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Perfect Pairs Blackjack is one of the variations of black jack that many players love. It is played almost exactly the same way as a classic blackjack game, but with a big difference that can change everything . Thanks to this article, we will do everything to help you become a pro at this game, so don't miss a beat!

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How Perfect Pairs Blackjack works

Fonctionnement du Perfect Pairs Blackjack

First of all, you should know that the general operation of Blackjack Perfect Pairs is really the same as that of classic blackjack, that is to say that the main goal is always to get a score of 21 Or at least get as close as possible.

On the other hand, this time you will have the possibility of adding a extra bet . This bet is independent of the bet you placed on the "standard" part of blackjack, because it is played this time according to the type of cards you have received.

Course of a game

vous trouviez une paire de cartes identiques parmi celles qui vous sont distribuées. Si vous réussissez, vous pourrez prétendre à des paiements supplémentaires selon le type de paire que vous aurez obtenue. Par exemple, une paire de cartes de même couleur mais de valeurs différentes peut vous rapporter un gain, tout comme une paire de cartes de même valeur mais de couleurs différentes. Plus la combinaison de la paire est rare, plus le paiement sera élevé. Cela ajoute un élément de suspense et de stratégie supplémentaire à votre expérience de jeu de blackjack. the player makes a pair , and the payment is based here on the quality of your pair.

  • ❇️ The dealer begins by dealing one card each, then a second. One of his 2 cards remains face down.
  • ❇️ If it's a pair, whether it's same value , or of same colour , then you are a winner. For example, if you get a 5 of hearts and a 5 of clubs, or a 3 of hearts and a 9 of hearts, then your bet will win.
  • ❇️ Whether you win or lose this bet, the blackjack game continues . You can claim an extra card or not to try to get as close to 21 as possible and thus beat the house.

Where can you play Black Jack Perfect Pairs?

EvolutionGaming , The leader in live games for years, offers this option on some of its blackjack games, such as Freebet Blackjack™ or Power Blackjack™. Since casinos that offer access to live entertainment often have partnerships with Evolution, you should find these games on many gambling sites.

Supplier RealTime Gaming also offers Perfect Pair Blackjack games, such as Blackjack + Perfect Pairs™. This game is available on several online casinos , as the Riviera Casino or Majestic Slots .

Do not hesitate to read a casino review in order to find out if any of these casinos interest you. Play on these gambling sites in demo mode in order to discover this type of entertainment with fake money before diving into real money.

Other online casinos offer these types of bets, but note that many offer classic blackjack, on which it is possible to make side bets , such as the Perfect Pair, so be sure to read the rules of each game before placing bets, to be sure that it is possible to place a Perfect Pair bet.

The difference with classic blackjack and this variant

You win the main bet by winning blackjack in the usual way, but you win the perfect pairs bet by getting a pair . So the main difference is here. The perfect Pair is actually what is called a "side bet" or "secondary bet" in English, just like doubling your bet, for example.

As we explained above, your possible gain will depend on the quality of your pair (if you benefit from a pair, of course).

You will find in the following table, the different types of possible hands as well as their payout ratios:

The different hands Pair Payment
2 cards of the same value, but different suits (4 of ♣️ and 4 of ♦️ ) Mixed pair 6:1
2 cards of the same suit but different value (Ace of ♠️ and 6 of ♠️) color pair 12:1
2 cards of the same suit and the same value (two 9s of ♥️ ) Perfect pair 25:1

Our opinion on Perfect Pairs Blackjack

We find the idea of adding an additional bet like Black jack Perfect Pair very good, especially for blackjack players who are very comfortable with the standard game of 21. This extra bet increases the level of entertainment and excitement for the player, even though there is no strategy to be had as the main game is played separately. it's all about luck Like all bets, it is a risk to take, but one that can turn into an advantage.

Don't hesitate to play free games during your first session, and don't forget that once you register at a casino, you can win bonuses (such as free spins) to play blackjack. The Table games are present on almost all gaming sites and they all have their own specificities, such as minimum bets, bonuses, etc.

You now have all the cards in hand! That luck be with you !

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