How does electronic English roulette work in the casino?

Without roulette, there is no casino. Along with card games, or even slot machines, roulette is one of the most emblematic games in casinos.

We have been witnessing the appearance for several years of electronic roulette. How is it different from classic roulette? How does it work? We tell you everything here.

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The difference between electronic roulette and classic roulette

There electronic english roulette Appeared in 2013. In line with the rise of video games, e-sports, virtual reality, and emerging metaverses, this electronic roulette quickly became a major success. In the past, every good casino had to have its own roulette, and today every gaming establishment has their own electronic English roulette, with some even dedicating entire rooms to this purpose.

The major difference between the electronic version and its predecessor is the gaming experience. Indeed, this gaming experience is completely different between the two. When playing traditional roulette, you are around a table, accompanied by various players who speak up, and dealers who oversee the game to validate bets and make announcements. It is therefore a form of social interaction among different individuals, making decisions in turn, around a game governed by predefined rules that are shared within a community of enthusiasts, or even professionals.

On the other hand, the experience of electronic roulette is much more like a form of video game, and interactions between man and the machine which manages everything like a croupier Everything is done comfortably while sitting on a gaming station, in a chair. The ball is launched by the machine, through an automated system, but without a dealer. Therefore, it is easier to find a spot for the electronic version, where all you have to do is take a seat on the chair and start the game by following the instructions. Finally, electronic roulette is often recommended by casinos for beginners to this game, in order to understand how it works and get initiated in a calm environment, alone facing the machine, without experienced players sniffing out the beginner. Furthermore, the stakes are mostly lower than for a classic English roulette game.

In sum, the electronic version of English roulette it allows for a more virtual, intimate, calm, and accessible experience, even affordable for beginners, in order to play with other players simultaneously, but without a dealer, and without necessarily meeting their penetrating gaze. It could resemble a bit more of a virtual online roulette that can be found in online casinos. A little more autonomy for the player!

How to play electronic roulette in a casino?

Comment jouer à la roulette électronique

In addition to living a slightly more solitary and accessible experience, electronic roulette will allow you to live a simplified experience Indeed, in order to play, all you need to do is find a gaming station, take a seat, and start the game by following the on-screen instructions. The machine becomes the dealer and your guide throughout the entire game, from the moment you insert the money to the moment you collect your winnings. Before anything else, like any other game, you can ask for chips at the casino reception or directly insert a desired amount of money into the machine. Yes, electronic roulette has not made the game free, unfortunately...

Once the money is inserted, the game will begin, and you just have to follow the instructions which correspond exactly to the progress of a classic part . THE rules of the game these are the same, only the experience changes. "Place your bets" will appear, you only need to choose your stake by touching the touch screen on the area where you want to bet. There is an option to "clear the chips", which allows you to change your bets. You can remove a chip by sliding it from the table to the outside of the table. There is sometimes an option to "clear the last chip", which allows you to remove your chip from the table to retrieve it, or an option to "clear the table", which removes all of your bets. Once the bets are placed, the ball is launched by the machine and the roulette wheel will spin on the machine's screen. It will either be a win or a loss. To end the game, simply click on a "payment" button.

Sometimes, there is an "accelerate" option available to speed up the game if all players have completed the task they had to perform. This allows to not wait for the end of the timer if all players are ready.

Now that you know how to play, we strongly advise you to try your luck on free online roulette games . This allows you to get your hands on the game and test strategies. You will then be perfectly ready to succeed in your future real money games!

The different bets on an electronic English roulette

Now that you know how to play electronic roulette it is necessary to understand the game in its subtleties, particularly regarding the stakes. These stakes are not unique, and there are many of them. On one hand, there are the inside bets. These bets have lower chances of winning, as they are harder to reach by the ball. In this sense, the winnings are higher. These stakes can be played by placing one's chips as follows:

  • ♦️ In full , that is to say by playing on a single number, for a gain of 35 times the bet;
  • ♦️ On horseback , that is to say on two numbers, with a gain of 17 times the bet;
  • ♦️ In transverse , that is to say on the first vertical line by playing three numbers, for a gain of 11 times the bet;
  • ♦️ In square , that is to say at the intersection of four numbers, for a gain of 8 times the bet;
  • ♦️ In six days , that is to say at the intersection, and at the end of two lines by playing three numbers, for a gain of 5 times the bet.

On the other hand, and in contrast, there are outside bets. They have a higher chance of winning, but the profits are logically lower. These bets can be placed by placing chips in the following way:

  • ♦️ Simple odds , that is to say by playing on the red, black, even, odd, lack (number from 1 to 18), or pass (number from 19 to 36), for a profit of 1 times the stake;
  • ♦️ Multiple chances , that is to say by playing on the twelve numbers in the middle, or on the first twelve, or on the twelve deniers, for a profit of 2 times the stake.
  • ♦️ Column , that is to say by playing twelve numbers on one of the three columns, for a profit of 2 times the stake.
  • ♦️ horse column , that is to say by playing twenty-four numbers on two columns, for a profit of ½ times the stake.

If the 0 comes out, the simple odds lose half of their value.

The flaws of electronic roulette


The technology has flaws erreur de manipulation ou de calcul. La version électronique, quant à elle, soulève des questions concernant la fiabilité et l'équité du générateur de nombres aléatoires utilisé pour déterminer le résultat du jeu. De plus, certains joueurs pourraient se méfier du fait que les résultats sont purement basés sur des algorithmes informatiques, plutôt que sur des processus physiques comme dans la version classique. En conclusion, bien que la version électronique de la roulette anglaise soit devenue de plus en plus populaire, il est légitime de se poser des questions quant à sa fiabilité et à son intégrité par rapport à sa version traditionnelle. errors or other cheating tempted by the players around the table, without the dealer detecting the deception. For the virtual version, the smooth running of the game relies on the reliability of the machine and its automated system. By overlooking the fact that the machine needs electricity to function, unlike the dealer where a breakdown would not necessarily be fatal, are there cases of issues reported by players in certain casinos? The answer is yes.

An electronic roulette scam took place in a casino in Toulouse, involving a former dealer and two accomplices. They illegally collected over $10,000. They took advantage of a security loophole in the machines to win substantial amounts. When the ball was launched slowly, the "no more bets" announcement did not activate in the instructions, so bets were not blocked. It was therefore possible to place bets after the ball was launched. For this scam, they were fined $1,000, in addition to having to repay the illegal winnings.

Similar cases exist, but the penalties have, on the other hand, been more severe. 4 months in jail Have been pronounced for dealers in a casino in Metz. Finally, thirteen people have been fined nearly 800,000 $ euros in winnings reimbursement and prison sentences for taking advantage of an organized and calculated loophole in Enghien-les-Bains.

In any case, do not waste your time finding a flaw in the machine or prohibited techniques in order to win every time. Keep the spirit of the game It's not because it's a machine that you're going to hack it like the White House server. It's just a gaming machine, not a computer with confidential files to hack. You also won't be able to apply methods that are forbidden by the official laws of the casino, under the pretext that it's a machine and not a dealer. Manipulation will be refused, and you won't be able to proceed to the next step.

Play by the rules , because the risks are enormous, and risking imprisonment or exorbitant fines simply for not playing roulette properly is highly damaging. If you notice that the machine you are playing on has a flaw or offers strange instructions, stop playing immediately and approach a casino staff member. If you fail to do so and a flaw is indeed present, you could be accused of exploiting that flaw.

Author: Xavier Berisse

Site Founder, xavier has been at the head of™ since 2012. Passionate about online casinos, he was determined to offer a platform where all players could find reliable and straightforward information. After a career in the computer industry for 4 years, he started his own business and created his own website in 2012.

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