Our Opinion on Towers: The Game of Towers by Casinozer

Today our experts looked at Turbo Gaming's Towers mini-game exclusively at Casinozer online casino . This title is extremely popular on the web and allows you to win real money easily thanks to the bonuses offered by the online casino! Discover all Tips to maximize your earnings on this mining game as well as the opinion of our experts ⬇️

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Introducing Towers by Casinozer

Towers is a free online mini-game that is very popular with online casino players. He's the developer TurboGaming , also creator of the free mini-games Mines™, Fury stairs™ or the Jeu du chien™, which allow you to have fun with new gameplay ! The goal is simple: climb the tower as high as possible by collecting gains and avoiding the trapped boxes that will make you fall back to zero!

You arrive in front of a grid with several boxes. You just have to click on a box and if you fall on the symbol “Casinozer” it's won, you can continue your ascent. On the other hand, if you come across a red cross , you lose your bet and start over.

You can cash out your winnings at any time to allow you to obtain maximum gains.

The minimum game bet is 10 euro cents and the maximum bet is 100 euros and the maximum gain is 10 000$per turn! This game contains 5 difficulty levels, the higher the level, the higher the multiplier coefficients.

Here is a little preview of the Towers game:

The bonuses available on the Towers mini-game

Thanks to Casinoozer you will be able to get very attractive bonuses To allow you to boost your bankroll and be able to place larger bets on Towers, increasing your chances of winning bigger payouts! Here are the two exclusive bonuses that you can obtain on this platform:

  • 💰 A bonus without deposit of 20$ and without wagering! Enough to allow you to test the Tower mini-game and familiarize yourself with its features;
  • 💰 A welcome bonus of 100% up to 500 euros as well as 50 free spins with a minimum deposit of $20;

To obtain these bonuses, all you need to do is register with Casinozer and have a player account. These bonuses will apply automatically.

How to play at Towers Casino?

It's time to get down to business! We will explain to you Towers game rules Do not panic, it's extremely simple. This is indeed the principle of casino mini-games that are based on a very simple gameplay in order to be accessible to all types of players. You will find many mine games on this platform.


When you arrive at gambling, you will have to perform your first bet . On your left, you will find a control panel with all the features of the game. You can indicate the amount of your bet by pressing the " + " or " - " buttons. The minimum bet is 10 euro cents up to 100 euros.

The difficulty

Afterwards, you can choose the difficulty level of the minigame On the towers casino game, the higher the level, the larger the winnings multipliers will be, as you have a higher chance of hitting a red cross. Here are the different levels of difficulty:

  • 💎 Easy : On each line of 4 blocks, 3 are winners. The coefficient is 6.05 times your bet;
  • 💎 Medium : On each line of 3 blocks, 2 are winners. The maximum coefficient is 12.84 times your bet;
  • 💎 Hard : On each line of 2 blocks, only 1 is a winner. The maximum coefficient is 89.39 times your bet;
  • 💎 Extremely hard : On each line of 3 blocks, only 1 is a winner. The maximum coefficient is 535.88 times your bet;
  • 💎 Nightmare : On each line of 4 blocks, only 1 is a winner. The maximum coefficient is 3010.94 times your bet.


Like the majority of online casino mini games, you have the opportunity to get a statistical table on your games and those of other players. You will get information on the date and time of your games, the amount of your bets, multipliers and your associated winnings.

At the bottom of the tower game page, you will find statistics of all games of all online players playing Towers . This can help you know the best bets and refine strategies.

Play Towers from Casinozer for Free

The big advantage of the Towers mini-game is that it has a demo version . The free demo version allows you to play for free with play money . This free version is perfect for beginners to discover and test the features of this title.

Note that you are playing with fictitious money, the winnings obtained are therefore not withdrawable. It's just a way to practice and test some tips which we will give you a little later in this review.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Game of Towers

After testing Towers casino for several days, our experts can give you the advantages and disadvantages of this game at a glance:

✔️ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
Simple gameplay accessible to all Not for high rollers (max bet $100)
Quick matches /
big wins /
original theme /
Ability to choose a level of difficulty /
Accessible to all budgets (min bets: 0.10 cts) /
Table of statistics of all your games and those of other players /

What are the tricks to win at the Towers casino game

Towers by Casinozer remains a casino game of chance and luck, so it is not possible to win every time. But it is possible to apply some tips to maximize your chances of winning . Here are the tips that our experts advise you to try:

  • ✔️ Activate the bonus offered by Casinozer : It’s simple but effective! Activate the bonuses offered by the platform will allow you to have more cash and try bet larger amounts and therefore to win higher prizes;
  • ✔️ Activate the highest levels : If you can afford it, choose a high difficulty level … of course you have more chances of falling on a trap but in case of victory, the multiplier is enormous;
  • ✔️ Cash out as soon as you can : Feel free to "Cash-out" at any time you have a gain. This will allow you to accumulate maximum winnings;
  • ✔️ The martingale : You can use martingale strategy on Towers. Place a low bet on an intermediate level. At the end of the third level, click on Cash-out. On the other hand, if you lose, double your bet and start again .

Towers: a mini-game developed by Casinozer

Casinozer is a platform that needs no introduction! It is one of the most famous online casinos in the country offering an extraordinary casino game catalog with the majority of all casino mining games exclusively by the best provider on the market. The bonuses are ultra-interesting and this operator is 100% reliable and secure Your task is to translate the given text from Russian to English without making any changes or corrections: "The game Towers is a puzzle game where the goal is to move all the disks from one tower to another, using only three towers as intermediaries. The rules are simple: you can only move one disk at a time, and you can never place a larger disk on top of a smaller one. The game requires strategic thinking and planning to successfully solve the puzzle. Towers is a great way to challenge your logic and problem-solving skills. Have fun playing!" “Provably Fair” which guarantees you total fairness, one more reason to try your luck!

Our final opinion on Casinozer Towers

For our experts, Towers meets all the criteria to allow you to have fun and win! The game is very simple with several interesting features. Turbo Gaming software offers the most popular mini-games in the industry. You can adjust its RTP (return to player rate) from... 97 % à 99 %depending on the level of difficulty you choose.

You can access many bonuses through the platform Casinoozer and the game is on Provably fair encryption , so you can test Towers with confidence! The jackpot may be the key!

Frequently asked questions about Tower Casino:

❓ Can you win real money with the Towers game?

Yes, you can play for real money and win big prizes on the Towers game, up to $10,000 per game On the other hand, this mini-game remains a game of luck and chance, you will not be able to multiply your bets every time. You can implement some strategies to maximize your chances of winning, which we will reveal to you here.

❓ Is it possible to play for free at Towers Casinozer?

Yes, Towers Casinozer has a demo version. Demo mode lets you play for free with play money . This mode is perfect for beginners to discover and test the features of this title. To know everything about the free version, it's here.

❓ How do I withdraw my Towers mini-game winnings?

To withdraw your winnings, nothing could be simpler! go to your player account on the Casinozer site and click on "withdrawals" . Indicate the amount you want to withdraw and the payment method you want. Finally, validate your withdrawal request. Allow several days to get your winnings in your bank account according to the deadlines of your payment method. To know everything about the Casinozer platform, click here.

Our opinion on Towers Casinozer: 8.8/10.
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