Our Opinion and Test of the game Aztec Gold Mines

Aztec Gold Mines

Although at first glance this casino game looks like a slot machine, it is actually a new one. mining game. Casino mini-games are the new money games that are enjoying great popularity.

iSoftbet has decided to create a new fun entertainment for players! Aztec Gold Mines is played in the jungle in an Aztec temple. Keep reading our game review to get all the necessary information.

The best casinos to play Aztec Gold Mines
300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
👉 Minimum bet 1 $
💸 Maximum bet 300 $
🤑 Max Earnings 86 400 $
⚖️RTP 96 % - 98,88 %
💎 Volatility Variable

Check out iSoftBet's Aztec Gold Mines game

Aztec Gold Mines is a game version of the Minesweeper Revisited. The players face a grid with 25 boxes behind which hide multipliers or traps . Your enemy in this game is Montezuma , who is the last king of the Aztec Empire.

Thanks to the magnificent graphics, the game immerses us in the 15th century colonial period when the conquistadors (Spanish conquerors) of Cortes enter the territory of the Aztecs. They will end to the empire of Montezuma in 1520 and will seize the gold and other treasures.

As a player, you find yourself facing a jungle that abounds in Aztec riches . By clicking and opening the correct boxes, you will be able to postpone part of the gold, but pay attention to guardian of this treasure , Montezuma. If the player falls on him, he loses everything!

When playing the Aztec Gold Mines game, you will be able to hear a soundtrack that further immerses you in the era and theme.

The creator of this game is none other than the incredible iSoftBet editor. iSoftBet is a british company which has been able to expand throughout Europe. The company today, more than 400 entertainment to his name. Its specialty is slots, but they also provide table games, video poker games and lottery games.

The return rate varies between 96% and 98.88% depending on the number of traps on your game grid.

The best casinos to play Aztec Gold Mines
300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins

Play Aztec Gold Mines for Free

For players who register at one of the casinos in our top 3, they will be able to discover the game of free demo way . Indeed, there is a "demo" and no download version of Aztec Gold Mines.

In order to play in demo mode, players must select the demo version before starting the game. Test entertainment for free can be very advantageous for new players. This allows them to discover the features at ease and without the pressure of losing money. In addition, players can attempt to put little tricks in place to minimize their losses and hope to win the maximum jackpot.

Besides that, there are players who don't want to play with real money and want just having fun on the game.

What bonuses are offered at Aztec Gold Mines?

One of the marketing strategies of casinos is to offer bonuses to players. The first bonus registrants can use at Aztec Gold Mines is the welcome bonus It is possible to find this bonus on all online casinos that offer Aztec Gold Mines. The amount of the bonus will depend on each casino, but it is possible to find all the bonus information on [website]. our reviews the casino.

The online casino Millionz is one of the gaming platforms that have the game of mines on their site and it offers you 100% casino bonus up to $300 + 50 Free Spins (free spins) 🎁. This means that in addition to your deposit, you can add up to $300 multiplier bonus on your bankroll to play Aztec Gold Mines.

After the welcome bonus, you will have the opportunity to benefit other bonuses available on the site. It can be a bonus on deposit or without deposit or even a cashback.

How to play Aztec Gold Mines?

Aztec Gold Mines game rules are very easy to understand and you will see that the games run very smoothly. As a reminder, the object of the game is to collect all the gold which is behind the squares without running into Montezuma.

Before starting a game, you must change the settings depending on your type of game. First, choose the amount of your bet , decreasing or increasing it with the -/+. Players can choose a bet ranging from 1 $ à 300 $, which gives you a wide choice of bets for a mini-game. Then you will have the possibility to modify the number of traps present on the grid. It is possible to have 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15. The more you put in, the more complicated you make the game.

In the box below, he has the number of actions that the player can still undertake during the current game. This number decreases each time a magic square is opened. The next box indicates the Max Amount of your gain if you find all the gold with the settings you changed.

To the right of the grid, he has 2 more squares. The first indicates Gain that you can win if the next box you open is good. Then you can see the number of golden bits that you have already collected on the grid.

When the player is ready to play, he can click on “Play” and start opening the boxes. Each box has a multiplier which increases with each new square discovered.

It is possible to recover your winnings at any time by clicking on "Cash-out". If inadvertently, the player chooses a space either on which there is a trap, he loses his bet and its earnings directly.

Aztec Gold Mines is available on mobile

Experience the Aztec Gold Mines game from your mobile device without any hassle. The only thing you need to do is log in to your player account from a browser on your smartphone or tablet and you can find the game.

The game has been fully optimized for different devices IOS and Android mobiles and fits without any bugs. This way you can play from the train, the bus and even your couch.

Our opinion and conclusion on the Aztec Gold mining game

Aztec Gold Mines game is a very good remake translation of the text: of the classic minesweeper game. The provider has created an entertainment based on a story and theme that allows players to discover a culture they may not have known. Here is a short summary reasons why we recommend you to try this game:

  • ✔️ Fun and easy game
  • ✔️ Possibility to play for free
  • ✔️ Opportunity to generate big wins
  • ✔️ Available on all mobile devices
  • ✔️ Possibility to modify the parameters according to the risks you want to take

Frequently Asked Questions about Aztec Gold Mines

🆓 Is it possible to play Aztec Gold Mines for free?

Yes, it is absolutely possible for players to play Aztec Gold Mines for free.

Discover the rules of the game here.

🎰 Which casinos to play Aztec Gold Mines?

📈 What is the RTP of the Aztec Gold mining game?

The RTP of Aztec Gold Mines varies between 96% and 98.88%. The rate will depend on the amount of the bet and the number of mines on the grid.

Click here to learn more about bonuses.

Aztec Gold Mines: 9.8/10.
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