Blackjack insurance

Assurance blackjack

Did you know that it was possible to take out insurance black jack ? It sounds like a good idea at first glance, but is blackjack insurance really worth it? Read our review to find out!

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What is blackjack insurance?


Once all the cards are dealt in blackjack, and if the face up card of the blackjack dealer player is an ace, the players at the table are offered blackjack insurance .

Blackjack insurance is actually another bet , generally half the value of your initial bet, and it pays 2:1 if the dealer reveals that their second dealer card is a ten or a face card, which results in a blackjack.

Let's say you bet $10 in the initial insurance betting hand, and the dealer's up card is an ace. You take blackjack insurance for 5 $. If the dealer has blackjack, you win $10 through blackjack dealer insurance, and get your $5 bet back on the insurance blackjack dealer - but you lose the initial bet of $10 (unless you also have a blackjack), so you come out of the hand tied.

However, if the dealer does not have blackjack, which is not the case most of the time, you blackjack dealer lose your insurance blackjack of $5 (half the initial bet) and the hand continues normally .

Bet Details: Blackjack Insurance Examples?

Here are the rules to follow with an example the progress of a Blackjack round on which you can opt for blackjack insurance, on a Playtech game for example:

  • → Dealer insurance distributes to two players who have both bet 100 euros their cards and their first card, which is an Ace;
  • → The dealer card player 1 receives one nine and one five , i.e. an initial value of 14. He decides to take the insurance bet for 50 euros. He hits and receives a five, which brings the value of his hand to 19;
  • → Player 2 receives a seven and a four , for an initial value of 11. He does not decide to take the insurance bet. He knocks and receives a nine, which brings the value of his hand to 20;
  • → The croupier then draws a 10, which means that he has blackjack ;
  • → Player 1 has thus lost the trick against the dealer, losing an amount of 100 euros , but won his blackjack insurance take, winning 100 euros, without gaining or losing your bankroll on the turn. Player 2 also lost the round against the dealer and did not participate in the insurance bet, which means that he lost 100 euros on the trick .

Why should insurance be avoided in blackjack?

In our opinion, blackjack insurance is not worth using. In the long run, blackjack insurance will cost you money and will not necessarily bring you any gain.

Let's put it in simple terms. For you to win your insurance bet, the dealer must have a ten or a picture dealer card. There are 16 in one game , meaning there's only about a 30% chance he'll hit.

When it falls, you get a return of 2:1, so your 30% chance doesn't seem so terrible.

But, and this is a big "but", this 30% assumes that there is always 16 potential ten value casino blackjack cards to flip by the dealer.

In reality, several ten-value cards or face cards will already be on the blackjack table. If there are seven players, it is quite possible that there may be, let's say, four ten-value cards or face cards in play. This reduces the probability of the dealer getting a blackjack to only 23% !

Are you still not convinced that you should be very careful if you decide to take an insurance option?

Read this carefully: a physics enthusiast, Julian Brown , whose calculation efforts led to major improvements in blackjack computer rules and strategies that would change the game forever, never used it to his own advantage.

On the other hand, he looked into more reliable techniques such as card counting , and there are many other blackjack insurance strategies you should know about to limit the loss of your winnings. Here are a few :

Basic strategy is better than insurance in blackjack

basée sur les probabilités mathématiques. La stratégie de base est une approche mathématiquement optimale pour jouer au blackjack dans différentes situations. Elle vous indique quelles décisions prendre en fonction de votre main et de la carte visible du croupier. La stratégie de base ne garantit pas de gagner chaque fois, mais elle maximise vos chances de succès à long terme. Cela signifie que, si vous jouez selon cette stratégie, vous réduirez l'avantage du casino au minimum, augmentant ainsi vos chances de gagner. La stratégie de base est basée sur des calculs complexes qui prennent en compte les probabilités de chaque carte et les différentes situations de jeu. Elle vous indique quand demander une carte (hit), quand vous y tenir (stand), quand doubler votre mise (double down) et quand diviser votre main (split). Il existe différentes variantes de la stratégie de base en fonction des règles particulières du jeu de blackjack auquel vous jouez. Cependant, la plupart des stratégies de base sont similaires et se basent sur les mêmes principes mathématiques. Il est important de noter que la stratégie de base ne garantit pas de gagner à chaque fois, car le blackjack est un jeu de hasard. Cependant, en suivant cette stratégie, vous maximiserez vos chances de succès et réduirez l'avantage du casino au minimum. based on an in-depth study , conducted in the early 1960s.

It was the research and conclusions of Julian Braun, which we have told you about in this review, that served as the basis for the basic strategy table of the game of black jack. This table contains all the optimal moves a blackjack player can make based on their own hand total and the value of the upcard of the dealer.

The basic strategy chart allows players to decide the best timing to stay, hit, double, split pairs, or surrender (if allowed) to not lose their blackjack bet.

Card counting is more efficient in blackjack

Blackjack is different from all other popular online casino casino games because it is based on dependent trials.

It means that the past affects the likelihood of what will happen in the future . Blackjack odds fluctuate with each card that leaves the blackjack game.

The odds of winning a given hand depend on the dealer cards that have been removed of the packet(s) in previous rounds and this is precisely what makes the game exploitable.

Some cards favor the player dealer. Their withdrawal from the game increases your chances of winning and has a positive effect on your bank.

Other cards favor the blackjack player, so the chances of the player beating the dealer decrease in proportion to their outtake - that's why we advise you to learn about the technique of card counting blackjack to get as many points as possible, much more than insurance!

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Playing in an online casino increases your chances at blackjack

blackjack en ligne

An online blackjack bonus is a promotion that allows you to play the game for earn free money ! 😍

We advise you not to play your first games without using the bonus! This gives you the opportunity to make a better start. Also, these offers are an excellent way to increase your bankroll on gaming sites. Some casinos offer specific offers, and many welcome packages include popular games in their betting contribution chart.

You will find below a step by step guide on how to use a blackjack bonus in an attempt to get as many wins as possible. Every casino is a little different, but the essential process is similar across the gaming industry.

Visit the online casinos above by clicking here to open an account. The process only takes a few minutes and requires some personal information.

  • ✔️ Check available promotions Go to the promotions page and read the offer you want to claim. Review the wagering requirements and make sure the offer works with blackjack. Check the bonus code you will need to use.
  • ✔️ Make a deposit and claim a blackjack bonus Go to the checkout page and select your preferred deposit method. When you get to the section titled "Bonus Code" or "Use a bonus", make sure to enter the correct information.
  • ✔️ Start playing Real Money Blackjack : Play casino games with real wagers that contribute towards wagering requirements. Contribution to bets often varies depending on the title or live dealer blackjack table.
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