The most winning scratch games: 5 new tips for progress

jeux de grattage

Our long experience in the field of Scratch Games This allowed us to highlight a number of tricks that will greatly increase your chances of winning on online scratch cards. Discover our tips quickly. Special file !

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1st thing to know: how to find the most profitable scratch card games to ensure winnings

les taux de redistribution des différents jeux à gratter disponibles. En effet, certains jeux offrent des taux de redistribution plus élevés que d'autres, ce qui signifie que vos chances de gagner sont plus grandes. De plus, il est important de choisir un jeu de grattage en ligne qui offre de multiples chances de gagner. Certains jeux offrent des bonus, des multiplicateurs ou des parties gratuites, ce qui augmente vos chances de remporter des gains. Enfin, il est recommandé de jouer régulièrement aux jeux à gratter en ligne. Plus vous jouez, plus vous augmentez vos chances de gagner. Cela demande de la patience et de la persévérance, mais les résultats en valent la peine. Alors, n'hésitez plus et suivez nos conseils pour maximiser vos gains sur les jeux à gratter en ligne. Bonne chance ! the paytable of the different existing games Yes, scratch games do not offer the same stakes, and your first mission will be to find - among a wide selection - the most profitable scratch games. Let us explain:

Some comparative statistics to see more clearly

Some versions sometimes offer 1,000,000 winning tickets out of a total of 1,750,000, while others offer 1,200,000 out of a total of 1,575,000. However, among this number of winning tickets, some casino operators will offer 5 winning tickets worth $25,000, while others will prefer to offer smaller amounts but on a larger number of tickets. The numbers vary greatly between different scratch games.

That's why it is essential, to find the most winning scratch games, to consult the prize table, also known as "paytable": be sure to play on the right ticket and win at the scratch game is essential. In addition, you must also take into consideration your desires: do you prefer to try to win small amounts more regularly? Or on the contrary, bet everything on the jackpot? Depending on this factor, you will know exactly which virtual ticket to choose.

The TOP 3 online scratch games on which you have the most chance of winning

Version - Online scratch games:

  • Happy Farm Scratch™ by Novomatic - Payout rate 87.35% - Minimum bet $0.50 - Jackpot of $50,000
  • Darling of Fortune™ by Novomatic - Payout rate 91.25% - Minimum bet $1 - Jackpot of $50,000
  • Soccer Scratch™ by 1x2 Gaming - Payout rate 88.05% - Minimum bet $1 - Jackpot of $45,000

Version - Paper scratch games:

  • Astro® with a 30% chance - Fixed price $2 - Prize pool of $20,000
  • Défoulo® with a 29.5% chance - Fixed price $2 - Prize pool of $20,000
  • Solitaire® with a 29% chance - Fixed price $2 - Prize pool of $15,000
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Choose between Online scratch tickets and Paper version scratch tickets

Know one thing: the most profitable scratch games are the ones offered online and they are much more profitable than the ones you buy from a tobacco shop, because the Francaise des Jeux includes an additional tax. This is clearly evident in the figures we have just communicated to you above... Moreover, as it has a monopoly, it does not have to compete with its competitors, unlike online casinos. Add to that the prohibitive cost of paper printing and distribution channels.

Of course, the accusations made by Robert Riblet regarding an alleged fraud by FDJ have not helped this matter, and you will understand that many players now turn to online scratch games, since these are the ones that win the most ...

Let's not forget to mention the cost of purchase - much less expensive - and the much higher jackpots of virtual tickets... big difference As you will have understood, the choice between a 'paper' or 'online' ticket is therefore an integral part of your strategy "how to win scratch games". No need to continue searching on Google for "scratch games more chances": this first tip will already boost your winnings astronomically...

Extend the duration of your sessions on the scratch card games that pay the most: luck will turn

grattez pour gagner un prix. Certains jeux ont un cycle de gain plus court, ce qui signifie qu'ils offrent des prix plus fréquemment, mais de plus petite valeur. D'autres jeux ont un cycle de gain plus long, ce qui signifie qu'ils offrent des prix moins fréquemment, mais de plus grande valeur. Il est important de comprendre cela car cela peut influencer votre décision lors du choix de jeux à gratter. Si vous préférez gagner plus souvent, mais avec des prix plus petits, vous devriez opter pour les jeux avec un cycle de gain plus court. Si vous préférez jouer pour des prix plus importants, même si cela signifie gagner moins fréquemment, vous devriez opter pour les jeux avec un cycle de gain plus long. Garder cela à l'esprit peut vous aider à maximiser vos chances de gagner aux jeux à gratter. Il est important de diversifier vos choix de jeux et d'essayer différents jeux avec différents cycles de gain. Cela vous permettra de trouver les jeux qui correspondent le mieux à vos préférences de jeu et vos objectifs de gain. En conclusion, il est important de comprendre qu'il existe un cycle des gains sur les jeux à gratter virtuels. Choisir des jeux avec un cycle de gain qui correspond à vos préférences de gain peut augmenter vos chances de gagner aux jeux à gratter. Alors, prenez le temps d'explorer différents jeux et de trouver ceux qui vous conviennent le mieux. Bonne chance ! winning tickets So it is up to you to enter this cycle at the right time.

Indeed, even though the chances of winning rely on luck, you will be able to increase your chances of winning money by playing during off-peak hours. By avoiding busy times, you will have the highest probability of generating winnings. For example, if the game offers 1 winning ticket out of a total of 10, it will be much easier for you to access these lucrative games than if many other players are playing at the same time as you.

In line with this advice, do not give up and keep scratching on the same game, even if you experience a few losses. Luck will eventually turn around and the winning tickets will soon come out!

Do you know how to win at scratch games without spending too much? By taking advantage of bonuses of course

Scratch games have been integrated into the virtual gaming operators' game libraries years ago, and they have been offering new members numerous bonuses that can be used on this type of entertainment. Therefore, you will need to learn how to find the right opportunities in order to maximize your profits from these often generous offers, which will boost your winnings on scratch games. Of course, this type of offer is only available online; your local retailer will never offer you free scratch tickets in their store... Another reason to play online!

Know how to make the most of your bonuses to earn more by scratching

For this reason, it is really useful to use these bonuses that will significantly multiply the money present in your player account's bankroll. This way, you will have more money to bet, and therefore more chances to win. Moreover, it is so easy to optimize your winnings thanks to the bonuses, no matter the amount you win. Before claiming your bonuses, don't forget to consult the conditions and the reviews of other players. This can make the difference between winnings of a hundred euros and a few millions!

Tips to identify the most winning scratch games 2019 on the best casinos of the moment

Here is another tip that will be useful to you: it will be imperative for a player wishing to win big to choose their online casino carefully, and not only focus on scratch games. Certainly, you will probably spend a lot of time on scratch cards, but remember that you should also choose your operator based on other games as well, as you will definitely want to vary your pleasures sooner or later. For example, you could choose to take advantage of our... roulette tricks to try your luck on one of the most popular games of chance among English speaking players.

Another important factor: the most winning scratch tickets are not necessarily found on casinos with a three zero welcome bonus! You have the right to visit the site to get an idea of what awaits you as a player, but remember to inquire beforehand about the return to player rate applied by the casino on your favorite games. Bonuses are gifts in addition to your gaming experience and should complement an already lucrative game library.

Train for victory on the scratch card games that earn the most: access a free version

You now have almost all the cards in hand to know how to maximize your winnings in scratch games. But take into account this precious advice. This trick probably would have never occurred to you. Before winning at scratch games, scratch for free! This will allow you to know which scratch game to choose with certainty and without spending your money.

Free scratch games, a promise of future earnings!

gagner un prix ou un bonus. Les jeux gratuits sont également un excellent moyen de s'amuser et de passer du temps en ligne. Profitez de ces opportunités gratuites pour améliorer vos compétences de jeu et découvrir de nouveaux jeux passionnants. earn maximum cash when you return to real mode. Many websites now offer free games, so multiply your chances of winning mountains of euros just by scratching.

Now that you know how to win the scratch card game every time (or almost), set out to conquer the winning scratch card games, you might just buy the house of your dreams thanks to the scratch card game, who knows? Perhaps you will become the next famous millionaire or in the world thanks to these tips that will make your fortune.

We invite you to discover even more about scratch cards.

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