Plinko: Test of this mini casino game

Plinko is a mini game inspired by the show The Price is Right which players can play at an online casino. It is a very popular online game thanks to its very playful and trendy side like the casino mining games .

Made famous by Roshtein , Plinko is one of the exclusive casino money ball games that has a mobile version, allowing you to play from a cell phone or tablet anywhere and at any time. Here are the detailed rules and all the features of this online game.

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Play for free at Plinko Casino

Plinko is an online mini-game that offers another advantage for players: it is available in free demo mode . Indeed, it is possible to play Plinko for free before you start betting money. This allows you to familiarize yourself with this online game and master it well.

About the Plinko Mini Game

The Pinko mini game is an online casino game that was created by the Scribe game developer , creator of other mini casino games such as Mini Roulette. Plinko is a game that is inspired by a popular game broadcast on American television.

The provider Spribe took on the simple and playful nature of this game show. Therefore, Spribe developed an original and unique game which quickly became one of the most popular in iGaming.

Moreover, other developers were then inspired by it in the creation of other online games. But Plinko Scribe really stands out thanks to its simplicity of use and the possibility of earning very interesting earnings .

How to play the Plinko mini game?

Plinko screenshot

The online game Plinko has a simple interface with an image on which there are white dots called skittles pyramid shaped . Below are 3 different rows of multipliers of 3 colors: red, yellow and green . A betting control panel allows you to choose the amount of your bet. Bets can range from 10 euro cents to $100 .

To play Plinko, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Choose a minimum starting bet between 10 euro cents and $100;
  • Choose the number of pins between 12, 14 or 16 pins ;
  • Press the Green, Yellow or Red box each of these buttons corresponds to a row of three multipliers located below the pins. If you click on the "Yellow" button, for example, a yellow ball or disk falls from the top of the board and descends, while being deflected by the pins;
  • The ball or coin lands on a number which is the coefficient applied to your bet : if for example, the ball lands on 12 and you have bet $30, you win $30 x 12 = $360.

Know that the further the ball falls from the center of the pyramid, the greater your winnings will be. Indeed, the darker cases in the center, colored in wood, red, and dark green, have weaker multipliers. You can obtain the biggest jackpots if the ball falls on the farthest right or left multiplier of the game pyramid.

The features of the Plinko casino mini game

In order to make the Plinko France game even more attractive, the game developer Scribe has implemented additional features: instant bet, auto mode, shortcuts and the Provably Fair function .

Instant bet

The function of Instant bet Allows you to play Crypto Plinko without seeing the balls fall. This way, you have the result of your bet while reducing the resources required to operate the game. Additionally, you benefit from significant time savings.

Self mode

Functionality Self mode lets you put the game in automatic mode . Very practical, this option gives you the opportunity to enjoy the game quietly on your computer.

In order to activate the automatic mode, you must click on the "Auto" button. A new interface will then appear with new images, where you choose a bet, the number of pins, and the color of the ball with which you want to play.

"Regarding the color of the ball, you also have the option to choose the random selection, which allows the color of the ball to be chosen randomly. To start the game, click on..." "Auto" To stop the automatic mode, click on " Manual " .

Plinko screenshot


The online game plinko-ball also has the shortcut keys which allow you to speed up the game. Thus, the balls will fall faster. To activate this function, you must press the space bar on your keyboard.

Provably fair

Plinko online game is a game Provably fair That is to say that all parts are only influenced by chance. Therefore, they are in no way manipulated by the game developer or the online casino. Thus, when playing Plinko, you can be assured that the outcome of your bets has not been manipulated.

The level of risk

The online game Plinko also allows you raise the stakes and therefore increase the level of risk . The colors used to identify the rows of multipliers carry different levels of risk.

The first row of the green ball displays the lowest multipliers. The row of the yellow ball offers slightly higher multipliers. Finally, the last row associated with the red ball presents the best multiplier coefficients.

In addition, you have the possibility to increase the level of risk by increasing the number of pin rows. For a low level of risk, choose 12 pin rows, for a higher level of risk, select 14 pin rows.

Finally, if you want a higher level of risk, you must choose 16 lines of pins. Know that you can have multipliers up to x555 with the highest level of risk.

Summary of possible gains on Plinko

Plinko screenshot

The winnings on Plinko Casino Game are numerous. They are divided according to the three levels of difficulty and according to the color you choose . Here are all the game winnings that can be won on Plinko x1000:

For the green color, the maximum of the gains announces:

  • x 11 in 12 pins
  • x 18 in 14 pins
  • x 35 in 16 pins

Regarding the color yellow, the maximum winnings are:

  • x 25 in 12 pins
  • x 55 in 14 pins
  • x 118 in 16 pins

Finally, if you opt for the color red, the maximum winnings are:

  • x 141 in 12 pins
  • x 353 in 14 pins
  • x 555 in 16 pins

Tips and techniques to maximize your earnings on Plinko

conseils pour maximiser les gains

As in many online games, there are strategies and tips to maximize your earnings on Plinko Indeed, even though chance has a big role in this casino mini-game, the probabilities of winning are also present. Therefore, there are tricks and simple techniques that offer you the possibility to increase your chances of winning significant prizes.

The first strategy What we advise you to do is to use automatic spins and play on multiple colors. Thus, one of the techniques that will make you lose the least amount of money is to choose 16 pins and the yellow and green colors in automatic mode. This trick allows you to continuously win without losing too much. You can win up to 118 times your bet without wagering.

A second tip The choice is to select 14 pins while playing the colors red and green at the same time. However, this second technique, which is riskier than the first, can allow you to win up to 353 times your bet thanks to the red color. Moreover, you can also obtain regular winnings with the green color.

Plinko reviews

According to U.S, Plinko online game is a very entertaining and user-friendly secure game, suitable for all players and wallets. In fact, there is no need to think too much in order to win very interesting gains and free spins bonuses.

The Plinko Casino online game can allow you to win up to $55,500 in a single game by betting the maximum amount of $100 and get the highest multiplier of 555 . This game can therefore be lucrative. Twitch casino player Roshtein actually enjoyed playing Plinko a lot.

With such high earning potential and a high payout rate, the benefits are more than numerous. Lastly, the Plinko mini game has an interface that is adaptable to a smartphone or tablet, including the Plinko Master app. Therefore, you can play Plinko while on the go, even with a VPN.

FAQs about Plinko Stake

In this FAQ we are going to answer all the questions that are most commonly asked by players who want to try out Plinko.

Where to play the game of silver balls?

It is possible to play at Plinko on Casinozer . You can also play on other online casino platforms: , Stake, Yonibet, Millionz and on Bitcasino in BTC.

Is Plinko a reliable game?

Plinko online casino game is one of the most secure Scribe casino mini games in gaming universe . Indeed, the Scribe editor used for these games Provably Fair, a technology based on data encryption by the blockchain which ensures players that there is no intermediary that modifies the results. Therefore, winnings and game returns are guaranteed to be fair. The online game Plinko is therefore a 100% reliable game.

Is it possible to play Plinko for free?

Before starting to play with real money, players often want to be able to discover the game and become familiar with the rules and options. Plinko Scribe is one of the online mini games that you can play completely free of charge. .

Indeed, there are several possibilities to discover the game and learn how to use it. So you can take advantage of Free Plinko demo mode , in particular on the Casinozer online gaming site.

What is the RTP of the Plinko casino game?

Thanks to the Plinko online casino game play, the game developer Scribe inc offers its players a Plinko RTP from 98% to 99% , which represents one of the most attractive rates on an online casino game. This rate of return which is the rate of redistribution varies according to the choice of the players. It is one of the highest, making Plinko games one of the most profitable online casino games.

For the item: Plinko Casino Online received the mark of 9,4 /010
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