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Dino Mystake

Let's discover a variant of plane crash games : Dino Mystake Also called the silver dino game, it seduces players with its simplicity and multiple possibilities of winning. Make the dino move and cross your fingers that a meteorite doesn't fall! Cash in, it's won !

🤑 Max Earnings 100 000$
✨ Minimum bet 0,20 $
💸 Maximum bet 1000 $
⚖️RTP 96 %

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The concept of Dino Mystake

Le concept

dino gambling is a crash type game created by the Mystakes online casino . It is an animated mini game based on the same principle as other crash games like Aviator and Crash.

The game consists of a dinosaur that hatches from its egg and starts moving on a prehistoric terrain. The more the dinosaur advances, the higher the multiplier increases, but there is a meteorite that can randomly fall at any time to stop the game and restart the experience.

dino mystake

How to play Dino MyStake?

Place your bet before the start of the little dinosaur game. The minimum bet is 20 cents euros and the maximum bet is 1000 euros. Once the bet is placed, the dinosaur starts moving and you have a choice:

  • ◾ let the dinosaur walk
  • ◾ Get out or stop walking before the meteor crashes into the dinosaur.

It is possible to choose a multiplier from the start and if the meteorite falls after this number has been reached, you win.

On the other hand, if the meteorite falls before, you lose your bet.

🐱‍🐉 Dino Mystake Tip If you choose a high multiplier, you will always have the option to exit the game before reaching the multiplier you bet on in order to secure a minimum amount of winnings.

A quick and easy game

Dino Mystake goes very fast and can Play in seconds, giving fans great adrenaline rushes. It is therefore important to remain attentive at all times.

Throughout the duration of the game, the player's balance is displayed at the top of the screen to allow them to control their game. The bets of other players are also displayed on a side window, as well as the multipliers achieved in previous games.

The Dino argent game in 7 key facts

  • To win, the number above the dinosaur (the multiplier) must be greater than 1. When you decide to cash out, your winnings will be calculated by multiplying this multiplier by the amount you have wagered.
  • 2️⃣ Maximum multiplier is 10,000X (minimum is 1X).
  • 3️⃣You can make two bets at the same time on the same game.
  • 4️⃣ If you click on the crash history, you will see the results of the last 100 games.
  • 5️⃣ You can also view your own betting history from the last 90 days. To do this, click on "My Bets".
  • 6️⃣ If the site bugs when you bet, your winnings will be refunded.
  • 7️⃣ If you are worried that your internet connection is not good enough, use the auto-cashout function.

The graphic specificities of Dino Mystake

The graphics of Dino Mystake are very pleasant and very dynamic. The game screen represents a rugged terrain faithfully reproducing the image of the Cretaceous or Jurassic, epochs in which dinosaurs lived. The cartoon-style graphics focus on the fun and funny side of the game, with micro-animations at the level of the dinosaur's feet representing the dust it raises with each step. The background is equally pleasant and open, allowing you to concentrate on the silver dinosaur game to the fullest.

The somewhat dark background of the image is crossed in the background by numerous small meteorites falling in the distance, reminding the player that the large meteorite (which could end the game at any moment) is coming soon. When it falls, it is accompanied by a rather comical effect showing the dinosaur being knocked out, with stars swirling around its head.

The game controls, through which the player can set the bet amount and multiplier, are located at the bottom of the screen. They are wide enough and well arranged buttons to allow for quick and easy gameplay. The ergonomics of this game are designed MyStake Casino is impeccable.

In short, the graphics of game are quite enjoyable, with nice animations, an asteroid, attractive colors, all without overloading, which makes playing dinosaur casino even more enjoyable.

dino jeu argent

The silver dinosaur game produced by Mystake

The Dino Mystake game is published and produced by the mystake provider . This casino was founded in 2019 and is now one of the major players in the sector. In addition to activity Online casino , the company also produces a variety of games, including several from the range of crash games of which Dino is a part. Mystake also offers a very popular mining game at the moment: Chicken MyStake , also known as the chicken game.

The Silver Dinosaur Mini Game developed by Mystake was originally known as crash In the latter, instead of a dinosaur and a meteorite, you could see a line flying in the sky before crashing at random moments. These are games in the same vein as the very famous Aviator from the same publisher.

Win multipliers on the dino casino game

multiplicateurs de gains

THE winning multipliers on the Dino casino game are what defines players' winnings. The multiplier is the number reached by the dinosaur when it moves before being hit by the meteorite that falls at random moments in each game.

The multiplier is greater than 1 and can reach the value of 10,000 .

For Play , it is enough to place before the start of the game a minimum bet of 20 cents and maximum of 1000 euros . Then you have to choose a multiplier. If the multiplier comes out before the meteorite falls, the player wins their bet multiplied by the chosen multiplier.

gagner plus de pièces en augmentant les chances de gagner. De plus, il y a une fonctionnalité de tours gratuits où les joueurs peuvent gagner des tours supplémentaires sans avoir à miser. Il y a aussi une fonctionnalité de symboles Wild, qui peuvent substituer n'importe quel autre symbole pour créer des combinaisons gagnantes. Enfin, il y a une fonctionnalité de jackpot progressif, où une partie des mises des joueurs est ajoutée à un jackpot qui augmente progressivement jusqu'à ce qu'il soit remporté. Ces fonctionnalités rendent le jeu plus excitant et offrent aux joueurs de nombreuses opportunités de gagner gros. Play strategically. It is indeed possible to bet an amount with a small multiplier that has a higher chance of winning and bet another amount for a higher multiplier.

The automatic paris function allows you to choose one or two sums to bet and the multiplier(s) you want. You can then play in a loop without having to click anywhere. This feature allows the player to easily participate without any effort. Play much more and to establish a strategy on the various rounds.

The last hundred multipliers released by Dino are displayed in a window. It is a function that offers the player the possibility to follow the game, understand its rhythms and try to guess the future multipliers that should come out.

Quick cash out is another feature that allows the player to quickly cash out their money, regardless of the chosen game mode, whether it be manual or automatic. This feature allows the player to click on the cash out button and collect the bet multiplied by the multiplier displayed at the time of clicking.

THE dino casino game also offers an in-game chat that displays the games of all players simultaneously connected to the game. The chat also obviously allows you to chat with other players to Play in a more friendly and warm atmosphere.

MyStake also offers many Bonuses attractive, especially for new players on their first deposit. They benefit from a first deposit bonus of 100% up to a ceiling of 1000 euros, or 150% up to a ceiling of 200 euros. Mystake also offers a second deposit bonus of 100% up to a ceiling of 500 euros. The exclusive bonus Dino My stake offers, for its part, to double the deposit of certain players up to a maximum of 500 euros.

dino casino

List of casinos where to play silver dinosaur games

THE dino mystery game is, as its name suggests, produced and published by the Mystake platform. It is an exclusive of Mystakes online casino casino propose également des bonus attractifs et des promotions régulières pour les joueurs. Il offre une expérience de jeu de qualité avec des graphismes impressionnants et une navigation facile. De plus, le casino est entièrement sécurisé avec un soutien client disponible 24 heures sur 24. Que vous soyez un joueur débutant ou expérimenté, ce casino saura répondre à toutes vos attentes et vous offrir une expérience de jeu unique. Online casino Offers numerous attractive bonuses and promotions that are designed for both new and experienced players.

The site is registered in Curacao and many players have one Notice more than positive on Google.

Mystake Dino Payout Rate

THE redistribution rate A game's payout rate is the proportion of bet amounts that is required to be returned to players through their winnings. It is a reliable indicator of a player's chances of winning money on a specific game. Mystake is particularly generous with Mystake Dino players, as the payout rate is 95.90%This leaves the opportunity to make a withdrawal if you are a bit lucky.

Games similar to the money dino game

My stake Dino is a Online casino mini game from the category of games called “ crash ”. Among the available games similar to Mystake Dino, the best known are:

Our opinion on Dino Mystake, the most famous dino money game

notre avis

After a test intensive Dino Mystake Review which lasted several hours of play, here we give you our impressions of this very attractive and technical mini-game. In the end we were able to withdraw without any problem.

From a gameplay perspective, the silver dino game is very interesting. It offers a new game model that differs from the usual mini-games. The player's involvement must be complete and constant, which leads to adrenaline rushes during the matches. The dino casino game indeed requires constant attention and good reflexes, as well as great speed, which is not displeasing. The player must keep an eye on the rapid evolution of the multipliers while also keeping in mind the amounts they have bet and the chosen multiplier(s). It is a game of chance, of course, but it still allows room for tricks. The cleverest, most strategic, and most persistent players will undoubtedly be able to benefit from the silver dinosaur game.

As for the graphics, the quality is there on the game dino casino my stake The drawings and animations are of high quality and have nothing to envy to video game animations on mobile phones. The dinosaur game prominently showcases its fun and friendly side, earning them extra points with players. The graphics are clear and the game is highly readable, increasing gameplay comfort.

During the games on gamedino mistake, the efficient display of the game provides all the useful information for the game of silver dinosaur, such as the game history that displays previous multipliers, as well as the player's balance constantly displayed at the top of the screen. These indications allow for total control of the game my stake dino.

As for winnings, the dinosaur money game is quite generous, with a rather high payout rate for a mini-game of this range. Additionally, the multipliers that can reach X 10,000 are favorable to the most courageous players who seek the thrill of live betting with very high multipliers.

THE bonuses offered by Mystake on Dino complete an already attractive offer and perfect a very pleasant and exciting game.

However, it is a pity that it is not possible to play the game for free. gamedino casino mystakes to allow beginners to discover its mechanics and subtleties, as many other competing games do.

Ultimately, Mystake Dino is a complete game, attractive as much by its game mechanics, its principles and rules, as by its high quality graphics and its optimal comfort of play.

Advantages & disadvantages of mystake dino game

Benefits Disadvantages
  • ✅ Very interesting RTP
  • ✅ Super fast games
  • ✅ Easy to understand game
  • ✅ Fun graphics
  • ✅ Quick wins
  • ❌ Few possible strategy to win
  • ❌ Repetitive play
Dino MyStake Editor's Rating: 4.7/5.
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