The history of blackjack from yesterday to today

But who is behind the creation of this magnificent game? It's quite difficult because the origins of the game are quite mysterious. We will trace its history together in this article. We trace the history of blackjack up to the present day. online blackjack .

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Date of birth: unknown. Name: 31

naissance en France, d’autres en Espagne ou en Italie. Quoi qu’il en soit, le blackjack est aujourd’hui l’un des jeux de cartes les plus populaires dans les casinos du monde entier. Les règles du blackjack sont simples : le joueur et le croupier reçoivent deux cartes chacun, et le but est d’obtenir un total de points aussi proche que possible de 21 sans le dépasser. Les cartes numérotées valent leur valeur nominale, les figures valent 10 points et l’as peut valoir soit 1 soit 11 points, selon la situation. Le blackjack offre également aux joueurs la possibilité d’utiliser des stratégies pour augmenter leurs chances de gagner. Par exemple, il est conseillé de demander une carte supplémentaire lorsque le total de points est faible, et de ne pas en demander lorsque le total est proche de 21. Enfin, le blackjack est célèbre pour être un jeu où le joueur peut battre le croupier en utilisant des techniques de comptage de cartes. Cela consiste à suivre les cartes déjà jouées pour estimer quelles sont les cartes restantes dans le sabot, et ainsi prendre des décisions plus avantageuses. Que ce soit par son mystère quant à son origine, ses règles simples mais stratégiques, ou encore les possibilités offertes par le comptage de cartes, le blackjack continue d’attirer de nombreux joueurs au casino. born between the 13th and 14th century , an Italian clergy member left writings that would relate to the rules of this game. But the real evidence of its existence is finally provided and confirmed in the 15th century. It is at this time that we are sure that blackjack is then called "31", due to its functioning which consists in reaching this number with only three cards. Easy, isn't it? Of course, for a seasoned player!

The grand flamboyant era of the Renaissance gradually established itself in Italy, and then. As everyone knows, this prosperous period was a true cultural and commercial bridge between France and Italy. It was during these years that the Treintuno, translated as "thirty-one" in English, made its entrance into the territory of François I. A famous and contemporary writer, originally from Chinon, the player François Rabelais In his now cult work Gargantua and Pantagruel, Rabelais relates the adventures of a giant who passionately indulges in this game.

Then, as in all times, everything changes quickly, rules are modified, discussed, refined and the English choose to officially adopt the 31, which they rename 21. As you may have guessed, it is no longer 31 points that one must aim for, but ten less now! History working its magic, the American Revolution of the 18th century exports the 21 to the United States.

How did history make 21 the black valet?

histoire du blackjack

Americans, delighted with this "exotic" game, take it for themselves by reshaping the functioning of a game and molding it in their own image. The updates have nothing to do with the original treintuno. To promote this newcomer on Uncle Sam's lands, casinos invent bonuses so that players can get to know it. This bonus is important in the history of 21, as it is what gave the game its final name. The lucky winner of this promotion was the person who obtained a jack of spades and an ace with the first two cards dealt. Naturally, the jack of spades became the most coveted card by players trying their luck. In English, Jack of Spades quickly became the king "BlackJack" , or black valet who stayed. Today, this peculiarity no longer exists, but the name has remained and has become standardized around the globe.

The evolution of blackjack does not stop there! In the 1960s A tactic emerged, its inventor claimed that it was possible to win fortunes at blackjack by counting the number of cards remaining in the deck. If you were good at math, there was a chance you could become a millionaire. Of course, the technique spread worldwide and reached the ears of casinos, which addressed this loophole by including multiple decks in the game to confuse the situation. Furthermore, to prevent any collusion from the dealer, automatic card shufflers are installed in the rooms. This not only saves time but also allows the dealers to play more hands and therefore accumulate more funds.

The History of Blackjack According to World Territories

No doubt arises when it comes to presenting the geographical origin of blackjack. It is in Europe that the latter would have emerged, mainly within Parisian casinos. Europe can boast of possessing the foundations of the rules of this precious blackjack that appeared in the late 18th century.

In terms of American precursors, the state of Nevada was also one of the first states to offer such games in the 1930s-1940s. The goal was to diversify the offerings of American casinos. The state of Texas was also among the following states to choose to introduce blackjack at these tables. The Westward expansion occurring in these regions notably strengthened its popularity. One of the most popular places in the United States for blackjack is the Atlantic City casino. This casino is one of the largest in America and has hosted real professional players. An iconic location where the famous casino, Tropicana, is located.

In addition to these American and European territories, the Quebec is also one of the key players in the development of blackjack games. Appearing in the late 18th century, blackjack has also gained popularity in this Canadian territory. Card counting will only come much later!

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