Turbo Mines: Opinions & tips on the new minesweeper

More and more mining games Emerging on online casinos, we can talk about Minesweeper and Coin Miner, which had great success. Turbo Mines is therefore the new kid on the block and aims to establish itself in this already very dense industry. We invite you to discover how much this online minesweeper gambling game is really worth. It might become your future favorite entertainment.

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🤑 Minimum bet 0,1 $
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💎 Volatility Mean
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Play Turbo Mines for free

Before getting down to business, you have the option of playing Turbo Mines without spending anything, thanks to the free demo.

Turbo Mines: Turbocharge to win the max bet

As the name suggests, Turbo Mines is a real money mining mini-game. This random attraction was made available to players on September 15, 2022 . However, this game is already very popular.

Its success is explained by its ease of use and above all by the reputation of the supplier who put it on the market. This is the developer TurboGames who is part of globally known software publishers. Aware of the growing development of casino mini-games of this type, this company has made efforts to provide a simple and accessible attraction with a good payout rate. If you are interested in this gambling game, you can find it on the online casino Cazinozer.

How to play at Turbo Mines Casino?

Briefly, here is how to play a game on this game:

  • ☑️ Choose the size of the grid through the "Grid" tab
  • ☑️ Choose the number of explosives using the “Mines” tab
  • ☑️ Set your bet amount per click
  • ☑️ Start the game

We will come back in more detail to certain elements of this principle of play a little further down. That said, playing is about click on one of the squares of the grid and cross your fingers for it to bring you a pleasant surprise. When you choose the right box, you receive a gain based on your bet. By repeating this lucky move successively, you increase the amount in your jackpot. The advantage here is that you can cash out this accumulated money whenever you want.

On the other hand, behind certain boxes hide bombs ready to explode to smash your winnings and end the game.

It's up to you to avoid them! Of course, this casino game gives you a significant advantage, since it's you who determines the number of explosives for each game. So you agree with us that the rules are simple and that even a beginner could find it appealing.

Features of Turbo Mines

To help you better understand the mechanics of this online game, it is important to discuss its main features. This section provides you with maximum details on the following aspects:

  • ☑️ The Turbo Mines Game Grid
  • ☑️ The bet
  • ☑️ Mining
  • ☑️ Multipliers
  • ☑️ Turbo Mode

The game board

The first element that catches your eye when you enter this casino game is the grid. This grid is made up of several squares that hide either winnings or explosives. You have the possibility to customize the size of this surface as you wish. In other words, you can play with more or fewer boxes.

This detail is very advantageous as it allows you to optimize profitability according to your convenience. The disadvantage is that it can also increase your risk of loss. In any case, it is up to you to set the game square. To do this, simply go to... the Grid tab and you will see the different sizes available:

  • ☑️ 9 squares (3X3)
  • ☑️ 25 squares (5X5)
  • ☑️ 49 squares (7x7)
  • ☑️ 81 squares (9x9)


capture d'écran

Turbo Mines is not a new free game, although you can test the demo mode with fake money. It is a paid attraction. The concept of a bet is therefore an important feature to consider. This is because the amount you place on the game will factor into your winnings at the end of the game.

Here you have an advantage, since you can set the amount to bet. The game control panel contains a tab Bet Amount where you can adjust this value using the + and - signs.

You also have the option to manually enter the amount you want to bet. In addition, you can click on "Min" or "Max" to place the smallest or largest allowed bet.

The downside is that the maximum bet is capped at $100. If you're used to betting larger amounts, this may restrict your actions. The minimum bet of $0.10, on the other hand, corresponds to every casino player's budget.

The mines

We must also consider the issue of mines. As a reminder, these are explosives that will be hidden under the squares. They will explode your jackpot if you are unfortunate enough to trigger them.

The good side of things is that you have the possibility to choose the number of hidden explosives in the game. To do this, you just need to adjust the settings in the "Mines" panel. If you want, you can only put one. This will minimize the risk of loss. The concern is that doing so will have a negative impact on the value of your winnings .

You also have the option of placing the maximum number of bombs depending on the grid format. The table below provides specific details on this point:

Size of grids Max number of mines
3x3 8
5x5 24
7x7 48
9x9 80


Multipliers are the coefficients by which your winnings are multiplied each time you click on a winning tile. They are therefore an essential element of the player's remuneration process.

What is advantageous about the multipliers in this game is that they increase as you find stars on the game board. To put it simply, when you click on a winning square, the coefficient for the next round is higher. This continues to increase as long as you continue to make gains.

The downside is that the initial value of the multiplier depends on risk of loss If you play with the maximum number of squares (80) and the minimum number of mines (1), you will obtain an insignificant base coefficient. In other words, you need to know how to adjust the size of the grid and the number of explosives so that the winnings are truly profitable.

turbo mode

capture d'écran

You are probably wondering how this attraction differs from all other minesweeper type games online. turbo mode is the answer to your question. This special feature changes the game of your entertainment. This saves you time.

So, how does it work? As soon as you activate the turbo on the control panel, you can select in advance all the boxes you want to reveal. They will be marked with a question mark. After that, all you have to do is click on "Place bet".

The selected boxes then automatically open in one second. The turbo is therefore quite convenient, especially since you can deselect the boxes if you doubt your initial choice.

Our tips and tricks to win at Turbo Mines

Turbo Mines is a game of chance, but your odds of winning don't rely solely on luck. There are techniques to apply to increase your chances of winning. In fact, in this section, you will discover some tips and advice that will allow you to become a minesweeper expert.

The martingale

If you are a fan of online casino games, you have certainly heard of the martingale. Otherwise, you will discover this betting strategy right away. So, the martingale is a technique that generally consists of increase the level of the bet each time you lose , so that the winnings generated in case of victory offset the previous losses.

To use this technique on the online game Turbo Mines proves to be very interesting. The turbo function could even help you to better exploit this strategy. That being said, here is how you must proceed:

  • ☑️ Set a number of boxes to reveal before pocketing the prize pool (you can pre-select them thanks to the game's Turbo mode).
  • ☑️ If you land on a mine before hitting the predefined number of squares, double your bet on the next spin, and so on
  • ☑️ Start the process over from the start if you win

NB This method can be effective online, but it is certainly not foolproof. Furthermore, if you don't have a substantial budget, it is advisable to start the game with the minimum bet.

The balance between the grid and the mines

The second tip is to balance your grid and the hidden mines in it in order to find the most profitable and least risky gaming system. Before applying this technique, please note that the value of the multiplier will increase depending on the size of your grid. When it contains fewer cells, the coefficient is higher. Furthermore, allowing more bombs will only enhance the profitability of the game, but beware of the risk.

So how do you find the middle ground? It is recommended to choose a sheet of 25 boxes and admit a minimum of 3 traps or a maximum of 5. This creates a sort of balance between risk and return.

Our opinion on Turbo Mines Casino

To consider all the details listed throughout this review, our opinion of Turbo Mines casino is very positive. Firstly, it should be noted that this online casino game is 100% transparent and fair. The payout rate RTP is quite decent This title remains true to the principle of mine games while adding its own personal touch, which is the Turbo mode. You will not be disappointed, as this function will allow you to save precious time. The betting requirements, on the other hand, remain comfortable and accessible to everyone. In conclusion, we can tip our hat to Turbo Games for this title that we invite you to try.

FAQ: Your questions about Turbo Mines Casino

❓ How to play Turbo Mines from your mobile?

To play Turbo Mines on your mobile, simply sign up at an online casino that offers this game and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. This way, you can play your Minesweeper game anywhere.

🤔 What is the best casino to play Turbo Mines?

In our opinion, the best casino to play Turbo Mines is Casinozer. The registration on this online gambling site only takes a few seconds. The welcome bonus is relatively generous and the graphical interface provides a beautiful gaming experience.

💯 What is the payout rate at Turbo Mines Casino?

According to information provided by its supplier Turbo Games, the Turbo Mines minesweeper game offers a payout rate of 95%. We can therefore say that this title is satisfactory on this point.

Turbo Mines: 9.5/10.
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