Opinion and test of the game Fury Stairs on Casinozer

Online casinos are increasingly offering original titles to allow their members to entertain themselves in many ways. In this way, we find various and original mini-games, which allow us to discover other entertainments than the classic table games and slot machines. Here, we will focus on the title of the Casinozer platform: Fury Stairs! You will thus discover the Fury Stairs reviews and how this game works. casino mini games .

300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
🤑 Minimum bet 0,1 $
🎰 Max bet 100$
💎 Volatility Low
⚖️RTP 97%

Fury Stairs: New version of the game Lode Runner

fury stairs capture d'écran

The Fury Stairs casino mini-game is inspired by one of the greatest classics of the 90s video game universe: Lod Runner. The gameplay is substantially similar and the objective remains to get to the upper level of a multi-story building.

But there are still some disparities, such as the fact that here, the player has control over where they can place their ladder to climb the floors. This feature allows players to have more control and flexibility. master of the game, What dynamizes the game.

Over the years, the game has also improved from a security point of view. The new game has in fact online casino software specialized in data encryption, named Provably Fair, which aims to protect sensitive information shared by players.

There visual quality has also improved over the years. The graphics are simple and effective, with attractive details.

How to play Fury Stairs?

This mini game Fury Stairs is a type of mining game presented in a more original way. We find this title on the Online casino Casinoozer ,like these other similar games: Hamsta™, Towers™, Neko™ or Mines™.

This mini-game of mines signed TurboGaming presents a succession of lines representing floors to climb. Then, you can observe the game character, which is a small robot that has taken on the form of a 90s gameboy. The objective of the game is simple, to make the character climb as many floors as possible using stairs, without falling onto flames. If this occurs, the little robot will fall and the game will be over.

Each of the floors has 1 to 5 flames, staggered on the 13 floors of the game. The player has the possibility to choose the number of flames present on each floor represented by horizontal lines. Of course, the more flames there are, the higher the winnings increase. It is up to the player to establish a more or less risky game.

We will now go into more detail to present the different game features.

The bets

To start fury stairs online casino sessions, you are asked to make a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $100, Chacun manages their budget as they wish. The maximum possible winnings from a game is a real jackpot of 1,000 $. The player can select the desired value using the "+" and "-" buttons on the game.

balls of fire

The small character of the game will be slowed down in his progress by fireballs. If he lands on one of them, the game will end. he can choose the number of them On each floor. The more he chooses to place, the more the risks will pay off as the probabilities of winnings will be influenced by this choice, and the multiplier will increase. If the user prefers security, he will place the minimum.


Once the game has started, the "Start" button turns into a "Cash out" and allows you to Withdraw your winnings instantly. It is therefore very easy to take advantage of the gains generated during the game. This button also lets you know the amount you will withdraw from the game.

Play Fury Stairs for Free

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Casinozer provides players with this title for free. This demo mode allows get to know the features and rules, without risking to lose a sum of money. At the same time, this allows to refine one's strategy and take all the risks before playing with real money, for more sensations, and of course, potential winnings in these games of chance.

How to win on Fury Stairs

fury stairs capture d'écran

Fury Stairs Casinoozer is above all a game of chance and there is no miracle recipe for winning every time. However, there is some tips to put all the chances on his side. Here are the main ones reviewed:

  • 👌 Deposit an amount minimum of 20 $ to benefit from the 100% fury stairs bonus, which will give you a better chance of winning.
  • 👌 Maximize the number of fireballs in stages, as the more there are, the higher the potential earnings.
  • 👌 Use the strategy of the martingale which consists of doubling the bets after each lost game. Once the game is won, the sum to be won will be high. However, plan for a relatively high bankroll.

The bonus available at Fury Stairs Casino

As we mentioned, it is possible to find this game on the Casinozer online casino. The gaming site then provides its new members with a nice $300 welcome bonus. This amount allows you to start the adventure in the best possible way and the possibility of reaching as many levels as possible.

In addition to this advantage, there is other promotional offers Regularly distributed to internet users. It is therefore not uncommon to find bonuses with and without deposits, free spins distributed on preselected slot machines, or even cashbacks. Do not miss this opportunity to play with a bonus!

The Fury Stairs mini-game by Casinozer

fury stairs capture d'écran

qualité exceptionnelle et sont très appréciées par les joueurs. Fury Stairs Casino is an original creation by the publisher Turbo Games and can be found on the online casino Casinozer. This game developer is producing more and more free online mini-games on the casino platform. Most of its creations are of exceptional quality and are highly appreciated by players. great graphic quality, with original concepts, and many features, as is the case on Fury Stairs.

The payout rate of the game is relatively high as it amounts to 97 %.This is the portion of the winnings paid out by the casino to the player. The closer this figure gets to 100, the more chances there are of winning a game. As you can see, here, with such a high payout rate, the player has great opportunities for victory.

There volatility is dependent on the game mode selected. The more flames present, the higher the potential gains. The risk therefore pays off on Fury Stairs.

The benefits of online game Fury Stairs

To be as complete and clear as possible about this casino game, we wanted to present the main strengths and weaknesses of this Fury Stairs mini-game.

👍 Benefits 👎 Disadvantages
Easy to understand game Basic visuals
Winnings up to $1,000 The game can become repetitive relatively quickly
High RTP


Game available on mobiles and tablets


Fury Stairs Casino Game Final Review

Now we come to the end of this Fury Stairs minigame review. Now is the time to share you our opinion, which we have to tell you is very positive.

We appreciate the fact of being able to dive back into the 90s, but with a title that is still modern. The goal of fury stairs is simple, bonuses, graphics and features make this title very attractive. We recommend that you try it out, in free or real money mode, now!


💰 How to withdraw your winnings on Fury Stairs?

To withdraw your winnings on the game Fury Stairs, it's very simple, just activate the "Cash-out" button, and the amount is then available in your player account. You are then asked to go to the personal portal and complete the steps to obtain the winnings in your bank account in just a few clicks.

🎰 Which casino to play Fury Stairs?

It is possible to play Fury Stairs from the Casinozer casino. Discover his welcome bonus on our article.

👌 Is it possible to play Fury Stairs minigames for free on mobile?

It is possible to play the mini-game Fury Stairs in free mode. This type of free game allows you to learn the rules of the game and refine your strategy without having to spend any money. Once ready, the player can then wager real money to experience even more excitement with these casinozer games.

Our opinion on Fury Stairs Casinozer: 9.3/10.
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