Legislation around casino games in English-speaking countries


European legislation in online gaming and betting permettre une meilleure protection des consommateurs. Cependant, dans certains pays, les jeux d'argent restent un monopole d'État, ce qui limite la concurrence et peut conduire à des abus de pouvoir. Ces monopoles, bien qu'ils puissent être justifiés par des raisons de protection sociale ou de prévention de la dépendance aux jeux, peuvent également entraver le développement du secteur et limiter le choix des consommateurs. La libéralisation du secteur des jeux d'argent devrait donc être envisagée avec précaution, en tenant compte à la fois des bénéfices économiques potentiels et des risques sociaux associés. warn players against offers from certain illegal and unscrupulous operators.

Casino games: legal or not legal?

However, it will not escape anyone's notice that it is easier to diligently control the online gambling sector when there are a minimal number of operators involved. The proliferation of online casinos increases the number of errors and fraud, mathematically speaking. Behind the lawmakers' desire to establish laws governing online gaming and betting, there is a clear argument in terms of revenue, speaking from a fiscal standpoint. Indeed, by legalizing what is actually illegal, governments absorb income; this is the reality of the market. If some players have doubts about the legal status of online casino games in English-speaking countries, they no longer have to worry: the lack of frank argumentation from governments conceals their satisfaction in being able to generate additional income - albeit illegal - in these difficult times of crisis and recession.

A very delicate subject from a legal point of view

You will notice that the climate is less tense in Belgium and Switzerland. The progress on the legal front is not as straightforward in these countries, but their politicians know how to be more open-minded. In Belgium and Switzerland, there are no profaners or taboo subjects: historically, the organization of games of chance constitutes a voluntary tax and the legal context in Belgium and Switzerland is much less complicated than - the hexagon having more than a dozen laws and decrees aimed at regulating gambling, sports betting, and lotteries. Furthermore, one will notice in these countries as well as in Canada that power is evenly distributed among federal, regional, or cantonal states, which is not the case where national law prevails.

Contradictions within the iGaming market

We grant you, the online gambling market is filled with paradoxes and we hope that the following section will provide answers to the questions you have. These paradoxes can be found on the side of "protectionist" regimes that go against European community law and the notion of free trade. However, protectionist governments are not lawbreakers: the legislative framework of gambling is based on the history of each nation and their different sociological links. Although the legal age to gamble is fixed, players are exposed to many risks and there are certain loopholes in the regulatory systems. The iGaming market is very specific, hence the creation of sometimes exceptional regimes. The European Court of Justice is sometimes able to understand and tolerate a country's personal and protectionist interests if its reasons are valid and justified. Decisions are therefore made on a case-by-case basis.

The concept of security

On an online casino, there are several laws that surround players in order to protect them. For example, you should know that there is a legal age to play these online gambling games. According to a charter of good conduct and above all a license which imposes its security rules, an online casino will take measures to protect your data , fight against money laundering , and even for you ensure fairness Perfect fit between you and the "house". In other words, if you play on a website that we praise, you will no longer run any risk. Naturally, these online casinos are preferred, unlike those listed on a blacklist.

Update on online gambling regulations

Gambling and games of chance are governed by very strict legislation. The democratization of online gaming has even further tightened this legislation under the auspices of the ARJEL. In order to allow you to play under the best possible conditions, we will precisely review the regulations for online gaming.

The standards imposed by the ARJEL

I' ARJEL distinguishes two types of games: those that rely on pure chance and those that require the use of the player's insight and deductive abilities. In the eyes of the ARJEL, this second category includes poker, backgammon, sports betting, and horse racing betting. This is why these games are allowed on sites approved by the governing authority in this field.

On the other hand, slot machines, blackjack, craps, roulette, video poker, and many other games remain prohibited online. As a result, no online casino is allowed to offer its services from France. However, English speaking players have nevertheless found a solution by gradually turning to foreign online casinos.

Consequences for players

Despite the legislation in force, players can effectively register on foreign gaming websites. These platforms are internationally recognized for their professionalism and operate with the required license from Malta, Gibraltar or Curaçao, three essential countries in the iGaming sector.

In the meantime, major casino groups are witnessing the exodus of English speaking players without being able to remedy the situation due to the strict regulation of the market by the ARJEL. Some foreign sites are also being warned by the ARJEL for allowing access to players from France. However, the situation is likely to change in the coming years...

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