JavelinX Casino: The War Themed Roulette Game


We recently discovered a new casino mini-game launched by Turbo Games. The creator of successful titles like Turbo Mines is back this time with an immersive game set on a battlefield. Discover now the Javelin X casino game, a high-adrenaline experience that will test your skills. mini-game explosive!

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🎮 Game JavelinX
🤠 Editor TurboGames
💎 Volatility Mean
🔎RTP 95 %
💸 Maximum bet 0.10 $
👉 Minimum bet 100 $

Play Javelin X for free in demo mode

Turbo Game has decided to offer the possibility to all players to test his new game JavelinX for free thanks to a demo mode It is possible to launch a fictitious game without registration, simply by clicking on the "Play" button from our page. A virtual balance is then assigned to you so that you can play as much as you want without ever needing to deposit money!

This free mode can allow you to get your hands on the JavelinX Casino game, without taking any risks We strongly recommend starting by playing this game for free to develop strategies and prepare for real combat. With just one click, you can switch from demo mode to real mode if you wish.

Javelin X: The Casino Roulette War Game

JavelinX was launched on July 15, 2022 by publisher Turbo Games This title is clearly a mix between a shooting game, war and roulette. Its name has been perfectly chosen since Javelin is an anti-tank missile of the US army! When you start a game, a wheel spins with 53 war equipment, instead of a ball like in roulette, a javelin missile explodes one of the equipment.

The goal is clearly to bet on the equipment that will be blown up! You have the choice between armored cars, tanks, helicopters, or one of the warships. . If the missile falls on the one you have chosen, you win the bet Turbo Games is known for its original titles that are different from the ordinary. Clearly, JavelinX is a novelty that should appeal to many players. You can climb the ranks in JavelinX's army to become a true war general.

Javelin X casino: How to play the casino game?

We wish to give you all the rules of JavelinX Casino so that you can embark on the adventure in the best possible way. You will quickly understand that it is a very simple game to grasp and not really difficult. Here are the detailed explanations.

Possible bets

You have understood it, you are facing a wheel of 53 military gear facing you . You must place a bet before the next round of JavelinX starts. Several bets are possible for players!

You can bet on:

  • 🎯 Armored car : to cash out twice your bet;
  • 🎯 combat tank : to cash out three times your bet;
  • 🎯 Helicopter : to cash out five times your bet;
  • 🎯 Warship : to cash out fifty times your bet.

One of the particularities is that you can place a bet on one equipment or several, on a single game. It is possible to bet on all four equipment at the same time , on one, on two or even three. Your choice of bet is not limited! A considerable advantage to strategize on JavelinX Casino.


JavelinX Casino is suitable for almost all casino player profiles. In effect, the minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $100 A fairly wide range that can allow you to express yourself according to your means. For example, if you bet $50 on the destruction of a helicopter with the Javelin missile, you automatically win $250!

By making bets, destroying combat equipment and successfully completing your mission, you can rank up in the JavelinX army The highest command position is the General's position in the game. Even though this rank does not offer any reward, it is very satisfying to have this status and be one of the top fighters in the game.

The Rebet function

When you start a game on the JavelinX game, your last bet and your last selection of equipment to destroy are saved. You can at the end of the game press the "Rebet" button to place the same bet, without having to select the targets and without having to place a bet again.

continuer à l'utiliser dans les parties suivantes. chain Javelin missile attacks As we have told you, the Turbo Games game is similar to roulette, even in its basic features.

Our tips for winning at Javelin X Casino

If you want to start playing at JavelinX Casino, it is important to know some strategies to put in place . These may not give you a 100% win, but may give you more chances. We share with you the best tips from our experts for the game JavelinX!

Our tips:

  • ➡️ martingale Just like in online roulette, you can play JavelinX using the Martingale strategy. You need to place a fixed bet on the destruction of the armored car (odds at 2.00), double the bet in case of loss, and return to the initial bet in case of a win.
  • ➡️ Small bet, big wins you can try placing a small bet on the destruction of the battleship. You won't win many games, but one victory out of fifty games is enough to be in profit (50x multiplier).
  • ➡️ Bet on all equipment It's a strategy that some players use. If you place a fixed bet on all targets, you have two chances out of four to walk away with a profit, and two chances out of four to lose at most half of your bet. Interesting!

We advise you to follow our few tips to start winning on JavelinX We do remind you, however, that this is a game of chance and there is no magic formula to walk away with winnings. You should always play responsibly and only bet money you can afford to lose.

Our Conclusion on the JavelinX Casino Game

To conclude our article on this new title from Turbo Games, we want to give you our JavelinX Casino mini game review .

Clearly, it's nice to find a game with an original theme! With the phenomenal success of RPG games like Battlefield or Call of Duty , we are certain that some players will truly appreciate this creation. The developer has succeeded in creating gameplay that sits exactly between roulette and a war game. It is perfectly executed, with an immersive soundtrack, graphics, and cinematics that immerse us in a real war scenario.

The game itself is really similar to classic roulette, even though the types of bets are completely different. It's very satisfying to see the Javelin missile target and explode one of the various game assets. The Rebet function and the possibility of betting on several destructions at the same time come in handy To develop strategies. However, we would have liked to have access to an automatic mode to be able to play even faster games.

In conclusion, this original blend of a casino game and a war game is very enjoyable to play and very profitable. We highly recommend trying it out in free mode, and then letting the game take you away!

FAQ: Other questions asked about JavelinX casino

✅ Can you play JavelinX from your tablet and mobile?

Absolutely ! The Turbo Games provider has integrated the HTML5 technology on its JavelinX casino flash game . This allows full compatibility on small iOS or Android screens. The interface, graphics and features adapt to provide an optimal experience

✅ How to win real money with JavelinX Casino?

It is absolutely necessary to register at a casino that offers JavelinX, such as Casinozer for example. Once your registration is complete , all you have to do is deposit to play in real mode! The winnings will then be withdrawn to your bank account in just a few clicks.

✅ What is the payout rate for the JavelinX Casino mini-game?

Turbo Games developed its Javelinx game with a payout rate of 95% and average volatility. This should allow you to stay in the game long enough and hope to make some nice moves at certain times. This is a pretty good rate for a mini game!

JavelinX: 9.4/10.
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