A clear presentation and explanations of each baccarat rule

apprendre les règles du baccarat en ligne

The rules of baccarat game are quite simple to assimilate and that's no doubt why this game of chance is hugely successful in physical and online casinos. No matter the environment in which you play, you will have no trouble quickly mastering it thanks to our clear explanations. Here is a complete rundown of each baccarat rule!

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Focus on baccarat rules determining the object of the game

règles du baccara

The specificity of the baccarat rules is that the player will be able to bet on their own hand or on the hand of the bank. They will have to guess which of the two will be the winner. The winning hand will be the one that is the come closest to 9 or reach this score As in all confrontations, there is a third possibility which is a perfect tie between the two hands, which is also a betting option. So, there are three options in total.

On the tables of a land-based casino, the baccarat rule provides that several players can participate in the game, but each will make their own bet. In an online casino, you will obviously be alone in front of your screen.

The value of the cards provided by the baccarat rules of the game

Just like in blackjack, the rules of baccarat are based on obtaining a total score which is achieved by adding up the cards. Each card in the deck has a special value according to its type.

  • ♣ Cards from 2 to 9 have a value equal to their number (ex: a 3 is worth 3);
  • ♣ Face cards (king, queen and jack) and 10 are worth 0;
  • ♣ Aces are worth 1.

Now that you know how many points each card will earn, let's take a look at how the scores will be calculated.

How to count the results according to baccarat rules?

The way of counting cards in baccarat is very special and it is one of the most important points to remember so that your understanding of baccarat rules is complete.

When you have your cards on the table, you will have to add them up to determine the value of your hand or that of the bank. Therefore, if you have a 5 and a 2 in your possession, the total point value of your hand is 7.

Note that another rule is to be applied during this calculation phase: if the total value of points exceeds 10, then subtract 10 from it, or simply retain only the digit in the units place. disregard the tens.

Let's take an example :

You receive a 9 and an 8: the sum of your two cards is therefore equal to 17. In this case you must remove 10, i.e. 9+8=17-10=7. The value of your hand will therefore be 7.

The course of a game and the third card baccarat rule

Règle des 3 cartes

Once the bets are placed, the cards will be dealt and then revealed. If the total sum of the player's cards is equal to 6, 7, 8, or 9, no more cards will be dealt to them. However, if the sum is less than 5, the player will receive an additional card. a third card will be assigned if the sum of his two cards is 5 or less.

The dealer may also receive an additional card based on their hand, as well as the player's hand, as you will see in the table below summarizing the baccarat third card rule.

At the end of the drawings, the hands are counted to discover the winning one. Bets on the player and the banker have a ratio of 1 to 1. If you bet on a tie and it turns out to be the result, the ratio becomes 8 to 1.

Let's summarize the situation with this table of baccarat rules

It is not always easy to accurately understand the situations that will result in the drawing of a third card. Therefore, we have composed this table of baccarat rules to provide you with a clear visual:

tableau des règles du baccarat

You now know the rules of baccarat.

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