Martingale roulette: list of the best martingales with our tips for winning

roulette martingale gros gains

The big family of the roulette martingale includes methods of play that are equally valid at the online roulette Only translate: que sur les roulettes dans les casinos terrestres. Nous nous sommes penchés sur la fureur de la martingale afin de vous aider à savoir si employer l’une de ces stratégies est vraiment efficace, ou non. Voici notre mini-guide qui vous aidera à y voir plus clair. Translation: that on the roulette wheels in land-based casinos. We have looked into the frenzy of the martingale to help you determine if using one of these strategies is truly effective or not. Here is our mini-guide that will help you see things more clearly.

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What is a Roulette Martingale?

qu'est-ce que la martingale à la roulette ?

"The roulette martingale", here is an expression that you have probably already come across if you are interested in the casino, whether closely or from a distance. Indeed, martingales are very popular methods among players who hope Win at roulette .

So, it is necessary to know that martingales are strategies developed based on mathematical probabilities or using logic. The purpose of a roulette martingale would then be, not to make the player win every time, but to help players lose less money while winning more frequently.

Roulette games, being largely influenced by chance, cannot be 100% controlled. However, the martingale could create a real advantage for the player in order to maximize the chances of winning.

les différentes types de mise roulette

How to use a roulette martingale in a casino?

It should first be known that there is not one and the same martingale. Indeed, of many variants can be distinguished . This is why we will detail each method one by one a little further down through this special guide.

Once you have chosen the martingale of your choice, it will therefore be wise to apply it first on a demo version of roulette. This way, you can practice without the risk of losing from the beginning.

As soon as you master this technique, you can then embark on real bets to try to win your games whether on a live roulette , a electronic roulette or against a dealer in a physical casino.

Our advice for playing with all roulette martingales:

Before embarking on the risky adventure of roulette martingale, you must first be familiar with the rules and risks. Indeed, many players dive headfirst into an online casino and play recklessly, following martingales without really understanding the purpose.

The simple martingale

Before embarking on the explanation of the various variants, we will introduce you to the classic martingale, the one whose rules all players know more or less.

➡️ The principle :

To use this version, you will need to choose any simple chance, such as: red or black, even or odd, low or high. From the first round, the player will bet on the simple chance they prefer. Generally, players choose red or black.

The player therefore bets on red until he manages to win. You should know that with each loss, he must double his initial bet for the purpose of recovering money previously spent.

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - $1 bet The player loses. - 1 $ - 1 $
N°2 - $2 bet The player loses. - 2 $ - 3 $
N°3 - $4 bet The player loses. - 4 $ - 7 $
N°4 - $8 bet The player wins. + 8 $ + 1 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

You have to be very vigilant with the classic martingale system because by doubling your bets, the amount can quickly climb and you may no longer be able to keep up with the pace of the game. On the other hand, it is observed that after 4 bets, the profit is only 1 $, which may seem minimal, especially when considering the risks that have been taken.

The best therefore being set an initial budget and do not stay fixed on one and the same table if we realize that luck is not on our side.

comment gagner a la roulette

The Great Casino Martingale

This method is often very little known by players because it requires a little experience, although it is one of the simplest to practice.

➡️ The principle :

The process remains the same: you increase your bets after each loss. However, the method will change as you add an additional unit in addition to doubling the bet.

vous pourriez décider de changer votre pari et de miser sur le noir, car selon la logique, le rouge devrait sortir cette fois-ci. Cependant, il faut garder à l'esprit que la roulette est un jeu de hasard et que le résultat de chaque manche est indépendant du précédent. Donc, même si le noir est sorti plusieurs fois d'affilée, cela ne signifie pas que le rouge est plus susceptible de sortir dans la prochaine manche. Le pari doit être basé sur vos propres préférences et stratégies, et non sur des schémas imaginaires. you will have to reverse your bet and bet on black and so on .

In the end, you will always bet the opposite of the color that came out.

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - $1 bet The player loses. - 1 $ - 1 $
N°2 - $3 bet The player loses. - 3 $ - 4 $
N°3 - $7 bet The player loses. - 7 $ - 11 $
N°4 - $15 bet The player wins. + 15 $ + 4 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

As we can see, this technique allows for more winnings than the previous method. However, it is also noted that the bets increase much more rapidly. Thus, one should be cautious and only use this method in the short term.

To be honest, it's best to stop at the fourth inning if we still haven't won anything. In this case, take a break or change tables so as not to enter a negative spiral and be able to continue having fun.

The Piquemouche martingale

This is undoubtedly the most well-known variant of all land and online roulette players.

➡️ The principle :

Close to the classic martingale, the Piquemouche martingale requires you to double your bet after suffering three consecutive losses. Every time you win a bet, your bet returns to the initial bet.

When you win, you pay back two out of three losing moves. You will remember that this martingale is reputed to be very effective on simple odds . Although very low-risk, this martingale roulette is also low-paying.

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - 2 Euros bet The player loses. - 2 $ - 2 $
N°2 - 2 Euros bet The player loses. - 2 $ - 4 $
N°3 - 2 Euros bet The player loses. - 2 $ - 6 $
N°4 - 4 Euros bet The player wins. + 4 $ - 2 $
N°5 - 2 Euros bet The player wins. + 2 $ + 0 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

We advise to start the games with a slightly higher bet since the risk is low. However, if the player loses three times in a row, he must win at least twice in order to be reimbursed.

If luck is on your side, it will be very easy to see your balance increase. On the other hand, in case of loss, you will need to be careful and think about the budget that you initially set for yourself.

The d'Alembert martingale

Designed thanks to the pyramid of the mathematician Jean Le Rond D'Alembert, this system is very effective, especially for beginners. But it's not a infallible roulette technique !

➡️ The principle :

To use this method, it will suffice to increase your bet by one unit in the event of a loss and to lower it in the event that you win . It may seem silly, but it is ultimately a method that poses almost no risk.

Thus, it is often beginners or players with a more defensive style who will appreciate this method.

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - $5 bet The player loses. - 5 $ - 5 $
N°2 - $10 bet The player loses. - 10 $ - 15 $
N°3 - $15 bet The player wins. + 15 $ + 0 $
N°4 - $10 bet The player wins. + 10 $ + 10 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

The losses are relatively limited with this system. However, one must still be able to chain together 2 victories to obtain a profit and therefore be able to tip the scales in their favor.

We advise players to don't get confused because the losses are generally very quickly compensated.

The Paroli martingale

This strategy is not really known to players. However, it is worth the detour and allows you to earn huge gains.

➡️ The principle :

To work properly, you will need to reset the entire previous game at each turn. If you lose, you have to start from the beginning. The method is therefore relatively simple and ... it allows you to limit bets .

On the other hand, it must be admitted that the Paroli method is largely based on luck, which can therefore seem quite risky.

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - $1 bet The player wins. + 1 $ + 1 $
N°2 - $2 bet The player wins. + 2 $ + 3 $
N°3 - $3 bet The player wins. + 3 $ + 6 $
N°4 - $6 bet The player wins. + 6 $ + 12 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

This method is indeed idyllic in the event that the player wins the games every time. With $1 initially bet, he could get $12.

We advise to use this method occasionally because, relying on luck, you will need to feel lucky to obtain winnings.

Hawks Martingale

Playing martingale roulette online or on land according to Hawks is also very simple as you will see.

➡️ The principle :

It is based on the idea that to win, you have to bet on the same bet until the color finally comes out.

How can we be sure of this method? It is proven that all sequences have an end So the ball will eventually stop on the red side of the table and you will win! However, keep in mind that the player must bet twice the amount lost: each time they take a bet, they must double their bet; so a single bet may be enough to balance the winnings and losses and give a positive capital at the end of the game.

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - $2 bet The player loses. - 2 $ - 2 $
N°2 - $4 bet The player loses. - 4 $ - 6 $
N°3 - $8 bet The player loses. - 8 $ - 14 $
N°4 - $16 bet The player wins. + 16 $ + 2 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

This method is ultimately almost the same as the simple martingale. There is also the Hawks Inverse method which consists of reversing your bets . If black is out, you will have to bet on the color red in the next spin.

The Inverse brings a little spice to your games. But in both cases, care should always be taken not to exceed the set limits.

Wells' martingale

The casino roulette martingale according to the ideas of Wells is part of the family of rising at a loss.

➡️ The principle :

son pari en fonction du résultat. Si le joueur gagne, il mise 6 jetons lors du prochain tour. S'il perd, il ne mise que 4 jetons lors du tour suivant. Ce schéma se répète jusqu'à ce que le joueur atteigne un objectif prédéterminé ou qu'il soit contraint d'arrêter en raison de pertes trop importantes. Le but de cette méthode est de maximiser les gains potentiels tout en minimisant les pertes. Cependant, il est important de noter que même si cette méthode peut être efficace à court terme, elle n'est pas infaillible et comporte des risques inhérents. his bets based on his wins and losses .

➡️ The concrete example:

Sleeve Result of the game Gain / Loss Total Gains / Losses
N°1 - $5 bet The player loses. - 5 $ - 5 $
N°2 - $4 bet The player loses. - 4 $ - 9 $
N°3 - $3 bet The player wins. + 3 $ - 7 $
N°4 - $4 bet The player wins. + 4 $ - 3 $

➡️ Advice from our experts:

This martingale system is ultimately profitable only if you manage to balance your balance between winning bets and losing bets. This principle of play remains rather reliable , although we cannot 100% guarantee a positive balance at the end of the game, as we can see in the table above.

Our opinion: should you use roulette martingales in an online casino?

Notre avis

Using Martingales in Roulette Games can be a dangerous game . Although this will necessarily increase the probability of winning, it may not always be to the advantage of the players.

In our view, it is therefore appropriate to use the martingale on simple odds only - never bet full numbers with this strategy. To use these techniques, we recommend that you develop a fixed budget.

In addition, it should be noted that some online casinos do not appreciate the use of martingales as they can be considered cheating. Before using a strategy like this in a casino, we recommend that you be aware of this. read the terms and conditions to avoid getting trapped.

In this article, we have not presented all the martingales, there remains that of Whittacker and still others...

Our final advice is as follows: during roulette games, do not hesitate to use bonuses such as free spins to increase your balance and thus approach your rounds more serenely.

Positive reviews: 9.8/10.
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