How to become a croupier in a casino? What salary can we expect?

The profession of a croupier is a job that has existed for many centuries. Indeed, the first casinos appeared in the 17th century. Some people become croupiers for a game with their friends, while others find a true passion in this extraordinary profession. This article is like a Guide which will allow you to better understand this role which is essential in the world of land-based casinos.

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What is a croupier in a casino?

The croupier has a function multitask , he must implement several skills in order to successfully perform his work. To make it easier for you to understand, we have created a list of what he does on a daily basis in general. Note that depending on the establishment, these tasks may vary slightly.

  • ♦ Table operations The croupier opens and closes the tables according to his schedule. Depending on the game at the table, he announces the actions that players can take: "Place your bets," "No more bets" in the case of roulette.
  • ♦ The maneuvers It is he/she who is responsible for handling chips, tokens, cards, dice, or balls. He must do this very carefully to avoid any mistakes. He collects the losing bets and uses a rake to give the chips to the winning customers.
  • ♦ Memory The dealer must be excellent at mental calculation because they have to quickly calculate the losses and winnings in order to announce them and start a new game. They must also remember the progress of the game in order to rectify any potential mistakes.
  • ♦ Respect for the rules : the game animator, observes the game and the players to ensure that everything is going well in accordance with the rules of the establishment. He does not hesitate to crop a player if this is not the case.

What is the salary of a croupier?

As in all sectors, the salary of a dealer will depend on your experience and exact role. The average annual net earnings of a dealer is $23,415, which equals $1,522 net per month. Unfortunately, there are wage differences between men and women in the industry. On average, a man earns 6 %More than just a woman for the same position. There are different levels for the position of a dealer and here are the minimum salaries:

Level Role Salary
Level 1 Beginner dealer with up to 12 months experience 1 515 $
Level 2 ball dealer 1 571 $
Level 3 Tier 2 dealer 1 654 $
Level 3 First Class Dealer 1 781 $
Level 3 Sous chef 1 908 $
Level 4 Chef de table or chef de partie boule 2 035 $
Level 5 game manager 2 215 $
Level 5 Chief of party 2 405 $

In addition to their basic salary, it is possible that in some casinos players leave tips to the worker. These tips will not be taxed since they do not appear on the payslip. Tipping rules vary from establishment to establishment.

What is the salary of a croupier in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is certainly the place with the largest number of dealers, with its thousands of casinos on site. It is difficult to have exact figures on salaries in Las Vegas as they will vary from one casino to another. However, the average hourly wage is around 15,45 $is 13.29 $. In addition to that, they can add an average of 138 $ (118.75 $) as a tip per day.

Live dealer job

croupier en live

The job of a live dealer is very similar to the "classic" role. The two biggest differences between the two are that you are in a studio and you are the only physical person present. Each person employed will have to work on the. language market. That is to say, if you speak English, you could be present in English, Belgian or Swiss markets. Not Canadian because Québecois accent is very different from the one in Europe.

The shift of an online dealer unfolds as follows: the person arrives at their table, follows the game procedures, and reacts to messages that players may leave in the game chat.

Unlike employees who work in a land-based casino, here they don't have to do mental calculations, as all the cards are scanned by a computer, and it's the computer that handles the mathematics. The dealer will only have to congratulate the players who have won and start the next round. One of the largest live casino companies is Evolution .

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What is the salary of a live dealer?

Salaries of live dealers depend on the country in which they work. If we take the example of Malta, wages range from $18,000 to $23,500 gross per year . The amount of salary will also depend on the language for which you are employed.

People from Nordic countries will earn more than others, for example, because they are more "rare on the market" . At the live casino, tips do not exist but they are entitled to bonuses from their company.

How to become a croupier?

croupier formation

If you are someone who is interested in gambling world And if you enjoy interacting with others, this job may be suitable for you. There are land-based casinos in many countries, and if you have good English skills, you can easily work in another country if that is what you desire.

To have a chance of being hired by a casino, you should know that it will be essential to receive training who will teach you everything. You should also know that these courses take place in specific training centers. Thus, it will not be possible to train in just any establishment.

What training and which schools to choose to become a croupier?

In the case of France, there are conditions to meet to become a future croupier:

  • ♦ Be of legal age
  • ♦ Have a clean criminal record
  • ♦ Be registered on the electoral lists
  • ♦ Obtain ministerial approval from the Ministry of the Interior

There are specialized schools for learning this trade and the most famous are part of the Cerus Casino Academy . They have schools in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Mulhouse and Brussels. You can follow several training courses in these schools:

  • ♦ 🤓 Dealer training;
  • ♦ 🤓 International dealer training;
  • ♦ 🤓 Slot machine customer assistant training;
  • ♦ 🤓 Slot machine maintenance technician training;

In the case of some casinos and some job offers, they do not require any experience or training and they offer you on-site training.

What is the cost of training to become a croupier?

A number of future croupiers who decide to be trained in one of the Cerus Casino Academy schools will have the chance to have their funded training thanks to the collaboration of Pôle Emploi, AFDAS, and Casino BARRIERE. They also offer mobility assistance based on your profile. Others will have to finance their training themselves. The cost of croupier training is:

  • ♦ 💶 $3,700: for schools in Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille and Mulhouse
  • ♦ 💶 $3,900: for the school in Paris.

What are the skills and qualities that make a good croupier? Are you cut out to be a croupier?

  • ♦ Perfectly know the rules of the games and be able to answer all questions about them;
  • ♦ Knowing how to use the equipment made available for the game: shoe, cards, tokens, ball and any other object that must be used;
  • ♦ Adopt the vocabulary specific to the casino. There are game-specific announcements that need to be spoken;
  • ♦ Have the ability to make mental calculations and quickly. The croupier must almost constantly state numbers and he cannot make the players wait too long.

Regarding behavioral qualities, it is preferable to be a calm person who is able to manage stress during critical situations. Indeed, you may be confronted with unhappy or slightly nervous players. The dealer must be respectful and welcoming, but also firm and proactive. He always remembers that he is not a player and that he is there to lead and observe.

What is the collective agreement for dealers?

Croupier is one of the professions managed by a very specific agreement. The collective agreement identifier for casinos is 2257. This agreement covers the following points:

  • ♦ The amount of minimum wages;
  • ♦ Working conditions;
  • ♦ Resignations;
  • ♦ Reimbursement of health costs;
  • ♦ Social protection.

This national collective agreement applies to all employees and your employer must inform you of it. There are some aspects in which the collective agreement has more favorable provisions than the labor code.

  • ♦ Shortened trial period;
  • ♦ A more advantageous severance pay scheme;
  • ♦ Bonuses may be granted;
  • ♦ In the event of sick leave, the provisions of the agreement are more accommodating.

The agreement has other advantages and we advise you to read them very quickly.

What tools and equipment do dealers use?

We have already mentioned some of the tools and equipment of the dealer in our article. His equipment will depend on which game he is responsible for. Here is the list of equipment you will have for the following games: poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, here is what you will find:

  • ♦ Clog,
  • ♦ Rack,
  • ♦ Cards,
  • ♦ Table,
  • ♦ Tokens,
  • ♦ Rake,
  • ♦ Wheel ball.
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