Chemin de Fer Casino: is it the best variant of online baccarat?

chemin de fer baccarat

In order to complete our Baccarat Special File , we are going to present to you the different specificities of the Railway, an ingenious variant of the baccarat game You will learn, in particular, how to differentiate between classic baccarat and chemin de fer. Finally, the course of a game of chemin de fer will be detailed so that you have an overview of what awaits you in an online casino. Don't forget that this article also gives you all the tips that will optimize your bankroll to the fullest, like advice for choosing your casino, free games at your disposal, and tips for making a fortune.

Les 10 meilleurs casinos en ligne pour jouer au Chemin de fer en 2018

Do you know what differentiates the rules of chemin de fer from those of other variants?

The Chemin de Fer is very similar to traditional baccarat. Indeed, the goal of the game remains the same for this variant: to get as close as possible to the number 9 without ever exceeding it. Moreover, the value of the cards remains the same.

However, there is a major difference between the rules of chemin de fer and those of the classic version that you must keep in mind before taking a seat at a chemin de fer casino table. In fact, in this variant, the role of the bank will not be provided by the casino To do this, the players present around the table will have to take on this role successively. However, this rule remains relatively flexible as you can refuse to take on this function. If this is the case, the player seated to your right will take on this role. Furthermore, unlike the traditional version, players will only have the option to bet on their own game and not on the bank's victory.

Another essential point: the player acting as the bank establishes a maximum bet amount which cannot be exceeded by all the participating players.

Jouer gratuitement au Chemin de fer + bouton 'C'est parti !

Before playing chemin de fer online, discover here the course of a typical game

As stated above, the aim of the game in Chemin de fer remains the same as that of classic line baccarat and the course is also almost identical.

The biggest difference with baccarat is that you don't have the option to bet on the bank's victory, but only on the player's or on a tie. So you place your bet within the limit set by the player assuming the role of the bank, and then the dealer will distribute the cards.

To win the hand, you must come closest to 9 points , without ever exceeding this number. If this is the case, you will only need to consider the digit in the unit place. For example, if you have a hand totaling 14 points, you will have to remove the tens, resulting in a total of 4 points. Therefore, this is a casino game where the value of the cards is the driving force of the game.

In addition, it is important to know that even if the role of the banker is assured by the players, a dealer will always be present at the tables offering Chemin de fer casino. Indeed, the latter will be responsible for controlling the bets and ensuring that participants respect the various rules of the game. When you play chemin de fer online, everything will be taken care of by the machine!

jouer variantes baacarat gratuitement

Discover blackjack strategies that will optimize your earnings

The casino chemin de fer can prove to be a profitable game, but you need to know how to approach it to maximize your chances of winning. We want to now share some very simple chemin de fer strategies that you can implement, so that your sessions can be as profitable as possible.

  • Play for free to practice

Before diving headfirst and investing your euros in railway stocks, it is highly recommended to start by playing a few games for fun. Luckily, our baccarat game space in demo mode includes a few machines of this variant. You can play without any time limit!

  • Explore more complex options

Also consider that more advanced techniques such as martingales or card counting strategies can be considered in this version of baccarat. However, they remain difficult strategies to implement... If you absolutely want to try your luck in this way, it will be more than ever recommended to practice with our free games!

Find the casinos offering the best baccarat chemin de fer spaces

If baccarat chemin de fer remains one of the most popular variants in land-based casinos, it must be noted that few online casinos include it in their game library. Thanks to our reviews, you will be able to understand at a glance which operators in our Top 5 offer this type of entertainment.

Another element to consider before registering: promotions! Most online gaming sites offer their new customers take advantage of attractive welcome bonuses , and it sometimes happens that these can be unlocked on baccarat, especially on the chemin de fer variations. Again, our descriptive sheets will allow you to clearly understand the quality of the products at stake on each casino.

Did you like this variant?

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