 3% profit on this game.

In general, we advise to always choose a game with a high redistribution rate.

How to play at Bank X Casino?

The principle of this game, which can be played with several people, is to fill jars with coins so that they explode. The player who explodes his pot last wins all the winnings.

As soon as a player puts a coin in his jar, a 5 second counter gets started. This counter is actually a bomb that explodes if none of the other players put a coin in their pot. If it explodes, it's the last player to win . Participants must therefore remember to play quickly, if they do not want to automatically lose.

The unique concept of Banque X will be talked about. THE casino players can finally challenge each other on a title! We are certain that other entertainment providers will draw inspiration from Bank X for future titles in the same genre. Its aspects of interaction and competition will undoubtedly be unanimous in the industry.

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How does a game of Bank X of cbet work?

If we have already convinced you that Bank X or VA Bank was a game to test, here is the course of a game. You should know that the parts of Bank X are quite fast and that you don't need to have any special knowledge to be able to play it.

  • 🟣 Choose a casino
  • You have almost an infinite choice of online casinos. Now, you need to find a casino that is reliable and interesting. When you sign up for a new online casino, they offer you a welcome bonus. With this welcome bonus, you will have more funds to generate winnings with the game. Here is our selection of reliable casinos:

  • 🟣 Choose a bet
  • After choosing a casino, go to the game to start playing. There is 3 different rooms that players can play with.

    • πŸ’Έ Small coin: $0.50
    • πŸ’Έ Medium piece: 2 $
    • πŸ’Έ Large room: $5

    Unlike most casino games, Bank X lets you the possibility of changing the bet in the middle of the game . Players can go from a $5 bet to $0.50 for the next coin.

    The winnings will of course not be the same for all bets. The higher your bet, the greater your potential winnings.

  • 🟣 Play before the explosion
  • As explained previously, each time a player puts a coin in his pot, a counter is triggered and leaves 5 seconds for the next player to put a coin . Players will be able to see this bomb-shaped meter on their screen.

    If the bomb explodes, the last player to put in a coin will win all the winnings. So remember to play well before the end of the counter because otherwise you will lose.

  • 🟣 Earn on Bank X
  • One way to win has been explained in the previous paragraph, but players can also win in other ways. Considering that the goal of the game is to explode your jar before the others, your chances of this happening increase every time you add a coin. The higher the bet on each coin, the higher the jackpots to be won.

Bonuses offered for playing Bank X cbet

Many casinos will give you a welcome bonus when you sign up so you can experience the gaming site best. For report here are the 3 welcome bonuses that we recommend for playing Bank X:

Thereafter, players will still be able to take advantage of other types of casino bonuses, such as:

Tips for Winning at Bank X Casino

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Always winning on games of chance is always something complex. Indeed, on the Bank X game you cannot predict when the jar will explode (unless a player is not playing). However, there are some tips we can give you.

The fact that it's a multiplayer game is a bit of a game-changer compared to other titles. There is not a strategy that has been approved by the players but it is advisable to adapt to the game of his opponents Only placing large bets when your opponents place only small ones will certainly not be the best strategy. Because if another player's jar explodes before yours, you will have lost more money than the others.

During some games, you may find yourself facing players who chain the coins and others who very rarely deposit coins .

How to withdraw your winnings on Bank X?

When a player wins on Bank X or VA Bank, his winnings are automatically credited on his player account. Everything is automated and the money usually ends up instantly in your account. There may be a few lags at times but don't worry, your money is on the way.

Afterwards to remove it from your player account, the procedures will vary from casino to casino. Usually the casino will ask you to verify your account with identification documents as :

  • πŸ‘€ A copy of your ID
  • πŸ’³ A copy of your bank card with which the first deposit was made
  • πŸ“„ Proof of address (water factor, electricity, mobile, etc.)

As soon as the documents are validated, the players will be able to make a withdrawal request with the desired payment method and the desired amount. Once the withdrawal has been validated, the transaction time will depend on the payment solution selected.

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