To Mars and Beyond: the new innovative crash game

To mars and beyond

Tired of classic table games like blackjack, roulette or poker? Casinos are innovating to give you great experiences thanks to crash games . They offer the possibility of having fun in an original way, while offering very simple rules of the game.

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The little new mini-game To Mars and Beyond immerses the Internet user in the space universe He indeed takes control of a spaceship and flies from the planet Mars to an unknown destination. But the flight will be filled with obstacles... We give you our opinion on this exciting game!

✨ Minimum bet 0,10 $
🎰 Max bet 100 $
⚖️RTP 97 %
🤑 Max Earnings x 10,000
to mars and beyond capture d'écran

How To Mars and Beyond works

to mars and beyond règles du jeu

Crash games have recently been a great success on online gaming sites. THE object of the game is simple , and the possibilities of winning, are numerous.

To Mars and Beyond is the new themed game from provider Gaming Corps. This mini-game promises an immersive experience in the space universe.

From the start of the game, the player takes control of a spatialship latest generation, to take off from the planet Mars, to an unknown destination.

The graphics of the game, as well as the incredibly striking sound effects, only make the experience even more realistic. The player truly has the sensation of being on board a spacecraft. His mission at this moment is simple: to successfully complete his flight without crashing!

The Gaming Corps provider offers here the possibility to play via mobiles and tablets. It has indeed incorporated Javascript and HTML5 technology to allow high quality and ergonomics in this game mode.

In addition, players can test this game first by free mode to get their bearings and test strategies. Once ready, they can play for real money for more sensations.

Finally, the game has a new feature multiplayer which offers the opportunity to follow the actions of other players and get an idea of the trend to follow. A live chat tab allows players to get in touch with each other. This creates a connection between players, making the game more alive!

How to play To Mars and Beyond?

to mars and beyond capture d'écran

mise peut être de n'importe quel montant, en fonction de vos préférences. Une fois que vous avez placé votre mise, vous pouvez appuyer sur le bouton "Démarrer" pour lancer le jeu. Le jeu consiste à piloter un avion et à essayer de le faire voler le plus loin possible. Vous pouvez contrôler l'avion en utilisant les flèches du clavier ou en touchant l'écran si vous jouez sur un appareil mobile. Pendant le vol, vous pouvez collecter des pièces pour gagner des points supplémentaires. Plus vous volez loin et collectez de pièces, plus vous marquez de points. Cependant, faites attention aux obstacles tels que les montagnes ou les nuages ​​noirs, car ils peuvent faire crasher votre avion et mettre fin à la partie. Une fois que votre avion s'est écrasé, la distance parcourue et les points marqués sont affichés à l'écran. Vous pouvez alors choisir de rejouer en plaçant une autre mise, ou de collecter vos points et de quitter le jeu. Les mini-jeux de crash d'avion sont amusants et addictifs, et peuvent être une excellente façon de passer le temps. Alors, pourquoi ne pas essayer dès maintenant et voir jusqu'où vous pouvez faire voler votre avion ? minimum bet is $0.10, and the maximum amount is $100 The maximum multiplier can earn up to 10,000 times the initial bet in case of victory.

The peculiarity of this game is that it is possible to bet simultaneously on two bets, which increases the chances of winning. The player can follow the evolution of the winnings in the top right corner of the screen.

Once the bet is placed, the spaceship takes off, with the player at the controls. But the journey is filled with obstacles, with attacks from enemy ships trying to destroy it. You must defend yourself in the best way possible to avoid losing the game. As the spaceship ascends, the associated multiplier increases and stops when the spaceship is hit. This multiplier that defines your winnings .

The goal is therefore to exit the spaceship before getting hit and losing the game. The principle is therefore similar to other plane crash games. To stop the game and collect the winnings, simply press the button. “Cash-out” In case of victory, you will win interesting multiplier coefficients!

Bonuses on the game To Mars and Beyond

Several online casinos offer to play this latest generation mini-game. This is the case of 1Win. It offers its new members a welcome bonus of 100% up to $200 on your first deposit + 10 Free Spins No Deposit.

In addition, the online casino 22Bet also offers an interesting bonus of 100% up to $300 . This amount allows you to start the game with a significant advantage.

► 🍀 To Mars and Beyond is a game of chance, where luck reigns supreme, but these bonuses put the player's chances on the right side.

Techniques to win on To Mars and Beyond

In addition to bonuses, some strategies can be implemented to try to win more winnings during the game, or at least limit losses. Among the techniques to keep in mind, we find:

  • ♦ 🚀 The balance of bets This strategy consists of finding the right balance regarding the bet to be made. You can then bet a small amount on a high multiplier and, at the same time, a larger amount, but on a low multiplier.
  • ♦ 🚀 Analyze previous parts : You will find on the right of the screen the history of the previous games. It gives a trend of what the outcome of the game could give.
  • ♦ 🚀 The martingale This strategy consists of doubling your previous bet after each lost game. It can potentially result in big winnings after several rounds. However, one must not be afraid to go through multiple rounds.

A game produced by Gaming Corps

to mars and beyond capture d'écran

Game providers are the creators of entertainment titles. Each of them has their own expertise. Some specialize in graphics, others in mobile versions, while others are professionals in live casino games. Most gaming establishments collaborate with different publishers to best meet the expectations of internet users.

This game, of great graphic prowess To Mars and Beyond is the work of the Gaming Corps supplier. To Mars and Beyond comes from an extraordinary scenario that offers an incredible immersive adventure. The game publisher is no stranger to this, as they have already created games such as Coin Miners Casino Games and the Lucky Jet Casino Crash game.

Gaming Body created high-end casino games since its establishment in 2014, with meticulous finishes and intuitive features. It is recognized as a driving force for the evolution of the Igaming world industries.

List of reliable casinos to play To Mars and Beyond

Several casinos are riding the wave of success of this mini-game by offering it on their entertainment platform. By partnering with this renowned provider, the casinos ensure that they offer high-quality games to their members.

Among the most reliable casinos where to play To Mars and Beyond, we find:

  • ♦ 👍 1Win: 100% welcome bonus up to $200
  • ♦ 👍 Unique Casino: 100% welcome bonus up to $400
  • ♦ 👍 Ma Chance Casino: welcome bonus of 100% up to $250 or 300% up to $60
  • ♦ 👍 22Bet: 100% welcome bonus up to $300

All these casinos commit to providing secure navigation, as they hold an official gaming license and data encryption software. This sense of reliability is reinforced by the fact that these establishments work hand in hand with an internationally renowned publisher like Gaming Corps.

Games like To Mars and Beyond

jeux d'avion casino

The great success of mini-games in the online entertainment world has led several publishers to create numerous titles. Crash games, in particular, have gained a special following, and the offering has exploded in recent times. The goal is the same for all the games: try to keep the flight going for as long as possible to earn multipliers.

The game universes, on the other hand, are different. The interfaces are more or less graphical and the players take their place in different vehicles like an airplane, a rocket, or even a spaceship like here.

Among other titles similar to To Mars and Beyond, we can find, among others:

Our opinion on the game To Mars and Beyond

After analyzing the features of this new minigame, we can say that it is a big success The quality is up to standard in terms of graphics, functionality, and winning possibilities. Indeed, the potential for winnings is enormous and can reach up to 10000 times the initial bet! The objective of the game is simple and the chances of winning are numerous, so what are you waiting for!

In addition, the game can be adapted to various platforms such as mobile devices, it is possible to play in multiplayer mode, or even for free, which is very appealing in the gaming market. So our test is very positive!

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