English Roulette: guide to playing the English variant of roulette

Roulette francaise

Extremely popular with casino players, English roulette is played by taking a seat around a gaming table , has a play mat with the colors red and black and a cylinder composed of 37 numbers with 3 columns and 12 boxes. This is the classic variant of gambling. Simple bets, childish rules and a very reliable house edge make this version of the online roulette the most popular. So, if you also want to test it online roulette table with dealer , here is something to train you in English roulette and we hope to win!

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Where to play free English Roulette?

Finding an online casino to play in complete serenity is not always easy for players. That is why we wanted to guide you in your choice before even giving you the different information about the casino roulette .

➡️ The advantages of online gambling:

If you have not yet taken the step and you are hesitating, it may be that you do not yet know the benefits of online gambling . Between the bonuses offered, the varied toy library or the fact of playing when you want, all the reasons are good to have fun on online casinos.

➡️ How to make a choice?

Among the sites of roulette game , how to choose the best free English roulette online ? To do this, simply go to our TOP 10 best casinos . You will also be able to check the detailed reviews to find out what the advantages of the site in question are.

➡️ What are our criteria?

At shoutmix.com™, it is out of the question to place any site in our ranking. Thus, we take the time to test the sites for several weeks, evaluating the following criteria:

  • Generosity of bonuses;
  • Professionalism in customer service;
  • Site Security (data, payments, etc.);
  • Diversity of games

Thanks to all these points, we can then determine if the site can integrate the classification.

What is Online English Roulette?

Since you are ready to choose the website that suits you, we can present to you the English version of roulette. It is also called "European roulette". Thus, no worries, both versions are the same.

The origins of the English variant of roulette

les origines de la roulette

For your general culture, know that English roulette was the very first variant invented by the English. Blaise Pascal , who was able to develop a system of rotation of cylinder which is still used today in land-based casinos.

As a result, the very first roulette was born in the 17th century. We can therefore notice how much this game still fascinates players despite the passing years.

Thus, just like the English or American variant, English roulette has a cylinder-shaped turntable, a play mat and 37 different boxes, numbered from 0 to 36 The principle of the game is similar to the rest of the variations of online roulette, namely that the ball will wander during each game on the black and red colored squares. As you have understood, the game system is the same except for the number of squares and the importance of the zero square for the roulette casino rule.

The peculiarities of online English roulette

We often hear that English Roulette is the most profitable variant , is this really the case? We have analyzed the situation.

Above all, you must know that, unlike other table games such as blackjack or poker, English roulette depends on pure chance. It is therefore not possible to reduce the house advantage on this board game. But do you know, above all, what the house advantage is? This is the percentage of losses that players will suffer in the long run.

Among the various variants of the game, American roulette is reputed to be the least advantageous of all. And for good reason, the double zero square offers a double advantage to the casino . Indeed, the house advantage over the American variant is 5.26%. As for the case of the English variant, it is 2.7% against 1.35% only for English roulette.

English roulette is therefore definitely the most advantageous variant of the game of chance with winnings and remunerative in the long term for earn money .

The rules of English roulette

If you have never tried a game of European Roulette or English roulette online , we help you get started by revealing all the methods and information you need to start your games in the best way possible with roulette rules .

The aim of the game

As on other existing variations, the goal of the game remains the same. So it is not at this level that the player is likely to be thrown off. Thus, as a reminder, the objective of a game is simply to try to guess on which square the ball will stop.

Although the object of the game is quite simple, we advise players not to jump headlong into a game of casino roulette . We therefore recommend that you understand how a game is played or what bets it is possible to make.

All these elements will allow you to apprehend your first games more serenely and thus put the odds on your side. to pocket your first win !

The course of the game

A European roulette game is relatively fast. During the game and after taking a seat at a table, the player will be guided by the various announcements of the dealer which are as follows:

  • ♦ 💬 Ad #1: “ Place your bets - This is when the player can start placing the desired bet(s) using the chips;
  • ♦ 💬 Announcement #2: “ Nothing is going anymore - The croupier indicates here that it is no longer possible for players to place, cancel or modify a bet;
  • ♦ 💬 Ad #3: “ Games are made - At this moment, the ball begins to touch the squares and come to a standstill... It is almost time for the verdict.

Once the ball is completely immobilized on the wheel, the dealer announces the winning number, followed by its color. Sometimes, they also indicate whether the number is even or odd, and if it falls in the low or high range. When it comes to paying out winnings, it is always done in ascending order, starting with the lowest bets. columns and dozens simple and multiple odds transverse and we end up with full numbers.

So, thanks to all these announcements, when you play games of chance, you always know what you have to do.

Possible bets

Your learning of English roulette rule requires you to know the different possible bets with transversal. This will help you not to lose too much money, or even to multiply your gains on the Free Roulette . So hold on with the Roulette Rules that you can bet on:

🧿 Player bets on: 🔎 This is a so-called bet: 🔥 He can then win:
One number full number 35 times the initial bet
A line of 3 numbers transverse 11 times the original bet
Four numbers at a time In square 8 times the initial bet
A dozen (12 issues) Dozen 2 times the initial bet
A whole column Column 2 times the initial bet
Two columns (24 numbers) horse column 0.5 times the starting bet
6 numbers at once Sixain 5 times the initial bet
Color Red / Black or Even / Odd or Pass / Lack Simple odds Double the initial bet

The specifics of the online table

les spécificités

Although free English roulette no download is different from its American counterpart, due to the absence of the double zero box, it presents more winning options for each players .

Indeed, while the 0 and double 0 squares on the American variant are unfavorable for you, know that on the English wheel, you will have the opportunity to collect winnings on the zero box .

Like all casinos on other squares, the dealer will have to reimburse the players their initial bets. Therefore, there are different possible scenarios when the ball stops on the 0 square, and this applies to both online casinos and land-based casinos. Thus:

  • - Roulette 0 multiply: If your bet was a full number, straddle or a square bet with the first 4 numbers (0/1/2/3), your bet is paid like the other numbers. All other bets are losers except Simple odds .
  • - If your bet, was a simple luck , so when zero comes out, your capital is "put in prison". It will only be returned to you if your correct bet comes out in the next round, otherwise you lose your initial bet.
  • - In case you have bet again on simple luck and the zero comes up again, it is necessary that your bet comes out twice in a row so that you can recover your stake.

Take advantage of this advantage now to pocket the jackpot!

Play at a English Roulette Casino

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English roulette strategies

To best apply all Roulette Rules So game of chance that we have just seen, there are certain strategies. At shoutmix.com™, we give you all the keys to succeed and pocket a maximum of chips thanks to strong strategies. probabilities of this method This technique is not the Martingale!

Our tips for trying to win at English Roulette

We warned you, you have a better chance of winning the layoff English roulette casino than American roulette or even English roulette. However, there is certain combinations of bets which will increase your chances of winning.

Indeed, here is our best Roulette strategy : we advise you to opt for bets on the following numbered boxes: 0, 1, 6, 9, 10, 14, 17, 20, 30, 31 and 34. This way, you will have even more chances to multiply your English roulette bet initial thanks to this English roulette tip .

Experienced players may already know this, but it is worth reminding beginners that bets on ties or dozen numbers will be significantly less profitable in English roulette, as you can see in the section on chip bets and winnings in this article.

Our free English roulette games to practice

You are now aware of all types of bets, as well as the intricacies of the English roulette method. So you seem ready to receive our last two pieces of advice.

First of all, know that you can play on free games directly from our site . To do this, simply go to the page Free Roulette . We therefore suggest that you practice these casino games for some time before placing and betting your real money.

Once you are confident and more confident, you can test games live . This game mode gives you the opportunity to play against a real dealer on a game of " English roulette casino » broadcast live. If you want two good reasons to play live roulette : this will help you become familiar with the presence of the dealer and this mode of play is very playful and fun.

Note that live mode is available on all other table games , namely: blackjack, poker or baccarat, as well as all other variants of the game.

Our opinion: should you play English roulette on the internet?

In our opinion, the European (English) version of the Roulette is one of the most interesting. It also allows the beginners to start playing with peace of mind . As we said, this is the most lucrative version, so those looking for profit will surely be delighted with this variant.

Thanks to the simplicity as well as remuneration rather advantageous than is not necessarily found on the English and American versions, the English variant is the most played version by casino players worldwide. Don't waste another second to take advantage of it, you now have all the chances to win your first games!

The positive opinions of our readers: 4.9/5.
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