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Jetx Cbet is one of the new casino games created in 2020 by SmartSoft and which already fascinates the crowds. Discover our survey on this rocket game by our online casino experts. Decryption of Jetx Cbet for you…

🤑 Max Winnings 30 000$
✨ Minimum bet 0,10 $
🎰 Max bet 500$
⚖️RTP 97 %
The best casinos to play Jetx Cbet
2000 $+ 100 Free Spins
300 $10 free spins
650 $

Play Jet X for Free and Without Registration

Jetx, the innovative money rocket game

jetx capture d'écran

This game available on the cbet online casino invites you to bet on the exact moment of the rocket crash to try to earn money . It's entertainment in real money particularly simple that appeals to a large number of players. You don't need to learn the complicated rules of poker, blackjack or baccarat to be successful. The famous money rocket games is even easier than online roulette!

Simply choose your bet before the ship takes off and collect your winnings (jump off the ship) before it crashes live. Before its ascent, you can choose to bet 0.10 $, 2 $, 5 $, 10 $, and even up to 600 $. Note that the maximum amount you can cash out is 30,000 $.

Going up, the casino rocket games also gradually increase the win multiplier . However, if the Rocket Casino game crashes before you have clicked “collect” to reap your winnings, then you will lose your winnings as well as your original bet.

👉 Let's take a concrete example:

Step 1 Before the ship takes off, you decide to bet 10 euros. The ship takes off when you click the button and the multiplier gradually increases
2nd step You decide to withdraw your bet when the multiplier reaches 3. You then collect 30 euros which gives you a total gain of 20 $
Step 3 If you decide to leave your bet in play and the rocket crashes, you lose your 10 euros.

You can play this as many times as you want. casino game and, in our opinion, the game is particularly addictive .

It is also possible to play automatically, meaning that with each takeoff you bet with an amount that you have previously defined. You can also choose to automatically collect your winnings when the multiplier reaches a certain level (for example X 2).

You can also choose to put two bets at once On the same game and the same ship. But if you are a player who loves adventure, you can try playing Jetx with the martingale technique. Be aware that the martingale is limited to a number of spins on all online casinos, but most importantly, don't forget that it's a game of chance and it's difficult to hit the jackpot.

Jet X tip: Strategies to maximize your earnings

4 techniques to win
  1. Stake : Minimum bet $2
  2. Bet: Good luck!
  3. Jump at the right time : to win
  4. Click on “Collect” : before the plane explodes

Jet X remains a game of chance but be aware that there is a trick and it is possible to use multipliers to maximize your winnings. You just have to bet big on a small multiplier or make small bets on a big multiplier. Then you apply a martingale to ensure recurring gains.

The graphic specificities of Jetx Cbet

jetx capture d'écran

THE games of chance was particularly well designed and the graphics are very successful as you see the spaceship take off from a rather classic airport. Then it gradually ascends into a clear sky and gets closer and closer to the stars and planets as it continues its ascent.

You'll also get a live preview of what other players currently playing the game are deciding to bet and when they decide to bet. collect their winnings thanks to a table on the right summarizing the player's nickname, his bet, the multiplier at which he withdrew his winnings and the total amount won.

Each time a player decides to collect their winnings, the line turns green in the table and you will see a fun little animation: a parachutist jumps live from the ship.

When the crash takes place, you will not have time to say "phew" that the rocket will disappear in an explosion and you will see the onomatopoeia "boom" appear on your screen, just like in the cartoons of your childhood. Finally, the amount of the reached multiplier is displayed prominently in red on your screen.

To help you make your decision, you have the option of analyzing the statistics of previous flights, which is sure to remind you of the strategies which you may use when making more traditional sports bets.

Thus, on the left of your screen, you will see all the previous multipliers reached during previous flights.

If the multiplier has reached at least 1.5 it will be in green but otherwise it will appear in red.

In our opinion, it is better to often bet small sums and collect his winnings frequently to make sure you don't make big losses.

Jet x casino produced by SmartSoft

SmartSoft Gaming Cbet Casino is the company that created this game. It is a very creative software development firm that has already launched over 100 games on the market since its establishment in 2015. This Georgia-based company has over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and creates high-quality games. games of all types like slot machines, table games, Bingo, Keno but also scratch games and mini games like Jetx.

In creating this entertainment, Smartsoft Gaming wanted to offer a high-quality game that truly entertains players while combining the "betting" aspect with the casino side without cluttering it. tokens .

So your earnings are up to you. It is you alone who decides whether or not to stop the counter and collect your winnings with your Mastercard. You can therefore adopt the strategy of your choice.

jetx capture d'écran

Jetx is available on Cbet but is it available on other casinos?

The best casinos to play Jetx
2000 $+ 100 Free Spins
300 $10 free spins
650 $

Jetx Casino is available on the cbet online casino et c’est sur celui-ci que nous l’avons principalement testé mais vous pouvez également retrouver ce jeu d'argent sur d’autres opérateurs tels qu’Azur Casino, Evolve Casino et Banzai Slots par exemple. And it is on this one that we primarily tested it, but you can also find this gambling game on other operators such as Azur Casino, Evolve Casino and Banzai Slots for example.

But know that the advantage of Cbet is that it offers you a welcome bonus of up to 800 $ through your first two deposits on the site to increase your winnings. odds of winning .

This bonus is a nice advantage with which players can to discover many games and have even more fun on the different variants Cbet is also interesting because it is a platform that, in addition to offering you more than 1,800 games, also allows you to bet on numerous sports disciplines and make easy and fast withdrawals.

By playing on this site, you will also accumulate points that will allow you to climb in the VIP ranking and receive even more offers and privileged advantages (free spins, cashback, etc.) in order to maximize your benefits. Play for free !

In addition to this, you play in complete safety on this site since it has obtained a license from the Curaçao authorities who control and regulate the largest casinos in the world. So you can choose the payment method of your choice, you will be sure to play safely.

Jetx Cbet on mobile

télécharger l'application Jetx Cbet sur votre appareil. Une fois l'application installée, vous pourrez profiter pleinement du jeu Jetx Cbet sur votre mobile. start playing and apply the techniques to increase his chances of winning.

version paysage. full screen version and your mobile horizontally.

It's a game you can start anytime since it doesn't really require much thought and it also doesn't take much time.

Indeed, a part on the casino rocket game can last less than 10 seconds from the time of your bet to the time the ship will crash.

Thus, the mobile version is particularly suitable since you can play for real money anytime and in many ways more spontaneous that on a PC for example. Similarly, most casinos now have a well-designed mobile version that allows you to perform many actions as easily as on a computer: make a deposit, withdraw money, contact customer service, etc.

Rocket Jetx Redistribution Rate

The redistribution rate for Cbet Jetx is 97 %. This is a particularly high payout rate (coefficient) which indicates that out of 100 games you play, you will potentially win 97 times!

Be the first of your friends to succeed in your games by finding the winning combination So silver rocket game .

advantages and disadvantages

👍 Benefits 👎 Disadvantages
  • ✔️ Beautiful design
  • ✔️ Big wins possible
  • ✔️ Original airplane game
  • ✔️ Beautiful RTP
  • ❌ Not available
  • ❌ Fairly short betting time
  • ❌ Old game

Jetx cbet review: Conclusion

Jetx is, in our opinion, an extremely entertaining game! Indeed, it is suitable for all players and is above all very easy to use. With his gaming experience , it was no surprise that it was voted game of the year among English speaking players .

Types of airplane games similar to Cbet Jetx

jetx capture d'écran

Cbet Jetx does not have a monopoly on crash games of that type. Indeed, there are other gambling of the same kind that we tested and which operate on the same principle. This is not from yesterday.

This type of game allows you to feel strong sensations in a minimum of time and without the need to learn complicated rules or establish complex strategies.

Often it is a silver plane cbet that explodes in midair but it can also be a simple line that rises as the stock prices and which suddenly stops in a completely random way.

Social networks like TikTok and Snapchat as well as influencers regularly promote this type of entertainment, but here are 3 of the best gambling of this type after Jet x:

  • 🚀 Cappadocia

Inspired by the famous hot air balloon ride in Turkey's Cappadocia region, this game allows you to bet on up to 5 hot air balloons that will take off into the Turkish sky and explode to reveal a more or less significant multiplier.

Just like the rocket game The graphics are very well done and you can also see other players' hot air balloons flying in the background. It's up to you to make a deposit at the casino of your choice to start playing!

  • 🚀 Crash Roofet

Ideal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this game only available in English gradually sees various types of spaceships or airplanes rise along a curve. You will see the different cash outs that other players have made throughout the curve as well as their earnings.

vous le savez peut-être, la cryptomonnaie est une monnaie numérique sécurisée et décentralisée utilisée pour effectuer des transactions en ligne. En choisissant de jouer avec de la cryptomonnaie, vous pouvez bénéficier d'avantages tels que des transactions rapides, des frais réduits et une confidentialité accrue. Si vous décidez de jouer en utilisant de la cryptomonnaie, vous pouvez sélectionner parmi une gamme de cryptomonnaies populaires telles que bitcoin, litecoin, doge, ethereum et bien d'autres. Vous pouvez facilement effectuer des dépôts et des retraits en utilisant votre portefeuille de cryptomonnaie, ce qui facilite grandement le processus de paiement. Cependant, si vous êtes nouveau dans le monde de la cryptomonnaie ou si vous préférez simplement vous familiariser avec les différents jeux disponibles, vous pouvez choisir de jouer en mode "démo". Dans ce mode, vous pouvez découvrir et profiter du divertissement sans avoir à dépenser de l'argent réel. C'est une excellente option pour les débutants ou pour ceux qui veulent simplement s'amuser sans prendre de risques financiers. Quelle que soit l'option que vous choisissez, jouer avec de la cryptomonnaie peut offrir une expérience de jeu innovante et transparente. Alors n'hésitez pas à essayer cette option de paiement ou à explorer les jeux en mode "démo" pour découvrir de nouvelles opportunités de divertissement en ligne. all the games Of real silver rocket, take advantage of an offer on a well-known gaming platform like Cbet to discover Crash Roobet!

  • 🚀 Crash Stakes

Back to basics with this crash game in its simplest form! Here, it's just a curve that increases along with the multiplier and will stop randomly. It's up to you to choose the best time to collect your winnings before it stops. Here, you can observe the statistics of previous rounds, but you can't make multiple bets like on Jetx or Cappadocia.

ligne. Certains préfèrent jouer à des jeux de stratégie, comme les échecs ou les jeux de société en ligne. D'autres préfèrent les jeux de tir à la première personne, où ils peuvent s'affronter en équipe ou en mode solo. Il y a aussi ceux qui aiment les jeux de rôle, où ils peuvent créer et personnaliser leur propre personnage et explorer des mondes virtuels. Quel que soit le type de jeu qui vous intéresse, vous pouvez être sûr de trouver quelque chose qui correspond à vos goûts sur Internet. unlimited .

Cbet Jetx Review: 9.8/10.
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