AquaRings: Our Opinion and Test of the Mystake Mini Game

graphisme attrayant. Le but du jeu est de faire correspondre les anneaux de différentes couleurs en les faisant tourner pour créer des alignements. Plusieurs niveaux de difficulté sont disponibles, ce qui permet aux joueurs de progresser et de relever des défis de plus en plus stimulants. Les mini-jeux comme AquaRings offrent une pause agréable aux joueurs de casino en ligne et leur permettent de profiter d'une expérience ludique et immersive tout en ayant la possibilité de gagner des récompenses intéressantes. Very high RTP of 99% projet est de créer un nouveau site web pour notre entreprise. Nous voulons améliorer notre présence en ligne et rendre notre activité plus accessible aux clients potentiels. Nous voulons fournir des informations détaillées sur nos produits et services, ainsi que des exemples de nos travaux précédents. Nous voulons également intégrer une fonctionnalité de chat en direct pour permettre aux clients de poser des questions et de recevoir une assistance en temps réel. Enfin, nous souhaitons optimiser le site pour les moteurs de recherche afin d'augmenter notre visibilité en ligne. Nous espérons que ce nouveau site nous aidera à attirer de nouveaux clients et à développer notre entreprise. casino game The goal is to successfully put the rings on the poles. The higher the number of matching rings, the higher the chances of winning!

Minimum bet 1 $
Max bet 1 000 $
volatility weak
Max gain 10 000 $

Play AquaRings in demo version

Exciting game, AquaRings is an innovative concept for casino games, but it brings back memories for many players. For hesitant individuals, or those who don't understand the gameplay, they can connect to the MyStake casino and try the free mode.

The free version will allow you to test the game and how it works. To play for free, just click on " Launch AquaRings and play for free ».

Bonuses offered at AquaRings Casino

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As for the bonuses offered on the AquaRings game, they are of various orders. Indeed, you first benefit from a 100% up to $1,000 MyStake casino sign-up bonus and which is applicable to all mini games, including AquaRings. The minimum deposit to take advantage of this bonus is 20 euros. Furthermore, for those players who prefer to use cryptocurrency, they benefit from a additional bonus of 170% up to 600 euros .

Moreover, you can get a promo code for the game Aquarings! This code will allow you to win up to 10 free bets on the game Aquarings. To get this promo code, you just need to register on Mystake and claim it.

All about AquaRings the mini casino game

Aquarings is an exciting mini-game of chance that has everything to please you. This game allows you to search for treasures buried in the debris of the ocean and fill your pockets. In this section, we will enlighten you on the unique features of this UpGaming game.

The casino mini-game developed by UpGaming

Created by UpGaming which is a provider specializing in online games, the AquaRings casino mini-games are inspired by games such as horseshoe throw or even the ring toss on board . Above all, Mystake's Aquarings game is the perfect replica of the Waterplay 90s handheld game . UpGaming has chosen to immerse players in the aquatic world, with a sober decor.

meilleure technologie disponible sur le marché afin de garantir des performances optimales et une jouabilité fluide. Les jeux UpGaming sont appréciés par les joueurs du monde entier grâce à leur gameplay captivant et à leur scénario bien développé. Que ce soit pour des jeux de combat, d'aventure, de stratégie ou de simulation, UpGaming propose une large gamme de titres adaptés à tous les types de joueurs. En outre, le fournisseur de jeux offre également un excellent service après-vente pour répondre aux besoins des joueurs et les aider en cas de problème. UpGaming continue d'innover et de développer de nouveaux jeux passionnants pour satisfaire sa base de joueurs fidèles et attirer de nouveaux adeptes dans l'univers de l'eGaming. Provably Fair technology , which guarantees transparency and fairness of the games.

An easy and intuitive casino game

The rules of the game of the new mini-game Aqua Rings are as simple as in childhood. Players just have to make a hoop with the rings and place them on one of the 5 glow sticks Each of the posts has its own multiplier, making the gameplay process even more engaging. AquaRings also features a functionality that has never been experimented with in mini-games before. In case you manage to complete the poles 10 times , you unlock the bonus! Once you enter the bonus round, you get 10 free spins to accumulate as much money as possible and why not win the jackpot.

How to play the AquaRings mini-game?

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Just like in the handheld game Aqua Rings, this Upgaming mini-game has 5 poles multiplicateurs vont de 2x à 10x, ce qui signifie que votre pari peut être multiplié par n'importe quel nombre entre 2 et 10, en fonction du poteau dans lequel vous entrez l'anneau. multipliers vary between 1.5x and 20x The minimum bet is 1 $and the maximum bet is 1 000 $For a maximum win on this slot machine of $10,000 .

Clicking on " to bet " Or " bet ", you randomly shoot between 1 and 5 rings underwater. Animated by water bubble effects, the ring is projected towards the top of the screen and begins to fall slowly towards a pole. If the ring misses all the poles, you lose your bet. However, if the ring hits one or more pole(s), you win the designated multiplier(s)."

Finally, you may win a bonus round by collecting 10 gold rings.

Aqua Rings Casino Game Features

AquaRings is a practical mini-game with useful and profitable features. In this part, we will present the various settings available in the game, the different game modes as well as the bonuses offered by the game.

Set up the game

To play the Aquarings game, it is very advisable to make a few settings beforehand in order to make your life easier. You can configure the following aspects:

  • ⚡ The bet : you have the possibility to define the minimum and maximum bets for your game
  • ⚡ The level of risk : it is important to define the level of risk because it is this which determines the different coefficients of gains
  • ⚡ The number of rings : the choice of the number of rings is also important because it allows to cap the minimum bet among other things
  • ⚡ game mode the choice of game mode is just as important. You can decide to let the computer play for you through the "Autobet" mode or you can decide to take control and play every move as you please.

The game settings option is important as you will be required to make some adjustments at any time, such as changing your bet or choosing the number of rings.

Choose mini-game mode

The Aquarings game allows you to play with two main game modes: the regular mode and the Automatic mode . By choosing to play with the normal mode, you are the master of your game and you can make all the modifications you want before starting the game.

As for the automatic mode or "auto-bet", it is a feature found in most mini-games. It makes the game easier for you and saves you from having to click the button all the time to start the game. To activate the automatic mode, you must click on the “Auto Play” button and make all the adjustments. Once this step is complete, the computer takes care of the rest and the rings will burst out relentlessly. However, you can disable it at any time, especially if you notice that you are losing a lot.

Bonus part

The maximum number of rings that each pole can hold is 5. If you manage to fill any pole with 5 rings, you will earn an additional ring on a bonus progress bar located at the bottom of the screen. By earning 10 bonus rings you enter the bonus round ! The 10 special bonus rings will have a randomly designated multiplayer and the betting amount of each will be the arithmetic average of the total bets before entering the bonus round.

The bonus rings will drop onto golden poles and you will receive a message with the total bonus winnings. The winnings will be automatically added to your account balance. Game data is saved on your account, meaning you don't have to restart the process if you run out of funds. You can even continue progressing the bonus pole the next day!

The live chat

During your games, the Aqua Rings game provider has developed the option of live online chat, which allows different players to interact. You can thus discuss your different gaming experiences or give and receive advice from other players.

Play for free at Aqua Rings Casino

It is possible to play the game Aquarings for free directly on this page. The mini game from MyStake does not need to be downloaded in order to be played. Trying the free version of the game allows you to improve your gaming techniques and, most importantly, better understand the basic principles. Moreover, the free mode of this game gives you the opportunity to win money through bonus rounds that are granted to you when you manage to gather 10 rings on the same pole.

How to win on the AquaRings casino mini-game?

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As AquaRings is a casual game, there isn't really any strategies to always win. However, it is possible to minimize the risk of loss by modifying the game settings and quitting the game at the right time. By opting for a safety-based strategy, you may obtain some winnings, but they will not be very high.

Furthermore, it would also be advantageous for you to select number of rings to 5 because it gives you more chances to enter the bonus round faster! The bonus round earning a lot, it is better to rush on it!

Try the different risks

When you play the Aqua Rings casino game, there are 3 levels of risk from which you can choose, in particular Low, Medium and High . However, we found during our test of the game that the Low level offers a higher gain frequency than the High level Naturally, by playing at a low level, you have regular wins with low multipliers, but by opting for the high level, the multipliers are higher, but your chances of winning are consequently lower.

It is therefore recommended for this game to alternate between the different levels of play in order to find a balance to increase your chances of winning .

Play with as many rings as possible

When playing AquaRings, it is recommended to play with the maximum number of rings, which is 5. While it is true that the more rings you have, the less their value decreases, it is equally true that a high number of rings increases your chances of hooking a pole. However, it is important to know that the minimum bet when choosing to play with 5 rings is 1 euro. In case your budget is limited, we suggest playing with 2 or 3 rings for a lower minimum bet.

Manage your Bankroll

As a casino player, it is important to keep in mind that managing your bankroll is crucial. Indeed, casino gambling is not a sprint, so it is advisable to frequently step away from the game and engage in other activities, especially when experiencing consecutive losses. That being said, it is therefore necessary avoid using automatic mode Because you have no control anymore and risk losing a lot. Good financial management would require you to play responsibly.

Play the mobile version of AquaRings Mystake

Aquarings is a casino game available on MyStake. This casino has a mobile version not downloadable compatible with all mobile devices, Android and iOS. Like all games offered by this casino, AquaRings is therefore available on your smartphones and perfectly adapts to the phone screen. Its responsive and intuitive interface allows you to play without difficulties. No need for a mobile application.

Our opinion on AquaRings

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To conclude, we can say that Aquarings is an exciting game with interesting features. It has a high RTP (99%), making it a game with great potential for winnings for players. Furthermore, the 3 levels of difficulty allow bettors to benefit from advantageous coefficient rates. earnings up to x20.

Moreover, it is a game that offers bonuses and promotions during gameplay, including extra turns thanks to the gold rings. We enjoyed this game and invite you to give it a try as well.

FAQ: All about AquaRings

❇️ What is the RTP of the Aqua Rings casino game?

Aquarings is a game with a very generous payout rate. It stands at 99%.

❇️ How to play Aqua Rings Casino from your mobile?

To play Aquarings from your smartphone, simply launch the game from your web browser. It perfectly adjusts to the phone's screen. Its responsive and intuitive interface allows you to play without difficulties. No need for a mobile application

❇️ What is the maximum amount to be won on the AquaRings mini-game?

When you play the AquaRings game on MyStake, you have the chance to win up to $10,000 in a single game.

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