The payout rate explained to casino players

The payout ratio, or return to player (RTP), allows you to obtain information regarding the casino return on investment . When a player bets on an online casino, his goal is to have fun, of course, but also to earn money.

Despite the fact that most games are based on chance, the payout percentage will help you earn more while having fun!

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What is the payout rate?

taux de rémunération

The payout rate of a casino is an essential theoretical concept to know since it allows to obtain the profitability percentage as a player, of a game in general or of a slot machine. This notion will help you identify the casinos and games that pay the most thanks to an indicated value.

The index is very regularly audited and monitored by specialized authorities to ensure compliance with this percentage. The latter is therefore not assigned randomly or to the advantage of the casino, which will attract more players if it is high. There is a strict adherence to rules.

Be aware that the redistribution rate in the land-based casinos is 85% and most online casinos offer at least a 95% RTP, some even reach 98%. It is higher on online casinos because there are fewer expenses involved: no dealers, security employees, and customers come from all over the world... There are thus more chances to win money!

Average payout rates per game

As we have seen previously, online casinos have a higher payout rate than physical casinos. But these vary according to the games:

🎰 Online casino games

redistribution rate

black jack

98 %


97.3 %

Slot machines

99 %


98.5 %

video poker

97 %

As we can see here, slot machines are the casino games that allow players to recover their stake the most.

But you should know that the percentage applies to the sums wagered over a given time. The amount redistributed will be greater if you decide to bet the maximum amount only once, rather than betting small amounts multiple times.

How to know the redistribution rate of a slot machine?

As we mentioned previously, the slot machines are the most lucrative games casinos. But then, how to know the percentage of redistribution of this game on your casino site?

You have 4 options to choose from:

  • On the casino website The establishments are being transparent by communicating the reimbursement percentages (or RTP) of their games. You can find the average for each type of casino game (or type of slot machine) in their documentation. Platform Terms and Conditions.

    But you also have the opportunity to know the rate by types of slot machines. By going to the pages of the desired games, and clicking on the rules and information linked to the games, you will find the corresponding amount there.

  • On the website of the casino game provider : if the desired percentage is not found on the casino site, go directly to the editor interface and click on the game pages to see if the information is there.
  • On our casino reviews : when we write articles about the best slot games on the market, we clearly indicate its redistribution percentage.
  • On your search engine : from your internet browser, you can directly enter the following search to find the desired percentage "the name of the casino and that of the slot machine + RTP" .

How is the payout rate calculated by casinos?


This rate, so dear to casino players, is calculated as follows. Let's take an example to be as clear as possible. .

If a casino player bets $3000, and the casino pays them $4500 in winnings, the online establishment will have therefore kept $300. The payout percentage for this machine will therefore be 90%. (4500*100/5000 = 90%).

un certain laps de temps, comme un mois, un trimestre ou une année. Sur une seule game, il est difficile de dire si un casino est rentable. C'est la variété de son offre qui détermine la rentabilité d'un casino. Il convient de noter que les calculs sont généralement effectués sur une période de temps déterminée, telle qu'un mois, un trimestre ou une année. 24 hours even though this duration is not considered as a benchmark.

After reading this article, the repayment rate should be the first element What will you be looking for when you inquire about which casino to choose and which slot machine? Does it host a lot of games that interest you? And what is their payout rate? Therefore, the most logical thing for you to do would be to choose the operator that has the most games you enjoy, with the highest number having a high payout rate!

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