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The advantage of online roulette What is great about it is that it offers you the opportunity to play for free, on 100% free roulette games without any time limit! For enthusiasts of this mode of play, we present the concept while giving you all the good reasons to try free roulette.

Our selection of casinos to play free online roulette
300 $+ 20 Free Spins
1000 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
10000 $+ 120 Free Spins
100 $
1000 $+ 365 Free Spins
2300 $+ 100 Free Spins
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Why™ is the best site to play roulette for free?

You are surely wondering what interest the team at™ has in offering free roulette. We are simply passionate experts wishing to share our passion. Discover here what are the 3 reasons why you should play here. ⬇️

Our team tests all games

In order to offer you a toy library of games of chance quality, we first take care to carry out a test on each of the games. This allows us to verify that:

  • ♠️ The game is fair and that it respects the displayed redistribution rate;
  • ♠️ The game features graphic qualities sufficient;
  • ♠️ The game adapts perfectly to all appliances (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.);
  • ♠️ The game is entertaining and allows you to have a good time;
  • ♠️ The game is really free and that it will be possible to play it without restriction.

By playing on our site, you are therefore sure to play only on quality roulette wheels, enough to have a good time without having to take out your wallet!

We do not require any registration

pas d'enregistrement

As an independent site, we do not ask no registration to enjoy our games There is no need to enter your full name, postal address, email or phone number on™, a few clicks will be enough to entertain you on our free casino games.

As a result, each of our readers can have fun on our toy library, for free, without any downloads and without any hidden costs ! Indeed, we know that it can be restrictive and quite long to have to fill in your personal information, here this will not be the case.

All you have to do is select the game of your choice and start playing. You will be able to enjoy all our roulette games with ease. Thanks to this, you won't waste a single second and you can start playing stress-free.

We offer the largest catalog on the internet

We also know that our readers appreciate diversity. This is why our team has worked hard to provide you with the largest catalog on the web. In effect, these are more than 150 games that are within your reach, without going through the download box.

Among our best free roulette games without downloading, you will find the European (English), American, or even English variant. Know that you will also have the possibility to filter the roulettes by software. Table game lovers will be thrilled.

Thanks to this diverse game library, every player will be able to find something they enjoy. As you can see, there is something for every taste, so take advantage and start playing now!

Free Online Roulette: Summary Table

Here is what you will discover in the rest of our article about the game of personalized free online roulette . Below is our summary table of important points to know!

Best Roulette 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette
Bonuses Offered + 274$
Best Editor Betsoft
variants + 25

What are the advantages of free roulette?

If you are still hesitating between free online roulette and the paid version, these benefits just might change your mind.

free mode Real mode
✅ The opportunity to learn how to play without stress in the online roulette game. ✅ Being able to pocket your winnings when the games turn out to be winners.
✅ Power master the elements of the stack and the different bets. ✅ The adrenaline is more intense since we play "for real".
✅ Discover from new games and new roulette variants free. ✅ The player will be able to discover the Live Casino mode which is not available for free.
✅ Become better very quickly thanks to the free training. ❌ As you have to set a budget, it will not be possible to play unlimited.
❌ The winnings obtained can never be withdrawn. ❌ A player can lose his means if he plays without training with the real mode.
❌ In free mode, it is not possible to take advantage of bonuses and free spins. ❌ The real mode does not allow you to make bets as risky as when you play for free (bet on full numbers...).

How to play on a free roulette game?

If you ever feel like testing our table games and more specifically the free roulette games , here we give you all the keys to start playing serenely.

  • 1 - First go to the top of our page;
  • 2 - Consult the toy library to choose your game;
  • 3 - Once the game has been chosen, click on "Play" to start the game;
  • 4 - Enjoy your free game.

As you can see, being able to start playing online roulette game for free will only take you a few seconds barely. Know that we not only offer roulette games but also other free table games such as blackjack or baccarat. You will also find free slot machines. In short, diversity is at the rendezvous on™.

Our 3 Best Free Roulette Games

If you can't decide from our wide selection of free roulette games , we have concocted an exclusive ranking for you. Find here the 3 best online roulettes that you will be able to play without paying a penny.

jeux gratuits illimité

Introducing European Roulette Mobile™ Betsoft

European Roulette Mobile™ is a Betsoft software game. As the name suggests, this game is perfect for mobile users who appreciates the free online roulette , but it will also work very well on tablets or computers thanks to HTML5 technology.

As you will have understood, this is a European variant - more commonly known as the English variant where:

  • ♠️ The cylinder is made up of 37 numbers including a single zero ;
  • ♠️ The minimum bet is $3;
  • ♠️ The maximum bet is $300.

This game is a real success for all users. We recommend it with your eyes closed!

Introducing American Roulette™ iSoftBet

American Roulette™ from iSoftBet is an American version of roulette. This game has a return rate of 94.70% , which is quite reasonable and will allow you to pocket winnings if you ever decide to play for real money.

  • ♠️ The cylinder is made up of 38 numbers including twice the zero box ;
  • ♠️ The minimum bet is $0.10;
  • ♠️ The maximum bet is $10.

We particularly appreciated the graphics and the point of view offered which adds a touch of originality to this online roulette.

Introducing Multi Wheel Roulette Gold™ Microgaming

The Multi Wheel Roulette Gold™ game was developed by the famous publisher Microgaming. This is a really entertaining table since 8 cylinders rotate at the same time ! Moreover, the return rate is between 97 and 98%.

  • ♠️ Each cylinder is made up of 37 numbers including a single zero box ;
  • ♠️ The minimum bet is $1;
  • ♠️ The maximum bet is $200.

This game will, for sure, spice up all your games so do not hesitate and play!

The best online casinos to play free roulette

300 $+ 20 Free Spins
1000 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
10000 $+ 120 Free Spins
100 $

It is generally not possible to play for free on a electronic roulette or against a dealer in a physical casino.

On the other hand, we offer you on our site a section to play free roulette, if however, you wish to go in search of best casino operators that offer free games and also be able to spend real money on roulette, here we reveal some tips to give you to find the best online casino.

In order for this research step to be faster, we strongly recommend consulting a review of the operator's services. This way, you won't need to browse their website for long minutes. A review will allow you to discover the operator in a glance.

We take care to choose them by analyzing the following criteria:

  • ♠️ 💰 Bonuses and promotional offers quality ;
  • ♠️ 🔐 A reliable platform that adapts to all devices;
  • ♠️ 💳 Secure means of payment and diversified;
  • ♠️ 🎰 A sufficiently varied library of games ;
  • ♠️ 💬 The availability and customer service efficiency ;
  • ♠️ 🥇 The possibility of play in demo mode *.

* The demo mode allows you to test the games for free. Generally, no registration is required. On online casinos, you can choose this version to play without spending money.

The different variants of free roulette

Want to spice up your parties? Refining your online roulette game strategy? or simply learn the basics of the game ? You will enjoy the different variations of free roulette. You have different degrees of risk taking and therefore of gain depending on the strategy adopted.

You can spin the wheel in real money or free random online roulette. Here is these variants in more detail :

European Roulette: the star of free casino roulette

The player of free european roulette is invited to place his bet on different boxes such as the numbers from 1 to 36, the colors: red or black, or on the columns of the carpet. Here, only one square zero exists, which leaves a margin of only 2.7% at the bank .

The success of the free european roulette is partly explained by the fact that the house advantage is less important than with other types of variants. It must be kept in mind that the higher your odds of winning, the lower your payout , and vice versa.

English Roulette

With this variant of free online roulette , two types of bets are possible for the player:

  • Outside bets , which can be placed on any outside option of the betting layout,
  • Inside bets , which, as the name suggests, are bets placed on inside positions of the betting layout.

Moreover, when the ball stops on pocket 0, bets placed on Simple Odds lose half their value . The player therefore recovers only half of his bet.

American Roulette

The main feature of this variant of free casino roulette is its double zero square. There are thus 38 pockets distributed as follows: the numbers from 1 to 36, 0 and 00. As in classic online roulette games, the player can bet on columns, simple odds or a full number .

As the probability of winning is lower, this variant is less advantageous than the European variant .

English roulette

With the English free roulette , a rule that does not exist for the other variants such as the European, the "in prison" box has been introduced . It is useful for even real money bets. The rule applies when the ball stops on square zero.

The players of free casino roulette will have a chance to choose if they want half of the amount they bet or if they leave their bet imprisoned, meaning that their bet will remain until the next round. If the ball falls on the zero slot once again, the player will lose their entire bet.

Live Roulette with live dealer

Some casinos take the experience to the next level by offering live roulette. You will be facing a real dealer trained for the occasion, and you will be playing against other real players. You will experience the emotions of the biggest casinos in the world , without moving from your couch. Immersion and thrills guaranteed.

Free Roulette Bet Chart

During a game of free English roulette online, you can place your bet outside or inside.

Here is a table that will help you see more clearly:

Regarding the bet outside the casino concerning free roulette without downloading:

Full Bet on a single number
Horse Bet on two numbers
transverse Bet on three numbers
Edge Bet on four numbers
Sixain Bet on six numbers or two crosses

With regard to inside casino bets for free casino roulette:

Full Betting on a single number with a chip placed on that number
Horse Bet on two adjacent numbers, placing the chip between the two boxes
transverse Bet on a row on three numbers by placing the chip on the line between the two boxes
Edge Bet on four numbers that form a square, placing the chip on the intersection of the four
Sixain Bet on six adjacent numbers by placing the chip on the T-junction between the number boxes

Our opinion: why should you play roulette for free?

It's time for us to reveal to you what are the important points to remember about the free online roulette . Indeed, we had already mentioned the advantages of free roulettes. Here we will provide you with more explanations. Ready to be convinced? Here are the 5 advantages!

To learn how to play free online roulette

Indeed, the free online roulette games without registration is a good start: this game mode will allow you to learn the rules of the game without the stress of losing money, but also doing it in a fun and practical way.

Free roulette games are a great way to become familiar with the various bets existing other than the 2 colors, as well as with the arrangement of the carpet of each variant of the game. But that's not all, it will also allow you to better understand the game and know which bets you prefer!

In short, free roulette will allow you to learn how to play roulette , which will give you the opportunity to increase your skills very quickly without having to deal with the stress that real money betting can cause.

To test your strategies

It is no surprise that a free roulette game is the ideal solution to explore the large family of the martingale and other game strategies. And for good reason, there is dozens of strategies , methods, techniques and martingales reserved for this casino game.

With free online roulette, you can therefore form your own opinion on each of them, check which ones are reliable and allow you to win money. Finally, why not use the "free online roulette game" mode as an opportunity to try and create your own strategies and surprise other players?

By playing for free, you will therefore learn how to win at roulette You certainly won't win any money with your strategy. However, it will help you face the dealer much more calmly when you start playing with real money. What are you waiting for to bet on the different spots on the game table?

dossier spécial roulette

To find variants

découvrir les jeux de roulette

You know that online casinos often offer several variations of the same online game so that every player who logs in can find the version that suits them or simply try others.

Thus, you find free roulette games for each variant as is the case for the English roulette and the English Roulette . The best players master all the intricacies of each variant and know the disadvantages of placing the bet on the double zero box on the American Roulette For example.

You can finally find the variant of free roulette which suits you best and which will prove to be the most profitable once you switch to paid mode.

To discover the software

But then, how can software offer its players free games? Don't get me wrong, a free roulette game is not a scam. In fact, gaming providers almost always offer a demo version of their games.

This trial version allows access to free roulette games, without the ability to win any money of course, but without losing your euros either! Thus, by discovering free roulette games, you can also discover software that you were previously unaware of.

In addition, playing on quality software not only will you maximize your chances of winning, but it will also give you the opportunity to discover new tables.

best casinos to play roulette online
300 $+ 20 Free Spins
1000 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins

To get free bonuses

There is also another method to access free roulette games while being able to win money by placing a bet. How to do it? It's very simple: the condition to be able to play for free with real money is to have a no deposit bonus.

Indeed, some sites sometimes offer bonuses that do not require you to deposit money beforehand. You can then access online roulette games without paying a penny.

de bénéficier de bonus plus importants. Cependant, les bonus sans dépôt offrent toujours une opportunité intéressante de jouer gratuitement et de gagner de l'argent réel. Il est donc important de les rechercher lors de la sélection d'un casino en ligne. to double, triple or even more the initial amount ... So you can enjoy your game even longer!

Positive player reviews of our roulette games: 9.8/10.
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