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roulette probabilité

The game of Roulette attracts millions of players with the promise of quick and easy profits if only their lucky number comes up on the next spin of the ball. The rules of roulette are simple to master , but if you want to get into roulette games, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with probabilities to win at roulette.

This is particularly important for roulette - a game where the roulette wheel has been designed according to a specific mathematical probability. Our experts will explain everything about roulette probability.

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Roulette Probability: Explanations

explications sur la roulette

Know that the probability roulette The chance of winning the game is 1 in 37, which is equivalent to a 2.70% chance of winning! Indeed, the European roulette has 36 numbers in the form of pockets, excluding the zero: therefore, you have 37 betting options.

You thought roulette was just a pure game of chance and there was no law of probability roulette ? That the ball stops on such or such number according to your luck of the day? Well think again! Mathematics is here to help you with probability roulette . Probability roulette will allow you to develop winning strategies in the game of roulette.

You will notice that on roulette, the numbers as well as the colors are not arranged randomly:

  • 👉 Two consecutive numbers are never neighbors
  • 👉 A black square is always placed between two red squares
  • 👉 Numbers below 19 are never neighbors as well as numbers above 19
  • 👉 The odd and even number alternate but only 21 times out of 35

The creators of roulettes did not balance this game as well for nothing, there is a roulette statistics behind it all. Once the player knows the different probabilities and the famous formula roulette percentage , you will have to choose your technique to maximize your chances.

Here are the different criteria to calculate the roulette probability that we will explain to you throughout this review and which will determine your choice of strategy:

  • 👉 Variants : there is an incalculable number of variants at the table of roulette game , the best known being the English roulette , American and European.
  • 👉 Types of bets and their payout ratio : full number, red or black, transverse, straddling, dozens, etc.
  • 👉 The redistribution rate : Some roulette games have a more advantageous RTP, the choice is yours!

Should I use roulette probability calculation software?

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There are dozens of roulette probability calculation software available on the web that calculate roulette probability for the player. They are quite easy to find and allow you to obtain statistics on the aforementioned criteria in order to optimize your winnings with the best odds.

On the other hand, you will see that these calculations are quite simple and that you can find ready-made tables that we will offer you later in this review.

However, for true roulette enthusiasts, this can allow you to know your deviations well if you play hundreds of games, record your results, and add your comments to see if your strategies have worked or not, and above all, make the right roulette prediction .

How to calculate a roulette probability manually? Focus on roulette statistics


There is a method to calculate the roulette probability manually using a simple formula called roulette hope (coming from the mathematical formula of expected gain) which is used to measure the degree of fairness. This roulette probability calculation allows you to determine the degree of equality between your chances of winning and the profitability of the game Around a table.

Here is the famous magic formula of probability roulette: E= (N / 37) x 100 where E is the odds your chosen number could come up on and N is the number of numbers you want to bet on.

In the majority of cases, any type of bet has a general expected outcome of 2,7%This means that by using the roulette probability formula, on approximately 100 bets, your ball will stop 2 to 3 times on each number in the game. In the long run, the chances of outcomes are therefore fair and consistent when following this. roulette statistics .

Refer to the roulette casino probability calculator table

Our team of experts has calculated the roulette probability for you based on the number of numbers you decide to bet on the game table. You will not need to search for a free calculator on the web. here is the casino roulette odds calculator for your predictions:

casino roulette table
Number of numbers Percentage (chances of winning)
If you bet on a number 2,70 %
If you bet on two numbers 5,40 %
If you bet on three numbers 8,11 %
If you bet on four numbers 10,81 %
If you bet on six number 16,21 %
If you bet on a dozen 32,43 %
If you bet on a column 32,43 %
If you bet on a pair, flush, miss or pass 48,64 %

Note that " lack " includes numbers below 19 and " pass " , numbers greater than 19.

Please note that these values are indicative for a European/English roulette. In the case of an American roulette, the results are lower because it includes an extra pocket. For a straight bet on a single number, the probability is therefore 1/38, which is: 2,63 %.

It is also interesting to know the probability roulette to win or lose with single and multiple chances. As a reminder, the chances simple correspond to the one where you generally have a one in two chance of winning such as bets on colors, pair, odd etc, which is called the probability roulette same color . About the odds multiple , are bets on a single number, straddling, on the crossbar or the square.

Our experts have created for you two tables of roulette probability according to the number of moves with single and multiple chances:

Number of shots Probabilities of losing at simple odds
1 0,514
50 0,520
100 0,568
500 0,698
2500 0,903
7500 0,989
15 000 0,992
20 000 0,999

The more your number of hits increases, the closer you get to 1. After 500 hits you have a 3 out of 4 chance of taking it.

Here is the roulette probability table concerning the multiple chances:

Number of shots Probabilities of losing at multiple chances
Dozen (1 to 12) 0,676
Dozen (13 to 24) 0,676
Dozen (25 to 36) 0,676
full number 0,973
Horse (split) 0,946
Full transverse (trio) 0,919
Square (Four Numbers) 0,892
Column (line) 0,838

You can find a complete article on the explanations to calculate a probability or you will have all the calculation details for those who wish to go further concerning the formula statistical roulette .

Statistical Roulette: Increase the probability of winning

Let's be clear you will never be able to accurately predict what will come out in roulette. The roulette probability is useful, but it will never confirm the exact outcome for you. However, the roulette probability can show a general trend or pattern. tendency .

Our team of experts offers you some tips to increase the probability of winning at roulette and therefore maximize your winnings. real money .

The first strategy, very simple, is to focus on the European version roulette because it has one box less. Much less risky and easier to assess.

Regarding your bets, it is important to diversify them as much as possible because you will play longer and increase your chances of winning over several shots.

We also recommend that you practice roulette games by “demo version” free roulette. You can find free roulette games on most online casinos, where you can familiarize yourself with the features and test roulette probabilities based on your strategies. initial bet Or place your bets without risking your own money! Once you feel comfortable, it will be time to dive into the deep end!

We know what some of our readers are thinking: and the martingale pari, vous misez deux euros au tour suivant, puis quatre euros au tour d'après et ainsi de suite. L'idée derrière cette stratégie est qu'à un moment donné, vous finirez par gagner et récupérer toutes vos pertes précédentes tout en réalisant un profit. Cependant, il est important de noter que cette stratégie ne garantit pas de gagner à chaque fois et comporte certains risques. En effet, en cas de série de pertes consécutives, vos mises peuvent rapidement augmenter de façon exponentielle, ce qui peut être dangereux pour votre budget. Il est également important de comprendre que la roulette est un jeu de hasard et que les résultats sont basés sur des probabilités. Même si la martingale peut sembler prometteuse, il est essentiel de rester conscient du fait que chaque tour est indépendant et que le résultat précédent n'influence pas les tours suivants. En fin de compte, la décision d'utiliser ou non cette stratégie revient à vous. Assurez-vous de bien comprendre les risques impliqués et de jouer de manière responsable. initial bet The principle of the martingale is to bet 2 euros on your next round and so on. After the 4th or 5th round, you will have an expected gain according to the formula of the martingale. statistical roulette .

This strategy allows you to minimize your losses and thus play with a high capital for longer. In our article dedicated to Martingale Roulette , we explain the concept in more detail.

We still want to tell you that when you play roulette at an online casino, you cannot win every time. In fact, don't forget that it is a game of chance based on luck , there is no miracle method or formula for winning at games of chance when the dealer spins the roulette, no one can guess in advance on which number the ball will stop! We therefore recommend that you make an initial deposit, take advantage of a possible welcome bonus, and then place your chips on the desired numbers on the roulette table. And above all: have fun with your money!

Casino Roulette Odds FAQ

✅ Is there a color roulette probability?

No, there is no color roulette probability . Indeed, whether your bet is red or black, the probability of winning will always be 48.64%. Regarding the winnings, they will always be 1 against 1.

✅ How to calculate roulette numbers?

To calculate your chances of winning at roulette, you can use the following probability roulette formula: E= (N / 37) x 100 to determine the degree of equality between your chances of winning and the profitability of the game. To find out all about the calculation of roulette numbers click here.

✅ What is the number that falls most often in roulette?

There are no specific numbers that come up most often in roulette or a winning number, that would be too easy. On the other hand, that's what probability roulette! You can determine the combinations that are likely to fall on your next turn based on what has already been played. To find out everything about the roulette probability chart, click here.

✅ When to play zero at roulette?

The zero Roulette is often seen as the enemy, even though it has just as much chance of landing as the others. If you play it as a simple bet, your stake will be halved, but for all other bets, it pays the same as the others. Click here for more information on bets.

✅ Is it possible to win at roulette?

Yes of course, even if there is no unstoppable roulette technique ! Like any casino game. For example, in American roulette the house advantage is 5,27%And 2,7%for the European variant. You can use many strategies to optimize your winnings, but keep in mind that all strategies, however, have some inconveniences. Roulette still remains a matter of luck!

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