Is it possible to play at the online casino without an identity card?

casino piece identite

In a land-based casino, you probably know that you must present an identity document. Well, the principle is absolutely identical online , this is a step imposed by the legislation in force: you will have to provide an identity document to finalize your registration.

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Identity documents accepted by online casinos

Passport Yes ✔️
Residence permit Yes ✔️
Driver's license Yes ✔️
ID card Yes ✔️
Vital card No ❌

Why do online casinos require ID?

pourquoi l'identité est-elle requise

Before saying hello to the euros that will arrive in your bank account and thinking about winnings, jackpot or chips galore, you will have to go through a slightly less fun step: the identity verification of all individuals who wish to open an online casino account or enter a land-based casino. Don't bother typing on your search engine: "casino photocopy ID card" or "verify identity card online". All the information you need has been gathered on our legal page:

♣ On the online side , during your first steps on an online casino site (home page), you will have to send the site a valid proof of identity shortly after. This process is part of their legal obligations imposed by the country and/or the gaming license, so this request is valid for France, as well as for foreign countries.

If an online casino does not ask you for ID: run away!

Know that the whole ♠ Online casinos ♠ presented on our site are 100% reliable: no unpleasant surprises regarding the handling of your personal data. In case of problem, you can contact us at any time.

♣ On the land side , it is exactly the same. An identity document is required at the entrance of the establishment. Be aware: no photocopies are accepted.

Whether it is in the virtual or real world, the presentation of this document allows the legal department of the casino to verify your identity (last name, first name, date of birth, and place of birth). The casino ensures in this way the authenticity of your information. age and your identity, but also checks that you are not registered on the list of banned casino players. To establish this relationship, it is commonly referred to as "know your customer" or Know Your Customer (KYC).

Accessing the casino without an ID card: impossible, whether it is an online casino or a land-based casino. We explain in detail the process of these sites, and you can make use of our free downloadable document on identity verification.

Download in 1 click our document 'Guide' ► you will find there ♣ the crucial steps ♣ to play gambling games safely:

verification identite casino

Some particularities of an online casino: provide a casino ID, but not only...

In order to comply with legal obligations and establish a relationship of trust with its players, the site will ask you for various documents. During your experience on an online casino site, it is highly likely that the casino will request additional documents from you. The customer service will contact you to request these documents within a few days after opening your account. These requests are common and mainly aim to protect you. Thus, it is perfectly possible that the online casino site may ask you to provide proof regarding your bank card, if that is the payment method you have used.

Techniques to send information on your Credit Card in a 100% secure way:

  • For security reasons, it is preferable to conceal certain numbers, for example, with a small piece of paper. For it to be accepted, you just need to show the first 6 numbers and the last 4 numbers on the front of the card. For the back, you can apply the same principle, but in reverse.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection to proceed to this step, place your document on a solid color table for a clear result (preferably in natural daylight), and avoid holding it in your hand.
  • The web page on which the process takes place may then ask you to enter a code (which you can receive by email or SMS) which will act as your signature.

The step "Check identity card online" is one of the indicators to play on a reliable site

identité en ligne

As you may have noticed, the topic "casino identity verification" is a true art and plays an important role in the conditions for a secure online game. These procedures may seem intrusive at first glance. But we can assure you that this is not the case. Casino sites prioritize your security and the protection of your data. Sending these different documents helps establish a stable relationship between the casino and the player. The site protects you against any potential fraudulent activity on your identity or your deposit methods, and it protects itself by obtaining the necessary information to ensure your good faith on the site. If your site asks for different documents, you can send them with full confidence. Whether it's through email, the site itself, or by mail, the sites will always offer various channels to send these documents according to your convenience.

Attention, no casino can force you to provide this information. It is within your right to refuse, however, you will not be able to finalize the opening of your member account, nor take advantage of the bonuses. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for the personal information you provide, so it is essential to ensure that you register with a reliable online casino.

Is it possible to go to the casino with your driving license?

Are you lost when it comes to the documents that are accepted and you've searched on Google for all possible variations: "casino identity card driver's license", "casino driver's license", and even "casino identity document"? Here, finally, is the official list of documents accepted by identity verification services. This list is applicable to both online and land-based casinos.

It could be :

  • ♦ A passport
  • ♦ A residence permit
  • ♦ A driving license
  • ♦ An identity card

This document is the foundation of the privileged relationship that you will create with the website. Note that many forums focus on topics such as "casino photocopy ID card", but we remind you that photocopies are in no way accepted. You must present an original and official casino identification document when you move.

In addition to the identification document, a proof of residence may be frequently required. In this case, your first name, last name, postal address, and the issuing date of the document should be clearly stated. Furthermore, the document must be dated within the past 3 months.

Dear players, you now have in mind all the points you need to know about identity verification, you can now go and meet your favorite dealer and take on the hottest card games or slot machines of the moment.

Casino ID FAQs

🧐 Is it possible to register at an online casino without an identity card?

Indeed it is possible to register on an online casino without an identity card. However, you will need to bring another piece of identification as indicated. here .

🔎 Why do online casinos require ID?

Casinos require ID to various reasons . The first is to verify the age of the players. The second is to be able to ensure with the authorities where the money comes from and where the casino goes.

🚗 Is it possible to register at a casino with your driving license?

Yes, he is possible to register on a casino with his driving license as this one is considered as an official identity document.

✔️ How to photocopy your ID card for the casino?

For that, many solutions exist, you can use an application from your phone such as CamScanner or use a scanner directly.

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