The biggest casino wins and jackpots

who does not dream of hit the jackpot in a casino? If you are an amateur or hardcore player, you must have thought about the reaction you would have if you got, by a lucky chance, the jackpot for your favorite game!

After all, a good number of players are there for this one and only goal... thrills as a bonus! We have concocted you the casino guide biggest wins in casinos around the world as well as our advices to finally get them!

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Biggest slot machine jackpot

les jackpots

Unsurprisingly, the biggest casino win ever won in a casino (land-based or online) in the world, is in the land of Uncle Sam, in Vegas . It was in 2013, at the Excalibur casino, on the MegaBucks reel machine , that the famous ringtone announcing the jackpot sounded… for an amount of nearly $39 million being the largest sum ever won on a slot machine in casino history. History!

In world , the biggest casino win won goes up to 9 million euros , at the JOA casino in Port-Crouesty, in Morbihan, after a bet of 1,50 $ !If this jackpot could be of such an amount, it is thanks to the Magic Jackpot, progressive slot machine allowing the jackpot to climb very quickly.

Biggest Roulette Wins

The biggest roulette jackpot in the world is recent: In 2017, the Brazilian Pedro Grendene Bartelle won $3.5 million! He decided on a whim to bet $35,000 on his lucky number, the number 32. A record for this classic board game from the casino.

In world , the record is held by the Casino Barriere in Deauville : a player has won a little more a million euros at the game of roulette! Small peculiarity: the player went 3 days in a row to the casino to win this pretty sum, nothing is said about roulette strategy that the player has adopted… too bad!

Our tips for getting a big win at the Casino

Earn big wins at the casino, whether land-based or online, happens more often than you think... it's not just a matter of luck! There are a multitude of strategies and tips to win the jackpot at the casino, whether land-based or online… here are some tips for maximize your chances!

Our tips for winning the jackpot in a physical casino

To win the jackpot in a physical casino, you must have good reflexes and use common sense - there's nothing like winning the casino jackpots. Our team has decided to provide you the best advice For increase your earnings at the casino depending on the games chosen. Follow the leader !

Types of games Tips and Strategies
slot machines
  • β˜† Prefer 5-reel machines with a small jackpot
  • β˜† Only play machines with a return rate of at least 95%
  • β˜† Favor progressive machines
  • β˜† Prefer European roulette
  • β˜† Bet on simple odds (ex: black or red)
  • β˜† Manage your bankroll carefully
  • β˜† Work basic strategy and strategy board
  • β˜† Avoid taking insurance
  • β˜† Forget card counting (often forbidden)
  • β˜† Adjust your bets
  • β˜† Reduce the number of hands you play
  • β˜† Pay close attention and bet smartly
  • β˜† Adapt your bets to the game
  • β˜† Pay attention to player position
  • β˜† Learn payment reports at your fingertips
  • β˜† Lower the house edge
  • β˜† Always bet on the long term

Our tips for winning the jackpot at online casinos

Re Online casinos , here is a list of 5 strategic steps to follow, to help you get bigger wins!

  • 🌟 View and learn basic strategies for games that interest you
  • 🌟 Use bonuses and promotional offers: big advantage of online casinos!
  • 🌟 Choose a secure site, recognized with several possible types of payment
  • 🌟 Thanks to online casinos, you can find many free games and play with fictitious money to train without stress!
  • 🌟 Study payout rates carefully, these figures can be viewed at most online casinos

How are casino winnings paid out?

gains versΓ©s

In a land-based casino , to withdraw your winnings, simply go to checkout "to exchange your chips for cash or casino check (for larger amounts). Note that for winnings over $1,500, you must pay the CSG (12% of the winnings) and present your ID card. The true advantage of a land-based casino is that" the recovery of your winnings is almost instantaneous .

Re Online casinos , it's not the same story. Security is required in online casinos, you will need to provide some documents (identity card, bank papers, etc.) to withdraw your winnings. The delay may be a little longer because the operation is done by Bank transfer but in general, reputable casinos make it a point to shorten these delays as much as possible .

So, ready to hit the jackpot? πŸ˜‰

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