Craps strategy: winning techniques for lucrative games

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See some players string together victories at Craps Sometimes, it can be confusing. You may be wondering what strange luck they have and how they manage to win every time. In reality, there is no point in questioning so much. These players simply use a craps strategy that allows them to win most of the time, which is why they display so much ease during the game. Cheating is not possible in craps. However, craps strategies can significantly increase your chances of winning. We reveal them exclusively here!

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Reduce the craps house advantage at all costs by selecting your bets wisely

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When playing craps online, you should know that the online casino takes a variable commission on the total winnings on average, depending on the types of craps bets. This commission is around 1.36% for a "Don't Pass" or "Don't Come" bet, while it can go up to 1.41% if the player chooses a "Pass Line" or "Come" bet.

The first reflex that the player must have before embarking on a game is therefore to consult the payment report table He will then be able to know what type of bet he should prioritize and which ones he should particularly avoid. Comparing the rates of virtual casinos is also another important step to take, and is one of the most profitable craps strategies. Through this, the user can take advantage of a craps house advantage that is less expensive than others.

Gambling “free odds” can be a technical craps that will allow you to boost your winnings

Some players do not hesitate to place "free odds" - additional bets that are added to standard bets. You are essentially doubling your initial bet, but the odds will be much more in your favor than those of the original bet. It should be noted that on all other types of bets, the casino pays the player (in case of a win) a ratio lower than the chances of obtaining a given result in order to ensure income.

However, on "free odds" bets, the casino pays exactly the true odds based on statistics. For example, if you have a fifty percent chance of winning your bet, you double your wager instead of only winning 50% to cover the house's profit margin.

montants varient selon les règles de la table où vous jouez. Quoi qu'il en soit, assurez-vous de bien gérer votre argent et de ne pas dépenser plus que ce que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre. reports will be more interesting .

Manage your balance as well as possible: here's how to win at craps by limiting the damage at all costs

The aspect of betting is significant in craps, so it is in the player's interest to try to effectively manage their bankroll. To do this, the player must set limits at the beginning of the game, just as they should for Win at roulette The objective of this method is to allow the player to not give in to temptation, to keep a rational mindset. If the player is not having a good day, they should not try to force their luck and overbid. In craps, it is important to stay vigilant and focused. monitor your balance regularly knowing how to act as a good accountant.

Indeed, the good mastery of one's balance by the player is a fundamental element: it allows to play for a longer time, to resist better against certain hard blows such as long negative series, but also to play without taking risks, which is the motto of the best players. Alternatively, one can also try to control the movement of the dice. The highly acclaimed but increasingly controversial method, the Patient Field, will certainly help you if you have the required qualities.

Apply the craps martingale during your sessions, to ensure a profitable experience

The principle of the craps martingale is based on mathematics and is quite simple to understand and get the hang of. Although there are multiple variations of this method, more or less risky, the basic idea is as follows: in case of losses, you continue to bet by increasing the amount invested in the bets. One of the most effective alternatives is simply to... double the bet until you win Thus, the profits obtained cover the losses endured.

Let's take a short example: you bet 5 $ on a "Pass" bet and lose. In the next round, you invest 10 $ and don't win. In the next game, you bet 20 $. Your winning pass line bet then earns you 40 $, which covers the 15 $ lost so far.

Train yourself by practicing the craps strategies mentioned here on tables accessible without deposit

In order to allow you to discover online casino games, or to implement winning strategies, some interfaces like ours provide Internet users with entertainment that does not require you to create an account or invest money. Therefore, you can enjoy these games without any obligations. play risk-free And without fear of losing your money. Nothing better to combine theory with practice, by applying the techniques on this page.

Another alternative: some casinos offer you a bonus upon registration, without you having to make an initial deposit. This allows you to test the products at no cost, and potentially win winnings while implementing our gaming advice!

BONUS - If you play in a land-based casino: learn how to use the so-called "Sharpshooter craps" method

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Only suitable for playing craps in physical casinos, the Sharpshooter method (the nickname of the creator of this craps technique) has been severely restricted since gaming establishments implemented video surveillance equipment. It is difficult today to deceive their vigilance... and to fool the dealers!

While the majority of betting systems aim to increase the player's chances of winning - thus reducing the house edge - Sharpshooter's method takes a different approach: the goal here is to minimize losses rather than maximize winnings. “physically” control the dice But in order to perfectly control the movement of each cube, a demanding training will have to be performed.

Roughly speaking, the movement of the arm must be done with millimeter precision, the dice must skim the ground and give the impression of gliding on the carpet. Sharpshooter himself has written a guide that teaches you all of his little secrets. Get the Edge at Craps: How to Control the Dice Published in 2002, this book summarizes the thoughts of the individual who robbed Las Vegas. You can attend some of his seminars - if you can afford a trip from France to the United States - or you can purchase the digital version of the book available online.

There are still many other avenues to explore!

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