How to play roulette? Roulette rules explained

Regle roulette

Before blindly diving into roulette games, it's important to understand certain concepts such as the various bets available or the differences between variants. We have created this guide specifically to summarize all these nuances and help you win more easily at roulette. online roulette :

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Roulette rule: Video tutorial

Casino roulette rule: Know the purpose of the game of roulette

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As you can guess, the object of roulette is quite simple and the roulette rules are just as simple. Your role as a player is to place your bet(s) (since they can be multiple on the same turn) where you think the ball will stop.

The goal of the game is therefore very simple and you do not necessarily need to be an expert in gambling to have fun and win at the same time.

In an online casino, once you have placed bets according to the minimums and maximums announced in the betting table, you can spin the wheel by usually clicking on the "play" button.

When the ball stops, you find out if you have won or not. There roulette rule is finally that simple than its principle of play!

Roulette casino rule: understanding its elements

To become a winning player every time, you first need to understand what roulette is in the most detailed way possible. Once you have read this guide, this game and all its elements will no longer hold any secrets for you.

The roulette wheel (or cylinder)

The cylinder is the element that you absolutely need to know since it is thanks to it that you will understand how certain bets work. Thus, depending on the variations, the cylinder is made up of 37 or 38 numbers.

To facilitate the game, the cylinder on English roulette is divided into 3 different areas

✅ We thus find:

  • The neighbors of zero : these are the numbers that are close to zero on the wheel. In total, there are 17 numbers, namely: 0, 2, 3, 4, 7, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32 and 35;
  • Thirds of the cylinder : this group is made up of the 12 digits located opposite the neighbors of zero. We thus find the: 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33 as well as the 36;
  • The orphans : these are numbers that do not belong to either of the two groups mentioned above. There are 8 of them including number 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34.

It is important to know these areas in order to be able to place your bets more easily.

The game table

You are not taught that roulette is a table game. So, online or in a land-based casino, you will take place at a table . If you choose to play electronic roulette (against the computer), there will be no other players at your table, you will be the only one.

On the other hand, know that you also have the possibility of play online and even live roulette for the purpose of taking a seat at tables with other players.

At table level, it includes two essential elements, which you may have noticed if you have already started a game, which are the cylinder (whose role we have just explained to you) and the table of bets , otherwise called the carpet. As the name suggests, the betting mat is where you can place your bets.

Thus, according to your preferences, you will be able to challenge the dealer either alone or with other players. To do this, you just need to choose a table based on your choice. This is an important factor that will ensure your entertainment.

Chips for betting

Les jetons pour miser

We were just talking about the betting mat. This allows you to place your bets using chips. Whether online or in reality, the principle of chips remains the same. These represent a certain amount of money. sum .

Depending on the tables, there may be chips with a minimum value of 10 cents for the smallest tables . On these tables, the maximum chip value is often placed at $50. For the biggest tables , bets can start much higher with for example a minimum chip value of $50 and a maximum chip of up to hundreds of euros or even more.

To make your life easier, rest assured, tokens have colors in order to differentiate them more easily. Moreover, the minimum and maximum bet amount is always indicated before entering a table. Therefore, you should not end up with bets that you cannot place.

The dealer

Finally, the last element to know when you learn the roulette rule and you start your game, it's the dealer. In effect, the croupier is in charge of the animation of the table . At the very beginning of the game, it is he who is in charge of recovering your bets (in the case where you play in a land-based casino or during a live game), for this he will indicate " Place your bets ! ". This is also when the ball will begin to spin.

When the ball meets the first obstacle, the croupier will therefore indicate " Nothing works anymore! "At this precise moment, no bets can be accepted or withdrawn. The results will then be displayed on the screen and also announced by the dealer. The dealer always announces the number while also specifying the color."

Finally, the dealer collects the losing bets and is also responsible for distributing the winnings to the players. As you may have understood, the dealer has a fairly important role during a game and therefore one must be able to keep up with their pace in order to adapt and succeed as best as possible.

If you want to be quiet in your corner and not have to argue with the croupier, you can also choose the electronic roulette . You will then be alone in front of a machine, like a computer.

Master the rules of roulette and bets

To master your game at roulette, you will first have to master the bets which are an essential step in learning the casino roulette rules.

The table below shows your options for European roulette. We chose European roulette as a reference because it is the most popular in online casinos and it is also the most advantageous for the player since the house edge is lower.

🧿 You bet on: 💰 If the ball stops on it, then you win:
A number from 1 to 36 36 times the original bet
Two figures side by side 17 times your bet if one of the 2 comes out
Three numbers touching 11 times your bet if one of the 3 hits
Four numbers touching 8 times your bet if one of the 4 hits
Six numbers touching 5 times your bet if one of the 6 hits
A column or a third 2 times the initial bet
One color, even/odd or half 1 times the initial bet
Columns 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 0.5 times the initial bet

How to play roulette? The course of the game

Now that you know the different rules of roulette, we wanted to immerse you in a game of roulette, as if you were really there. We give you here all our roulette tricks . Here is the course of a game in 5 steps.

1st step

picto 1

Once you have chosen your table and settled comfortably, you will be able to start your first game. For this, you will have to wait for the dealer's call announcing "Place your bets!".

Indeed, especially when playing live, there may be a slight delay until the current game ends. If you are playing standard roulette, of course, you will start the game immediately.

Once the dealer's announcement has been made, it will be time to place your bets using chips . As you have seen previously there are many bets that can be placed. It is therefore wise to have read it beforehand so as not to lose the precious seconds granted to you to place your bets.

2nd stage

picto 1

When the deadline for placing your bets is reached, the dealer will indicate it by saying the following phrase: "No more bets!". When you hear this phrase, you can already know that it will no longer be possible to place your bets.

But that's not all, if you placed a bet by mistake, it will no longer be possible to cancel it. We must therefore be careful and don't play in a rush at the risk of playing with stakes that would not have been desired.

By the way, be aware that this famous phrase is still uttered by the dealer as soon as the ball hits its first obstacle. Thus, you know that once this period begins, there will only be a few seconds left before knowing the results.

3rd stage

picto 3

Then, you are probably familiar with the famous phrase "The bets are placed!" The dealer announces this when the ball starts bouncing on the different squares. One can then guess that the results are close.

However, it is possible that sometimes the ball rebounds a lot and ends up completely opposite to where it started its fall. Therefore, one should not rush and think that they have won the game after the first bounce.

While the bets are already placed and the ball is about to finish its fall, you will then be able to observe, during your various games, that it is often at this moment that adrenaline is at its peak .

4th stage

picto 4

Once the ball has completed its spin, it will then come to a stop on one of the squares. This is when the game ends. You will quickly find out whether you have won or lost the game.

Generally, the results are displayed on the screen but of course the croupier will also announce them. It will thus indicate what is winning number and its color . In some cases, we can also add if the number is even or odd and if the number belongs to the category "pass" or "miss".

Indeed, these are the 3 most played groups in roulette. For example, if the winning number is 28. The announcement will then be as follows: 28, black, even, high. This allows you to navigate more easily.

5th step

picto 5

cash in your chips and collect your winnings. Once all the losing players' chips are collected, the game will come to an end. collect your winnings .

In general, on online casinos, the winnings will also be added to your balance. So, you will be able to check how much your bankroll is and not play more than you can.

Also, when the game round ends, it is also the moment when you can leave the table or try your luck again. In this case, the procedure will start again exactly the same way each time.

Roulette rule: All about the odds of winning

THE roulette winning odds are a crucial step in learning the rules of roulette and in your hopes of hitting the jackpot. We have analyzed the chances of winning to help you make your bets.

🧿 You bet on: 📈 The probability of winning is: 💰 You will pocket:
Red Black 47.37% chance of exit Pay 1:1
Even odd 47.37% chance of exit Pay 1:1
Bet 1-18 (miss) / 19-36 (pass) 47.37% chance of exit Pay 1:1
Dozen 31.58% chance of exit Pays 2:1
Column 31.58% chance of exit Pays 2:1
Number – variable (variable) 2.63% chance of exit Pay 35:1

It can't really be said that probabilities are full-fledged rules of roulette. However, it is good to be aware of this strategy, especially to avoid losing your entire balance quickly.

Casino roulette rule: Tips for starting to play

Now that you have mastered the rules as well as all the information regarding the game of roulette, it is just a matter of getting started. For this, we have prepared a special guide for you.

Where to play roulette?

où jouer à la roulette ?

You know it by heart roulette rule and you are excited to place your first real money bet, so why not start on the best roulette casinos ? Indeed, starting on the best casinos will allow you to start safely and have fun on quality games.

In addition, all these operators also offer a free version of their game library to allow you to have fun for free but above all to better understand the rules without the stress of losing your bankroll.

You can also choose to play free roulette directly from our website. All you have to do is choose your game and start having fun! No registration or payment will be required.

How to establish your budget? Indispensable casino roulette rules

Before you start spending your real money, it is necessary to establish a budget. This will allow you to set a goal and gamble responsibly . This is a very important point because during roulette games at online casinos, it is quite common to get carried away with the game and not see the time spent.

To set a budget, you also need to know your playing time. This way, you can determine if your budget should be daily, weekly, or monthly. The best option is still to set a limit for all three to avoid exceeding it.

Also note that if you are afraid of not respecting this budget, the casinos all offer an option “ Deposit limits ". These allow you to indicate limits that you will not be able to exceed when making your deposits.

How to get your virtual chips?

We recommend that you test live roulette on games broadcast live and hosted by a real croupier who announces the numbers in real time to learn the Roulette Rules . However, if you were wondering, then you will be playing with virtual chips.

To be able to buy your chips when you are on a table, you will have to Make a deposit . By making this payment, your player account will be credited and you will be able to obtain your tokens to start your game as well as possible.

If you do not wish to make a deposit from the start, we therefore advise you to have fun either with bonuses or completely for free. This is indeed the best solution for training without stress.

How to choose a table online?

We suggest that you start testing “casino roulette rule” on free games. This service offers maximum chances for players to win afterwards.

Indeed, you can check if you master all the bets (on horseback, red / black, for example) and this without having to spend your money, or without stress.

In addition, it will allow you to evaluate which tables you prefer. There are several tables: in Live, in free mode or against the computer.

So, in our view, the best solution is still to test the tables to find out what your favorite game will be.

How to place your bets?

You discovered it throughout this guide, placing bets can be more complicated than it seems. Indeed, by placing your bets well, it will guarantee you more frequent winnings. However, be aware that casinos impose minimum and maximum betting limits to prevent excessive losses. martingales .

📑 So, before starting your games, you will need:

  • ✔ Become aware of the different stakes ;
  • ✔ Soak up the roulette carpet in order to master the game;
  • ✔ Know the probabilities related to stakes;
  • ✔ Know what is the time allowed to make the bet.

➡️ Our advice for betting well : the 0 is a special box since this number is neither even nor odd, nor red or black. In fact, on the English version, if the player has bet on a simple chance, his bet will be placed in jail If in the next round, zero does not come out, the player will get their bet back if it is a winning one. If zero comes out again, the dealer will then collect this bet. This is a small subtlety of the roulette casino rule to keep in mind. It should be noted that this rule does not apply to American or English roulette.

Variants to learn the casino roulette rule

Although the value of the payouts is the same on each variation of roulette, the roulette rules differ slightly from one roulette wheel to another.

English and European Roulette

These are the classic wheels that offer the better chances of winning for gamers. They consist of 36 colored boxes and a single zero.

roulette française

English roulette

The same cylinder as for English roulette is used. However, only 7 players max can participate in a game. The playmat is slightly different but the announcements and bets are similar to English Roulette.

roulette anglaise

American Roulette

This wheel, in addition to having numbered boxes, is composed of two boxes 0 . So the advantage goes to the house. It is therefore more difficult for the player to win. You should know that the American roulette carpet is also different.

roulette américaine

What if you win a game?

Once you are confident that you know the rule of the casino roulette, you can start playing for real money. Thanks to all our advice, you are likely to win one or more rounds.

🔎 In this case:

  • ♦ You won with an active bonus on your player account: you must complete the bonus wagering requirements to be able to withdraw your money;
  • ♦ You have won with real money : you will only need to send your verification documents in order to be able to make the withdrawal request;
  • Real money or bonus ? In casinos, real money is always played first. So if you win early on, you can withdraw your real money winnings and keep your bonus for later.

Bravo, your learning of the roulette game rule is coming to an end! You will be able to put into practice this famous roulette game rule at the casino. We hope that we have helped you to stack the odds in your favor and that this article on the roulette casino rule will make you a winner!

Positive reviews from our readers: 9.8 / 10.
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