ARJEL: 5 things you absolutely need to know about this English organization

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Since the summer of 2010, online poker games and sports and horse betting have been authorized. But because a new law never comes without rules a regulatory committee A regulatory authority aiming to closely monitor the activities of operators has been created: ARJEL (Online Gambling Regulatory Authority). This organization is a major player in online gambling and deserves in-depth study.

Do you know the ARJEL website? It is much newer than you think. We present it to you

Designed following article 34 of law number 2010-476 of May 12, 2010, in accordance with the opening to competition and regulation of the online gambling and games of chance sector, the ARJEL is an organization whose mission is to implement regulatory, informational, and control solutions within the online gaming market. Another important objective of the ARJEL is to prevent addiction and dependence on games of chance, as well as to combat the risks of fraud and corruption. The ARJEL only deals with cases taking place and was entirely dependent on the English government. Today, the organization is privatizing. This does not mean that an ARJEL-approved online casino is less reliable, on the contrary.

Before registering at an ARJEL online casino, discover all the missions of this organization

  • être protégé par un cadre légal solide et transparent lorsque vous jouez sur des sites de jeux en ligne autorisés. to be safe by choosing an ARJEL casino.
  • In a second step, ARJEL also has the mission to control and regulate legal online gaming operators in English territory. Each ARJEL online casino complies with the specifications strictly.
  • Finally, the ARJEL is involved in the fight against virtual crime and the emergence of illegal sites. It works in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice in the context of this last mission.

Here are the 4 points to remember if you plan to look for an ARJEL-approved online casino

1.The ARJEL website has adopted a rich and complex administrative structure that is capable of successfully carrying out its mission. Eighty individuals with unique skills form the ARJEL team, which consists of a Cabinet, a Legal Department, an Administrative and Financial Department, an Approval and Supervision Department, an Information Systems and Evaluation Department, and finally an Investigations and Control Department. Each of these specific departments has its own particular functions.

2.It must monitor the market and possibly impose sanctions if certain sites do not comply with the legal conditions put in place for an ARJEL-approved casino.

3.We use too many abbreviations, and as a result, we forget the true meaning of words. Since its creation, the ARJEL is mainly referred to by its acronym, but its name is the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority. English, obviously!

4.Do you still want to defy the ban by not registering on an ARJEL online casino? Know that you are exposing yourself to a fine of 200,000$ and 7 years in prison... Is your illegal jackpot really worth it?

To avoid playing outside ARJEL, register with the most reliable operators in the industry

The ARJEL has a hold on all online gaming activities and has the means to control the offers made by legal operators. It can verify the compliance of operator structures at any time and can grant or refuse accreditation within a maximum period of one year. The ARJEL also has access to all technical and financial data of each ARJEL-licensed online casino in case it needs to carry out any checks.

Forget preconceived ideas about an ARJEL online casino, players are very happy to be protected


"It seems that a non-ARJEL English website is a complete scam"... This is false, of course, it is possible to play outside of ARJEL without any worries... As long as you are not a player residing!"

Many rumors are circulating about the possibilities, or lack thereof, of ARJEL-approved casinos. The best course of action is to gather information about the veracity of all these preconceived notions in order to ensure safety in all circumstances.

Note: when we refer to the term "online casino - casino - website", this only concerns sites offering online poker games. To date, ARJEL only covers the sports betting and poker market.

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