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Jeux Mines casino

Fans of the iconic Minesweeper game will no doubt love the Mines casino game . In fact, he is one of those Online casino games published by Scribe which are on the rise. Discover our opinion!

👉 Minimum bet 10 euro cents
☝ Maximum bet 100 euros
🔎RTP 97%
✨ Volatility Mean
300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins

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How does the casino mining game created by Scribe work?

jeux de mines screenshot

This Online casino game created by the publisher Spribe is engaging and its gameplay is intuitive. Players often compare it to the game of Minesweeper. So, it is a real Minesweeper casino that awaits you! Don't they say that the simplest casino games are often the best? Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner when it comes to slot games, you can have fun while winning money on the platform. casino games Each square of the grid hides an element: a mine or a star.

Once the amount of the deposit has been chosen, the player must then reveal as many stars as possible to increase his kitty on this telegram mine game However, if he comes across a mine, the game ends and the accumulated winnings are lost. For each game, the user organizes and selects the number of mines that will act as obstacles. His audacity and ability to predict the game of mines will be rewarded in the end. mining games if he manages to thwart the many hidden mines and reveal the hidden stars.

Casinozer is the best casino to play the Mines casino game: review

As experts in online casinos, we know how to spot the quality ones. Casinoozer is one of the best casino media available to players who want to combine gaming pleasure and security.

Our opinion will therefore be quite clear about it: this site is reliable and the Mines casino game is available for free on it. There is no problem with the collection of winnings, the money is paid quickly to the player. Casinoozer is also a casino that knows how to pamper new registrants and offers them welcome offers.

For example, they can choose a bonus that concerns their first deposit (up to 1500$ and 100 free spins) or a compensatory bonus worth 50 euros that is received after a losing sports bet. Other bonuses are to be received based on the players' activity! Finally, casinozer support is easily reachable live in case of any issues on the casino platform, whether it be by phone or chat. You can play at. Casinozer Mines without worrying about the rest!

The course of a mine online casino game

Here is how your game of mines will go.

Customize casino game settings Mines casino

jeux de mines screenshot

Before launching a game of mining casino , the player has the possibility of adjusting the parameters to complicate the game. Automatically, the grid and its 25 squares provide for the random arrangement of 3 mines and 22 stars.

The user can also choose his starting bet, without exceeding 100 euros on a casino mining game . However, he must know that the more mines he has on his grid, the more chance he will have of increasing his winnings and bonuses when he reveals a star.

Start your games of mines on a casino

démarrer le jeu

Once the player has made all the necessary settings on the left of his screen, he can finally start his game on the silver mining game . If it is the first time that he plays the casino mines game and he does not yet know how to do it, the computer can generate an automatic game.

He just needs to press the "bet" button to start the game. Then, the user must click on the boxes that inspire him, crossing his fingers for stars to appear. If he reveals a box that was hiding a mine, the casino game is over.

Collect winnings on Mines casino games very easily

The game editor Scribe has thought of casino game enthusiasts and gives them the possibility of withdrawing their winnings at any time during the game, just like on PlinkoCasino . It is also strongly advised not to wait to reveal all the stars to receive your money on online mining games.

At the slightest mistake, the outcome could be fatal. So, before blowing up the grid due to a bomb, you have to press the "cashout" button to retrieve the winnings and bonuses from the mines games. The game ends and if the player wants to try their luck again, they just have to launch another casino game.

Moreover, you will also be able to see the sums that other players earn in real time:

Play free mining games

Here is a beautiful games mines casino trick to know in order to practice without spending anything: it is entirely possible to play for free on this type of game. To do this, you can start the demo mode, available on all online casinos that offer this game.

You just have to know that you won't win any real winnings if you play mining games free . However, this will allow you to discover the game and refine your strategy.

Is Silver Mines a reliable casino game?

jeux de mines screenshot

Can you really earn winnings by participating in online casino games like mines? THE money bomb games are they really reliable?

To promote the reliability of concepts developed by publishers such as Spribe, the Provably-fair gaming system has been implemented. This is a groundbreaking technological innovation for casinos, which verifies that a casino game in which a player participates is not rigged.

Previously, players could manually check their results after a session at the casino . But it takes time!

From now on, it is an additional assurance given to online players, as physical casinos do not offer the ability to verify the reliability of a game. Thus, the operation of this anti-cheating system is based on encrypted values (it converts data into characters called hashes).

This chain of data cannot be broken and the casino games are devoid of any modification of the values ​​by the machine. Gamers will then be happy to learn that the Mines casino game benefits from this reliability. They can safely launch one or more games and enjoy the challenge that is offered to them. The winnings and bonuses accumulated at the end of a session on the Mines Casino games will be earned in a fair and just manner.

The advantages and disadvantages of the online casino game Mines

If you want a money mining game reviews , it is towards the table below that you will have to turn.

Benefits Disadvantages
  • ♦ Very easy to use casino game.
  • ♦ Very interesting RTP: 97%
  • ♦ Game available on all digital media (smartphone or computer).
  • ♦ Interactive game (chat to exchange with other people).
  • ♦ Casinozer mines game not suitable for large cash bets (maximum amount of 100 euros).
  • ♦ Little evolution. The parts follow one another and look alike, even if we leave it to chance.

Everything you need to know about the online casino game publisher Scribe

sachant Spribe

The company behind the Casinozer mines online casino game is none other than Scribe Games , based in Eastern Europe. It is recent as it was created in 2019, but it has quickly made a name for itself in the world of online casino games. The secret to its popularity? Thanks to its experience, Spribe has managed to refresh this industry, sometimes victim of its own image.

Scribe notably had the idea of ​​adapting classic games that many people know into online casino game mode that allows you to win money or bitcoin. THE game mines casinozer is the perfect example, since it is itself inspired by the famous Minesweeper. Who would have thought it would be transformed into casino mining games?

Its notoriety continues to grow thanks to the certification of its creations: the encrypted technology "Probably Fair" reassures people who would like to be tempted by online gambling.

From Casino Games who have made the reputation of spribe, we can cite Airman , the multiplayer strategy game that challenges the player to place their bet before the plane takes off. It also brings up to date games such as Keno, Dice or Backgammon.

What are the other most popular casino mining games?

Here are the 3 casino games in the same style as Mines by Stribe which caught our attention.

Minefield mine game (Evoplay)

There are no stars in this casino version of Minesweeper revisited by Evoplay. The player must cross the grid from left to right trying to avoid the mines. THE casino mining games is characterized by green buttons and red flags and is only played on Cbet casino platforms and Harlequin Casino .

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 12 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 240 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return to player rate varies between 95.83% and 96.26%;
  • ✨Volatility: low.

The game of casino mines (Stake)

THE mine casino game by Stake has notably been talked about recently, since two streamers called Kefun and Teufeurs have managed the feat of winning a prize amounting to more than 200,000 euros.

The deposit was only 4 cents for this mining game ! Here the winning symbols are diamonds and the enemies remain the mines.

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 200 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate varies between 95.5% and 99%;
  • ✨ Volatility: medium.

Chicken Mine Game (Mystake)

It is a fairly recent mini casino game since this money game mining coup de poulet, il perd tous ses gains et doit recommencer depuis le début. Des bonus sont également disponibles pour augmenter les chances de gagner. Avec de superbes graphismes et une jouabilité addictive, Chicken Casino est un succès auprès des joueurs du monde entier. Tentez votre chance dès maintenant et voyez si vous pouvez gagner gros ! chicken , he can continue moving forward, but if the bell lifts and reveals a bone, the minesweeper round ends.

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 20 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 1000 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 99%;
  • ✨ Volatility: high.

Coin Miner from Gaming Corps

Coin Miner is a new mini game Having made its appearance in 2022, you have probably already heard of this game mines argent telegram. It is a classic minesweeper game where you will need to avoid bombs in order to win maximum earnings. If you want our casino mines games review, we recommend coin miner Or Lucky O'Miner to all players in search of simplicity.

You can also test the brand new game from this publisher Mining Madness based on the same principle.

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 20 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 200 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 97%;
  • ✨ Volatility: high.

Scribe's Goal Casino game

Goal Casino Game is a new minesweeper game with the original football theme. Here, you will have to advance the soccer ball as far as possible on the field while avoiding the bombs. The closer you get to the other side of the field, the higher your potential winnings will be on Game Goal Un mini jámbon est cuit lentement pour créer une texture tendre et juteuse. C'est une délicieuse collation pour tous les moments de la journée. Sa taille compacte en fait un choix pratique pour les pique-niques et les repas sur le pouce. Dégustez ce mini-jambon seul ou ajoutez-le à des sandwichs, des salades ou des plats cuisinés pour un goût savoureux. Offrez-vous un mini-jambon et savourez le plaisir de sa saveur délicieuse. mining game online filled with intense sensations!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 100 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 97.10%;
  • ✨ Volatility: high.

Icefield Mystake

Discover this original mini mining game articulated around the theme of ice and a Yeti who happens to be the main character. You will need to Icefield Mystake , make this last one go as far as possible on a course filled with traps. In case the Yeti breaks the ice and falls, you will lose your entire bet. The game's graphics and soundtracks greatly contribute to immersing the player in a chilling universe where suspense will be the order of the day!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 1,000 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 97%;
  • ✨ Volatility: high.

The dog game

"Edited by InHouse games, the dog game will allow you to find a colorful and playful universe where you will have to discover as many dogs as possible to win rewards. Be careful of the dog bowls, they will make you lose your bets. You can read our review on ." The dog game to get the opinion of our experts as well as tips to maximize your chances!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 100 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 95-99%;
  • ✨ Volatility: high.


Edited by Turbo Gaming, Towers is extremely popular with a simple gameplay and interface. The goal? Build the tallest tower possible while avoiding the trapped tiles! You can find our review on [link]. Towers to get the opinion of our experts as well as tips to maximize your chances!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 100 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 97-99%;
  • ✨ Volatility: high.

Fury Stairs

The mini-game Fury Stairs is a new version of the famous video game Lod Runner. It takes us back to the 90s with a simple but perfectly functioning design. The game character, a mini robot that takes the form of a game boy, must climb the stairs using a ladder without falling into flames. Fury Stairs is a game where the player can decide the level of difficulty. So, what are you waiting for to test it out!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 100 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 97%;
  • ✨ Volatility: medium.


Do you love war games? You will love Bayraktar! This new minefield mini-game launched in April 2022 by Turbo Games, which is starting to make a name for itself in the field, offers an innovative theme! The goal? Kill as many enemies as possible by reaching the targets that will increase your multipliers. You can check out our review on… Bayraktar to get the opinion of our experts!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.10 cents;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 100 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 95%;
  • ✨ Volatility: medium.

Aztec Gold Mines

Game provider iSoftBet is back with a terrific new game! THE Aztec Gold Mines makes you travel in the past, at the time of the Aztecs of Mexico. Earn gold without being caught by the treasure keeper.

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 1 euro;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 300 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 96% to 98.88%;
  • ✨ Volatility: variable.

Teleport Mystake

You will find an exclusive mining game Teleport Mystake On the online casino Mystake. You will need to help the mad scientist teleport into the right portals while avoiding the red zones that would lead the mathematician into oblivion.

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.1 euro;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 1,000 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 99%;
  • ✨ Volatility: low.

Save the Princess Turbo Games

Discover a new kind of mini-game directly inspired by the retro Mario Bros game: Save the Princess™ from Turbo Games! Your mission will be to save the princess while avoiding the many enemies on your way. You will win prizes with each successful stage!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.1 euro;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 100 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 95%;
  • ✨ Volatility: medium.

Armada Mystake

Mystake does not stop on such a good path and allows you to discover a new universe, that of Armada Mystake™ . The aim of the game? Sink as many boats as possible!

  • 👇 Minimum bet: 0.1 euro;
  • ☝ Maximum bet: 1,000 euros;
  • 💥 RTP: the return rate is 99%;
  • ✨ Volatility: medium.

Mines Casino FAQs

✔ Do you have to find all the stars to collect the money in this mining game?

No, it is not necessary to find all the stars present on the grid to win the accumulated winnings, even if a certain number has been determined beforehand. Thus, the player can cash in their amount of money at any time during the minesweeper game.

✔ Is this casino game accessible to beginners of online casino games?

The mining game has been designed to allow anyone who wishes to test this casino game . In our opinion, the gameplay is simple, intuitive, enjoyable and it is available online for free.

Beginners to casino games can practice with the demo before betting their money like the regulars. They gain confidence and feel reassured.

✔ Is there a casino mining tip to win?

Unfortunately, this remains a game of chance and there is no tip gambling casino mines which could allow you to win the game for sure. We advise you to always be cautious when betting real money as there are always risks, just like in a poker or roulette game. Mines casino games are no exception to the rule!

✔ What about online casino mining games?

If you want our game mines casino reviews This is absolutely the type of game you must try if you don't want to bother with overly complicated rules and just want to play quick, hassle-free matches.

✔ Does the mining game offer bonuses/free?

Some casino slot machines offer bonuses and free spins after several rounds or upon the player's registration. Casinozer aims to be generous towards gamers who create an account on their casino platform and allows them to earn bonus money by playing casino games such as... mines .

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