How to play Blackjack? The rules of the game of Blackjack to learn

Règles black jack

THE black jack Blackjack is a highly interesting traditional gambling game that is played around a table and is currently all the rage in land-based casinos in Las Vegas and online casinos. To help you improve and learn how to play blackjack online, we will provide you with all the information about the world of blackjack. blackjack rule chapitre les principales caractéristiques de notre modèle. special guide each of the blackjack rules which you will need to improve yourself and for the smooth running of a game of blackjack.

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Know the Object of the Game in Blackjack

connaître le but du jeu au blackjack

If you also want to try the black jack 21 , there is a set of blackjack rules that you need to know first. Let's start first with the object of the game and the blackjack basic rule In world. This one is pretty simple to understand, you'll see.

First thing to know when you join a blackjack table: you play against the bank and not against each other, like in poker, so it is important to know the blackjack rule bank . The objective of the player is simple, it is necessary that the sum of your cards is closest to 21 . On the other hand, 21 must never be exceeded, it would mean the defeat of the player.

The croupier or dealer deals the cards. He gives you two face-up cards, and deals himself a first face-up card and a second completely hidden card. From there, the game begins and you will have to make crucial decisions...

Understand the rules of blackjack and its elements

So, if you want to play at the casino and get started on this game with guaranteed thrills, we advise you first to understand how to play blackjack by mastering the different elements and helping you to blackjack rule video . This will help you win your games!

Blackjack card values

In blackjack, the value of the cards is very important as it determines your actions and the strategy you follow during your gambling sessions. It is therefore essential for you to know them by heart in order to place bets. We can classify them into three categories:

  • Cards numbered between 2 and 10 = value on the card;
  • The figures (king, queen, black or red jack) = 10 points;
  • Aces are equal to 1 or 11 points depending on the player's choice.

Never forget this valuation because it will be useful to you, you will have understood it, during your game.

blackjack game table

We often tend to neglect the gaming table, yet it plays a key role during your games. Indeed, some strategies even come to say that some places are to be avoided . You should also know that 7 players can be present on the classic tables.

The distribution of cards always works in the following way: the first player to the left of the dealer will have the advantage of the first card. The player furthest to the right will be the last to receive their cards.

The tables also determine the limits that can be bet Thus, if you are beginners, we advise you to choose small tables with lower limits. Note that there are VIP tables where the limits exceed hundreds of euros.

Chips for betting

As with all table games, chips are used to place bets. They take the place of real money. Depending on the chosen table, the chips can have a different value. This is important information to know before starting the game.

To make your life easier, the tokens have different colors. This allows you to spot the best and avoid betting errors. Furthermore, the token value is usually displayed on them.

There are still official values, which are generally respected (especially on Live tables):

  • White : either $0.50 or $1;
  • red : 5 $ ;
  • blue : 10 $ ;
  • Green : 25 $ ;
  • Black : 100 $.

To place your bets at the gaming tables, it will of course be possible to choose several tokens, of the same blackjack card value or different values.

The croupier and his role

le croupier

As in roulette, the croupier obviously plays a crucial role in games of blackjack simple rule since it is he who sets the pace of the game. As you may have guessed, the croupiers play the bank role and they are also in charge of the shoe . The sabot,, represents 6 decks of cards. It is therefore the croupier who distributes the blackjack number of cards and who gives the winnings, in the form of tokens.

During the game, the dealer generally has a rule of not drawing new cards if they reach a sum of 17. So, if their two initial cards are an Ace and a 7, the dealer is ordered to stop there. However, if they get a 6 and a King, they will be obliged to draw a card.

THE blackjack dealer rules is therefore both the one who distributes the cards and the one who plays as a player might. You must therefore be very attentive to the croupier's hand because it could well determine the sequence of events…

Master the rules of blackjack and the different possible hands

According to the basic blackjack rule chart, there are different types of hands. Depending on the one obtained, your actions and your strategy will be totally different.

🃏 Hand type 🔎 Concrete example ⚡ Difficulty ✅ How to use it?
Hard Hand ♣ 10 + 2 or ♣ 9 + 4 or ♣ 7 + 7 or ♣ 8 + 7 or ♣ 10 + 6. These are complicated hands because it will be difficult to improve them without risk. If the dealer has less than 6, it is advisable to stand because it is likely that by hitting, he will bust. If the dealer has more than 7, you have to hit because he will certainly get more than you.
soft hand ♣ Ace + 2 or ♣ Ace + 3 or ♣ Ace + 4 or ♣ Ace + 5 or ♣ Ace + 6. These are simple hands because you won't be able to bust. No matter what, you will improve your hand. By having an Ace, it will be necessary to draw or divide according to the situation.

How to play blackjack? The course of the game

Let's now move on to the heart of the game by exploring the flow of a game and blackjack rules of the game . Thanks to our guide how to play blackjack , you will learn in 5 steps how to play blackjack. In just a few minutes, you will already have all the cards in hand to shine on the blackjack tables.

1st step

Before the cards are dealt, you must place your bet according to the blackjack rule . This will obviously have to respect the betting limits that you will have taken care to consult before choosing the table on which you will play.

Once the bets have been made by all the players present on the table, you will receive two cards According to online casinos, you may or may not see one of the bank's two cards, which will be advantageous for you. In the classic variant of blackjack rules, however, note that your two cards are not visible. When you discover your cards, several actions can be taken.

2nd stage

Here are the different situations: ⬇️

  • ♣ If you have a total of 21, you win unless the bank also has a total of 21 in which case you will have a situation of blackjack ties with the bank and take back your bet;
  • ♣ If you are not completely satisfied with the sum of your first two cards, it is possible to draw others (hit) until you consider your sum correct;
  • ♣ If you want to try your luck with your two cards only, in this case, you let it be known, and you stay (stand);
  • ♣ If you want to double down, that's possible too. You then receive a single additional card;
  • ♣ If you have two cards of the same value in your initial hand (e.g., two kings), you can split the cards to have two separate hands. In this case, you receive two cards to complete the hands and then the game continues with the other possibilities.
  • ♣ If you want to stop the hand because you think you won't be able to win the jackpot with the cards you have, it is possible to leave half of your initial bet on the table. Please note that this practice is not carried out in all casinos.

You will understand, there is several possible situations . If you know them, your game will become much smoother.

3rd stage

Once you have finished your turn and you believe that your hand is correct, your game is over. Beware, the game can also be lost if you have taken too many risks and have exceeded 21.

In any case, it's the bank's turn to play. It turns over its second card to reveal the score of its hand. As stated earlier, two events can occur:

  • ♣ She gets a hand greater than or equal to 17 : it must stop there;
  • ♣ The bank gets a hand less than 17 : she is obliged to draw a new card until she reaches the sum of 17 minimum.

Once this sum has been reached or exceeded, it is time for the results.

4th stage

So, now is the time to compare. Either :

  • ♣ The player got a natural blackjack (21) and he wins the game;
  • ♣ The player has scored higher than the house, in which case he wins the round;
  • ♣ The player and the bank are tied, the stake is then refunded;
  • ♣ The dealer has obtained the highest hand, so the player has lost;
  • ♣ The player has a score of 22: he is automatically eliminated.
  • ♣ The dealer has obtained a score of 22: all players win the game.

These events will then determine the payout of winnings.

5th step

The last step is to receive the winnings in the event of a victory. So, if the player got a natural blackjack, he must be paid 3:2 .

This therefore means that if the player has bet the sum of $20, in the event of blackjack, he will win the total sum of $50. This corresponds to a net profit of $30.

If the player wins without blackjack, he will simply pocket his bet once. Thus, if he bet $20, he will pocket $40, i.e. a blackjack win net of 20 $.

In-game actions and player options

To become formidable blackjack players, you must know every blackjack rule by heart, including the role of the different actions offered in the game. Indeed, during an online game, understanding the implications of each action is crucial to making strategic decisions and increasing your chances of winning. you will have to make many decisions And the latter should never be chosen at random. To help you understand the characteristics of these different actions, and especially determine when and how to use them, your guide™ has chosen to present them to you right here.


The action of staying is without a doubt the simplest to understand. When you start a game, the dealer will deal you two initial cards. The combination of these cards is called a hand. If the score of this hand is satisfactory, and you do not wish to draw any more cards, then you will stay. It should be noted, for all practical purposes, that it is advantageous to use this option. when your hand is greater than or equal to 17 .

The "stay" action can also be useful when you have a Hard Hand. Indeed, if it is too risky to draw a card and the house also does not have a favorable hand, it would be better not to take any risks.

When to use it? When the value of your hand is suitable to win.

In English : Stand.


If, on the contrary, you feel that your hand is not strong enough to beat the dealers, you will be able to draw new cards , until you reach a total that allows you to win. However, you must be cautious when using this action. Indeed, if the value of your hand exceeds the number 21, you will lose your entire bet immediately.

It is important to know that there is no limit in blackjack. Thus, you will be able to draw as many cards as you wish. Indeed, sometimes the player only draws low value cards, so he will have to draw many times before reaching a favorable hand.

When to use it? When the value of your hand is not enough to win.

In English : hit.


If your two initial cards are a pair, you will have the option to play them separately , by sharing them. To do this, you will need to place a bet, of the same amount as the first, on your second hand. Then, the dealer will draw two new cards to build your new hands. If luck is on your side, and the dealer deals you another pair, you can once again split them. Note that it is very advantageous to split your cards when they are 8s, 9s, and Aces.

Generally in online casinos, unlike land-based gaming tables, the option will be displayed automatically when possible. So you won't need to think for very long.

When to use it? When your initial cards form a pair.

In English : Split.


If you are lucky enough to have an interesting starting hand, but you still think that an additional card could guarantee you victory, you can double your bet Thus, the dealer will only deal you one single card. If your bet is a winner, then your winnings will be more substantial. Note that if you have a pair of 5s, or a hand with a value of 11, it would be very wise to use this option.

You will have understood, it is recommended to double your bet, only if the hand is interesting. Indeed, if your first two cards total 10 or 11, you have a great chance of beating your opponent by drawing just one card.

When to use it? When your initial hand is interesting.

In English : Double.


If the dealer's face up card is an Ace, it means he has a potential chance of making a natural blackjack. To limit your losses, the game offers you to buy a assurance This will cost you half of the initial bet. If the dealer does indeed have a blackjack, you will not make any profit, but you will not lose the amount of your bet thanks to insurance. blackjack rule insurance .

On the other hand, if the dealer does not have the ultimate combination, you will lose the amount of the insurance and then continue the game. However, be careful when using this option, as it is not as advantageous as it seems.

When to use it? When the dealer's face up card is an Ace.

In English : Insurance.

Give up

Some online casino operators offer the option of abandonment to the black jack tables. If you feel that your hand is really insufficient to beat the dealer, this option will allow you to surrender the game and only lose half of your initial bet. However, weigh the pros and cons before making this decision. Indeed, like insurance, this option is not as advantageous as it may seem.

Finally, blackjack remains a game of chance and we have already seen very weak hands ultimately win the pot. Is it worth the risk? It will be up to you to decide what seems best to you.

When to use it? When you feel your hand is too weak to win.

In English : Surrender.

Learn the rules of the game of blackjack to play on the best sites
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What are the rules of online blackjack?

joueurs peuvent utiliser la technique de comptage de cartes et les règles du blackjack sur des tables virtuelles. First, it's important to understand that online casinos use software that simulates the experience of playing blackjack in a physical casino. The virtual table and cards are generated by the software, but the gameplay follows the same rules as traditional blackjack. When it comes to card counting, the same principles apply online as they do in a brick-and-mortar casino. Players can still keep track of the cards that have been dealt and make strategic decisions based on that information. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when counting cards in an online blackjack game. Because the cards are generated by software, they are shuffled after every hand, which makes it impossible to gain any significant advantage by counting cards. Additionally, online casinos often use multiple decks of cards, making it more challenging to keep track of the count accurately. Nevertheless, some players still use card counting techniques as a way to improve their gameplay and make more informed decisions. In conclusion, while playing blackjack online may have some differences compared to playing in a physical casino, players can still apply card counting techniques and the rules of blackjack to virtual tables. However, it is important to understand the limitations and adapt the strategies accordingly. Online casinos they offer you the opportunity to play on their platforms.

Start by logging into your player account on your online gaming operator. Next, go to the blackjack section and click on a game to launch it. You will typically find buttons at the bottom of the screen corresponding to the actions described above.

In this horizontal bar, there will also be chips of different values. Click on them to place them on the table, then start the game by choosing "Deal" or "Distribute". Then all you have to do is concentrate and begin. the most relevant game actions possible by clicking on the buttons at your disposal.

Switch blackjack rules

The variant of Blackjack Switch spices up your games and makes your sessions even more exciting. While the basic rules of the game are the same as the classic version, there are a few elements that differ and add some spice to the gameplay of this entertainment.

Here, you do not bet on one hand but on two hands dealt to the player. Two face-up cards are therefore given to each fictitious player, as well as a card face up and one card face down to the dealer . The participant can then, for each of the two hands he plays:

  • ♣ Swap the second card dealt to players to form a better combination;
  • ♣ Stand and draw no additional card;
  • ♣ Draw and thus receive a 3rd card;
  • ♣ Double his bet and draw a 3rd card;
  • ♣ Split when he gets a total of 20 in the first draw. His hand then turns into two different hands and he draws a second card for each of them.

Just like in classic blackjack, you can take insurance when the dealer is likely to get a natural. The big difference in this version is that you play with two hands and can switch cards between them - hence the name "Switch" which means "to exchange" in English.

Rules of Pontoon Blackjack

This variant is played without the 10 cards, which are removed from the deck before the start of the game. Here, in order to win, you will need to obtain hands whose strength is ranked as follows, from the most effective combination to the one with the least value:

  • ♣ Two cards including an ace and a log (king, queen or jack), for a total of 21 points, win the game directly. This hand is called a “Pontoon” and gives the game its name;
  • ♣ A "Five Card Tricks", i.e. a hand made up of 5 cards whose total is less than or equal to 21 points. All these hands have the same value, regardless of the score obtained;
  • ♣ A hand made up of 4 then 3 cards totaling a score less than or equal to 21 points.

score de 21 points est appelé "blackjack" et est le meilleur résultat possible dans ce jeu. Si personne n'obtient un blackjack, alors le joueur avec le score le plus proche de 21 sans le dépasser remporte la partie. Si vous dépassez 21 points, vous êtes "bust" et perdez automatiquement. Le jeu continue jusqu'à ce qu'un joueur atteigne 21 points ou que tous les joueurs aient dépassé ce score. Pontoon (an ace and a figure) allows you to triple your bet. All other types of victories earn you double your initial investment.

Another particularity: in land-based casinos or during live games, the dealer does not see the player's cards.

Surrender Blackjack Rules

In English, "Surrender" means "to surrender" / "to throw in the towel". As you will therefore have certainly understood, abandoning the game will be an option offered here.

The game is played just like the classic version. You must beat the dealer by getting as close as possible to 21 points. You can do this by staying, hitting, splitting, or doubling down. One of the specifics is that the dealer can stay on a soft or hard 17. But the major difference here is that you can also give up the game if your hand is too risky You receive half of your initial bet in return.

Spanish 21 Rules

With this version, the 10s are removed from the deck and you can also forfeit the game en cours de route. Vous récupérez ainsi la moitié de votre mise, même de façon tardive. Contrairement à la plupart des variantes du blackjack, le Spanish 21 vous permet de doubler même après une séparation. Vous aurez également la possibilité d'abandonner après cette séparation et de faire ainsi un "Double Down Rescue". As you go along. You thus retrieve half of your bet, even if it's late. Unlike most blackjack variants, Spanish 21 allows you to double down even after a split. You will also have the option to surrender after this split and thus make a "Double Down Rescue".

Even better, a 21 will always allow you to beat the dealer, even if he also gets a blackjack! There is no equal case...

Rules of Free Bet Blackjack

Small difficulty, if the dealer jumps / "bust" with 22 points against your blackjack, this is counted as a tie and you only get back your original bet, without any winnings.

To compensate for this disadvantage, you will however have access to free bets, hence the name “free bets”. Here are 2 examples of “free bets”:

  • ♣ By obtaining a score of 9, 10, or 11 during the drawing of your 2 cards (i.e. a hand with high winning potential), your bet will automatically be doubled without any deduction from your balance. You can potentially multiply your winnings without spending anything.
  • ♣ You can split pairs until you have a maximum of 4 hands (except for pairs of 10s). In a traditional variant, you would have to place a bet on each new hand: not here! With Free Bets blackjack, you split the hands for free and boost your chances of winning big.

Attention If these bets are offered to you for free, the inventors of this variant have chosen to make things more difficult! In the event of the dealer's "bust" (if they obtain more than 21 points), the game will be declared a loss and only your initial bet will be refunded. Therefore, you only win if neither of you busts and if you obtain a blackjack or a higher score than the bank.

Finally, note that with this variant, giving up and recovering half of your investment is not an option offered.

Blackjack Rule 21: our opinion and advice to start playing

To conclude on this famous card game, we are going to reveal our best blackjack rules and tips to maximize your chances of winning when playing at an online casino.

Where to play blackjack?

What would you say about being able to play your favorite game on one of the best online casinos? If you need help finding a reliable and high-quality casino, know that the™ team has everything planned for you. Discover through our guide the best casinos online best casinos to play Oh online blackjack .

In addition, if you dread real money games, you will also have the possibility, on our site, to discover the Free Blackjack . These will allow you to train for free , of test strategies such as card counting but also to discover what are your favorite games without spending a penny.

How to establish your budget?

To gamble responsibly, it is also necessary to plan a budget. This will allow you to set yourself limits and play without stress . To establish your budget, you must always think about:

  • ♣ Set a daily but also weekly and monthly budget;
  • ♣ Choose a casino that allows you to set deposit limits;
  • ♣ Also set a limit on the time spent on the site.

We remind you that the game must remain entertainment. So, if you feel the need to take a break, contact the online casino customer service.

How to choose a table online?

It is also recommended to choose a blackjack table according to its means. So, if your weekly budget is $50, we advise you to choose tables with bets of $0.50 for example . This will allow you to only spend your entire budget on just a few parts. So you can play stress-free.

Also, it is important to know that there are different games, variations, a Live Casino mode... Moreover, some games like poker have a higher house edge than others. All these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a blackjack table. As we mentioned, don't hesitate to use free games to discover more.

What if you win a game?

Thanks to our advice, you will undoubtedly win many blackjack games. So, when you want to withdraw your winnings, there are a few things you need to know:

  • ♣ 💰 Bonus money cannot be withdrawn : You must meet the wagering requirements indicated before you can withdraw this money. The requirements to be fulfilled are always indicated on the casino review;
  • ♣ 📑 Before withdrawing your money, you will need to have transmitted your documents to verify your identity and thus validate your account;
  • ♣ 💸 Bonus money is played once you have spent all your real money ;
  • ♣ ⏰ Depending on the chosen payment method, the withdrawal can take between a few minutes and a few days .

Now that you know the blackjack rule 21 une salle de jeu en ligne où vous pourrez affronter d'autres joueurs du monde entier. Préparez-vous à relever des défis passionnants, perfectionner vos stratégies et améliorer vos compétences. Ne laissez pas cette opportunité passer et plongez dans l'univers palpitant du blackjack en ligne dès maintenant ! 21+3 blackjack explained with the card counting strategy.

FAQ - How to play blackjack well?

What are the Blackjack 21 rules?

In blackjack, you face the dealer. The object of the game is to get you closer to the number 21 with the sum of your cards. However, you must not exceed this number to avoid defeat.

How to play blackjack well?

To play blackjack well, we advise you to learn the rules by heart, but also some tools like the strategy chart. With our article, you will learn the value of the cards, your bets, and your chances of winning.

What is Insurance in Blackjack?

With the insurance, you can immunize yourself against a potential victory of the croupier if this one draws an Ace from the first card. Be careful, because this bet has a payoff.

How to play blackjack with friends?

Blackjack is a casino game that can also be played from home with friends or family. To do this, nothing is simpler, simply consult the blackjack rules directly to learn how to play blackjack at home.

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