Top 10 Best Blackjack Books

If you like to read and black jack Do not leave this article! We present to you the top 10 books on blackjack that have been published up until today. You will find books that discuss its history, but mostly numerous pages on different techniques and strategies that can potentially help you win big.

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📕 Bringing Down The House

Bringing down the house by Ben Mezrich

Written by Ben Mezrich The book was released in 2003 and is based on a true story. The writer was inspired by the story of a group of card counters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This group made a lot of money in Las Vegas thanks to their highly studied techniques. The book was classified as non-fiction because many elements were exaggerated or events were added to the story.

The story takes place in 1993 when Kevin Lewis, an MIT graduate, is invited to join the blackjack group of the institute.

These are Jason Fisher and Andre Martinez, the best players of the team, who wanted Kevin to join the group. Micky Rosa is the person who financed the trips to Las Vegas before the team became profitable.

The team disbands due to personality conflicts. The character of Kevin Lewis is inspired by Jeff Ma, that of Jason Fisher by Mike Aponte and Micky Rosa by Bill Kaplan.

📕 Blackjack: Take the Money and Run

Blackjack take the money and go by Henry J. Tamburin

This book was written by a mathematician and blackjack professional, Henry J Tamburin . He has taught several blackjack courses in the United States. He has also published hundreds of items on casino games.

The goal of this book is to teach the average casino player how to leave the tables with profits. This book covers the rules of blackjack as it is offered in casinos. It explains the rules and presents three levels of gameplay strategy for those who want to learn how to play, improve their game, or become a world-class blackjack player.

His techniques are presented and explained clearly so that you can implement them during your games. One of his goals through this book is to pass on the passion of the game to you.

📖 Knock-Out Blackjack: The Easiest Card-Counting System Ever Devised

Knock out by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs

The Knock-Out Card Counting System eliminates the mountain of mental arithmetic needed to win at blackjack.

Co-written by Olaf Vancura , who obtained his doctorate in physics and Ken Fuchs , a senior electrical engineer in a large American communications company, this book explains how to use the card counting system without getting overwhelmed with too many mental calculations.

This second edition dating from 1998, revised and enlarged, is now easier to use than ever.

The technique of unbalanced K-O has been scientifically designed so that it can be applied anywhere!

Players will be able to exploit the system of "K-O Rookie" after only a few hours of training. As soon as you feel totally comfortable with the first technique, you can try the "K-O Preferred".

📕 Blackjack for Blood

blackjack for blood by Bryce Carlson

Blackjack for Blood is one of the all-time classic books on blackjack, still selling steadily over 30 years after it was first published.

The objective of the book, written by Bryce Carlson, is to provide the reader with a comprehensive strategy for gaining a winning advantage in the game as it is commonly played in Nevada casinos and elsewhere, as well as to entertain the reader with a certain sense of glamour, excitement, and drama that are part of the professional gambler's world.

The author Bryce Carlson is an excellent blackjack player. He wrote his book Blackjack for Blood over 30 years ago and it is still very popular today.

Bruce is known to be the best counter cards that have confused croupiers and table managers around the world. And this thanks to his techniques of camouflage, team play and disguise!

You will discover all his secrets in his book and all the steps to get there.

📖 The Big Player: How a Team of Blackjack Players Made a Million Dollars

the big player by ken uston

"The Big Player" deals with Ken Uston's experiences as a member of the Blackjack card counting team led by professional gambler Al Francesco.

This is just the beginning of the story. The Al Francesco team separated and later, Ken Uston started forming his own teams, first using counters from Al Francesco's original team, then recruiting and adding new players.

This book is a reprint of its original version, because after the death of Ken Uston , one of the team members revealed what Ken had put in place to become a card counting expert.

Indeed, Ken was a well-known American player in the 70s . In its original version, we only included the exploits of the teams and not how they got there.

Thanks to this new version, readers will be able to learn the methods used by the champion.

📕Beat The Dealer

Beat the dealer by Edward O. Thorp

This book was revolutionary when it was released. Edward O. Thorp is the father of card counting, and in Beat the Dealer, he reveals the revolutionary point system that has been successfully used by professional and amateur card players for two generations. From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, the tables have been turned and the house no longer has the advantage in blackjack.

This method is explained to you in detail so that you can put it into practice during your next blackjack games. The book is considered the bible of this game of chance and is without hesitation the one to read if you have the choice to take only one.

The author of this book is an American probabilist and was a professor of mathematics and finance at the university. It is with his mathematical method that the game of blackjack has evolved. Casinos worldwide had to implement countermeasures to prevent players from winning with this strategy.

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📕 Million Dollar Blackjack

Million Dollar blackjack Ken Uston

It is often said that what distinguishes a good blackjack player from an amateur is their ability to constantly question their game and work harder to improve it. To help you become an incredible blackjack player, we have selected one of the best books on the most famous card game, written by a legendary player: Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston.

If you are a blackjack enthusiast, his name should not be completely unknown to you. Ken Uston was born on January 12, 1935 in New York. According to the author, anyone can win at blackjack!

This mathematical genius explains in this guide how to have the advantage over the game. As soon as it was released in 1981, the book was a great success.

Its guide is accessible to everyone, because the terms used are very easy to understand. If you want to know more about his journey, read the book The Big Player : How a Team of Blackjack Players Made a Million Dollars.

📖 Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way

Blackjack attack by Don Schlesinger

Blackjack Attack is one of the most important books available to blackjack aficionados, and has been praised by all of the leading blackjack experts.

In this book, Schlesinger answers practically every thorny mathematical question that has intrigued serious gamblers for years: optimal bets, camouflage, risk analysis, team play, system comparison, and much more.

After "Beat The Dealer" , this book becomes the new marvel according to the greatest experts of blackjack. With twice as much material as its predecessor, this third edition, Ultimate, contains new studies that will intrigue even the most experienced pro, including a complete reexamination of the late Peter Griffin's work on expected values, and the publication of the most accurate basic strategy charts ever designed.

This book is for people who are already familiar with card counting and want to understand the math behind this strategy.

It's about a very thorough study On the subject and computer simulations had been updated. Readers will find information on optimal settings, risk analysis, camouflage, system comparison. They will have access to revised tables.

Donald Schlesinger is a mathematician and a great blackjack player. He has worked with numerous game analysts such as Stanford Wong, Edward O. Thorp, Peter Griffin, Arnold Snyder, Karel Janeček, John Auston, Katarina Walker, and Norm Wattenberger.

📕 Cheating at Blackjack

Cheating at blackjack by Dustin D. Marks

Cheating at Blackjack is the reference book on how professional cheats, sleight of hand specialists, and sophisticated teams cheat at blackjack and other card games.

This unique expose provides a rare insight into the underground world of cheating in casinos, where the stakes are high, in terms of money to be won and freedom to be lost.

Dustin D Marks is a former professional Las Vegas casino cheat.

joueurs tricheurs se comportent et comment les repérer afin de protéger vos propres intérêts. De plus, il donne des conseils sur la façon d'améliorer votre jeu en évitant les pièges tendus par les tricheurs. Il s'agit d'un livre essentiel pour tout amateur de jeu de cartes qui souhaite jouer de manière équitable et compétitive. cheater gangs Successfully managed to make millions of dollars.

📕 Professional Blackjack

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

Each book written by Wong offers remarkable and innovative ideas, but it is "Professional Blackjack" that put him on the map. This book was not written for beginners, and the fact that it is still being printed and on shelves since 1975 truly proves its worth.

The author explains to you in a simplified manner how to win at blackjack. Being a professional player, he has tested different methods worldwide in order to share only what works with other players.

Stanford Wong is the pen name of John Ferguson.

He invented the computer program Blackjack Analyzer which became one of the first game odds analysis software available to everyone.

Within the 350 pages of the book, readers can find everything related to the High-low card counting system, the halving system and other relevant blackjack news.

From the beginning, the author starts with the basic description of the game, establishes all necessary terms, and begins with the basic strategy used in Blackjack. After covering all the basics a beginner might need, he moves on to the fun part and starts explaining in detail the High-low counting system.

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