The players and the risks involved

English speaking players who wish to bet money on English online or virtual casino sites wonder if this activity is legal. Well it would appear that the English speaking players who gamble at online casinos are effectively in an irregular, or at least risky, situation.

Illegal online casinos?

le casino est-il légal ?

If we observe certain laws, online casinos selling their services are illegal. Indeed, it is the Ministry of the Interior that gives its authorization for the opening of a land-based or online casino and its right to operate. According to the laws of June 15, 1907 and January 5, 1988, the request must be made by a spa town, seaside resort or a city with more than 500,000 inhabitants that has an opera house or orchestra. All other physical or virtual establishments selling games in violation of these two agreements would be illegal. The law of July 12, 1983 also states that " Participation, including as a banker, in the operation of a gambling establishment where the public is freely admitted, even when admission is subject to referral, is punishable by two years of imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 $. ».

An important distinction to make

However, are online casino operators not based in countries where the marketing of online gambling is legalized? Do they not have licenses considered legal? Well, apparently not. Virtual casinos are gaming establishments organized on the web, but they are irregular. Even if the operator's activity is conducted from a country where such entertainment is legal, it does not mean that they are tolerated. The worst part is that even if the online casino is at fault for offering deals to uninformed customers, the players themselves can be penalized. This is what we will see below.

The risks against the player

Another major nuance: players who have reached legal majority - which is 18 years old - are not necessarily prohibited from playing and betting on gambling sites. Online casino However, if their level of participation in unregulated online casino games becomes excessive, they may be subject to penalties, as specified in articles 121-6 and 121-7 of the Penal Code. Additionally, in the event of non-payment of winnings, the online casino will not face criminal sanctions. Why? Because online casinos do not operate within an administrative framework that is authorized.

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