Counting blackjack cards: Easy and effective tips to win your games

Compter les cartes au blackjack

THE card counting Oh black jack is a strategy so effective that it allows the player to gain a significant advantage within casinos, which is quite rare. However, the technique of counting cards in blackjack does require some learning. Are you ready to learn how to count blackjack cards at your favorite casino?

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How to count cards in blackjack?

astuces gains blackjack

Card counting in blackjack is a strategy that involves to memorize the cards already released les cartes restantes dans le jeu. Ce comptage des cartes permet au joueur de prendre des décisions plus éclairées lorsqu'il s'agit de miser ou de prendre des décisions stratégiques pendant le jeu. Cependant, il convient de noter que le comptage des cartes est généralement considéré comme une pratique illégale dans de nombreux casinos, et les joueurs qui sont surpris en train de le faire peuvent être expulsés ou interdits de jeu. the remaining cards in the shoe (the box in which the cards are stored).

Currently, blackjack games in casinos are played with multiple decks of cards. There are 1 to 8 decks of 52 cards used worldwide., typically, the shoe contains 6 decks of blackjack cards in casinos. Note that there can be up to 7 players at the table. As you can imagine, this does not make life easier for players who would like to count cards in blackjack!

There are several ways to count cards in blackjack casino with various types of points in online casinos. It goes without saying that one must be a focused player in order to beat the bank. Most of the time, players use a positive counting method and assign a value to the cards in order to know the remaining cards.

Know that anyone can learn to count blackjack cards at a casino and gain a significant advantage! However, before starting, it is very important to know the basic rules of casino blackjack inside and out. To succeed in the strategy of counting cards at a casino blackjack, you will need to learn the theoretical part before moving on to practical application! Don't panic, our team of experts is here to explain the process to you.

The principle

Unlike other table games, the odds of the game of blackjack diverge with each hand: each draw influences the futures.

"Counting Cards" consists of following the cards, with different strategies, to determine the proportion of low or high cards left in the game. The principle of this method is to know when the most opportune moment to play will be, and when it will be most suitable to fold your hands.

Thus, when the point count is high, i.e. there is a majority of high cards remaining in the shoe , it will be the time for you to play hard as this system favours the player. The bunker will exceed 21 more often, you will get more blackjacks, and start with more advantageous hands.

On the contrary, if the count of your blackjack casino cards is negative, it will mean that most of the remaining cards are of low value: this will not be the time to place your bet on the table, and it would be better to leave the game because the casino's house advantage will be too high, and the dealer may knock you out.

If you want to benefit from other lucrative strategies to get the advantage at the casino, our experts offer you a complete topo on methods or systems such as the True count for example . Note that the Hi Low blackjack technique is at the origin of the vast majority of blackjack strategies in the casino.

The course

The card counting strategy is easy to understand, but it may not be immediately obvious to execute. In Live blackjack games, the cards are not shuffled by the dealer after each round, so it will be easy to know what is left in the shoe using a technique.

To do this, you will need to assign a value to your cards . Note that depending on the variants, the values ​​may change (high cards, remaining cards etc). We will come back to the most famous variants just after.

When the cards are distributed and discovered during the game, it will be up to you to make the accounts with the previous values. This count will give you an idea of ​​the remaining cards . This will thus be able to guide your actions (bet, advantage, strategy to adopt, etc.) according to the cards remaining in the shoe.

And there you have it, you know how to count in blackjack, all that's left is to practice because experience is the key to success in card counting at blackjack from any casino!

Card values

Now that you know the principle and process of card counting in blackjack, our team would like to remind you (or teach you) the value of different cards in blackjack. Whether you are playing at an online casino or a land-based casino, the rule is the same.

This rule is essential to know and master to fully understand the strategy of card counting in casino blackjack.

In blackjack, you should try to get a stronger hand than the dealer in front of you, without exceeding a total of 21 dots . If either player's or dealer's total goes over 21, either player loses. Cards in blackjack of course have values ​​that determine the total in hand.

  • All low cards in blackjack from 2 to 9 have a value equal to itself (ex: a 4 is worth 4 points and a 9, 9 points)
  • The 10, the jack, the queen, the king in blackjack are worth 10 points
  • The ace has a special value at blackjack: 1 or 11, depending on the hand you have. For example: if the hand consists of a 9 and an ace, the ace will count for 11 points, whereas if the hand consists of a 10, a jack, and an ace, it will count for 1 point.

Here is a quick recap of the steps of a casino blackjack game:

  • ♦ Players place their bet;
  • ♦ The casino dealer deals the cards from the shoe;
  • ♦ He then asks each of the players at the table to find out if they want an additional card;
  • ♦ It's the dealer's turn to draw a card. If their score is over 21, they bust and all players around the table win. If they have a score between 17 and 21, all players with a higher total than the dealer win. If a player is tied with the dealer, they get their bet back.

Now that you have the basic rules and principles of the card counting system in blackjack casino in mind, all you have to do is to familiarize yourself with the different methods and variations of this blackjack counting system in order to come out on top.

The different methods of counting cards in Blackjack

However, as we have mentioned, there is not a single method to master this strategy and gain the advantage. There are many variations, but our experts have listed the most popular ones to become a Blackjack card pro.

The Hi Lo (or Hi-Low) method

stratégie hi low

This principle called Hi-Low blackjack involves counting the cards in your head, the cards drawn by the dealer to calculate the total value of the remaining blackjack cards in the shoe. The player will be able to know at which point in the game he will be smarter to bet and gain the advantage. It is enough to give a score to each card. This strategy is undoubtedly the most well-known and it consists in giving the following value to the cards:

  • ♦ Aces & face cards: - 1;
  • ♦ 7, 8 and 9 correspond to 0
  • ♦ 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: + 1.

Starting from the number 0, you will have to calculate (by adding or subtracting) the cards given by the dealer during the entire game. If the total number of points is high, it means that the remaining cards in the deck are high-value cards, and this is where you will have the advantage and should make a significant bet. If the total is 0, it means that neither the player nor the bank has an advantage in the game. If the total is low, then the player should bet small amounts or leave the game.

The knockout method

The K.O. card counting system is an unbalanced card counting system because you will not end up at 0 when you finish counting the shoe, unlike the previous strategy.

The cards this time have a different value:

  • ♦ Weak cards (from 2 to 7): + 1;
  • ♦ Strong cards (from 10 to ace): - 1;
  • ♦ Neutral cards (8 and 9): 0.

This time, the counting of this system starts at -20. The imbalance of this system is intentional to avoid conversions of the true count from other methods. The values are almost the same as the Hi-Low, except for the 7, which makes the counting easy and reliable for this strategy.

How to count cards together?

cartes de compter

Do you know the movie "21" released in 2008? Gifted young people from MIT start counting blackjack cards in a group at their Blackjack club and plunder the casinos in Vegas. From there, the method of counting cards in team games was born. One person takes a seat at a table and counts the cards dealt by the dealer.

If the latter only draws weak cards, the player will discreetly signal to his accomplice to join the table and start betting, as he will have the advantage. This technique has the advantage of being discreet and profitable, because if a table does not present a particular interest, the player will not waste time betting on it and can therefore focus on other game tables.

In addition, many players use the method of "back-counting", which involves discretely standing behind the players in order to observe the dealer's draw and take a seat at the table at the right moment to place an interesting bet.

How to practice blackjack card counting?

Of course, these techniques cannot be mastered without intensive training. We recommend that you start by practicing calmly at home with a real deck of cards.

This will allow you learn to count cards without stress or by making real bets You will be able to distribute faster and faster in order to understand card counting in online casinos. If you can, it is best to ask someone close to be the dealer in order to put you in real conditions.

Thanks to this training, you will be able to apprehend more serenely when you start playing blackjack online.

Test card counting techniques on our free games

Once this training is done, do not hesitate to go through our free games and more specifically the section of the Free Blackjack . They will allow you to put theory into practice without spending real money. Also, don't forget that the free games on our site do not require any registration .

The free version allows you to play and, above all, practice counting cards without any constraints or time limits with fictional money. This will allow you to immerse yourself even more in real-life conditions. Note that you can then benefit from bonuses to boost your balance when making deposits at online casinos (free spins, cashback, etc).

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Apps that help you count in blackjack

applications qui comptent les cartes

If you didn't already know, there are mobile apps like "Blackjack Card Counter" on iOS and Android that allow you to count cards automatically . However, you have to be fast enough to enter each output card in real time on these automatic counters.

This technique can help you at the beginning to understand how card counting works in blackjack. Of course, we remind you that this type of application can only be used in online casinos, as they cannot verify that you are using this tool. In a land-based casino, you cannot use third-party aids, as it is prohibited and illegal.

The Origin of Card Counting in Blackjack

If the card counting technique is famous, it is because it has been featured in several famous films like the one you were talking about above.

Learning how to count cards is learned after basic strategy. The man who popularized these card counting systems a few years after Ken Uston is none other than E. Thorp, who, before being a player and card counter, was a mathematician. It was while studying basic strategy and game theory that Thorp took a closer look at blackjack.

By observing the system of play on the blackjack tables of the casinos, he quickly realized that the game was not shuffled after each innings Indeed, it was possible to count the cards in blackjack that had already been dealt and thus predict the remaining cards in the shoe. When combined with basic strategy, it became almost easy to beat the casino.

The casinos decided to change their method of shuffling players' cards and increase the number of decks in the shoe to avoid E. Thorp's strategy, but he reissued his book with an even more formidable method (Hi-Low)!


⚖️ Is it legal to count cards in blackjack?

One might think that counting cards is illegal and considered cheating! But it is completely allowed if you only use your brain. Obviously, using an electronic device is prohibited. As long as the player uses their head to count, it's just another strategy. You can find the details of this technique here.

🃏 How easy is it to count cards in blackjack?

It would be lying to say that counting cards at the casino is easy to implement. In fact, as we have reiterated, you will need practice in order to learn how to count cards properly before generating a guaranteed gain and putting the dealer out of commission. However, with dedication and persistence, mastering this skill is possible. by being both focused and rigorous this technique is accessible to everyone and you can find it in detail here.

🤑 Is it possible to increase your winnings by counting cards?

Contrary to roulette and slot machines, blackjack, like other card games, is not just a matter of luck! It is entirely possible to count cards in poker, belote, baccarat, and almost all other card casino games. One condition: that the number of packs at the hoof is limited .

This is the principle of the strategy which consists of counting cards in blackjack: they must be limited in number so that probability calculations are valid and therefore generate winnings. You can find the details here.

The positive opinions of our readers: 4.9/5.
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