Hamsta Digging Gangsta: Review and Test of the Online Casino Mini-Game 2023

Don't be fooled by appearances, this little hamster you will like it! Our experts have looked into the new hamsta casino mini game Ultra popular casino on the web! THE mining games allow you to earn nice gains with simple gameplay! Discover the opinion of our experts on all its features.

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Play for free and without downloading at Hamsta Casino

Turbo Games did not do things by halves since you have the possibility to play Hamsta in demo version ! The demo version allows you to play for free with play money This mode is highly sought after by players and allows you to practice and understand all the features of the game without losing a cent! For experienced players, it allows you to refine your best strategy.

Be careful, you are playing with fictitious money so your winnings cannot be withdrawn . You will need to switch to the classic version to start pocketing money.

Our opinion on the Hamsta casino game

Hamsta Screenshot

If you are a regular at online casinos, you probably know the mode of mini games of mines or crash who are increasingly appearing on the platforms and who, let's face it, are a real hit! This time it's for the release of Turbo Games Hamsta that our experts have decided to test this extraordinary mini-game which totally different from the competition . We really liked the gaming experience as well as the graphics that immerse you directly in the atmosphere. The gameplay is simple and you can win big prizes! A real addictive game ! 😉

How to play the Hamsta online casino mini-game?

Let's get to the heart of the matter and see how to play Hamsta. It is a mini online game with scalable earnings or the goal is to make your hamster descend into the depths without falling on radioactive blocks which will cause you to lose your winnings. Rest assured, there are safe blocks you can explode to bring your character down that won't cause you to lose your earnings.

To do this, you will have to choose a level of difficulty between the next 5 levels :

  • 🆙 Easy Level : 1 block out of 4 is radioactive;
  • 🆙 Average level : 1 in 3 is radioactive;
  • 🆙 Difficult level : 1 block out of 2 is radioactive;
  • 🆙 Extreme Level : 2 out of 3 blocks are radioactive;
  • 🆙 Nightmare Level : 3 out of 4 blocks are radioactive.

You will have understood, the higher the level is difficult, the more chances you will have to come across radioactive blocks. The more your hamster can dig without hindrance, the more your punctual gain will multiply.

Hamsta Screenshot

How is a game on Hamsta?

Hamsta Screenshot

Once you have chosen your level of play as explained above, you will have to choose your initial bet, between 0.10 euro cents and 100 euros . Once your bet amount is placed, click the button "start game" on your control panel.

You can move your hamster with your mouse to make it descend onto a block. Once on the block, you must double-click for it to be destroyed. If the block is not radioactive, your hamster continues to descend and the multiplier is activated.

The multiplier

Each time your hamster descends deeper, your multiplier increases . The multiplier also depends on the level of difficulty chosen: the higher it is, the higher the multiplier will be, and who can reach the x1000 . It's up to you to make the right choice!


Statistics are an interesting option found on some free online casino mini-games. Located at the bottom left of your game screen, they allow you to know all the bets and scores of other players as well as your own . This data can be interesting to refine your strategies if you like to take risks 😉


Cash-out allows you to collect your winnings If you have collected enough progressive winnings and you think you might lose on the next round, then it's time to click on the "cashout" button to secure your winnings. Once validated, they will be added back to your bankroll.

Hamsta: A game from Turbo Games providers

Launched in 2023 , this online casino game publisher is brand new but is already being talked about. This provider specializes in online casino mini games like Cras X, Dice Twice or Towers which are already popular with English speaking players. Turbo Games has the distinction of presenting ever more innovative and original online games with features seen nowhere else. Turbo Games also creates many slot machines with attractive bonuses as well as other free casino games.

Hamsta available on mobile

Of course, hasmta casino from Turbo Games is available in mobile and tablet version no need to download. All you have to do is go to your smartphone browser and access the game page on your favorite platform. Thanks to HTML5 technology , the picture and sound quality is the same as on your computer. Our experts have tested this game for long hours on mobile and you feel the same sensations!

Conclusion on the Hamsta casino game

You will have understood it but we really liked testing Hamsta casino. This casino game is accessible to everyone in view of its simplicity and potential gains. In addition, the graphics and the soundtrack fit perfectly into the universe and make you want to spend hours of entertainment there.

Hamsta offers an RTP of more than 97% , which is quite exceptional for a mini-game of this type, so you will often take advantage of the house. With demo mode available, you can practice to evaluate the best possible tricks to make the right combinations.

No doubt, Turbo Games has once again pulled out all the stops to offer you a very catchy game! we strongly recommend it!

Hamsta Screenshot

Finally, here is a summary advantages and disadvantages of this mini-game according to our experts:

✔️ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
Simple gameplay for the novice player Maximum bet of $100
Opportunity to win big prizes /
High RTP /
Mobile version /
Stands out from the competition /

Hamsta Casino Frequently Asked Questions:

🤔 How to play Hamsta casino mini game for free?

To play Turbo Games Hamsta for free, all you have to do is go to the game page and hover your mouse over the title. The button “demo version” or “play for fun” will appear. Click on it and you will be directly redirected to the mini game in free version where you play with play money . To discover all the information on the demo version, it’s here.

🤔 What is the redistribution rate of the Hamsta game?

The redistribution rate, also called RTP, of the Hamsta game is more than 97 %which is very high for an online casino minigame. This percentage allows you to know the chance you have of winning. The closer the number is to 100 %, the more you take advantage of the house. To learn all about the RTP of this mini-game, click here.

🤔 How to withdraw your winnings on Hamsta?

To withdraw your winnings from the Hamsta game, simply go to your player account and click on the option "withdraw" or "Withdrawl" Then indicate the amount you wish to withdraw as well as the payment method that you prefer. The payment method can vary from one platform to another and depending on your country of residence. Allow between 24 hours and 5 days for your winnings to appear in your bank account. according to the payment method you have chosen on the online gambling platform. To find out everything about amsta's features, click here.

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